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Please Note: Information on this page may be sensitive to some.

Germ Warfare comprises of every Virus, Bacterium, Pathogen, Parasite, Fungi, Mold, Grippe, Mycosplasma, Bio-film and any other organism that carries with it the propensity to erode the vitality of each and every one of us. These are living in nature therefore there is no real way to avoid their infiltration. They are one most significant root causative agent supportive of the demise to our everyday well being. We have immediate means for their speedy departure once we have established which ones you carry. This is the positive. We test to see what is going on beginning with the Pathology you present with, if none is apparent we begin with Gut Health as always and radiate outwards. Testing here is thorough, there is no stone unturned these are the deal breakers. So many Germs are passed via human to Human contact especially E-coil which is a significant causative agent in contracting Cancers. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV Viruses) Degrade the Kidneys (among other systems) they are a Diabetic precursor and a Cancer causative agent, spread by touch and from a simple” Kiss.” What we are stating here is frightening and absolutely necessary, we live is a very frightening world this page is here to open your eyes to sickness with particular reference to how it is contracted and spread. Taking the very best care of ourselves is our personal life long agenda and to share this with others.

Weaponised Bio-logical (Germ) Warfare.

What is this exactly? Is for sure a question we should never have to ask. Over the past few months during the winter of 2018 I decided to fully investigate Germ Warfare. There are thousands of items to address, I have been through every single one and documented what they are, what they do and were mentioned listed the effects they have upon the body. While doing this I have found there has been and is currently occurring experimentation’s on us the unsuspecting public. I ask myself how come I became ill, I was Superman no kidding? When I read about TB (Tuberculosis) another name for it is Mycobacterium Bovis the very substance they so called inoculated me against when I was nine years of age. This is a Bacillus, every Bacillus is lethal.They have culled thousands of cattle infected with it, why is that is my question? How have they become infected? I have many questions I would like answers for.  Mycobacterium Bovis is a man made engineered and Weaponised Biological Germ Warfare Agent that has wild card characteristics when introduced into us. It rears its head in so many ways and in differing amplitudes such that it is difficult to point the finger as to the exact cause of a specific condition presented. This agent has been engineered this way, If you cannot establish the cause you cannot remove it therefore you only treat symptoms as what Doctors do.  Mycobacterium BovisTB is a  crystaline form of Bacillus as such does not exist in nature capable of being used as a natural weapon. TB can be carried by rats, rodents hedgehogs etc, if we are to live in filth and squalor then sure you are open to this and many other Germ Warfare agents attacking you. Most of us have clean fresh running water, a clean and warm home with the ability to eat fresh live foods throughout the year. We live in the most healthy times ever as well as the most toxic. If we really take great care we should never become ill, yet we do. TB is made in a laboratory and is the agent directly responsible for some Arthritis and a major cause of Diabetes and who only knows what else? It attacks every cell in the body lives in many organ including the spine having you feel like you have an arthritic spine, it attacks the Kidney to the point you will sooner or later suffer from Diabetes. Diabetes is a merely word which means Kidney insufficiency. The insufficiency comes from a causative agent or agents. For the past four months (winter of 2018) I have had full on Diabetes, no dietary change will ever make any real difference as some would have you believe. Some food types seriously affect your body’s ability to breath, its very ugly having this condition and frightening. Unless we find and remove the root cause you will never overcome it and yes it can take your life. I have felt that way everyday for 3 months particularly so at bed time when the body goes into quiet mode. I had a heart beat which was so loud it woke me up and kept me awake with blood pressure at rest of 190 and above. I take better care of myself than anyone I have ever known or met, imagine my surprise and shock to have all this occurring feeling like at any moment: is this my last breath. The cause Mycobacterium Bovis and Mycoplasma Fermentans I have made the Antigen to both of these bacteriums, it was hell on earth living with  them, believe me. There is no need to vaccinate us for TB , according to us, and that is what they have done, what is more it is transferred through the gene pool to our children. Who did this, the government being led by others we presume, who else has the power to make that happen?

Mycoplasma Fermentan is the causative agent in Alzheimer’s, MS, Fibromyalgia, Moto-Neuron Dis-ease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Deadly Chronic Fatigue), Inflammatory Colitis and more…. The active Pathogen is a Brucella, as in Lym’s Dis-ease, it has been genetically modified and delivered to us the people for what purpose we might ask? To answer that how about we look at what it does: it makes us all ill from varying illnesses. They could simply cull us like they did to cattle? It is very dark when I contemplate why would anyone make such an agent? When we look at the bigger picture this world is run and governed by dark energies living in people who have no Heart.

We have placed an extract from a journal where this information came from. As you come onto the Germ Warfare page there are two additional folders click on each. When I removed TB I got Pneumonia type symptoms, it was a lung complaint TB delivers lung complaints does it really matter i think not provided it can be corrected. While I had TB I had Hypertension, I could barely breath at night, no food gave me a positive way forward, not even juices, I felt no better. The Kidneys could not clean the blood correctly this made breathing difficult for the kidney struggled to oxygenate my blood. I treated symptoms until I found the causative agent. It took some time, I know first hand the dark abyss of Diabetes.

