I.B.S. The new Age Plague

March 2018 Update.

Points of view addressed within this document are shared by many in the field of Naturopathy.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) is also known as Candida. When Candida is out of balance is when it is named I.B.S. and is when health begins to plummet downwards for everyone affected, unfortunately today this is pretty much all of us. Candida occurs naturally within the body it is only when it becomes out of balance do problems occur. Forty years ago before Aspartame and artificial sweeteners were created and when Antibiotics were not dispersed so freely one in 20,000 persons were affected with I.B.S. It was not an overly big deal, today every person we meet suffers from it, the entire population is infected. It is a Silent Plague that is bringing poor Health to us all to one degree or another. The G.P.’s medications deliver it, Artificial Sweeteners made by Drug companies do also. Why is there a necessity to have artificial Sweeteners in our body when we are not artificial? These have been engineered to remain in the body indefinitely therefore sustaining I.B.S. causing catastrophic illnesses mentioned further down this page. I.B.S. is fed by sugars, pretty much all foods contain these. Some people try to starve it out, that is near on impossible even if they achieve this the cause is living in them regardless as everyone is exposed to Artificial Sweeteners daily. It cannot be starved out which the Naturopath attempts to do. This is most serious no one can hide from it. We all are affected for it is now a constant in our food chain. Almost every person we see agrees: Health begins in the Gut. The G.P.’s medications bring disruption to our Gut and they know it. They know they are working against the body’s natural progression for self healing. Their medicines are not able to work harmoniously with the body, with long term usage being fatal in some cases according to Australian Genetic Scientists. We have a different outlook and that is simple: To work alongside the body assisting it to self-manage necessary body functions, returning balance. With the first one being Gut Health, we achieve this in 99% of cases within a few minutes. Energetic Medicine is a new age in addressing illness, it can achieve correction in seconds for it works directly with our Body Energetic, this is our current life force signature. Try this: see if your G.P. can have you pass our simple Gut testing? We have a sign which states we have a way forward for some incurable illnesses. With all illness Gut Health is the Beginning, same for all issues in particular Moto-Neuron Die-ease it owes its origin from petro chemical poisoning combined with poor immunity. We have not seen anyone come to see us who passes our Gut Testing in over 5 years, no matter whom they see, everyone passes it when they take our Gut Preparation. We have been witness to all this for years and have felt if we make some noise we will be dealt with. Well, we are now making that noise. We agree this is disturbing. If you cannot bring balance to the digestive system you will not cure anything. For in the Colon is where we win and lose the battle in life, it is the staging point and the beginning for all recovery.
We have an extensive read outlining the catastrophic consequences of consuming Aspartame on our website in the information pages, the propaganda is absolute lies. What is more the body cannot remove it without a specific Detox removal agent. It has been engineered this way and placed into thousands of items both in the food chain and others such as cosmetics and products that when in contact with the body it is delivered. It brings Leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome immediately upon ingestion and carries with it alarming Dis-ease precursors such as: Degeneration to the Brainstem (Dementia), ADHD, Parkinson’s, Fibro and Polymyalgia, Systemic Lupus, M.S. Almost every illness begins in the Gut. I.B.S disengages the body’s ability to self-manage its natural defence mechanisms and rejuvenative processes (constitution and immunity) leaving us wide open to all illness. I.B.S. prevents our system from self managing basic functions such as Hormone balance, maintaining bone density, and so much more. We can clearly state every woman suffers from hormonal imbalances brought upon from poor Gut Health. Taking our Gut preparation corrects this. Even with an average diet this will come back to normal in no time. The only drawback is you have to continually take the Remedy. The causes to our Gut imbalance are in the food chain is why. The remedy performs many things, one major is it tells the cells to not absorb Artificial sweeteners for 24hours, renders all G.P. medicines negative effects as harmless as well as to remove Flukes, Bad Fungi, Parasites, Balance to Candida and to polish all Digestive Organs, all from 1 x drop with all this being immediate in seconds. It is that impressive. I.B.S, Candida blocks nutrition being absorbed to great effect. Nature’s contributors to the degeneration of our bodies from such things as Parasites, Flukes Bad Fungi, along with Diabetic Viruses we can be in a lot of trouble. They all are having a serious toll on our wellness. Every item here is in the food chain, we simply cannot avoid them. I.B.S has been acclaimed as the most serious of all gut inhibitors to infest the digestive tract. Nature’s problematic inhibitors are serious enough. To sum up: If you are not taking an adequate precautionary measure to remove gut Inhibitors and to clear the effects they place upon your health you will be a sufferer and in trouble.

