09 Body Shapes Mirroring our Die-ease

                    Body Shape and Die-ease.


Over many years we have been seeing Dis-ease and the physical body in people displaying the manifestation of their complaints. The body expresses the encumbrances stored within shown physically, facial expression too are supportive and reflective of this. We are referring to an individual’s normal facial expression. We are certain the emotional state held within the subconscious mind of the individual has them hold onto their illness. This will be the root cause to their insufficiency (Dis-ease). This leads on to imbalances we carry are most obviously displayed by the way we walk, in our appearance, the colours of our clothing, and what we say reflective in the tone in our voices. Every characteristic that makes us individual reflects a proportion of the Dis-ease we carry inside. Continuous prolonged Dis-ease over years defines us. When released particularly so from many years of containing an illness there is a new person coming forth, a bit like being reborn. They are clear and curious with life.

When we struggle to walk and run freely there is a supportive mindset preventing the individual from seeing a clear path ahead. The mere fact they cannot go freely into the future from their physical disability which they created is based upon their past. This they carry as a negative towards their future. Their future is blank in their minds also. When their left side is unbalanced this shows they have a weary attitude from progressing freely with their lives. These are indicators there is a disconnection with walking one’s life path freely. The left side is reflective in being cautious for they have been obviously devastated through their lives and hold onto this as a defence and protection mechanism. It is a bit like cowering away from being hit by an object. They will not progress full steam ahead into more of the same. If you are right handed it is the go forward side to you and is the leader and wants you to follow. However the body that is cautious holds back. This is clearly visible when you look at these persons walking for they seem to drag their opposing side. When we look towards their mindset, is it free to dream of what can be, to go forward simplistically with joy? For life to be positive and enriched or does it hideaway afraid for what has always happened in life will continue? It is understandable why these people feel this way. They subconsciously do not want to go freely forward into more of the same? Past behaviours and occurrences in our lives is a pretty good determinant in showing us what is coming next?

This is more or less more of the same always being the same. The question is, is that what we truly want and deserve? This comes from us manifesting what we have always had allowing these thoughts to determine the future. Clearly this needs to stop with a fresh outlook being placed into our mindsets. These people need to feel secure in the knowledge the future has not as yet been written therefore it is always open to be how ever we truly aspire it to be. To put this simplistically: live our dreams.


Manifest what we truly want, do not allow the negative conditioning from previous life experiences thus far to rule or govern our everyday growing forward.


Let them all go and redefine where we truly want to go and how we see ourselves. Do not put limitations on it nor financial restriction. When we can see there is a positive way forward and that is continuous yet flexible is when we have the right attitude to get there and make it happen. The energy to make this all  come to life comes from within from our desire to grow forward and embrace a positive life. This comes when all blockages have been removed by the individual setting them free. We have mentioned this particular set of mindsets only as an example. There are countless others. The main thing we are attempting to get through is we create our own reality. It is so very real to the individual, and they see themselves are broken yet they do not understand why? This may have come from when they were children and so they had forgotten. When they seek out so called professional assistance, there is none which offer a root to finding the source of their specific problem of which there will be many not simply one. Hip and knee replacements etc are not the answer. Mainstream medicine seems to be oblivious to addressing all that makes us individuals. With the most important criteria being what we allow in as stored mindsets which determine all that we are. There is an underlying stored emotional concern which has brought about the problem facing these sufferers. It is pretty much mentioned here only there will be more in depth analysis required to get to the bottom of it all, for the simple reason it is specific to the individual from their life journey thus far. We need to seek out to establish a reference point of ground zero. This is our gauge to how we are doing. We can all be measured by this gauge.  A perfect example of this can be found in nature such as the wind. The wind is carefree, it goes wherever it goes, passes no judgement, and obeys only the rules which give it life. The bird is another we can learn a great deal of a simplistic life from observing the life of a bird. We need to all live our lives as that care free as the bird and the wind. We are complex individuals living in a highly complex environment full of guidelines and rules with punishments and consequences never ending. To live our lives to a set standard of continuous regimentation is not in our best interests, particularly when doing so brings us Dis-ease (the interruption of the ease of flow of energy within our body).

We have a way forward for everyone who wishes to participate. Bring to us what you are carrying. Perhaps as in some cases you do not know what that is? What ails you is of course one obvious indicator and the logical place to start to unravel your particular set of stored criteria which have governed your life to this day. You need to come to the point in your life where you want to make the change and so are open for this progression. It is not about money, when you are dead what good does your money do you? How enjoyable is your life and how much of life are you missing out on being the way you are? Life is totally about how to live freer fully enabled and enriched every day.

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