Gut Health Testing

The ABC’s of Health (A W.O.F for us). This we call: 

General Health.

Note regarding Nutrition: Our medicines perform exceptionally for all complaints they have been made for. The building blocks to the body must be included to further enhance their success, these are the super nutrients we advocate in our shop combining them with a nutritious diet comprising of as little as possible processed food types. We take them all everyday combining them with our Energetic Enhancements. The result is Superior Health, we have a scale or reference which gauges the Energetic Health of the entire body. The scale range is from 1 through to 21. The closer the individual is to 21 the closer they are to leaving here from their Dis-ease. We are at 1 on this scale and have been so for years, this is where you need to be. Superior building blocks to the body builds a superior body it is that simple.


This page is vital for the well being of all. Gut health is the beginning to having the very best health attainable. The organ systems for delivering balance to our gut are: Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine, Colon and the Lungs. Then comes their Meridians, Bowel Flora, Liver Enzyme Balance and the balance to Yin/Yang in the body. These are Yin/Yang organ pairings according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  If a person presents with any imbalances within any of these organ systems their absorption will suffer. Gut inhibitors prevent these organs from functioning correctly. They are found naturally within our environment and are in our food chain. These are the inhibitors we test for: Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame is one), Parasites, Flukes, Bad Fungi and Candida . If found present within you they must be removed for they are taking your vitality. Stress too plays a most significant role in our health. Stress is our reactions to life sequences/occurrences. It is our reactance to what comes our way through life and is closely linked to Negative Stored Emotions which we permit to guide and define us, whether this be an involuntary reaction or through choices we have made for ourselves. This is a highly complex subject which requires attention to detail to unravel. Believe us there is a way forward through that minefield. Spiritual oppression’s are mentioned in our Spiritual page, they too are highly significant as is our Karmic journey. It can be quite involved to establish great health, we have a way forward to attain this and to manage it. Think of the bird, our lives need to be simplistic as that of the bird.

General Health from our perspective in when an individual passes all four of our tests. This is Gut balance, Three Specifics: Diabetic Viruses, Viruses causing Immobility and Pathogenic Organisms, Carcinogens gone and is supported by having a reasonable diet which has them mineral sufficient. We meet those person’s who have been to their G.P.’s to be informed there is nothing wrong with them. When we test them they fail our Gut test so will fail every test we have, this shows us there is something drastically out of kilter with the General Health System. And when these individuals follow our advice they look totally different and alive from the very first day going forward, every time. The Health System out there is lacking beginning with the very basics which we have labelled General Health. Everyone deserves to have a good measure of General Health. For almost everyone to date it has been relatively simple from only taking a preparation or two to achieve. Once there it must be maintained that too is a relatively simple procedure for most individuals. It is unfortunate we never find anyone who meets our General Health testing bar those we take there. Self-care comes from this more on that further down the page.

Stored and unresolved Negative Emotions (Stresses) are the most crucial contributing factor to all Dis-ease.

To have a great diet is of absolutely importance. For all of you who genuinely have this going on, we commend you and well done. It is not easy to say no and be strong to the temptations out there from fast convenient foods and poor food combinations. One important factor to bear in mind is: “are we able to absorb our foods nutritional content effectively”? Few people fall into this category, in fact we have not met anyone in over 5 years (2017) who pass our simple Gut Testing. This comes from Gut Inhibitors which we all have to eliminate on a daily basis. This leads on to everyone will be deficient in nutrients unless they are on a programme which delivers Gut health back on line. Nutrient deficiency (from poor gut health) leaves the door wide open for all illness, and Dis-ease to come stay. Simple things such as being Hormonal is a result of this as is pimples for woman outside puberty. Same while going through puberty. Almost every thing going wrong in a person stems from the Gut and Emotional buy into, please get this.

Note: even with the very best diet possible, Gut inhibitors are preventing you from benefiting from it even for those who are of the thinking to place billions more flora into the gut will correct the problem.  Simply put it will not, correct the Gut first then place more flora in and yes that will work. The best course of action is to follow what we are advising here and yes it requires a daily support which is it’s own specific maintenance programme. Finally with this we attend events where the elite of health go such as the Vegan Fair where stall holders are into this way of life of absolute care. we test people who have the most pure diets on fermented foods and they fail our testing. Diet alone is not capable to have anyone pass our tests…… sadly so.