Symptoms of an over infestation of Candida (I.B.S). Candida is a type of yeast or Fungi. First thing in the morning poke out your tongue while looking into a mirror and if you present with an off white coating on your tongue this is an obvious diagnosis of an overgrowth and infestation another typical one is sweet cravings. There is a spit test which most know about and there is being tested by us which is pretty much conclusive. Symptoms are: Allergies, asthma, failing eye sight, inflammation, frequent stomach pains and digestive problems, skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, acne and more, foggy brain or brain fatigue, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness and exhaustion, anxiety and mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger outbursts, irritability, headaches, itchy skin, chronic fatigue especially after eating, depression, gastro intestinal problems such as bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, rectal itching, sever premenstrual syndrome, impotence, memory loss, mood swings, feeling mentally disturbed, recurrent fungal infections such as jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm, extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, odours and alcohol, recurrent vaginal or urinary infections, Prostatitis,
A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer or certain foods. These symptoms worsen in mouldy spaces and damp climates and basements and after eating foods containing sugars.

There is no reason why anyone should be a victim from any one of these never mind them all? Natures Parasites, the Deadly Fluke flat worms which cannibalise the body and Bad Fungi. All are serious when in our system and unavoidable with Candida’s (I.B.S.) being arguably the worst of them all! Most people know a bit about Parasites and Bad Fungi few really understand the significance of having any of these in their system. Some tell us they have to be there? Parasite means to live from the host to the detriment of the host. To have none is the only acceptable measure from where we sit. They are destroyers of life feeding from us taking our very life from us. Fewer of us know about Flukes. Flukes eat organs. This is why they are so serious. Itching is one common symptom you have Flukes in your body. If you do nothing to stop them they will be feasting on you. The body seldom recovers from a serious illness when Flukes are present in large numbers. We have seen what they do! We have many real time testimonials of success stories from people who have come back from the black hole of Dis-ease. For an in-depth description on every item we are mentioning here visit our Website: Check out: The Beginning. Diabetic Viruses: Deplete Life and are precursors to Diabetes, they erode Brain Function by taking Brain food leaving the individual unable to think clearly. They affect the Pituitary gland and the Pancreas preventing it from metabolising sugars and more. Drinking lots of water is a sure symptom (as is dry mouth after sleeping) you have these Viruses. The Kidney is trying to flush sugars out is why. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in this country from problematic Health issues that are correctable, according to us. Every Health issue on my sign owes its origin to poor General Health and a degree of ignorance on the part of all concerned.
Health Practitioners are not all created equal. Most natural therapists although their intent is good they simply cannot deliver General Health for extended periods if at all? The G.P. simply cannot achieve it either nor can diet alone as for taking additional flora, that is merely cosmetic we assure you. Diet must be supportive once inhibitors have been removed (on a daily basis) for we are always under attack.
Serious Illness: No matter what it is: The benchmark for recover is: To establish General Health as set out on our testing document. When this is achieved (within a few days) is when the constitution begins to regrow itself and sets the stage for greater Health and: ”Real Time Life Extension”.
Everyday Illnesses: Polymyalgia & Fibromyalgia are delivered by Aspartame, Dementia from Carcinogenic attack and poor General Health, Endometriosis from poor General Health and a constitution which is pre-proposed to it. Degenerative Structural conditions, knees and hips come from poor General Health and lack of understanding of a correct way forward along with Verucca Viruses, these are Lethal.
Every person will have their own specific taint to their ailments, because we are all individual is why. How we begin to unravel it is to find the corrective way forward and to support this ongoing until the body has self healed naturally. This can be complexed however, it all begins from attaining good Gut Health which absolutely no one seems to have. When u are ready call me: Derek 022-319-2540

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