The Basics – a need to know

The Basics – a need to know

Note: All topics discussed and information provided here are strictly our points of view. They have come to us from many years in this industry and from meeting thousands of individuals in the classroom of life. No two people have every been the same although they have shared similar complaints. Information mentioned has likewise been compiled from our studies, over 10 years with one of the worlds leading professors in Natural Health and Energetic Medicine.  We ask all to view all information supplied as purely educational.

For those of you who are curious as to what exactly is Energetic Medicine please head to the bottom of our information page. We have a very complete explanation with clear examples there. For some this may be beyond their scope of understanding, we have made this as simple as we possibly can.

A must have: “The Basics”

This page is a short introductory to our website, all information mentioned here is supplied in far greater detail on our menu page simply click on the title and you will be taken to that page. We are open to well thought out questions and here to assist everyone to improve their standing and health totally across the board. We feel there is no illness that cannot be corrected.  Great health begins with General Health as indicated on here in our Beginning PagesGeneral Health is the very bench mark for recovery from all illness and acts as a safe guard from contracting further illness once you are clear. General Health leads into to pass our Germ Warfare testing. These are the very real deal breakers and in many cases the causative agents behind all serous illness. Once you have completed  all testing and taken the required natural remedies the resulting The new level of care must be maintained, this is your responsibility, we are here to walk you through that. There are additional factors which we need to address these are mentioned here:

Here is some important information for all to consider: We are only as healthy as the weakest link in our chain. This is specific to every individual.

Dis-ease or illness has a negative vibration which spins anti-clockwise. This is termed: “The person is out of phase“. Similar to polarities in an electrical system for in truth we are, only we are a highly complex one. To correct the illness we have to spin it clockwise, this is to bring it positive. Positive is also right handed.

The very first thing we ALL need to do:

Stimulate Lymphatic Action: This is simple and very cool, this is to brush ourselves down first thing in the morning once we are out of bed. We use our hand or a brush to rub over our entire body using up and down strokes, this stimulates Lymphatic action and Drainage. We then place liquid Magnesium over areas in need of specific care and head to our rebounder for a 10minute bounce. Rebounding for 10minutes equates to a half hour walk and stimulates the Lymph into action to send any stored stagnant fluid to the Kidneys for expulsion. Note: the Kidneys need to be free from ALL Negative Stored Emotions and any Genetically Modified Pathogens such as Mycoplasma’s.

Head to our “Germ Warfare” Pages for more information  in depth on these.

Toxic exposure in the work place environment:

If anyone feels off it may very well be from the toxicity in their work place environment. In fact we would say it is pretty much the major cause. This means if you are a panel beater, a builder whatever you do even working in a office where you in-hail the toxic fume from a printer, these are a known cancer causing agents. Industry has never been more toxic. We have not found anyone who has an acceptably strong and efficient immune system, for know one passes our straight forward Gut Testing. No matter what you do you are going to lose the battle until you take adequate measures to safeguard yourself. this is what we do, we take you there.

Heart Dis-ease also known as Vascular Dis-ease.

Note:  With every form of Heart insufficiency there comes from this a predisposition to Diabetes. Diabetes is the technical word or term for Kidney Dysfunction. From this there is the necessity to investigate the loss of “Love of self” or “Broken Heart Syndrome”. We can die from this, we are “Pure Love angels” every single one of us. When  our Heart breaks it is stored in our kidneys and when there has been continuous breaks due to negative life experiences accumulative is when Diabetes shows its ugly head. Everything that attacks our kidney can deliver this to us as mentioned here. I know for I have been a suffer for over 25years, only i did not knowingly know I was one until today December 2018. There is a great deal involved that delivers this condition to the recipient. We will address this in our Emotions and Specific Illness folders under Diabetes and we have a supportive corrective way forward which returns center to you. Center is when we are clear and free 🙂

Before we get into this topic we ask you to head to the Germ Warfare folder. We see the body as a near on the Perfect Organism. Every part of it has been specifically designed to last an entire lifetime. How long that life time is depends upon many variants. We strongly feel Dis-ease should never be one that takes our life. All tissue has the ability to replace itself, people need to know how to actively engage in a healthier lifestyle and to support that ongoing that should be pretty much be it. There are people here who make it their policy to Engineer and Weaponise Bio-logical Germ Agents to use these on us to disrupt the perfect organism we all are. We see this as abysmal behaviors, most of us simply want to love life freely and uncomplicated.