What is Energetic Medicine?  it is the most advanced healing technology in the world today and is a completely natural way of delivering instant and immediate corrective healing energies to an organism via it’s own body electric. The body electric is the energetic live self of the organism or individuals (life force). Energies are tested against the body electric using our mobile diagnostic device or via muscle testing (applied Kinesiology). All energies which exhibit a positive reactance in this testing process are the energies the individual requires at that particular point in time. These corrective energies are then placed into a medium such as a Remedy bottle to be taken as drops, card therapies and or a crystal medium (you supply, it must be green or pink or it may break). When these are presented (come in contact) to the person via their body electric is when these energies are uploaded into the body to assist with returning wellness to the participant.

For those of you who require a more indepth explanation to what exactly is Energetic Medicine please head to the bottom of our information page. For some this may be beyond their scope of understanding, we have made this as simple as we possibly can.

Note: Bio-logical Warfare also termed Germ Warfare.

This is the most critical underlying and seemingly unnoticed contributor to our present health and vitality. It relates to every aspect to Health and Life. Germ Warfare is the invisible Micro Organisms, Bacteria, Fungi, Pathogens and every Carcinogen and Pollutant that comes into contact with our system which has the capacity to deplete our life. These are a constant every day factor and must be addressed and kept at bay ongoing. Unless an individual is proactive in having these diagnosed and removed they will be prevalent in their system causing “Extreme Harm. For everyone who carries an illness they either accept or have while living in denial they will be under constant attack from these Germs. These Germs are the very reason the illness exists in the first instance, these are the major significant causative factors. We will soon have on our menu page a link to our Germ Warfare specific details including medicines and testing/diagnosing. Germ Warfare is exciting especially so once removed from the system for “life becomes infinitely more”.

Crystal for healing: Only green or Pink crystal is capable of supporting the Energetic Medicine we place into it. The energy we use contains Heart Energy. Green (Aventurine) is the healing colour for the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz (pink) is the colour of Love. We have seen crystals explode and break when we have placed our energies into them, we have tuned into the crystal and asked why to be told they struggle to support the energy as if too much is being asked of them. We would rather not have this occur. We always ask the crystal if it will be supportive with delivering our energies and only use those that give us a favorable response. The green crystal we use is Aventurine, it is likewise an abundance stone which is supportive in everything positive, energetic life and vibrant and is the balance to life signature of all energies (everything) on this planet.

The Healing power of Crystal and “oneness”:

Crystal is the absolute healing medium for it carries with it a natural intelligence and is specific to the individual it has been intended for as if a direct natural pairing or bond of attraction is present. It will not deviate from delivering the corrective healing energies for the recipient until their body has self healed. This is miraculous and wondrous as if a guardian Angel is there monitoring and nurturing the individual. We have tested this many times. We have seen the so called impossible occur. These days the crystal talks to us like a voice coming into our head. Light workers have the gift of oneness with the planet, that is why we are the ultimate healers for everything resonates with us and we with it. This may seem a bit too mush for some to understand we acknowledge this. If in doubt re-read our commitment on our front page. There is far more to this world that humanitarian control with it’s endless rules of confinement, there is the freedom of oneness which has no boundaries and we all possess it.

The Beginning: Gut Balance

Please Note: The biggest ticket items if you like for the prevention of Gut balance we have found over the past 10 years are: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S) this is Candida (when Candida in out of balance it delivers I.B.S)and Parasites which include the Deadly Flukes (termites which cannibalise the body), then comes Bad Fungi. Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame) play a significant role for they are the single major contributing factor in delivering I.B.S along with many more deadly complaints such as Lupus, M.S. etc. For a more thorough explanation of Aspartame head to our Information pages. There is the Yeast Dis-ease Torulopsosis and once a parasite dies it secretes a virus known as SV 40 A and B. This is a Cancer causative Agent.

If you do not take any preventative measures to remove and eliminate their infestation and this must be an ongoing daily safe guard you will be a victim to their presence in your body and are suffering from their effects.

Please be aware they come from life, they are in the food chain as such will always be attacking us making us open to every illness simply because the body cannot receive the nutrients it desperately requires to rebuild and fortify  itself. We have not seen any diet nor herbal product which can achieve the level of protection gained from our Gut Balancing Programme. Especially so when we address the immediate and instant results obtained (within a few minutes from everyone tested thus far, ranging in age from 20 through to mid 70’s).

