Contractual Illnesses

Contractual Illnesses

We have a pdf file for you to download (see bottom of page for download link) and to discuss with us. It is for you to fill out or to have one who is able to should you not be in that position. Once this has been done you have entered into an agreement with us, we term this your ‘Healing Contract”. This is between you and us and no other parties unless we agree to additional exchanges. Should we be unable to perform we will rescind the contract and you will not be liable for any contractual costs. Should you want to remove yourself at any stage then all healing which has been prescribed and initiated will be rescinded, with no contractual costs owing by you. People are allowed to change their minds and are allowed to head elsewhere. We want to get you off the severe and potentially life threatening complaint you present to us in doing so improve your life growing forward. We want to hear of your positive feedback from your experiences with us as your body recovers from the dark abyss of Dis-ease. This is important to us for others will get to know and their apprehensions we trust will become less. People are capable of anything, unfortunately, when the “real deal of care arrives they are cautious”, we understand that. Should you not be able to make time to navigate our site and take in information presented here regarding the potential outcome of overcoming serious illnesses, let us now inform you. This is the shortened version: Most who have severe health issues have a corresponding negative disposition. Through the transformation of rediscovering their lives, leaves the ugly of Dis-ease behind. This has the most wondrous effect on well-being to the individual. Our Energetic Enhancement guard against severe alarm reactions of the body going into shock, for we simply will not allow any further horror to affect the individual, it is our view they have suffered enough. Tears may be a constant side effect as the Heart and Kidney Shen reunite to reclaim the individual that is you. Tears are wonderful cleansers of our soul, this too will be governed as if the hand of god is upon you. Particularly so with respect to Organ Reinstatement’s. People change to a positive and clearer higher vibration of “Life force”. This is an assurance which can be seen by others they are on the corrective path growing forward.

Special Note: For me to be the man I am today, these words in a song written and sung by Clannad on their Lore album track 8. “Finding the path wisdom while on the trail of tears”. These tears for me are Heart ones for this has been my life journey. Celine Dion, she is a queen, in her Titanic song words in that song The Heart goes on. I share this with you for the one who has the most Heart delivers the most Love. Jesus a light worker was one with the finest Heart that is why he could do what he has been acclaimed of doing. Every paragraph, every document, all the information on this website has been forged in tears from my “Heart, I too a Lightworker” Jesus was the most recognised one this world has known. On this website is the place where Miracles happen.

People who come to this page on our website are pretty much looking at the end of their life. Those who come we will do our absolute to effect their healing exchange even in the last hour of life we know things can be turned around, miracles do happen, this we assure you!

For some who come here who are curious and have mixed views about what we are stating here, we understand there are those who feel everything should be free or inexpensive. Life as it stands today everything free to almost all is deemed of little value? For those who need to know we negotiate here what it is worth to the recipient. Should we engage in an agreement then away we go. This is no ones business other than that of the parties involved. This is a simple exchange between parties for the benefit of both nothing more.

Ugly will not be tolerated, our wording is final, feel free to engage another to perform what we are stating here, this is totally open to all. In other words we are not holding a loaded gun to anyone, this is a free choice. Upon doing so our contract becomes null and void and the body will be reset to where is was before we came along. Lawyers are not welcome here these are “Heart transactions”. Any and all exchanges here are to be made as a “Gift by the recipient to us”.

Residual Fees: All time engaged by us and all preparations necessary along with all dietary ad on’s etc are to be met by the recipient. This is to be ongoing until the recipient has overcome their illness. When they have forged a new life which is the result from being on the path of doom with being verified is when the agreed settlement is to be exchanged.

Note: We have no hidden agenda, we absolutely want to correct your illness and deliver the very best heath obtainable to you. There is no ugly on our website reread “Our Commitment” we did not write it just because we felt we had to, we mean it. It is how we live our lives. At any time the recipient is free to leave, in doing so all progress from what we have done will be negated, bar what they have purchased. The over view is this: General Health will be established, all visits will be met, the specifics remaining to the Dis-ease which forms the Heart to the Dis-ease will be uploaded into your Body Electric or Life Force. This will be in a crystal or simply installed hands on. When you are Dis-ease fee is when you are to meet the agreed contract. This is how simple we want it to be. Those who want to make this other than simple may not be engaged by us, we will not permit horror movies here.


Light-worker and C.E.O of Exceptional Health.

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