Heart Dis-ease comes from varying sources what we have mentioned are significant causative agents for every illness. Every person without fail will suffer from this through the course of their lives. It can be brought to us from Kidney insufficiency, is delivered from having an impoverished diet of fatty foods and processed carbohydrates and from inactivity and of course from a defective Gene pool which is your DNA. Note: Germ Warfare plays the most significant role and is a most significant contributor to every pathology (illness) particularly so with Vascular Dis-eases. To overcome Vascular Disorders we must overcome all negating Germ Warfare  (micro-organism attack) contributing to the illness and overall health of the body.  Long term structural complaints deplete the kidney when the Kidneys gives up they share their load with the 4 Fire signs in the body. Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine and the Endocrine System (your glands). It is essential to have an above average diet of raw foods to include broths and for us to be active daily. We have placed more indepth information re this subject on our page: Specific Illness- A Way Forward.

Heart & Vascular Tonic:  We call this the body’s own injector cleaner, similar to what is required to be used in your car fuel system and engine only this is for our body. It is miraculous let me assure you of that. Organic Cayenne Pepper taken as follows: Half cup of warm to hot water, place 7mm of cayenne pepper on the tip of the tea spoon stir, do not in hail and consume. Half hour later repeat the process, the more pepper you can have the more immediate the result. In the event blood pressure fails to return to normal levels it is in your BEST interests to make an appointment with us. This is a harsh treatment on the system and should only be undertaken now and then.

The Gaye movement, To include with this bi-sexual, transgenders and all the rest which we do not even try to understand. For in our thinking this is an indication these people are out of phase. Yin/Yang in their system has crossed over. In theory they cannot exist in the same space such as night and day. The fact there are those here who have this going on is an indication the world itself is out of phase and becoming more. We have a Remedy to reverse this, it is not in our shop, you have to ask us for it and comes with a guarantee to perform. Our reasoning as to why this occurs comes from past life experiences of gender. In a previous life the individual may have been male and may have been male all their life experiences here. This new life they are in now they have come as female, yet they have held onto being male within their spiritual selves. This makes them want to be with female. This of course is our simple interpretation of why this occurs. For the correction and reinstatement of the correct gender for their sexuality this life we must have the spiritual body release its hold on how it was or its preference, along with any other additional conditioning which is supportive of their present gender desires. For those who may take offense, no harm has been done, we see it how we see it, we are simply voicing this here for those who want to reverse this. As pretty much no one has an answer for this were now offering this service. Costs are to be negotiated with the client at an appointment only where we will install the programme, this is our preference. A remedy can be generated for those in need who cannot come.

The immense importance of water: We are almost 80% water, it makes absolute sense to only place the Highest Energetic Water into our body. Organic water is best found in the living juice of a plant, taken into the body with no less than a twin gear “Angel Juice Extractor”. We do not compromise on our health, the very best juicer is both the starting point and the end point. For there is nothing more precious to life than our health. The very best water too is what we take into our body everyday and you can have very close to that here. We have specific water cards in our shop which place Energeticness into all water placed upon them. Provided the vessel is glass or crystal. Our water is more than any other water we have come across including Ozone treated water.

The Water Cure: For back pain and all pain we MUST take on 8 cups of water daily for an adult performing normal duties in a moderate climate. Water insufficiency delivers Acidosis, if you suffer from urinary incontinence, this is a dysfunction in the Kidney, make an appointment for there may be significant Life Threatening Pathogens at work? Better to rule them out than face what comes next. Water flushing our Lymph System in turn promotes Kidney function when all is working well energy is abundant. Where do you sit with this..?

Nutrition (A must have):

This is mentioned in great detail on this site, the simple way to explain it is we must have an active nutritional diet of predominately unprocessed foods as our staple. The higher the activity in the food we take and are “Able to Absorb” the More Energetic we become provided all the factors which make us up as an individual are being brought to balance as mentioned on this page life will become more positive and fun and enriched.

