Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy and Age Reversal Preface

Aging, we are all aging but we are never a day old in our lives. It is very important you understand this, old means: decaying, past use by date, of little use, worn out, over the hill etc. When you allow yourself to accept old at any age you are subconsciously programming yourself giving yourself a limit and a negative label. This is the opposite of Anti-aging for you are buying into Old. Do not accept that conditioning. The power of the spoken and written word can be immense. The only way to prevent aging is to die, our preference is to truly live no matter the years we have been here this life path. It is important to come to a place in your mind where you see aging as a fact of life and with that comes wisdom. Wisdom is a very powerful and useful tool, from there comes an appreciation for life, you are a survivor. It is the little things which truly make the difference. The depth to our persona brings clearer choices that were not there in our youth. You can never beat life experience, each one of us a living encyclopedia of life. The longer we are here the more pages that are added to that life-book.  For those of us who want to age gracefully and look our very best we would like to take you on a journey. This journey will assist you to retard the aging processes slowing down that clock and to extend your life by many years. Should you follow what we advocate you will truly become alive. This may be for the first time in your life?

Supportive mindsets: Refer to our information pages on here: muscle testing for self diagnosis. Should any person not be free to anti-age in their sub conscious mind they most certainly will not be able to. Ask the following: I am totally beautiful and youthful, I carry no restrictions which prevent me from being eternally young. I see myself as ageless vibrant and totally alive regardless of the years I am here. If you do not obtain a yes from saying these you need to talk with us.

To look our very best is to be more youthful. We require an abundance of energy and vitality within which leads on to a supportive personality which exhibits and matches the same. Our inner child needs to be active in our everyday, remove as much stress as possible (it is a silent killer of life) and do not allow limitations to restrict us. Avoid the negative programming of humanity as much as you can. We need to see ourselves as ageless for we are never a day Old in our lives…….aye?

Bio-logical Warfare also termed Germ Warfare.

This is the most critical underlying and seemingly unnoticed contributor to our present health and vitality. Germ Warfare relates to invisible Micro Organism, Bacteria, Fungi, Pathogens and every Carcinogen and Pollutant that comes into contact with our system which has the capacity to deplete our life. These are a constant every day factor and must be addressed and kept at bay ongoing. Unless an individual is proactive in having these diagnosed and removed they will be prevalent in their system causing extreme harm. For everyone who carries an illness they either accept or have while living in denial they will be under constant attack from these Germs. These Germs are the very reason the illness exists in the first instance, these are the major significant causative factors. If we look at Arthritis for example: The requirement for the adequate correction and removal re Germ Warfare is enormous, there are hundreds of corrections required such as removal of Bacillus, Nano-Bacteria, Bio-films etc, these are all Cancer promoters and DNA Mutagens. Next comes the standard procedures of Organ and Meridian support for Arthritis which must be adhered to for a successful recovery. E-coli is the first major factor to be addressed with respect to all Cancers.  For all those who have Backache, maybe the vaccine you had for Tuberculosis is at fault? TB is also known as Micro-plasma Bovis the Bacterium that has the authorities cull thousands of cattle needlessly in this country. TB exhibits similar symptoms as Arthritis, if in the Kidney expect Diabetes to not be far away and: the body will not be able to ever recover while TB remains. With relevance to Anti-aging  to be free from Germ Warfare is of critical importance. We will soon have on our menu page a link to our Germ Warfare specific details including medicines and testing/diagnosing. Germ Warfare is exciting especially so once removed from the system for “life becomes infinitely more”.

The by-product from walking this journey is for all to posses the very best health of their life, that on it’s own is Anti-Aging and delivers: life Extension.