Our Gut Programme assists the body to self correct within a few minutes. This is from our own specific testing, we have had patients who while under our programmes have gone to other practitioners to be told they have the very best Gut balance possible. This is further verification of the effectiveness of our product which we are most happy with.  We understand this seems unbelievable to some to achieve such immediate success however, the facts speak for themselves. Every person who has been on this programme has passed our Gut Testing within a few minutes everytime. When you are ready to have this yourself simply let us know. This is highly important:  while on this programme and taking other medications this programme will remove all negative side effects associated with that medication. Refer to the bottom of this page 2018 testimonials.

Symptoms from having the following Gut Inhibitors present in your system. Click on the Bold Title to be taken to the explanatory document.

Aspartame. And ALL artificial sweeteners. They are man made killers, disruptors of life. This document is a big read it will shock you for it sure as heck shocked us. Anyone who can make a product that delivers what this does needs to leave this planet, they place it knowingly into the food chain and more and have engineered it to cause such catastrophic havoc to the body and to the health of all. We have found the body is unable to remove it without the aid of a specific detoxing/removal agent.

Candida. used to be a rare complaint, now every person we test has it out of balance. Known as the: Worst Gut invader of them all? Self Test (click the link).

Torulopsosis is a Yeast Dis-ease.

Fluke Parasites from nature, cannibals that destroy the body by devouring it. No one is exempt, they come from raw foods and drinking water.

Bad Fungi slowly killing us on the inside from stagnation and strangulation. The creeping living mold within. We have all seen mold inside a house, this is the same only inside the house that is us.

General Parasites from raw foods also. Living from their host to the detriment of the host. No amount of these is a good thing and the take our nutrition before we can, and they deliver mentalism to our Brain.

SV 40 A and B: These Cancer causing Viruses are expelled by Parasites when they die. This makes them highly problematic and dangerous.

Side Effects: Imbalances (illness) within the system as they leave can have an associated healing exchange or side effect? This can be a combination of Emotional, Physical and or Spiritual releases. Should you feel off, listen to your body and do as it says. If in doubt with what to do contact us. These exchanges are the body releasing stored blockages (Dis-ease). They are generally short in duration and an indicator you are healing and becoming freer. We have noticed memories come back which were present at the time when this all began for the individual, for the body to recover all Dis-ease (ugly and Dark) must leave.

Special Note:  Beauty Therapy and Anti-Aging naturally and substainably begins here with  General Health in Check. (Click the link) Almost every one who has undergone our two programmes (Gut Balancer and 1 Hour Detox) while in their 40’s plus look up to 10 years younger in around one month, we at times do not recognise them. Check out our Testimonial page re the One hour Detox it has saved lives.

Testimonials: We have placed testimonials specific to our Gut Balancing Programme at the bottom of this information page. We have done this for results to date have been simply outstanding. The Gut Balance Programme has performed incredibly well for everyone who is on it. We thank those who have made the effort to report back to us with their feedback.

  Whatever we find we must have your body correct the imbalance. This is what our specific Remedies for these imbalances are for. We have three tests in this section: Gut, Nutrition and Toxins (Carcinogens). We begin with the Gut test:
Artificial sweeteners, Candida, Torulopsosis (Yeast Dis-ease Fluke Parasites, Bad Fungi, General Parasites and SV 40A and B. Sexually transmitted infections Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are only tested for if you ask or there is a suspected problem.  Superimpositions these are aberrant life forms living in a host/person also known as poltergeists. They are very real and need to be eliminated immediately. On the reverse of our test sheet there is a list of a few of the symptoms for those infected by these STI’s mentioned. Diabetic Causative Germ Warfare Agents are most significant and must be neutralised. These are a recent addition to our testing. We did not understand why we always felt fatigued with Brain function seemingly compromised, structural integrity too in question and well as colon deficiency and others. We have an excellent diet and thought we had almost perfect health yet always fatigued. When we tested for specific Germ Warfare Agents then removed them everything changed. Almost everyone we test have these Viruses within them, this means they have Diabetes at their front door and other serious illnesses. Diabetes is the name given for our kidneys being under siege. They become insufficient, the term can be described as Kidney insufficiency rather than to be given a name which may stick. Diabetes is a correctable illness most certainly. Diet however is not sufficient alone to do the job, there can be far more reaching causative agents at play.


