Business Ventures

Business Ventures

We are offering a business opportunity to suitably capable Practitioners and or individuals who wish to make a significant difference and positive change in the well being of their patients and of others. We are looking for individuals to become a part of our business who place their heart into the treatment loop of care. Those of you who do this we would like to meet with you. We feel this offer is not for simply anyone who is a practitioner although if you feel you are on the right page and would like to be considered we are fine to meet with you, and we take it from there. We need to see the angel in you, if you do not have it present it most definitely needs to be brought out. The angel comes forth when there is no ugly living within. Check out our Life Extension and Relationship pages. A great healer can self repair, we are more than happy to assist if required.

This business is akin to family to us. Being like a family means we look out for one another, should you have a problem you cannot find a solution let us know for us to assist you to resolve it, weather this is about a patient or even a family crisis. Like minded individuals need to support one another. The more people we reach and assist the better this world will become. For every G.P. out there we want one of us, we believe we cut the mustard for this is what we do: Sorting Health Naturally, bringing the immense healing potential within everyone of us to bear in the correct balanced way, not masking the cause of the complaint nor “she will be right mate” we are here to make the necessary difference.

It all begins here with Absorption in balance returning Gut health which sets the foundation for Life Extension and is the perfect platform to build on to correct all pathologies. This is the first step to our modality with it we teach you how to return gut balance and to maintain it for yourselves and your patients. We have more packages to be added to this when you feel you are ready and wish to grow further forward.

The introductory steps to our business come as a package to include the following:

Diagnostic Tool loan until you purchase your own.
Diagnostic Wheel and Base with the testing vials for the Gut, Nutrition and Carcinogens containing 66 vials in total as indicated on our hand out test sheet.
Handout test sheets which form part of the diagnosis process.
Intellectual property in documentation which supports the findings of the tests given and outlines a positive way forward both for the patient (we take it you know this way forward already, if not we will enlighten you) and the therapist.
Training on the proficient use of the above.
Complete back up in the use and maintenance of the device along with further modalities should you wish to grow more into our Modality (Bio-Energetic Medicine).
A listing on our website of your practice so future patients may make appointments to see you in your location.
Continual support to our business as we all grow with this.
A Starter pack comprising of 5 of each medicines for Gut correction and maintenance inclusive of Spiritual Impositions.

We see all those who join us as part of a team of like minded individuals who truly aspire to make an impact and a positive and significant difference to people’s lives in this mixed up world we all live in.

Thank you

The Team at Exceptional Health ltd.

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