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Genetic Blue-printing:

Organ Rejuvenation Organ Replacement

This page is new as such will be undergoing continual changes as we navigate this aspect to our healing modality.

Please Note: Not everyone has the same abilities or capabilities, things which seem incredible may simply be credible. We ask for you to refrain from asking questions as to how can we effect these miraculous transformations rather should you require them to follow Our Criteria such that you are able to obtain then to sustain them. You are required to maintain our Criteria of Self-care ongoing for the preservation of your newly established health (organ replacement).  As always true healing comes from the complete and most sincere support to the transportative process of the individual seeking care. Our Heart Energy has no limits as mentioned on our Homepage 

Points of view mentioned here are strictly our own however they are shared by others. We are Light-Workers, to be one is to become at one with the earth and the universe, and to have Heart. This is to be at one with all there is. We see things which few understand at times we feel the same way only we are guided and open to this learning and growing. Humanity, nor science may have an answer for what we are mentioning here on this page that doesn’t there isn’t one. Ignorance is not helping, this is being closed to it. The way humanity is at present is mostly incorrect and in need of transformation. We are not a religion nor a cult to us they are incorrect. We are straight up and completely Transparent. You do not have to believe what we say here, however if you are in need we are here to assist you. Our Commitment on our front page sets out where we are coming from, we feel every person needs to walk this very same way. This website has been forged from our very Heart Energy countless tears over many years have brought this site to where it is now, it is alive and growing.

We have the ability to deliver instructions to your body for this instruction to have your body Regenerate Organs which have been removed or those that are dying (to Rejuvenate). Energetic Medicine is defined as any energy being delivered to the anatomy for the benefit of the individual. There is more on exactly what this is towards the bottom of our information pages. We posses the ability to deliver instruction to the Genetic Blue-print or Genetic code of your body for it to do as we ask of it. The only energy we know capable of achieving this is from the “Heart of a lightworker.”

We will not concern ourselves with any questions which we deem ridiculous, we ask those of you not to onsend any. Similarly those who wish to bring their ugly to this table be warned. Ugly and dark dies here from this page from this day forward.

Body and Healing Responses:  Expect the feeling of completeness with a warmth growing inside which has not been noticeable prior. This will be dependent upon the function of the organ system under repair/replacement. Minor ones will have lesser effect, major ones will have life altering effect. In some instances it will be like rebirthing while you are grown. This is what we all felt while a fetus, this is that sensation. Few if any remember this, now you will, it will be a most significant and resplendent experience this we assure you.

Note: When the body is cleaned from all burden with Dis-ease being a most serious burden there comes with this a freshness like a liberation as the weight of all consuming life experiences is lifted and removed. Expect to feel this as your body repairs. This is an indicator they have been a most significant contributing factor to the degeneration/depletion to your life thus far. We are referring with respect to illness here. Removal or organs instantly such as from an accident may have a lesser effect, there are many factors which contribute to how you will feel. The Replacement or Rejuvenated organs will have you see life differently, back to basics as mentioned in our commitment. We want everyone to adopt our commitment as a way forward, with organ replacement this is your new way of seeing and living your life. This is how the new order of people are going to be.

Every person who comes here and is willing to go down this path we want to place your feedback and testimonial on this page.

Genetic Blue-Printing comes under the category of Contractual healing (C.D.). This means for those who enter into this specific care enter into a contract with us. Click the link to be taken to our contracts page, feel free to discuss this with us. Costs for those who come and trial this therapy is for General Health costs to be met along with all additional programmes, nutrition etc, whatever is required is to be met by the individual or their support persons ongoing until the recipient has fully recovered. Root causes of all illness must be removed if present. It is highly likely the body may be retaining the cause as to why an organ necessitated its removal. It is never the case when an organ has been removed the problem is now over? There will always be the feeling of loss even from such a small thing as tonsils being removed, simply for the individual is now incomplete. Tonsils are the body’s first line of defense against invasion from Bad Bacteria, Pathogens and or Viruses etc being presented to our system orally. There is no reason nor explanation that makes it right for them to be removed in our view, the body is not to be butchered full stop according to us. The cause as to their Dis-ease must be found with that being removed/corrected.

Foreign body parts:  being introduced such as organ transplants are not a viable substitute to us. These are toxic for they do not belong to the recipient. There is no better substitute than your own body making it itself. There are many reasons why body parts are removed, such as accidents illness etc. We are advising the body holds onto the cause even when the so called organ affected has been removed, the cause has not, now there is loss also which must be addressed. Until this is resolved the individual will never be right. With Natural replacement never being an option open to anyone therefore resolution of loss has never been found. Foreign organ replacements are not considered by us to be a suitable exchange all be it they can prolong life. The body always rejects them. Medications today are prescribed to sedate the body in thinking everything is fine. These drugs over time cause the body to shut down and die. Drugs are not an approved medication from our stand point … ever. In truth the only acceptable way to do the job required is to have the body regrow the organ itself, this is why we are offering this service.

Organ medications for transplant recipients:

For those of you who no longer wish to take prescribed medications, we offer to self correct your system such that it accepts the replacement organ/body part as that of it’s own making. You are to head to our contracts link C.D. and follow instructions given, make an appointment or simply make contact.

More in Detail:   Natural Organ Rejuvenation/Replacement.