 It begins with non invasive testing using our Theratest Bio Resonance Device (this is what we Test for – click the link). We test people who are actively taking Co-Q10 or magnesium etc, and when tested for these they generally come up being deficient even when taking these supplements on the day of testing. This shows Parasites are at work along with I.B.S (Candida). With all this going on Carcinogens become rampant for the body is wide open for them to stay. We test for a few with all being potentially lethal, such substances as: Arsenic found in almost everything and is possibly the most serious and deadly carcinogen of them all, Cadmium the by-product of unleaded petrol (emissions from vehicles), Dioxin from herbicides such as roundup used in Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, Pathogenic Organisms which are Dis-ease causing Germs. Should you present with these you have immediate and serious Chronic Fatigue occurring. They need to be removed for this is highly serious. You have a degree of chronic fatigue from having Candida (I.B.S) out of balance. Everyone we test has this going on thanks to mainstream medicines (specifically antibiotics which deliver I.B.S immediately) and Monsanto who make Aspartame (check this out on our information page). They hide this serious carcinogen in foods and products which come into contact with the body, in fact they hide it everywhere. They know what it does for they engineered it so. It has catastrophic consequences to the individual sometimes this is immediate for others it is a longer term. What is more the body cannot shift it therefore it requires a release agent. Then comes Mercury, Heavy Metals, Petro Chemicals and Radiation any one of these can be fatal, almost everyone has them all and many more. They are Degenerating and eroding our body altering our DNA adding to the occurrence and proliferation of illness and are: precursors to Cancers.

The Gut Balancing Programme.

We have now added to this most wonderful preparation the following, all those who have this preparation in use will experience this as an upload to their current preparation: 1) To release the negatively charged emotions associated with your healing challenges, what ever they may be? 2) To restore corrective phase to the individual, this is a clockwise positive vibration, which means I want to live. 3) To return Heart and Kidney Shen, this is the disconnection of love within the body, without this being engaged your body will never heal correctly. Our latest addition (early 2017) to assisting with Gut Issues is our Gut Balancing Remedy. It consists of all five of our individual Gut Programmes combined into one easy to take remedy. We have done this for simplistic reasons, everyone suffers from them all in general therefore it would make sense to place them all into one easy to take preparation. Spiritual content: We have outlined on this site some of our products contain Spiritual content, this is one of those products. There is simply no medicine anywhere which can achieve what this does and from only one drop. Simply put this preparation loves you, it tells us it will not permit harm to affect the individual, we are not exactly sure to what extent? We are fine with more care and support being delivered to the recipient. We have been informed of things which have occurred while taking this preparation which make no sense at all such as: miracles have occurred. From this we see it as like a big brother taking care of the individual in a most special way. We are unable to offer any other explanation. The fact that all who take it grow positively forward and receive more than the sum of its constituents is we guess an added bonus. If there is anyone out there who knows someone who has a cancer in the organ systems listed on the test sheet, we advise you to get them one of these preparations and let us know the outcome. We would so like to post that positive result on here. One drop per day will cover every individual unless they have a serious pathology with non being more serious than a cancer. Side effects for those who do have a cancer will be daily emotional release (tears) as the body removes the stored negatively charged mindset and or core beliefs which have supported that condition. Expect a significant differential in the outlook of the individual with a corresponding supportive visual appearance of looking brighter and lighter.
Their voice too may become softer. These are indicators their ugly (Dark side) is leaving, they will begin to see the world in a different light.This is one very special preparation for everyone.  Please note: This medicine is lineage specific meaning it will only function for your lineage. Your friends will have to purchase their own.

ABC’s of Health now locked in:  Self-care comes. This we see as General Health.

If you are to click on to Absorption you will be taken to the handout document which accompanies our Absorption Remedy it is in this document where we address dietary changes, look at Juices and why? And Life Extension also, should you require one on one feel free to make contact, we are more than happy to help you out.

When you are on the Gut Remedies or Gut Balancing Remedy and have completed the Detox and are working through your diet the body locks onto being in a position of Self-care. This is when there is sufficient abundance of minerals in the system for the body to now remove Carcinogens as they enter.  Filling up the car has you in a highly toxic environment, kissing can spread I.B.S. When on the Gut Balance Programme I.B.S precursors cannot enter the body and stay, once you are off it you are wide open once again. Everywhere we go there are carcinogens attacking our system. When the system is in Self-care mode it carries sufficient abundance of minerals for it to push these poisons out of the body as they enter. This is how the body works when in Self-Care. We have tested this many times ourselves. As long as you take the appropriate care of yourself (Gut Remedy daily) and do not suffer from catastrophic emotional upheaval (broken heart) your system should be able to Self-care for many years with the occasional checkup with us, just to gauge where you are at.
This is where we are at, we take our Gut Balance Remedy we Detox once annually only unless we become ill, we are on Mora Therapies, click on the link to take you there. This is personalised and specific treatment for the individual, using their own body secretions to correct imbalances within the originating organs. This is a highly information and educational read with everyone benefiting from the knowledge on this page.