Note: Botox and face lifts etc, are not in our view Beauty Therapy nor are cosmetics nor laser treatments for they simply are not natural nor are they sustainable with Botox being carcinogenic (toxic). Real Beauty comes from the Heart. Our Heart houses our spirit (Shen). When our spirit is completely free is when we are truly beautiful. We are light workers, we see the beauty which is the Heart in everyone. Those who are beautiful in Heart are truly beautiful visually. This comes from living a life true to oneself. These individuals possess an affinity with mother earth and a love of self for themselves. These rare Gems are truly beautiful in our eyes. We are blessed when we meet them for they are on our page, we see the Angel which is who they truly are…… simply perfect.

Only Truly Natural means of Beauty Therapy and Subsequent Anti-Aging processes are acceptable to us.

Our Energetic Enhancements: These are instructions to the body for it to do as requested by the preparation or medium. Mediums are placed in contact with the skin for their instruction to be uploaded by the body. This site contains many mediums for varying pathologies which install this instruction for the body to use, and they all work. This indicates our Anti-Aging instruction will do so too. The trick is for them to be more active than the Natural Degenerative Aging processes and for them to overcome any blockages which are in their path obstructing correction. When you have this working successfully is when you show the visual improvement. This is the wellness differential.  How you feel and how you look are indicators these treatments are doing their job, you have to be supportive of their instruction.

Genetics play a significant role in our visual appearance and in fact the overall health of the entire body. We have seen people who look fabulous in their 50’s only they are in their 70’s. If only we could look that amazing? Almost all of us have to: do the work, make the time and follow the appropriate care. We guarantee you will get something out of walking this journey. True beauty comes from within, it is defined by who you are and how you live your everyday……. This is the Angel that is you.

Note: I have recently began using our spectacular  “Pure Skin” cream. I have been using if for a few months now. My skin was showing visual signs of aging, to the point I thought I looked 10 years more than my actual years, almost 70. I didn’t think I could change that, I had lost my direction a bit from the journey of my life which is not easy and straight forward. I carried Degenerative Viruses (Click to be taken to the word Doc) which deplete the entire body for over 50 years. This is an important read for it you carry them you are in serious trouble. We test for these in our regular testing. All gone now thank goodness, I am looking forward to looking like the school boy I truly am.  This document tells of a seriously bleak picture.  Twice daily I have been applying our Skin Care Product Cream and the difference has been immense and rapid. I thought it unachievableable to sort or improve on that. Those Viruses gone now for about a week January 2018, we test for them in one of our 4 tests we do. I often receive comments on the youthfulness of my skin, just yesterday from a very nice woman, women see thing, as if on a different wavelength to men. They are pretty much, my skin looks so very youthful pushing 60 also, feel like 20ish soon to as active that is going to be amazing. The Skin cream is very good we would not be actively promoting if it wasn’t. Additional factors must be addressed though.

This cream began with us in 2007, we purchased an average cream base and added every active instruction/command for the total revitalisation of the skin as well as the basics such as collagen, M.S.M and a few other secret ingredients.  We noticed after exfoliating (washing the face in hot water) and applying this cream lines simply left, to then reappeared over the hour. The trick was to have the line leave for extended periods to possibly never return (the prime objective). And to deliver youthfulness to the skin clearly evident with it looking pristine and visually younger looking. The skin must become polished and look youthful for lines to reduce and leave, all the while vitality is building within the body. We must upgrade the wellness internally for it to be reflective externally. This is a continual process day after day, this builds over time. To enhance the total body and the skin while achieving this is reflective in our visual appearance. 

The Beginning: Polish to the Body

Polish to the body begins with good General Health refer to our beginning page for our ( ABC’s of Health ). Almost all who do this look 10years younger within a month and tell of how resplendent they feel. Eliminate as much stress as possible for stress delivers premature aging and is a known killer. Note: Sun damaged skin can be irreparable we ask that you be aware of continuous direct exposure. Be an active participant in gentle exercise daily, drink superior water mentioned here, and live everyday vibrantly with a superior diet and a positive outlook. All Dis-ease which is simply any blockage in the energy network within the body this is particularly inclusive of negative emotional encumbrances, all of which must be gone for Age Reversal to really kick in.

“The Angel in you must be present and comes when you are clear.”

