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Our company Exceptional Health Ltd is an Active Mobile Natural Heath and Healing Company which specializes in Bio-Energetic Medicines (Delivered via many mediums of which Drops is our major one). Bio-Energetic Medicines are medicines made for living organisms, people, animals and the like including reptiles.
We see this as asking the body to accept digital instruction of corrective energies (remedies) for the initiation of the free flow of energy within an organism for them to deliver balance (Homeostasis) within said organism.
Being mobile enables us to go to individuals or groups to assist where necessary for their particular healing/health challenges. For more on this check our Mobile Services on this site.
Our company is founded on the need for genuine care and consideration to everyone with the welfare of all individuals our prime concern; likewise we feel this must be the recipients prime concern also. We would like every person to be healthier and happier in their lives for all to live life to its highest purpose and potential within their best self. We have highly effective natural healing systems along with specialized equipment to promote homeostasis (harmony, balance to Yin/Yang) within the body. We bear witness to testimony of the effectiveness of our remedies and treatments daily. They have a profound ability to accentuate healing when used as per their instruction. We are passionate about what we do, we place our divine care into every item we make and supply including it in our range of natural superfood supplements we promote and advocate.
Our prime concern is the abundant welfare of every individual who comes to us. We do our very best to assist you to heal yourself for in essence this is what transpires, no one cures anything for the individual, the cure comes from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes in every individual seeking care whether it be from our medicines or other sources (it comes from them the so called cure) we simply assist to make the positive change and difference (transformation) in your life.

 Our medicines have proven themselves over many years, we are not permitted to lay claims what so ever, however the facts speak for themselves.
Our medicines will never hurt you nor will you suffer from any serious side effect bar the release of the ugly which is the negative associated with your imbalances (illness). The wording and instruction on our labels is there simply to guide and inform you of how to administer the preparation for the specific complaint we have intended it for.
We make Natural Medicines for all Dis-ease, we perform consultations at our mobile clinic, and supply handouts on where to go from here or where you go to present yourself to improve your life should you choose to heed it. We are here to make a positive difference in your life and welcome everyone interested in growing forward. Your life changes when you decide to make that change, to bear in mind if we always do what we have always done, interesting how we always get the same result, to change the end result change is required, when would you like to begin?

What is Bio-Energetic Medicine?

The term Energetic Medicine is best described as Medicine (containing energies) which acts upon the energetic systems of a living organism requiring hydration to accelerate its healing potential. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the human body has energy centers called chakras. There are 7 main chakras although every cell within the body is a chakra in its own self, they are like mini power stations, they are collection points where information is received and transmitted throughout the body via meridians (transfer of energy on roads meridians are the roads). Our deliver system acts upon acupuncture meridians similar to acupuncture only without the needles. When we administer Energetic Medicine through these channels of the body, we have found an overall improvement in the health of the individual provided we have treated the root cause of the condition and have successfully asked the body to remove all obstacles of obstruction. We use varying mediums of delivery (Homeopathy is one) of these energies and call them Remedy’s; these have been designed to ask the body to eliminate energy stagnation which free up blockages (Dis-ease means the interruption of the ease of flow of energy) in the energetic body returning homeostasis to the individual. This is defined as the free flow of energy in the body or balance (Homeostasis).
Energetic Medicine assists to support our constitution for it to self heal Dis-ease naturally as the body knows how, all we do is encourage and assist it to do so, similar to being under attack we bring armies to assist the body to win the battle.

For a more thorough and complete explanation of what exactly is Energetic Medicine we invite you to our information page to scroll down to the bottom and click on the appropriate title. There are real time examples there, for those who may remain in the dark we ask you to make an appointment with us to go over where you may be struggling.

Mediums for delivering Energetic Medicine

We have varying mediums for delivering Energetic Medicines, the most common are Homeopathic type prepared drops (although this is not straight out Homeopathy), we have cards which are similar to a credit card, specially designed patches which are soft and easy to wear and crystal. All of them store and release energy when in contact with the body with crystal being the best.
Subspace therapy is the delivery of healing energies to an individual who is not in direct contact with the medium. Subspace therapy is termed unattended therapies where you do not have to be in contact with the medium, it delivers the energies to you via your specific signature from us having your DNA such as a hair sample, your name date and place of birth or a photograph. We go into this aspect of healing further in the spiritual content of this site. Please do not think this as airy fairy for it is not, we have performed all manner of corrective assistance at distance many times.

What is an Illness

An illness is a disturbance (defined as a blockage in the free flow of energy) in the energetic field of the organism.  All illness comes in our view from the inability of the body to absorb nutrients, poor dietary choices combined with negative resentful and destructive mindsets stored in body tissues. We must address all three if we want to successfully eliminate a pathology/illness, similarly when tuning into an individual we must clear Negative Stored Emotions from the Physical Body release Spiritual Encumbrances and any energy which has attached itself through your ancestry things such as Miasms and any Superimpositions which may have invaded the recipient causing them harm/disruption to their life path, these must be removed such that they cannot return.
As stated all illness are simply blockages within the body of the free flow of energy within that body. These blockages cause real time harm, when they are removed the recipients health improves. We begin to return balance to the recipient beginning with Gut health.

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