You are now on your way to having the very best health of your life Life Extension is the by product. For more click on the link.

Please Note: These medicines we have are not designed to treat psychosomatic disorders. This is where you place into your subconscious mindset a negative programme in doing so programming the body to have a specific set of symptoms. Example: the woman who cannot stand her man and yet she feels she has to have intimacy with him so she gives herself symptoms of say Candida, or some other complaint which makes it a burden (totally uncomfortable) for him and herself for them to indulge in romance. The symptoms are very real, although our Gut Balance Programme fails to resolve the Candida issue as it is not able to deal with the true cause. Those who are in this type or similar situation need to resolve their issues around it. We are here to assist with this.

Where to next:

Great health comes from the ABC’s of Health (General Health) working in balance as mentioned here. The next aspect to health (and the most important) we need to address are Negative Resentful Mindsets and Core Beliefs (stored negative emotions). These are stored in body tissue such as organ systems of which the Kidney is the major one. They can be as significant as a cancer depriving you of a freer life to live your life light and free not heavy and burdened (this is our take on them). Our NLP Programme along with Base Chakra Re-alignment and Defined by our Lifestyle choices are recommended along with one on one with us, this is really a must. It is very important to have the one on one for in the first session we check for fundamental core beliefs either being present or eroded and or gone. We ask for you to bring your list of Emotional hurts (ugly and Dark) you wish to clear for us to assist you to do so. This therapy is immediate and highly rewarding and  beneficial especially so for the recipient. We too benefit from the exchange for to bring new life into a person there is simply no higher reward and we see this occur on the day in almost every case.

This was a highly complex case: We had a female patient in 2016 who thought she was going to die. She was allergic to everything her skin was a mess she was over weight and suffered from all manner of issues from insomnia to headaches she was in a real bad way, she was in her early 40’s. Allergies from  our prospective originate from deep seated negative core beliefs. These can be so severe that the recipient wishes to die and in fact they can. From this we know immediately there is a catastrophic and deep seated loss of love of self particular so with this individual. Upon investigation we concluded she was a door mat to her family in particular her husband. He wanted her well but did not wish to change his expectations nor his behaviors towards her. Her mother and children too where equally demanding from her, the result she made no time for herself and felt totally worthless. Over years this had caused her to develop illness. This was such a challenge for us to have her overcome. We immediately began re-programming of her core belief system (how she felt about herself) it was breathtaking to see this woman grow weekly from feeling insignificant to being totally in charge of her life. At the end of our sessions to bear witness to this magnificent woman grow brought tears to my eyes. For me to have been instrumental in saving her and returning her to a place of strength and worthiness and in control of her destiny. She is the center of her own universe, she now navigates her life with ease yet she grew while living in chaos. It was such a beautiful transformation, we would like to help you with yours.

We have met those who are allergic to water (this is what they say) this is quite alarming for we are 79% water. Generally this would indicate to us the individual doesn’t like themselves, similar to those who do not like bananas, avocado, carrots certain nuts etc. These are the very necessary building blocks to the body, being adverse to them is indicative of a core problem.

Should you feel you would like assistance from being stuck in a rut and from buying into a belief which has imprisoned you please make contact, we will do our very best to help you out. At the least check our Document:

Defined by our Life Style Choices see if this applicable to you in the Emotional pages on here.

Gut Balancing Testimonials:

This preparation was introduced (commissioned) early 2017. We have on sold around 150 of them December 2017. Here are some responses thus far, this will be added to as more feedback comes in: We would like everyone to share their feedback with us.

Wanderlust 2017: 14 people all female invested in the Remedy, everyone was retested within 3 minutes of application to pass our Gut Test. Prior to taking the remedy every person failed having every item  in their system. Ages ranged from 19 to 61 years. From these results we have adopted this as our norm with this preparation. When a person purchases the remedy we offer a retest within a few minutes to show how quick it assists to deliver balance, retesting is complimentary also. To date every person has successfully passed this retesting and on their way to greater health.

Vegan Fair Auckland 2017: Sadly we had know one of the 12 or so who purchased this product report back.

Go Green Expo 2017: We had one very cool guy tell his close friend how amazing he felt after taking the preparation, his friend purchased one from us we are about to make contact to see where he is at. His condition (poor health has him not able to work. We will update this post.