Age reversal and beauty therapy in this instance are one in the same. To look youthful and be actively supportive of vibrancy and Life Extension as mentioned on this site is Natural Age Reversal  (Anti Aging). Those who are on this page look their best, when they have this in Heart too, true Beauty comes forth. It cannot be hidden and it is unmistakably the most perfect vision to behold in our eyes. This is the Angel in you unencumbered. This is where we are at. For all to have this occurring the information contained within this page and our Life Extension pages need to become a way of  life. This is inclusive of how you see yourself and your outlook to life, this is your perception all are of the utmost significance and importance.

Note: The entire body is linked, the face is a visual indicator of where a persons health is generally at. A line or wrinkle comes from the degeneration of an organ system. It is the depletion of energy within the organ, as the energy depletes the organ retards (becomes less) and detracts into itself with the result a line appearing upon the face. The more the organ retracts (degenerates) the more pronounced the line becomes as others form. Our information on General Health in the Gut Balance section is:  The simplest and most effective measure to promote age reversal we have found and is by far the most cost effective measure. It is more than any cosmetic anywhere. We do not recognise individuals who have been on these programmes for a month in general for they look totally different. On average persons in their 40’s on only these two programmes look up to 10 years younger and they feel it too. We see the visual difference they tell us of the wellness difference.

To look our best is Beauty Therapy, interesting when the Heart (ruler of the body) is in its rightful place we then see ourselves as always beautiful. In truth we simply are (Centering Emotions Programme).  We ask you to have a read of this document, we have been on this Spiritual Medicine, it continuously grows and supports you for the remainder of your life. Our Life Extension page has a lot going for it to further promote and enhance the beauty of and to the individual.

Anti Aging and Beauty Therapy

To slow down the aging processes we need to retard the Degeneration of the tellimeres of the DNA. This is the tail to the DNA strand where we lose a portion of this every day as we age. How we slow this process is to bring polish to the body’s function such that it functions as smooth as possible (effortless). A bit like having the finest and best oil in your car’s engine only we are far more complex than any engine. When we polish the entire system it goes smoother, faster with less wear the result is we live longer and look better, more youthful and are more energetic. This is a win win situation as your health improves (being on our programmes and take our Super supplements) you look younger. From our front page Norman Walker’s Quote: This is the absolute truth!     Our Health is our greatest ever asset!

“Health is the undisputed foundation for the satisfaction of life”

The Gut must be in balance with a truly potent diet of superfoods that are easily absorbed. These need to be highly charged mega antioxidant rich foods (live foods) being placed into your body (Juice Therapy and super supplements). These deliver renewable energy of the highest order to the body. these are paramount when addressing the retarding of the aging processes. 

Please make the time to become familiar with Muscle Testing. You will significantly benefit from  learning this simple way to ask your body questions (on our information page). You need to ask your body what it wants listen to it for it will tell you. Should you present with Allergies to any food type these require clearing (this is an encumbrance). Make an appointment is your best option to have this corrected, you will learn more than simply to correct the problem.

Water:  The Absolute Importance

We are almost 80% water, this means we must place into our system the finest and most energetic water possible. Check out our Water Cards which deliver exceptional energetic water, there is an informative read there. We have not found any water which exceeds the performance of our water. We have tested ozone water and many others who claim to be “The Best“. The SCIO Bio Feedback Device delivers the most beneficial and most energetic water on earth, this is a fact. We have imprinted this energetic signature into specially made and designed water cards. This is so you to can benefit from this energy and place it into your water for you to take in. Refer to our shop. The life span thus far of the energy imprinting process and the ability of the card to store this energy is around 10years. Cost is $50:00 each, very affordable especially so for what you get.