The Deadly Bacillus Bacterium, Nano-Bacteria & V 40’s

Most of us know of a few of the Bacillus family of Pathogens: Anthrax, Scarlet Fever, Conjunctivitis etc. We are uncertain of where this most deadly Pathogen came from. We know we have had these in our body and that is why we are sharing this information here. The simply fact we were oblivious to why we felt tired and fatigued and not very well. Here are some names given for the Bacterium that are Bacillus: Actino Bacillus, Anthrax of which there are several, Central spores, Cholera, Coli Viruses, Leprosy, Lichenformis, Mycoplasma’s,  Bovis orTB,  Pseudomonas also known as Glanders Bacillus, Subtilis, Thuriniensis.  We currently test for all of them to see if in your system and offer to remove if present. Every one of these is a Cancer Promoter and DNA Mutagen meaning it mutates our DNA delivering Dis-eases. Should anyone present with any one of these that is one too many.  The signs and effects of aging not to mention Die-ease are upon us all with these in our body’s. Each one is a “Potential Death Sentence“. From here we check for Nano-bacteria, Bio-films,  which is are serious chronic fatigue agents and another Cancer Promoter and DNA Mutagen. From there we test for V 40 A&B these are viruses that are released when a Parasite dies. They too are Cancer Promoters and DNA Mutagens. Our Parasite remedies listed in our shop now contains V 40 A&B removal. This is only the beginning, we have at present two Discs containing test vials everyone must pass. These Discs cover in detail the Gut, Lungs, Kidneys, Bladder & Lymph. In time we will cover the entire system and head into specific illnesses such as Dementia related illness. We will have a Disc or Discs which will have every known item that supports that pathology. Arthritis is another we will make. For us this is sadly exciting times ahead, sad for people are infected, exciting for when we correct their Dis-ease life returns to the person. when we see this we are paid twice for that is the best reward available. We feel for all of those who are sufferers, we are currently one ourselves, 20 years on. We feel that is coming to an end thank goodness.

“The Doctor” We have run them under the bus and rightly so in many cases from our perspective. To vaccinate? our response is never ever. In short from  my story at the age of 43 almost on deaths door and under the absolute care of “The Doctor” Now at near 60 with my health almost totally the opposite paints a real life picture that cannot be denied. Every medicine they prescribe comes with side effects that can be as serious as the initial complaint they have been made to correct with every medicine delivering immediate Gut imbalances or I.B.S. It just doesn’t make sense for that to be called a medicine the same would apply for a Doctor being called a Doctor for they simply do not in our eyes. Please understand no amount of probotics will correct what their medicine has done to the gut. However our Gut Balancer will. The Gut is the distribution center to our present and future vitality.

There is going to be much more added here, for all of you with serious illness even those who have terminal conditions we urge you to make contact and let us see if we can turn that around for you. Bear in mind someone who presents with say Type 1 Diabetes, their entire life will change for the simple fact that how they have lived and viewed their life thus far has given them that pathology. We changed that for one woman October 2018, we are so looking forward to seeing how she progresses from that horror she brought to herself.

Germ Warfare Weaponised & used on us!

Feb. 2019 update

This is our standard document which covers the specific Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents mentioned here. We are deeply troubled there are people whose occupation is to make Germ Warfare Agents to target our health to then use them on us. As if we are not exposed to enough Agents to keep us all sickly, such as: Artificial Sweeteners, Antibiotics, Amalgams, Synthetic products being placed into our food chain, Sodium Laurel sulphate, Sodium Fluoride in our drinking water that rots our bones, and all the others. They haven’t made them to kill outright, to incapacitate us for us to always be in need of medical interventions. Is the G.P. in on it too with their so name medicines delivering side effects as severe as the original illness presented in many cases? This sickens us to our core. There is a time coming very soon whereby every individual responsible for this kind of dark morbid act will be held.. Ultimately Accountable.

