Hi there, this is one of our cancer documents. We have not got into Cancers overly until now due to the enormity of it’s presence in the world. When you break it down it is rather simple. All cancer cells are deformed normal cells. That’s pretty simple. What causes this to occur? Everything to do with Germ Warfare, Negative Emotions and Core Beliefs and DNA being defective from birth. We do not openly accept any Doctor’s opinion (bollox) with regard to any health matter. We will take that under advisement and work through where the truth actually is. For all those who are sufferers Germ warfare is where we begin to unravel it. We love it, for we see miracles daily.



Cancers caused from our DNA being Mutated

This is the unknown or least known illness of origin and the one most feared. It sends terror into those who have it even to those who do not have it yet they live in fear they may simple get it. There are so many types it is difficult to keep track of them. There is an endless amount of research and wealth going in to establishing ways to keep it at bay, to beat it and to prevent it. It is fair to say Cancers are the “Apex health illness/predator”. A Cancer cell owes its origin from a defective or mutated normal cell. Hmmm…. what could cause that to occur? Let us share this with you, see if you get it?

Let’s dissect it and really look into it. Let’s begin with say Melanoma or Skin Cancer. The quack would say the sun gave it to you. Hmmmm…. we are all in the sun for we love it, does that mean we are all going to contract Skin Cancer? Logic would say so according to the specialist a patient of ours saw. This patient he is in his seventies. He was diagnosed with this very condition, his biopsies indicated a malignant growth, that means he has Cancer. The system scheduled him for invasive and exploratory surgeries to cut out all melanoma’s found to save his life. This is their rather routing procedure.
At our appointment I informed him we need to establish the true cause to your Cancer, what actually brought it to you, he laughed at me to say, that’s easy its exposure to the sun, that’s what the specialist told me. I said ok only I do not buy into anything anyone tells me, you are here for me to find out what your system carries as in Germ Warfare Agents that are responsible for Cancer growth and their Metastasis. The very first item tested is always E-coli, the E-coli bacterium is in the same family as the BX Cancer Virus. He has a dog, he kisses his dog, his dog licks his bottom every day. He tested positive to E-coli. We have a sign advertising Weaponised Germ warfare Agents that are Cancer causing mutagens. There are 8 items mentioned on the sign. He tested positive for all of them. We tested him for a further 40 items each one a Cancer Causative Agent they all are highly dangerous Cancer precursors. He reacted positive to them all. We did not test him for Sunlight (vitamin D) for we know he has that in his body as we all have, it is the: very fundamental essential for all life. The quack tells us the sun is responsible that would indicate all of us are going to contract Skin Cancer at some time in our lives. We are all sun seekers to one degree or another. We think the quack has it wrong.
When these Agents live in our bodies for extended time intervals they are constantly mutating our DNA until bingo: A Cancer is formed. Every Germ Warfare Agent living inside us has this potential some are more aggressive than others, some have been Weaponised by Genetic Scientists in a Laboratory for use on us. This is no fabrication at all, do some research on Mycoplasma’s, Lyme’s Dis-ease, Aids even, it’s all there. These are some we know about, what about the ones we don’t? Heavy Metals, we are exposed to everyday are most significant and commonly affecting the population. Dioxin which is the active agent in Agent Orange that killed so many after the Vietnam War found in herbicides today such as Roundup. People use this freely with little to no thought of consequences? They are all having a combined effect on the immune system and our constitution over time. Some Agents have the ability to end life abruptly and immediately.
Every person we see has I.B.S. Flukes, Parasites (some are Cancer causers), Fungi etc. Their bodies are malnourished and deprived of essential minerals to fight such infestations off and for the body to rebuild itself. T.B. which is also known as Mycobacterium Bovis the cow culling Germ Warfare Agent delivers varied and differing symptoms of illness depending upon your specific constitution. Diabetes is one, Structural Degeneration is another (Arthritis), Liquid stool which is dysfunction in the Colon depriving us of essential nutrients. The more we head into this the more dark the picture becomes for the people. Our question being will we become a Cancer or serious illness sufferer? We pretty much think the answer to that is an absolute yes, the other question is when might that happen? It’s happening NOW! From our research which has been around 15years we have come to the conclusion Cancer comes mostly from our DNA being Mutated due to Germ Warfare Agents present in our system. Many people are duped by their G.P. telling them what they have is hereditary, that statement really needs to be investigated thoroughly for from where we sit in many cases that is an absolute lie. We test extensively for hundreds of Warfare Agents beginning with the most serious. These Agents over time develop into Cancers. If the body struggles to heal we must establish why that is? This means we have to address Diet, the Gut, Emotional links to Dis-ease, Periodontal Dis-ease for every tooth is linked via a meridian to an organ system in the body. We look at your Toxic Environment in particular the workplace, even at home our computer printer contains Cancer Causing Agents when it prints. This is mentioned in the fine print on the toner packet. Back to our Melanoma patient.
Is the sun partially responsible? We cannot rule that out 100%, We can state he failed every test item we tested him for such as Herpes Viruses, Chlamydia which leads to Non Hodgkins Lymphomic Cancer, Nano-bacteria, SV40 A & B, ALL Bacillus with each one being lethal Anthrax is a Bacillus, Lyme’s Dis-ease, Mycoplasma’s including the death sentence Fermentans, Staph and Streptococcus, Bio-Films there are 15 of these each one has lethal potential, Listerose that to is lethal, and many more. He carried within him a truck load of causative Agents. We are not surprised he has Cancer in fact we are surprised he is still alive. We then tested him for Cancers 22 in total three pertaining to Melanoma the others are the supportive links or base sets which must be treated to eliminate the Cancer. From our findings we have concluded the cause to this “nice man’sSkin cancer is not the sun rather the Germ Warfare Agents he was oblivious to in his system. Where to next? Remove them all is the logical step, this is generally done immediately supported by a very special removal program that treats the system for catastrophic shock, it is rather special .
Our advice to all, do not wait one more day to find if you too carry a deadly hoard of Warfare Agents, sort it now! The sooner you do the more life you will have… believe me I know!. We have met around 5 people who have participates in our full on test procedures, establishing to then removing Agents crippling them. The first person we thought our equipment was faulty for 200 items were tested he had the lot, we had not met this prior. One told us she was given a month to live, this by two well known natural therapist in their 70’s who have been practitioners for 50years apiece. She had a defective left ventricle to her Heart due to Mycoplasma Fermentans among other nasty’s going on. She is in her 70’s and a live wire now, but, not so when we initially met her. She mentioned she felt incredible after the first visit; she had chronic fatigue at the onset of therapy. This is why we do what we do, results are breath taking and within days life changes provided we have removed the root cause to the problem. The Apex Predator is Cancer it doesn’t give a toss re your Life Agenda!
The quack, I gave up on them when I was 43, for in their care I had many illnesses which they gave me, with the most serious being exactly what I have written here bar the Melanoma. I am on the mend, not from assistance by any quack for they are simple incapable of delivering just that.
This is how we proceed: We test all for our General Health Test sheet, same with our Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents mentioned. Depending upon what we find we may need to check you for up to 400 additional items that are drastically taking the very life from you. Removal is instant and managed. We are not ordinary the same applies to our abilities. Derek 022-319-2540 Waihi Beach