Additional Factors  we must address to promote Age Reversal and Beauty Therapy

  • Skin cell hydration.
  • Increased Elastin
  • Increased Collagen
  • Vitamin K absorption
  • Connective tissue health
  • Tightening and suppleness of the skin
  • Desire to eat healthy foods
  • Desire to take care of the skin
  • Stimulate Stem cell production
  • Eat Tomatoes every day and or Kiwi fruit.. The Lycopenes in these fruits go straight to the skin cells. Tests were carried by Manchester University England and found from tests that over a three month period skin elasticity and hydration improved by 15%. As did resistance to sun burn.

Please Note: Our Absorption Remedy Programme along with our One hour Detox Program contain Stem Cell Rejuvenation. This is one major contributing factor as to why they perform so outstanding well. Stem Cell Rejuvenation is included in our Gut Balance Programme also.

We have specific treatments and therapies for anti aging where you can purchase a specific medium which has within it acupuncture codes of specific instructions to the body to open channels clearing encumbrances initiating healing and greater health. Such things as collagen release for this to be effective you need to have sufficient and abundant supplies of copper mineral in the body. Copper is essential for the body to make and release the body’s own collagen (Collagen and M.S.M are known as the beauty minerals). This is obtained from your diverse diet, taking copper as a specific mineral can cause severe harm and death so not something you go into just because you can, we strongly advise against it. Human Growth Hormone too is essential (we ask the body to begin releasing its own) we stop releasing this at around 25 years of age. Elastin along with Skin Hydration, this relates back to water. Connective Tissue and Kidney Structures, for the Kidneys repair the body. Spleen is the body’s engine and paramount in maintaining healthy vibrant skin. The Spleen supports the skin. Overall the entire body must become as polished as we can make it, for us then to sustain this polish. This adds to the delivery of Age Reversal. You must make an appointment for us to have you pass the required testing, this comes under Life Extension. It simply makes sense to have a polished anatomy is the beginning to receiving and maintaining real time Life Extension which is Anti-Aging.

We have therapies such as Colour Therapy which deliver the colour along with frequency (the push behind the colour measured in Hz) Energetic Medicine (instruction) may be added and delivered to the body along with the colour simultaneously. Colour Therapy is pure energy, when directed to the body it is adding energy to us, a bit like charging a battery. From this it aids to regenerate organ systems as such supports the body’s fight to oppose degenerative aging. We have professional Colour Therapy devices, these are not toys such as the Bioptron light. Any frequency delivered with the light (the push behind the light) which is lower than the earth’s basic frequency of 12hz is a sedative as such calms the body down. Colour devices which emit only colour without the push cannot meet the requirements which are demanded here. We predominately use the solfegio frequency 528Hz for Beauty Therapy as this is the human DNA frequency. We combine additional instruction/commands  of Energetic Medicine for varying treatments, this is dependent upon what we are attempting to achieve.

Lines and Wrinkles with Colour Therapy

For lines and wrinkles to lessen then to leave we need to rebuild the tissue underneath while treating the organ systems responsible for the line (adding more energy to them). We directly treat muscles, skin elasticity, collagen and Human growth hormone release. We use infra red light with this process and begin treatments stimulating muscles first while adding additional energies to hasten the rebuilding process. The Kidneys must be free and unencumbered. Failing this there is no amount of treatment which can possibly make any real change to the individual for the simply reason: The Kidney is the organ totally responsible for all tissue re-growth, replacement and repair. Refer to our Water Element Programme.

Mora Therapies: Treating imbalances with their own selves.

This is what the Mora does, it is like a mirror which returns to the body corrective energetic balance to what it reads. With the added bonus we can add tools(Energetic Medicine) for it to further assist these imbalances to self correct. This is a most fascinating and wondrous aspect to what we do and is not specific to Beauty Therapy alone. The Mora is one of the finest tools (it is the benchmark tool) for delivering balancing Energetic Treatments to the body.

We offer Energetic Medicine delivered support to the treatment supplied which is a remedy or other medium encompassing the therapy of the session received. You are to use this Medium as directed and bring it along to your next supportive appointment. Every appointment which has a treatment using the Mora comes with a new improved Medium which is specific to the user. 