We are addressing All Bacillus, Bio-films, Lyme’s Dis-ease causative Agents, Mycobacterium Bovis and T.B., Mycoplasma Fermentans specific and ALL Mycoplasma’s, Nano-Bacteria, SV40 A & B and HPV Viruses specific Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents.
If you have been Diagnosed and found to have any of these Agents in your system you must act quickly. If you do not present with an obvious illness from being infected it is only a matter of time before they become active. Once active your health falls away almost instantly depending upon which Agent you carry. You can die in a matter of days that is how quickly they can take your life, more so with more years behind you. Immediate catastrophic stress to your system results in the body unable to find a balanced way forward which meets with the progressive nature of some of these Agents in particular Fermentans. We consider Fermentans to be a death sentence. We have had these in our body that is how we know how serious and aggressive they can be. They have been made to have life like characteristics such that they have a mind of their own, it is quite disturbing how they work and how resilient they are.
Many ailments owe their origin to these Modified Warfare Agents such as: Arthritis, Diabetes, M.S. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Moto-Neuron Dis-ease), Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, A highly serious type of Chron’s Dis-ease that will not self repair, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which is a death sentence and others. They are transferred through our gene pool into our children that is how astronomical this matter is with NO ONE seeming to have much to say about it …. WELL WE HAVE. Every person who presents with illness must be tested for these to be clear of them, at the minimum to rule them out. If these are the cause once removed the body is now in the position to begin to self heal, only in many cases that is beyond the body’s ability to do so unaided.
We have information on our website in the Germ Warfare Section relating to this directly. We ask you to have an open mind while you progress through it, we were flabbergasted and in disbelief for we have suffered tremendously from these very Agents for many years. They have been the catalyst in seriously altered my life for over 30 years, with the Doctor questionably ignorant and oblivious to them. How do they play dumb to the real cause to illness? After all PhD’s are not given out in the Wheetbix packet? Health is an enormous business, no other life form here has a doctor, it has gotten way out of hand Doctoring, what they do and get away with, they seem immune to accountability for their actions.

We have a way forward for all of these: we generally promote it in drop form, there are other mediums for their delivery. We ask you follow the instructions supplied. Once completed your body will be free from that particular Pathogenic Agent for life! Your system will have establishing a Natural Immunity specific to that particular Agent. We have installed into the preparation instruction to the entire body such that should this Weaponised Agent become introduced to your body it is passed immediately through. NO Cell is able to uptake that Specific Agent ever again.
Note: This preparation is not transferable it is only effective for the individual is has been made for. The loading stage mentioned refers to loading the body to a point of saturation with supportive am/pm applications sustaining this until completed. This is to ensure these Weaponised Agents are removed from your system permanently. Bovis has been diagnosed in cows in recent times, how did they become infected is our question? These are neither normal nor average Agents they have unpredictable characteristics not typically found in nature. They have been man created and engineered to remain in the body for as long as possible causing extreme harm. They are difficult to remove not like an ordinary bug or bacterium, these need long term sustainable corrective removable methods to ensure their release. The result from their invasion can be permanent it is with this in mind we ask you to make an appointment with us to work through where the body is at for us to establish a way forward.
Many people present with Diabetes along with significant Heart complications as a result of these Agents. Where there is a Heart Complication to test for these and other Germ Warfare Agents is the absolute beginning from where we sit, not to administer drugs or perform invasive procedures. If these are the cause they can be arrested in seconds only the G.P. has no idea. This comes under the broad umbrella of Kidney Insufficiency. You may have more than one of these Agents present in your system as we did, we had three. All were supportive of Diabetes and Structural Deficiencies to the point of crippling me where, I could barely walk. They had mutated my structure to that point. Currently I am undergoing repairs of this damage and am improving daily. We have a way forward to treat for all Bone, Structural and Kidney Insufficiencies whatever is required we will take you there.

Symptoms of attack: Hot feet, thin to very watery saliva, excessive urinating, heart rate drastically increases and becomes loud as blood pressure elevates, with Heart flutters, fatigue comes too. It progresses on from these to more serious symptoms inclusive of damage to Heart ventricles if left unresolved which can lead to the following: A very high likelihood of Death. We had an attack recently; we isolated it to establish it was Bovis (T.B.) which we found came from beef in soup. From this we now do not consume any beef at all, as Bovis was found in cattle those cattle were slaughtered. At least 5 times to our knowledge we have had this occur over the winter of 2018.
If you currently suffer from stiffness and joint immobility (Arthritis), this can be from years of having T.B. in your system along with HPV Viruses, Nano-bacteria, Bacillus and SV40 A & B. All are Cancer precursors. Structural and Bone Insufficiencies are common known as Arthritis it is correctable. These Agents once active present to the body illnesses that the individual is pre-proposed to at the time of their activation. This is explained in greater detail in our Germ Warfare documents on our website. This is highly disturbing, what have we done to be treated in such a manner as if we do not matter, are we part of an experiment? This is a huge deal Weaponised Germ Warfare should never be something we have to consider for health, never should it be in our lives only it is VERY REAL. People who do such things: do not deserve the right to be here according to me. We live in a scary world where anything is possible unfortunately, people do the most atrocious things to one another, who do we trust? If the Doctor did their job correctly there would not be a need for people to do what I do, only they fail miserably. We have little time for their pathetic lame excuses telling us this is how it is and there is no corrective way forward, CURE. This is very real please get that! Come see me and I will prove to you how inept and inadequate your Doctor is. Not one of you will pass my simple straight forward tests and you all must ongoing. Simple make the appointment. There will be no fee for anyone who passes.
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