The Healthy Living show Auckland 2017: We had a woman come with her 7 children she was pregnant with her 8th, her husband came along also. I didn’t think it possible for 7 children to be so well behaved for at least 20 minutes.  Ages ranged from 4 to 12 ? Anyways the woman has since contacted us to say she had all manner of aches and pains, she was 8 months plus I would say. All her pains went, she spoke of her pelvis being turned according to her chiropractor, this gave her a great deal of discomfort. She is a woman of above average intelligence I got that from the instant I met her, she did not come see me initially with her children. She went home to collect them and her very cool husband who was definitely fatigued to say the least. She told me of improved clarity in her thinking, far more life and energy and no digestive issues what so ever with all pains she had all gone. She sounded wonderful on the phone. I am sure she will be in touch as she has been a patient of Mr Matt Tizzard for years and told me it was time for change as she felt he was getting old? She has referred her mother in law to us, her immediate family is on this preparation. Her husband who looked years more than his years is looking far more vibrant according to her. He had chronic fatigue to say the least and now does 13 hour days hard work for he is a contractor.

Maria at this event she is such a darling, brought her daughter along (18) she took one drop. I said to Maria “now you watch her face, I will retest her immediately”. She passed the test , it was less than a minute. Her body electric is new for she is young, her face began to glow like a flower blossoming. This is how I get my kicks, Maria was in disbelief. Natural Age- Reversal. For more refer to our Beauty Therapy section. The health of the individual is expressed upon the face, we see this alter frequently.

Taupo Market 2017: Met a woman there who could not stop eating and craved sugar and drank in excess of 9 cups of coffee (carcinogen) daily. She made contact after 10 days on the remedy to say she was eating a lot less, felt clear in  her head, stopped drinking coffee had no more sugar craving and was losing weight, and she felt amazing. That’s what we want to hear we never get tired of hearing that and the satisfaction and gratitude in their voices.

Waihi Market 2017: We have had many referrals from persons we see especially so at this very cool little friendly market. One woman came with chronic osteoarthritis in her knees (in her late 50’s)and elbow for her to only purchase this product for her complaint to cease. It took about a month for the condition to totally abate, she stopped having eggs which are the precursors to and are supportive of inflammation in the body due to their Archidemic acid content (glass in the joints). Another woman who was referred to us from here to be on the product to say she never felt better in her life and she thanked us so very much. she was in her 50’s. Another in her 70’s who is an angel, always nice to meet them. I didn’t have to test her she knew and told us how smooth she felt and how her body works effortlessly as if it had been polished.

June 2017

Every person we meet benefits from the Gut Programme, this is the one everyone begins with. We met a woman who is around 65, slimish with a reasonable figure for her age, this indicates she takes a degree of care of herself. She is blonde and from my eyes she is very attractive, although she carried a great deal of emotional weight in encumbrances. Her emotional testimonial is in the emotion section on here. She mentioned she had a very growly gut especially so in the evenings when in bed. She placed herself on a restricted diet of raw foods which helped. She had Herpes Complexes (genital) for many years also, Hypothyroidism which is the cold in the body as well as Gut problems and Fibromyalgia and was heavily weighted down with emotions. In less than one week no more gut problems, Herpes too on the way out. She has only just completed the Detox. She struggled with irregular sleep patterns with a glum outlook on life, which she tried to not allow to affect her, but you just can’t. She now sleeps well and has a spring in her step. Her voice is noticeably fruitier, more feminine and her smile is electric. There are no emotional encumbrances carried by her. Here neighbor commented on how beautiful she looked, and she truly is and asked what had she done? This is the result we see all too frequently. It never stops us from becoming emotional. We saved her, her words to us, she mentioned she met an angel when meeting us, and thanked us for making her stop at the market. She now glows, the other complaints she has will all leave. Her Fibromyalgia is pretty much gone too and with that abundant energy and clarity of mind. She partakes in live juices reads a lot of what we have on here, she has learned Muscle Testing, and is confident within herself…Wow and awesome :).

Myself: I had been on the Gut Balancer for less than a week, it feels like it polishes my system for things run smoother 02-06-17. My appetite has more than halved, I feel more in control of my everyday. Not to forget I am enhanced everyday with all manner of Energetic Medicines. We are finding the preparation does more then the combination of all five of it’s constituents, it is like a living energy of support. We have a specific Remedy for stopping coffee as coffee is carcinogenic (toxic) and addictive. This remedy has had at least one woman cease consuming coffee.