Treatment of Facial Lines with the Mora and Colour Therapy

For the treatment of facial lines for example, we would begin with delivering infra red to the muscle groups of the face. The Mora is used in the treatment process/loop for it to read imbalances for it to then send these imbalances (their opposite balancing energy) back into the area of treatment along with additional energies for bringing improvement to the area such as Collagen, Elastin, H.G.H release and many more. These are simultaneously loaded into a medicine which is a Medium of the specific treatment you are receiving and amplified with yet another tool. The result is an exceptionally highly charged potent instruction to the body for it to rebuild the tissue under the line. All the while, your diet is being supportive, your body is polished running as smooth as we can make it. We are ever so excited with the rewards we receive from these treatments.

We will add to this page with additional information and products for you to purchase in our shop. Just so you know: Every Superfood product in our shop adds to Beauty Therapy.  We regenerate from the inside for it to show outwardly . Similarly we degenerate and die from the inside much like an apple. Energeticness and youthfulness is reflective upon the face and other body parts. The face however is where it is clearly visible, so this can be your gauge along with how you feel. There are times when we do not recognise those who buy into our ABC’s of Health and our other processes, for they look completely different and visually look years younger in appearance generally within days – sometime this is immediate. There are those who have no measure of change. When this occurs there is more going on than what meets the eye. For these people we must investigate further as to why? Checking for negative Emotions and spiritual Superimpositions which can be blocking /negating treatment. Whatever we find we must clear for the individual to be totally supportive of the processes necessary for Age Reversal.

Products for purchase:

Pure skin Beauty Cream


Diabetes: Emotions play the most significant role in our entire lives with particular reference to our health. People give their Personal Power away to others they hold in a position of power and authority with the Doctor and their Specialists being prime examples of this. With respect to Diabetes or Kidney Insufficiency for that is what it really is. When the doctor says this is how it is bingo this program has been installed into the Psyche and subsequent Core Belief System of the recipient and their supporters. There is no allowance for the possibility of a CURE yet lifestyle choices and genetics if applicable brought the complaint to them. Only if their entire family history going back generations shows they ALL were or are Diabetic would the Doctors words hold true. From Mainstream Medicines point of view ALL those dependent upon externally administered insulin their complaint can never self correct. We consider that to be a Scam, before you judge us read this document we share our findings with you here, they are not conclusive as yet however, the line of probability leads to exactly what we are stating here is in fact a truth that cannot be dismissed.



Exceptional Health Ltd        Specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine

Feb. 2019 update

Diabetes: A truth that is Diabetes or is it a Scam?

This document is a point of view as such it is to be viewed in that light. We ask you read the wording carefully so as to extract the precise meaning of what we are stating.

Emotions play the most significant role in our entire lives with particular reference to our health. People give their Personal Power away to others they hold in a position of power and authority with the Doctor and their Specialists being prime examples of this. With respect to Diabetes or Kidney Insufficiency for that is what it really is. When the doctor says this is how it is bingo this program has been installed into the Psyche and subsequent Core Belief System of the recipient and their supporters. There is no allowance for the possibility of a CURE yet lifestyle choices and genetics if applicable brought the complaint to them. Only if their entire family history going back generations shows they ALL were or are Diabetic would the Doctors words hold true. From Mainstream Medicines point of view ALL those dependent upon externally administered insulin their complaint can never self correct. We consider that to be a Scam, before you judge us read this document we share our findings with you here, they are not conclusive as yet however, the line of probability leads to exactly what we are stating here is in fact a truth that cannot be dismissed.

Diabetes: We are led to believe there are two types: Mellilitus Type 1 and Insipidus Type 2 well I really struggle to believe in anything I am told unless I can verify the truth particularly so from others that are acclaimed to be in the know? Bullshit is bullshit pretty much, we are led down the garden path all the time and told this is how it is.

