08 – Daily Emotional Support

                     Daily Emotional Support.

For those of you who have lost your way this may be a quick temporary solution while you are awaiting further care. As always the core or route cause to the emotional burden must be removed with a new direction brought to the individual such that this never repeats. When do you want to change your life path such that the crap stops, remember you are the common denominator, you are bringing this to yourself. It can all change today it is your choice, Like attracts like. Bear that in mind and take this in:      

“Only what we allow to define us and accept into us can cause us harm.”

Please follow all instruction given and make an appointment to make sure you are heading in the right direction, that is to become unencumbered. This is until you are the Rock you want to be. When everyday is becoming the best day is an indicator you are on the mend, and when “shit happens” and you do not blame yourself or retreat into your protective place is yet another. Simply do not allow circumstance to devastate you, nor to define you. If you struggle with any of these contact us: We generally correct emotional issues within a few minutes, painlessly.

  • Place on your mirror and light switches notes of encouragement which are positive and specific to yourself. Such things as I see myself as beautiful, I am worth it… I love myself. Every time you read these you are to allow them to go into your body and smile at your beautiful reflection. Visualisation this occurring.
  • You are to tell yourself every day throughout the day how special and wonderful you are and to say while looking into a mirror these same words then to say I love myself, I am worthy of the finest things in life, to then visualise this going to every cell in your body.
  • You are to build yourself a shield in your mind which will never allow ugly destructive criticism to come through the shield. When they are directed at you the shield becomes strong. The more that come the stronger the shield becomes. The shield is a love engine from home it will never let you down as long as you never take on the ugly. You are to always remember you are the highest light. This given freely from your parents who in their highest light brought you to mother earth. This is the Angel that you truly are.
  • Before you speak always think to be in the positive. Do not allow yourself to buy into ugly. Ugly lives all around us, we have a choice it we choose for it to come into us. Negate that choice and do not give it voice.
  • Only thoughts and comments we accept can hurt us this is why our shield needs to be up. Especially so while we are rebuilding our Core love Centre.
  • Mirror what you say and ask if this was said to you how would you I like it?
  • Mirror your behaviour also, and ask the same question.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. This means: from spoken word we must be supportive of the action we are saying and not to deviate from it. Example: If you hate drinking booze, then never drink booze. If you hate smoking do not smoke. We can help you with these. Whatever you say as an action you need to get into the habit of following through. This then means your word has meaning. Words are cheap …it is our actions which truly define us. When our words are not supported by our actions, our word is worthless leading on to: ….so are we. Break this destructive cycle Today
  • Think about the wording you use every day, is it positive or negative? Begin to see the light in everything including situations. The light is the positive (love) way forward.
  • Negative people you need to give them a wide berth, do not try to “fix them” you are to fix you. Have them contact us. If you allow them in they can crush you, for you to start all over. Maybe not such a bad thing for we generally learn from the school of hard knocks….unfortunately.
  • Every ugly in your life must go without fail for it is crippling you (make an appointment for us to restore your core beliefs). Surround yourself with only beautiful people and a beautiful sanctuary (home) where life is safe, love lives there. You are to create this in your mind simply by accepting and allowing it.
  • Always give praise to yourself for a job well done throughout the day. Reflect everyday positively, make “me time” and never stop doing it. Do things which bring you joy and be respectful to others. In your Heart there is building a knowing you are truly beautiful this for you to allow and accept constantly.
  • Never say a negative word or support a criticism which deflates you. This means never say: you are dumb, or you did a stupid thing, change the wording such that it is gentle on your beautiful self.
  • Only those who have earned to be seen as worthy of your respect do you give it. A policeman, a judge even the prime minister non have earned your respect so do not give it to them. They are human too as such have flaws. They do and say things which they regret. Learn from your own mistakes for this is how we grow, but never knock yourself back from making a mistake. Accept it and be the bigger person and acknowledge it and grow forward smiling at least on the inside as you do so. Smiles go to the Heart of all who bear witness to them, inclusive in that is you 

We are our own worst critic how about changing that to stop being mean to ourselves and beating ourselves up. Blame is not good, become proactive to build the positive and see it in every situation. Never to say a derogatory word or accept same from others. We need to be able to say we are perfect just the way we are. This has to be a continuous growing forward for life is progressive. This is how we need to see ourselves. To always walk our lives true to ourselves is the absolute best way to live. How to achieve and to maintain this is mentioned here in this document and in our additional documents on here. Following the above will build within you that magic, this is the feeling of belonging to everything. Go to places of peacefulness and take it in. Allow yourself to dream. The simple things are right there in our faces and are generally the deal breakers. We are more than confident should you do this daily the Rock in you will grow quickly. There may be ugly stored within, come see us for us to release it. Remember you have a right to be here, love is reflective in sunlight, music and the colours of the rainbow, happy faces with smiles and most definitely in nature, embrace it fill your boots and everyday with it. It is the gentler and easier option as opposed to the ugly which is stagnant, black, cold and controlling and where misery and death lives.


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