July 2017: We had a call come in from a woman we met in May, she lives in the Naki. When testing her, her readings were electric indicating she is a fast responder. She is also in her 60’s. Like everyone else she failed the Gut test and the Carcinogen test. She purchased the Gut Programme along with her sister in-law. I invited them back for a retest that day and they both passed the test. The fast responder looked amazing from only one drop and say around 20 minutes. Her readings we almost off my scale. She called me to tell me she felt amazing and the whites of her eyes were clearer than ever, and to say she worked 12 hour shifts effortlessly. To then ask to purchase our Detox. Wow about covers it. I cannot wait to see her again, she is a pocket rocket that is for sure. We are going to the Naki soon, there are neat people there.

We met a man in his 70’s who had been an I.B.S sufferer for many years. He purchased the Gut programme , took one drop, came back within 20 minutes and looked incredibly alive. Like he had anti-aged 10years or had the very best sleep in his life. He passed the testing as I knew he would. I feel we are doing an amazing job, the rewards are simply breathtaking.

August 1027 Immediate Result:  We had a very sweet lady of almost 70 come to see us, she took one drop of our Gut Balancer preparation and within 5 minutes she told us of her head clearing from a fog she had mentioned almost instantly, with the look on her face showed life displayed as lighter and more youthful looking, all that within a few minutes. That was incredible and we see this all the time.

Go-Green Expo Christchurch 2017: We helped only a few people at this event. There was a great deal of interest as all of our brochures were taken over 100. We feel peoples disbelief and ignorance is why so few bought into their own self help. Our very first person tested failed our Gut testing, she purchased the programme and came back within 5 minutes to pass the test and to make a further purchase for her son. Her readings were slow and lethargic as this is normal to be high and accelerative after taking the one drop. She looked visually lifted also. The woman was around 50 ish? and did take good care of herself.

Another woman at this event purchased the new Detox as well as the Gut Programme. She was noticeably confused within herself when I met her. This was evident also from her failing to grasp what I relayed to her simplistically about how the healing processes work, I did this 5 times before she understood. The following day she was like bran new and passed our Carcinogen and Gut Testing with the confused aspect to her aura having been lifted. She looked noticeably younger, lighter and fresher in appearance with a shine in her eyes.

Spring Home Show Tauranga October 2017: We were approached by a man in his 50’s who we would not normally think would be a participant. He was quite a thick set man of around 1.8metres tall. He told us he felt buggered and had given up on his G.P. we won’t go into what he said about that experience. We told him within a few minutes he would pass our testing which he had failed. He came back for the retest in around about 5 minutes. He looked so much lighter in his complexion and was constantly saying I don’t believe how I feel. Only from one drop, he was repeating this, needles to say he passed the testing, purchased our one hour detox and went on his way.

At the same event we met a pregnant woman of around 30 who looked worn out. She was around 6 months or so and of slim build. She came back the following day after taking the One Hour Detox to pass the Gut Test and looked so much brighter. She commented her eyes sight had improved significantly, and collected the Gut Balancer Programme while she was there. Note: The Gut Balancer works differently from the Detox, we assure all there is not a doubling up here. The Detox removes every poison present while polishing every organ system, this is a one off. The Gut Balancer returns and maintains Gut Balance consistently from taking one drop and covers the individual for 24 hours.

Cancer Note: We meet quite a few people who were cancer sufferers. Some we spoke with to find their cancer was still present in their body although they had been informed it had been removed thus far by mainstream interventions. This means the cause has not been removed. We have very strong views regarding cancers how they come and how to remove them without the drastic and severe methods employed by mainstream medicine. We met one woman who had a niece who had a gynecological cancer, we tuned in to find she hated herself for being a girl about the town in her past. That will do it easily. Another her cancer she carried from a past life. The G.P. will never correct that. We met a man who was quite remarkable in his resolve. He went to Sydney to go to natural herbalists that specialised in this type of thing. They detoxed him and all sort of things and when I checked him out he was like everyone else. Toxic and had poor Gut health. The alarming thing for me was his practitioner seemed to have no idea how to maintain this mans constitution in balance.  He failed to establish Self-care for this man. I had a talk with this man and he will be coming to see me in a few days.

Local Markets Bay of Plenty October 2017: A man in his early 60’s came and presented with severe ringing in his ears. He had this on going for some time, he likewise presented with poor General Health. He took only one drop of the gut Remedy and came to see me the following day to announce not only did he pass the gut test but his incessant ringing had ceased.