During the winter of 2018 I contracted Diabetes. I have an excellent diet not burdened with excessive sugars. Just so you know sugars feed the Brain, are also supportive of Fungi, Parasites, I.B.S etc. In nature natural sugars are a plenty. They are in every food almost. This would indicate Natural Sugars are meant to be a part of our diet with the body easily able to process them. We can live on fruit alone easily it is far better for us then a western diet. Diabetes used to be termed “Sugar Diabetes”.

Back to me: I walked 3k everyday and trained with weights, all up an hour daily. I have an Angel Juicer and I use it all the time. Green veggies, carrot, parsley, ginger etc. I seldom ate greasy food and would only eat sour dough bread on occasion, no gluten at all. I drank my own filtered and treated water which sits on a hydromag matt that brings everything with water in it to balanced Ph. I would drink at least 2 litres of this water daily. I do a great deal to take the optimum care of myself more than anyone I have ever met. My health has been my absolute mission for over 20years, without question: My highest priority. I stopped alcohol in 2003, never smoked and never did any narcotic other than the crap the quack gave me until I realized them assholes were poisoning me. There is no reason why I should ever have contracted a Diabetic condition. Diabetes is a fancy term for Kidney insufficiency that is it. Like every other pathology when we establish the root cause to the problem and remove it the condition disappears. How so is it that Diabetes should be any different? We have heard the body simply cannot return to balance with those who are insulin dependent. I ask the questions: who says so, and why is that? A.L.S. (Moto-Neuron Dis-ease) is correctable, Inoperable Brain tumors are correctable according to Alastair who trained me, the list is extensive.
Diabetes is based on science with a bias, simply put the quack has no way forward so he tells you a story, and people believe it because he is the professional? Their science in my view relates to them bullying and brainwashing the poor soul who has come to them for their so called expert help with their complaint.
I have been a Diabetic sufferer twice, The first time in 2012 I had a dose of it and used my equipment along with stopping my molasses and dark chocolate I had daily as an ad on to my nutrient support. It took about a month for all symptoms or so I thought to leave. I do not test for blood pressure, that simple test tells us where the engine which is the body is at. It is a very good test to do to then find out why if it is out of the normal range? It is our rev. counter. I thought that was the end of it back then. My bladder control was not overly as good as I would have liked. This is the definition of Diabetes
(Kidney insufficiency). The mental aspect to Diabetes is a chronic brainwashing from those who are supposed to be the professional and able to correct such things. This winter of 2018 I had Nephritis, Renal Insufficiency, Uremia, Kidney insufficiency to the point of near death. Over 100 evenings I would lie in bed wondering if I would awaken the following day? I struggled to get enough oxygen into my body for my kidneys were under such duress they struggled to do this most basic function. What type of Diabetes (kidney insufficiency) did I have? The lethal type. There was no way in hell I was heading to a Doctor, I would have needed dialysis (Nephritis and Uremia combined means the Kidney is unable to cleans the blood efficiently) and everything else they recommend I am absolute sure of that. No way was I going to head down that road of crap, if that meant I was going to die then so be it. While this nightmare was going on I spent every day working through Royal Rife Software on my computer making vials for every item that brought insufficiency to my kidneys. I would test to see what I required and deliver all those to myself. I found I had Bovis, T.B., Mycoplasma Fermentans, and Lyme’s Dis-ease. Each one of these Germ Warfare Agents will deliver a chronic Diabetic condition. How on earth did I contract them? T.B. was from a vaccination when I was nine. The bloody Doctor told my parents I needed that vaccine and they bought into it. I have no idea how I contracted the others. I had H.P.V Viruses that had been in my body from when I came to New Zealand from a kid in my class. H.P.V Viruses are Warts, Verucca and Human Papiloma Virus, they are spread by touch as are so many Agents. People touch all the time this means the populous are in big trouble. H.P.V Viruses attack the kidney and are supportive of Cancer as are the others Agents mentioned above. No G.P. ever made mention re warts, I asked one do they have a way forward with respect to them to be told “No”. Cows were culled that had Bovis sent to the freezing works for food on our tables. I was infected many times from the beef in my diet. It was trial and error with me navigating my way through this with my life in the balance. Eventually I worked it all out, thankfully I have survived it. When I ceased consuming foods that contained Bovis that brought on my Kidney problems my blood pressure began to lower. My heart used to feel it was going to thump out of my chest that is how severe it was, it would awaken me at night for those evening I did actually sleep for it was that loud.