Emotions and Us:

We are: Emotional Passionate Beings, everything about us is how we feel about a subject, no matter what it is. The very fact this is how we are means this must factor significantly into playing an essential role in our everyday Health. We see Emotions and Core Beliefs (what you allow in and buy into is a belief) dictate our very own life path as such are instrumental in being supportive of the Dis-ease an individual carries. There is an extensive read on here for every person to clear there own Destructive Emotional Programming and Core-Beliefs or simply: make an appointment with us to have things progressed immediately. We love this for results are instantaneous with a new person coming as we free them from the Ugly of Negative Emotional Encumbrances. Feminine issues in the Reproductive System stem from Ugly carried towards men, Fear is an Ugly. Fear is also the major factor in women for them to contract Breast Cancer. The same in reverse for men, when they carry Ugly towards women they suffer from Erectile Dysfunction Prostate problematic disorders and all the rest. This is Deep seated Emotional Encumbrances stored and carried in the Kidneys. The Kidneys rule the body, they are responsible for the rejuvenation of every cell and are supportive to the Heart with that bring balance to the Love centers of the system, in essence our Kidneys are the absolute boss. We must reprogram the body to be free of this Ugliness for life to be blissful for failing to do so delivers Death to the person. Slow Death to faster Death where do you think is the preferred place to be with it? Ugly free is the correct way forward.

Our Spiritual Aspect:

This is rather a controversial subject unfortunately, a simple way forward is for all to be aware: “We all dream”. This is our Spiritual Aspect to our selves being present and is made available due to our Pineal Gland located at the base of our skull. If you can cope with this statement then allow your self to possibly believe in what we are about to say next. There is so much more to being here than what we see, similarly people can carry Spiritual Energies from past lives and Miasms etc which inhibit their own growth and wellness. If you have ever been to a cemetery at night and felt the hair on the back of your neck become erect? That is no joke, it is the feeling of other energies around they are having an effect of you. I used to play in such a place when I was a child in Glasgow. It was rather weird yet it was there, shivers would run down my spine as I ran helter skelter through the cemetery. My friends and I would go there late at night to play hide and seek, only I could not stop running and yelling as I felt spirits coming after me. That was an adrenaline rush I had forgotten about all these years. It scared the life out of me.  We clear land, Buildings, Structures, Animals and People from adverse Negative Spiritual Energies that are limiting and taking over these spaces/people. We have only seen the odd person who passes testing of our Spiritual Impositions Remedy. In fact there has only been one, he was an angel, he was eight in 2017. He was beautiful but did not like it here. People are encumbered from energies from other spaces and these need to be removed and sent back to where they came from to never return here. Karmic Journey: there is more about this in our Spiritual pages, one thing we have found it is near on impossible to alter this. It is never bad, It is the individuals main purpose for being here as if holy, we believe these special people are guardians of the mother and the Energies that we all are, they are sent to effect necessary changes in a world lost within itself.

Health Professionals:

The Doctor: it is our belief clearly evident from our many years of testing thousands of people for basic Gut and General Health the main reason why people do not have this working for them is due to their Doctor combined with Mainstream Medications. The system is full of lies, people are not told of the dangers of taking drugs and the side effects they cause being as serious or more so than what the individual presents with as an illness. “Never” have we met anyone who has been under the care of a Doctor pass our General Health testing. Many people we see who are not trained at all in Health tell us everything begins in the Gut. Drugs bring immediate imbalance to the Gut for they deliver Candida out of balance (I.B.S.) immediately. This means the very system most hold in a high light are in our opinion “The major supportive cause, if not the root cause to our ill health .”

Other Practitioners: We are not doubting the passion or care any practitioner has for what they do and how they genuinely care for their patients. However, if they cannot bring balance to the Gut on the very first day or have a way forward which delivers this on-going quickly, they will not be able to achieve long term wellness to their patient. They are most aware of this, to say: “we are working on it is a common statement. It reminds us of the old story you can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.  We are definitely not all created equal some of us have far greater abilities. We deliver General Health in almost all cases from the first day to willing participants.

Care of self an absolute Must:

We are all to be seen as the Highest Light, for we are all children. The product of two sole mates being their child is the Highest Light and rightly so. Parents have a love for their child which would have them do whatever is required for that child even to the point of giving their own life. This means we owe it to ourselves and most certainly to our parents to take the very best care of self.

About us: We are passionate about what we do and where we live. We live in this world, it belongs to us provided we accept that. When we accept this we must like wise care for it, for if it dies we do also. We trust all who come here get more from the experience. We all are so much more than Flesh and Bone, we are: Energetic Beings of Pure Love .