Diagnosing and Testing

Diagnosing and Testing.

It is deemed by the powers at be that only a trained doctor of allopathic persuasion can perform a diagnosis. Interesting enough the third highest cause of death in the USA is from medical misadventures by allopaths (allopaths are the Doctors). We have no idea of the statistics in this country, one thing is certain a Doctor is seldom held liable for the death of a patient nor the maiming of one nor for their incorrect diagnosing which is very common. What is more some people take the Doctors word as the be and end all. That mind set needs to be removed. What we have found over the past 10years of driving this country attending events the Doctor is in fact responsible for many of the health problems currently plaguing the people. Only no one seems to say so.


We diagnose with the aid of a specialised device which tells us if a particular substance is either beneficial or not for the recipient being tested. This is simple and very accurate particularly so when the therapist knows what they are doing. Muscle (applied Kinesiology) testing is another way, it delivers more or less the same result. Ones attitude and perception can affect readings as such must be negated prior to testing.
Side effects from our medicines are never life threatening in fact our medicines are completely safe and either do as what is written on the label or nothing at all. In some cases they can be nullified due to carelessness on the part of the recipient, therefore are inactive and so do nothing at all. In our view one should always begin with the least impact/harm to the patient to then progress forward.
We are able to teach you how to diagnose yourself using applied Kinesiology, anyone can learn this wonderful tool all you do is make the effort. Head to our information pages on here it is in there, make an appointment to be sure you are doing it correctly and away you go. We use the Theratest Device or our Mora, both are German made devices. Both have been around for many years (over 50), the Mora has set the industry standard worldwide in Natural Energetic Medicine. The Mora is a mobile hospital in its own right. It is an absolutely wonderful tool in the hands of a practitioner well versed in its many applications and uses. The Mora is like a mirror, when we place secretions from our body such as Saliva, Stool (in a specimen jar), Urine, Blood etc. These secretions carry with them the bugs if you like or imbalances carried in these very organ systems they came from. When we treat with the Mora we are able to offer additional corrective therapies along with the mirror of these secretions. What occurs is everything on the test plate if inverted or mirrored back to the user and can be placed into an Energetic Medicine specific for them. All good energies has a free passage with all bad ones being treated with their own exact opposite which is the mirror effect thus transforming the bad energies to become positive ones. We have seen immediate results within minutes from using the Mora. It has been remarkable. The Mora sets the standard for all other devices which can achieve this result. Even today it is still the very best piece of equipment for what it has been designed to do.

Testing: This is highly relevant to everyone for absolutely no one passes our basic Tests, and everyone must!

We test on Acupuncture meridians and or Acu points. In our Tests we are simply asking the body questions a yes or a no to what is being tested for in the diagnostic circuit or diagnostic loop. Those of you who have had this done are well aware of the procedure, it is non invasive, completely safe, painless with absolutely No Blood being required. Furthermore Testing this way is highly accurate.

Today in 2018 we now perform Four simple Tests at events around the country and in our clinic. These tests are mentioned in detail in the folders at the bottom of this page. Every person who wants/thinks they have a reasonable to excellent measure of Health must pass these Tests: Gut Inhibitors, Nutrition , Carcinogens (General Health) and have recently added 4 most necessary specifics. Our reasoning behind this is we have seen so many being adversely affected by these we felt it is negligent of us not to openly test for them. Each one causes catastrophic harm to the individual carrying them, with many people carrying them all. It is little wonder there is such sickness everywhere particularly so with few practitioner being able to have these removed from their patients, or to even test for them. We have extensive reads on each in our Healing Programmes on here: Pathogenic Organisms: These are Dis-ease causing organism living in you from you and bring with them the most severe of illness with chronic fatigue being a constant. Warts and Verruca Viruses: These are imminently detrimental to the entire body and are linked directly to Cancers, they are absolutely unforgiving. Viruses causing Immobility: These are supportive of an Arthritic complaint mimicking the symptoms, unless you rid these from the body you will never overcome your immobility which comes with a supportive mindset of hopelessness and helplessness. They are closely linked to Warts and Verruca. And finally Diabetic Viruses: These are the precursors to Diabetes, A dry mouth upon awakening is a symptom in the morning, along with drinking lots of water every day. Some people are of the thinking to drink lots of water is a good thing and we agree, only if you are doing so because your Pancreas is being attacked by these Viruses with it struggling to perform it’s function of processing sugars this must stop and be reversed. Sugars are Brain foods, to have any of these four added complaints indicated here means you are in very serious trouble. You will most definitely be suffering from Brain insufficiency. With any of these present in the body the likelihood of contracting something Potentially Life Threatening is highly probable. Dementia related illnesses comes from these and from prolonged exposure to what we test for in our Tests. Moto-Neuron Dis-ease the same. Carcinogens in particular alter the DNA and are proactive in establishing a Death sentence: Heavy Metals, Mercury, Cadmium, Sodium Fluoride, Artificial sweeteners and many more. We have designed these Tests for the majority of the population see a so called professional who in many cases does not have their patients clear of these deadly and Potentially Life threatening complaints. It is crucial the body becomes clear of all encumbrances negating vibrancy, everyone needs to pass our testing sheet. It doesn’t take long so far for all who have ventured down this road with everyone becoming more alive from engaging in the process. We have many more test, the basics are these 4. Feel free to make an appointment and see where you are at with these.

Absorption is the first and most basic of tests. Gut balance is of ultimate importance and is most necessary to have in balance for this is where all wellness begins. Whatever your pathology we begin with bringing balancing to the Gut and proceed from there. We have extensive means at our disposal for use as reference testers (vials) which assist the body back to balance enabling us to make a precise diagnosis of where you are at. Similarly we look at you physically for the body shows in itself what may be causing disruption.

What people carry emotionally has a most profound bearing on their wellness.

Emotions are in fact the most important facet to our health, what we allow into us and accept as a truth are defining . Please go to our Relationship, Emotions and us pages on here. Once testing is complete we discuss where to for the patient as a go forward and assist where required.
For everyone who truly aspires to be in the best health of their life we look forward to meeting with you, to verify you are in fact on the best road possible to achieve your desired result and walking this wonderful journey with you. We are here to help you.

Illness how you got it, and how to Overcome it.

As with all illness in order for it to be removed and leave we must rewind it back to its origin clear the cause and show a clear positive path ahead. If only it was this easy, in some cases it is. The body heals in the body’s own time there are no pills which will do this for anyone, at this point in time every medicine entering the energetic field of the individual must first be beneficial otherwise it will have only negative side effects which can be as serious as the complaint it has been administered to remove/correct (from allopathic medicines). This is where we see things in the Natural progression of overcoming all illness:
We must create and sustain the corrective healing environment for the ailment for as long as is necessary for the body to self heal.

All illness in our view starts from poor Gut Health, carcinogen (Toxicity) attack combined with an unsupportive and inadequate (nutrition) diet such as one rich in processed foods combining with negative resentful mindsets (the emotional ugly we carry). We must check for Spiritual Entities these are Aberrations or Poltergeists which must be released, karma also, Miasms too along with ancestral (past life encumbrances) if applicable. We must address all that makes us who and what we are, and initiate positive change for the future. This really needs to be your new outlook for going forward in your life.
We must always find the root cause to the problem and assist you to remove it. Medicine is not simply about dispensing a tablet and or a remedy it is about being proactive and supportive care across the board  to the recipient with ever they are dealing with.