It has taken months for this to subside to what I consider a normal safe level. I train in the gym only twice weekly at the moment. I initially would go “Hard as Hell” for I had always done this as a younger man. I nearly died at the gym from that degree of intensity. I slowed it down to 70% ish. Now after 3 months of overcoming Kidney Insufficiency from these Causative Agents I go my usual 110%Hard as Hell”. I can honestly say Love it, No matter I am 60 in less than a year, I see age as no barrier and I feel ageless, not defined by my years. I have had the most severe Diabetes possible and survived. Those who are informed they have to do a blood sugar test, well that test is never correct. I have a patient who is a so termed Diabetic. He has been told the tester is incorrect. Interesting how he continues to use it. Sixty years he has been a type 1 Diabetic. He has been institutionalized and Brain washed to believe he is a Diabetic. He needs to stop and to listen to what his body tells him and to remove his incorrect programming.
I have removed every Causative Agents from his body and polished every organs system for them all to work at their optimum level and yet he remains a Diabetic. I have instructed him to cease his sugar testing and to allow his body to tell him what to eat not to rely on something external, and to cease believing he is a Diabetic along with to cease engaging in the use of that word. When he eventually gets this we are going to remove the emotional programming locked into his entire body that he cannot live without his Diabetic interventions. He lives in the battle ground when he really needs to be the General who oversees the conflict. The conflict is his Health. He has the best diet in the world pretty much, only he is enslaved in his Psyche of I cannot listen to what my body wants for I have to test to see. He has forgotten how to listen. It is a circle of crap that he has bought into for 60years of his life, conditioned to do so by a system that is flawed. Not that easy to let it go… until you do. It is that simple believe me. There will be anger and tears for no one ever deserves to be punished in such a way. His life in the later stages at 76years. He tells me he is a good looking man at 50ish. How wonderful and true. Best he get a big stick for when he is over his condition he may require it to beat them keen women that may desire this handsome man. There is a positive for his ordeal only in view the cost has been too high: the best days of his life thus far.
He was diagnosed at the age of 16, his mother was present, not that she knew anything about health overly. The Doctor after running his tests concluded he was a type 1 Diabetic. I wonder what I would have been had I of gone to them morons? What were the Causative Agents he carried? I removed them all. In a normal individual the cause to their complaint has be removed this then allows them to get on with their lives with their body self healing. This is not the case with respect to Diabetes. The reason behind this is: His programming for 60 years has him believe he is a Diabetic and that it cannot be cured, for that is the brainwashing behind it. He will be insulin dependent for his entire life. I consider this absolute bollox. I will report further on this.
It seems the system is not on our side, the world is a very dark place with crap abounding and agenda’s that are not harmonious to a simple life constantly attacking us. Who do we believe in? Certainly not religion for it that were on the money there would be no assholes getting away with their sinister deeds. We need to question everything. I live my life doing just that, the only thing wrong with this planet is the assholes that live on it. I prefer to be away from people where there is a peaceful beautiful vista, people who live there are generally a lot nicer and better behaved with simple basic morals. And we see…….


We ask you to obtain your own natural exfoliate product or use hot water.

Water card Therapy or your own Crystal Medium:  for Energetic Enhancements, we will write more here shortly, H.G.H release, Elastin, etc. Tellimeres of the DNA etc

All this may seem highly complex and it sure is, to bear in mind every person is unique and a complex energetic life form with personality. This means we have our work cut out for us no matter what the challenge is they present. We enjoy finding the solution and seeing the breath taking results. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the absolute joy in assisting to transform an individual to look and feel at least 10years younger within days.