At the same event a woman in her late 40’s presented with poor General Health. One drop and the look which occurred almost immediately on her face showed of instant improvement, like electric. It is quite remarkable to see that.

A woman the week prior came and purchased the General Health Programme, for herself and her daughter of 18 who had a skin condition for most of her life. Over the course of the following week the skin complaint vanished. I informed the woman her daughter has now outgrown the thinking (immaturity) which has been her emotional support for the skin condition presented. Candida also played a role with it.

December 2017: Bowel Leakage, we met a woman at the Mt. Maunganui, she was rather flighty, a mature woman of around 60years yet she was 30 inside, and she has attitude for she knows who she and values herself. All this from a glance. She told me you cannot correct what I have. We had a negotiation and off she went with the Gut Programme. She made contact and informed us: It took 4 days, that is 4 drops and her Bowel Leakage she had for 2 years among other things ceased. When I spoke with her her voice, oh my gosh it was full of life and fruity as if she were twenty. She mentioned she felt simply amazing, and her problem had gone completely. What do we say, these resplendent results simply keep occurring time after time.

We met a woman who was in her early 60’s yet seemed so gentle and  years younger in herself like in her early 30’s. She was concerned about Lead poisoning, we had a discussion for her to take the Gut, Diabetic Viruses and Detox Programmes. Almost like night become day is the difference in her. More life and now she has a full dynamic as if she has been set free.

2018: we have had so many life altering situations come from this amazing remedy. A family came for the little girl of 4 years had a sore tummy. Her smile gone. All took a drop, the little angel as she is her smile back within a few minutes and her mum of 35ish like a light shining out of her eyes with a smile to match. It was mind blowing to see.

Another of a man in his 60’s when I went to see him his body telling me he was going to die this year. He took the Gut, Detox and Diabetic Viruses. I saw him the following week for we had emotional things to remove and for me to return him to himself. He was a different man when he came, and in the emotional page testimonials is what happened from that therapy.

February 2018: Every person we have met who engages in this programme they all have an immediate lift in their vital signs. We had one couple who were rather tired in their 60’s, they took this preparation along with a few others and the man’s wife after work in the first week mowed the lawns her first time in years, she has always been to fatigued. There will be more on these two as they carry a significant illness.

We met a woman in her mid 40’s who carried far too much weight, mentioned to us she has I.B.S. We tested her to find she had all Gut Inhibitors, she took the preparation had a sip of water and passed the test immediately. This is of course normal, everyone though is different in how it affects their energetic self and the results they feel from it. She contacted us in the afternoon of the same day saying she felt zippy and alive which had been almost forgotten to her a thing of the past. That is the desired result.

March 2018: This is about myself, I fell off a ladder 300mm from the ground. I guess that can happen? never fell off a ladder in 30 years as a builder, this just didn’t make sense? I received two things one was the voice which clearly came into my head for as I fell I thought my leg is going to break for I landed upon it with all my weight tells me my bones are now strong the other was a deep cut to my shin. It was in such a location I could not really tend to it to  maintain a clean cut and avoid any pursuing infection. After a week and infection taking hold I succumbed and went along to the local G.P. I was placed on a course of antibiotics, it took the entire week for me to accept this may be why I got this cut in the first place. I went on Antibiotics, I have not had one in over 20years. I was questioning what the outcome might be? I felt it take over my body, very powerful was that feeling, as if you can feel every system being taken over it was rather weird, it wasn’t pleasant, then in came like a soldier, and all that went away. My Gut balancer states it will not permit any negative side effects from mainstream medications to adversely affect the individual. I had no symptoms of anything out of the normal and I am highly sensitive to energies particularly so ones inside me. This Antibiotic proved to be of little use for they told me it was a gentle one, I was put onto Augmentum which is quite a strong one. I was on this for 3 weeks the other for two weeks, that is five weeks in total. The pharmacist advised me to take additional Flora for Augmentum causes Gut problems, in fact it delivers I.B.S. immediately. I tested myself for Bowel Flora balance and for I.B.S to be fine. The only noticeable difference was my eyesight being slightly less than normal. This tells me the medication is having the slightest affect on my Liver. In came this solution. While on mainstream medications when you take it have a drop of the Gut balancer. This should/will prevent any eye sight problems. The eyes are one of our most delicate membranes. I have not heard of anyone of all those who report back to me of being on medications re side effects while taking our Gut Programme. Most who come see me are against mainstream so that is not surprising.  Now at least I can safely say it does as it is stated at least for two types of Antibiotics.

Feel free to advise us of your story of recover from any of our programmes.