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January 2019 Update.

General Health is a broad overall name for a measure of health, many questions come from that statement such as to precisely define it. To do this we need to look at what makes up our health. We look at our Emotional Wellbeing, our Environment, our Diet which must be reflective in the ability of the body to adequately absorb food types being placed into the system, Toxicity in our body, our Workplace Environment and so much more. There is a great deal to address for something which should be as simple and straight forward as General Health. It is not that simple unfortunately.
We Test(diagnose) for a broad spectrum of common everyday items we are all exposed to. All are imminently dangerous if retained within our system and directly reflect the way our lives currently are. When our simple testing is passed according to us that person will have a good measure of General Health. We feel this must be maintained everyday going forward. The importance of passing these tests can literally save your life, many have stated this very fact to us. There is no fee for those who pass our Gut Test. We have a way forward for those who do not, no matter what you carry referring to illness to precede positively forward you must sustainably pass these tests.
We have not met anyone who has General Health to an acceptable level as outlined on our test document. Six years now with thousands of people being tested with only one pass. She was a Herbalist, we would expect this from a practitioner. Our General Health Testing covers General Gut Health, Toxicity, Mineral Insufficiency and a few highly dangerous genetically modified Germ Warfare Agents that are responsible for many life threatening Dis-eases. They are manufactured this means they are: Man-Made by genetic scientist in a laboratory to be used on us the unsuspecting public. I get that is a huge statement, however I am a victim of their use, I have had Mycobacterium Bovis T.B., Lyme’s Dis-ease, and carried the Active Pathogen responsible for: Moto-Neuron Dis-ease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other serious life threatening illnesses. Its name is Mycoplasma Fermentans. I have undertaken an indepth study into all aspects of Germ Warfare. These Agents nearly took my winter 2018. I had Diabetes, Renal Insufficiency and was chronically Hypertensive. I was seriously ill and nearly died many times. Why did I not seek the aid of a G.P.? They cannot deliver simple and basic Digestive Balance. That shows their competence or more so the lack of it. Masking symptoms is not a solution, establishing and removing the causative agents is. It was left up to me.

Our Testing: We test for Artificial Sweeteners, every person we meet has these even those who tell us they would never touch the stuff. This is why we test irrespectively: They are hidden in the food chain, we all are all exposed weather we take it knowingly or not. And can be passed by a kiss, they will not leave our system without a specific release agent. As it is everywhere hidden and openly used we are all being infected constantly. These substances have been made in a laboratory by genetic scientists also and given a name as well as healthy endorsements. Let us assure you there is nothing good and healthy about any of them. We have an article on our info pages about these carcinogens on our website. We test for Candida out of balance, this is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S) caused by Mainstream Medications and Artificial Sweeteners and never ever assisted for correction by introducing ADDITIONAL Bowel Flora. These are the only two causative agents of I.B.S. prior to their introduction there was seldom a case of I.B.S. being reported, now it is rampant. Over the page is a list of symptoms of an over infestation of Candida. We test for a specific Yeast Dis-ease known as Torulopsosis. Candida is one also. We then head to nature and test for General Parasites anal itching is one indicator you have these, another is over eating and being moody. We test for Flukes they cannibalise organ systems, itching is one symptom you are infected and finally in our simple Gut test we check for specific non beneficial Fungi. If found in your system they are delivering stagnation and mould to your body. All are supportive of Cancers. These three items come from living foods such as fruits and vegetables with some being in drinking water. There is no real way to avoid them, this is unfortunately a fact of life. No matter whom you see as a practitioner they must provide a sustainable daily solution to keep you protected and safe otherwise they are being negligent according to us.
Candida and the Yeast Dis-ease Torulopsosis: Here is a quick check you can do at home, first thing in the morning poke out your tongue while looking into a mirror and if you present with an off white coating on your tongue this is an obvious diagnosis of an overgrowth and infestation, another typical one is sweet cravings. There is a spit test which most know about and there is being tested by us which is pretty much conclusive. Symptoms are: Allergies, Asthma, failing eye sight, inflammation, frequent stomach pains and digestive problems, skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, acne and more, foggy brain or brain fatigue, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness and exhaustion, anxiety and mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger outbursts, irritability, headaches, itchy skin, chronic fatigue especially after eating, depression, gastro intestinal problems such as bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, rectal itching, sever premenstrual syndrome, impotence, memory loss, mood swings, feeling mentally disturbed, recurrent fungal infections such as jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm, extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, odours and alcohol, recurrent vaginal or urinary infections, Prostatitis. A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer or certain foods. These symptoms worsen in mouldy spaces and damp climates and basements and after eating foods containing sugars.

Our Solution: We have made a natural remedy to be taken by the entire family: One drop daily is all that is required for 24 hour cover. The reason why it is recommended as a daily support, we are constantly being infected is why. This is what you get from this one drop: Instruction is delivered to every cell to not permit Artificial Sweeteners to be absorbed. We have tested this instruction many times for this to actually occur. It removes all Artificial Sweeteners present and delivers balance to the 28 known signature of Candida in the system. It removes the yeast Dis-ease Torulopsosis, Kills up to 1650 specific Parasites, 1800 forms of bad Fungi and 300 known types of Fluke. This is an instant zap for these items. It assists to delivering balance along with a Stemcell treatment to the Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Spleen, Lung and the Colon. This means it actively will assist with repairs to these organs if required. It delivers balance to Bowel Flora and Liver Enzyme Production. When Parasites die they excrete a viruses known as SV 40 A and B. These are Cancer Causative Agents, this remedy removes these also. For those on medications from a doctor we recommend this preparation be taken at the same time interval as these medications. This will ensure any negative side effects associated from these medications to be rendered harmless. It delivers: Shen to Kidney, Spleen and Heart this is Balance/Love & Synchronicity. It can mend a broken Heart, It is little wonder we have seen such miraculous results from it. It is lineage specific meaning it will only work for your immediate family. We have many such testimonials on our website. It is readily available and is guaranteed to do all that we state here. We now have permanent removal programs available for Bovis , Fermentans and Lyme’s Di-ease. We Test for Germ Warfare Cancer Causative Agents. Make the appointment it can save your life, this we know for we have done it sooooooo…. many times.
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