General Health as mentioned on this site is to be brought to balance and maintained. We ask you to head to the Beginning on here and take it in. The body requires specific nutrients for it to rebuild and or grow itself. General Health as out lined on here will deliver this. Your diet may require some polish. Adverse reactions to complimentary food sources know as Allergies if present will need to be addressed. You must make an appointment where we have testing to perform to see if your body will infact regrow the organ which is either missing or is dying along with other testing. This is not an overly extensive process we merely have to build the corrective foundation for the support for what we are about to perform.

The reasons why there is a necessity for organ replacement needs to be discussed with the body brought to the understanding it can do this for itself. This belief must be installed for at present few will believe this is possible. In the case of illness, the root cause to this must be removed, for the body will be carrying it. We have vials which contain energies pertaining to every organ system in the body. These vials contain Stem-cell Rejuvenation for specific organ systems, this is for their regrowth and if necessary rebuilding/rebirthing of that organ. What ever is required is activated by our “Heart Energy”, this is a command. We place this command into a medium such as crystal (crystal meets this requirement as it is the perfect medium for such beautiful and transformational work) for delivery to the energetic system (body electric) of the participant or we upload it into your body electric hands on. Our medium of choice are Heart crystals only. These are either Pink such as Rose Quartz or Green crystal such as Aventurine. These two coloured crystals are the only coloured crystal that are able to carry and hold this corrective healing energy necessary for Organ reinstatement. The patient is to wear the medium until the energy carried within this medium has been imprinted into the body electric such that the body will now continue to self correct and regrow the body part required. Yes this does mean our bodies can be programmed to accept healing exchanges, we have been achieving this for many years. It has been wondrous and playful for us when we have been performing this work. We would like to monitor your progress by you notifying us how you feel week by week. Our greatest reward is your feedback of your progression positively forward. We want to be a part of your healing exchanges this is being supportive of the Love Connection occurring within your body.

When an organ is dying or has been removed there is an extreme loss in the body and an imbalance which cannot be returned until that organ has been reinstated. The body will attempt to compromise the loss and share the burden. The loss is mostly felt by the organs Yin/Yang partner, then on to additional supportive organs. There is a loss even from an appendix being removed. When the Gall Bladder has been taken the Liver now feels that loss for they are Yin/Yang pairing or brother and sister who love one another in perfect union. This loss is then shared with all six Digestive organs of which only five remain. Never can the body overcome this loss it will always feel out of sorts. The human body is the most highly complex system and living organism in the entire universe. At the “Heart” of it is our eternal energy of the life forms we all individually are.  Every body part has a function, every cell  loves its neighbour. This is why it is of absolute importance to return completeness to the individual through your very own Genetic Blue-print Code. This instruction is so tiny and minute they fall into the region of 10 to the minus 33. There is no device which can copy this for they see these as 1 or nothing at all, when in fact there are billions of instruction.

Healing Exchange:  The most perfect feeling of all.

We have all experienced this feeling this is how we felt as we grew inside our mothers. Now you get to feel this all over again. We ask all to simply embrace it, for it is the greatest feeling there is, it is the feeling of life, also known as re-birthing. Tears may be forthcoming when organ reinstatement commences, you really want to welcome those for this is you become complete and new. Your life is about to change for the better. This process can be seen as a lost love of self similar to a gaping hole or a lost piece to a puzzle in the energetic footprint of the individual. When the Healing Exchange begins this black hole is replaced by a warmth which will affect your entire body. You will glow from this exchange noticeable in your newly found attitude towards life. This is a non negotiable side effect and one we have deliberately engineered.

Verification of reinstatement being successful can come from your G.P.  We ask for you to be aware they may fall over in disbelief so please be tactful when you break the news to them. They will notice a most sincere difference in you. To become a Doctor involves many years of discipline, dedication and sacrifice as well as to have a fine mind. Heart too plays a role, it is seldom about the money more about the difference they want to make for you their patient. Some of you will not require a G.P. for verification for you will simply know, we meet these special people on occasion who have this knowing ability. They are on our page.

There is a great deal of information on this site relating to obtaining and maintaining the very best health possible, we are open to more. To be at one with your world and to acknowledge a commitment such as ours and make it yours ongoing. We see this as a forward step with humanity evolving to a higher consciousness.

We welcome all positive and sincere questions. One thing to bear in mind if you are carrying bitter resentful, remorseful emotions etc these will be removed and negated when this process begins for that will not be permitted to continue. The replacement organ system will ensure to negate destructive thought patterns from manifesting in you growing forward, this will mean your life will change for the better and is not negotiable. Our commitment will now become yours for that is how the New Order of Humanity is going to be. Simply put mirror everything that you are and do. This brings with it balance and a better world for us all to live in.


October 2018: We had a women in her 60’s come see us, she was in a seriously bad way. She had seen a few highly prominent natural practitioners who told her there was nothing they could do for her and that she should make the most of the days she had left. Her left ventricle eroded due to the active Pathogen from Mycoplasma Fermentans. This meant her heart was dying. It took about a day for the valve to be repaired. She suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, this is a highly serious form of chronic fatigue which takes the very life from you leaving you mostly incapacitated until you eventually die. She informed us of late she had never felt better, pocket rocket comes to mind. This for us is why we are here.