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Welcome to Exceptional Health Ltd..

If this is your first time here or you come visit our site regularly, we are pleased you have come and we Welcome you. Our company is founded on the need to be Totally Transparent with all matters relating to Natural Health. We want to improve the quality of life in everyone. We strongly believe we can assist all to achieve this end result. On this site we share with you some of our own personal healing experiences and those of some of the special people we meet. We are open to your constructive comments and well thought out questions.

We have found to have Great Health comes from a supportive attitude, a clean body which begins with Gut balance, a supportive diet and to be free in mind and spirit. We are all Physical, Emotional and Spiritual individuals. For life to be Wonderful, Enriched and Complete is when health truly soars.

Please Note: many people do not live life in tune with their spirituality nor do they accept it exists as if it is a naughty word. It has been seen as a taboo subject, science has no real answer for it and is not something most discuss freely. Whatever we do and where we go we have an intuitive feel for everything. This is our sixth sense or our spiritual side making its presence known. It comes from the Pineal Gland located at the base of the skull. We all posses this sense, it assists us all to dream. Where and what would we be without our dreams?

We Genuinely Care to make a sustainable difference to the health of every individual who visits this site whether they make a purchase or simply read information. Contained within all our wording is our genuine intent and care.

Our Heart Symbol

 Our Heart symbol has meaning and purpose. The Black represents the ugly (negative) within, while Magenta the love (positive) in the heart of all. Magenta is the colour of Love it is energetic Pink and is the healing colour for all women. When she is broken she turns to Purple or Amethyst(crystal) for it is the protective colour and when she wears pink she is in self healing mode this can be her normal. We all come from women, they are the “love” . This means we are all Love. Black (the ugly) is love at the wrong end and needs to go….

True healing comes only from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care.

Exceptional HealthThis simply means you heal yourself; we are here merely to deliver support for this eventuality. Our wording on all our literature substantiates this statement. Exceptional Health Ltd’s Natural Medicines have proven themselves over many years to be supportive in assisting thousands of individuals to greater health.

Our Organic shop products are what we use in our diet every day, they are without parallel. In our view we promote some of the very best complete wholesome products to support the delivery of Exuberance and Vitality (Life Extension) Homeostasis in everyone, when taken daily with your prescribed Natural Remedies (Energetic Enhancements).

We prefer our Remedies to be seen as Energetic Enhancements for that is in fact what they are. We know everyone will benefit from their use for they assist to deliver polish to all body systems aiding the body to run smoother, easier more efficiently therefore you live longer with more “get up and go“. The super supplementation’s are to be seen as  a Highly Active Energy Source (they are mega antioxidants) which assists with the body’s regrowth in  this building and maintenance process (they are essential to have every day). This in turn accelerates activity with a prolonged more youthful vigor growing  as your health improves inclusive is ones mindset our  NLP Programme greatly enhances this, also look at our Base Chakra Re-Alignment

We are ageless, do not allow years to determine you?             

We feel those who accept themselves as aging and define themselves by the number of years they are here are truly limiting themselves. Today more than ever we have the capability of true Life Extension  right here at our very finger tips. I feel like I did when I was in my early 20’s. Only I have been in my early 20’s for near on 40years now.  We are limitless in our thinking this needs to be reflective in how we live our lives outside of the box of labels and instruction(control) set down by humanity. This has been going on for centuries religion is one major contributing player. No other mammal, fish or life form on earth lives its life from scripture.

This site is totally about life and how to live freer.

If you truly aspire to have the very best health possible we look forward to meeting with you to take you on a wonderful journey. Having the best health of your life costs less than an average habit. True Life Extension is the byproduct. And look at what you get………….. more than what you have ever had. It is the view of the founders of our company, there is nothing more than your health it is honestly priceless…… as Norman Walker states (the evangelist of Modern Day Juice Therapies) in his lifelong pursuit in achieving and maintaining Vibrant Health:

Health is the undisputed Foundation for the Satisfaction of Life


All aspects of this website are subject to change without notice at any time. Our practices and services are constantly evolving and this website reflects these changes as promptly as possible.