Life Extension

Life Extension Preface

Life Extension from our perspective is outlined in the documents in this section of our website. We feel we must address all aspects of life to bring balance, clarity, harmony and peace for life to become simple yet pleasurable with excitement and the least pressures (stresses) as possible from outside influences. The end result is for all to embrace every moment of their lives not tied to any given model such as how humanity is today. This is represented freely in nature, look at the bird our lives need to be free like that of the bird.

About Life Extension

For those genuinely interested in Life Extension it begins with non invasive testing on the physical plain to bring the physical body into balance. You need to book a test with us for this. We need to clear and balance every obstacle presented on the physical plain. We look to clear Emotional Encumbrances, same with unwanted relationships which may be hanging around and serving no useful purpose other than to choke you (Not good). We introduce you to our Genesis programme which is simply outstanding support to the body (Bio-Energetic Medicine). Reflexology as a means of taking weekly care of yourself in a very unique way and to set you on the path of altering your life for it to be filed with joy, less stress and more time to find and maintain this newly acquired way of life. Spiritual freedom, this is about entities, Karma, Miasms from past lives for those who are skeptic this might not be you.

Please note: I have no time for skeptics this is voluntary, having a beautiful life is your choice and I will not tolerate people who try to rubbish it, if you are a skeptic this implies you are not yet grown enough to see what we are about here.

The sooner you commence upon this journey the sooner life becomes more, there is one very special Spiritual medicine which must be taken, it brings heart to centre, it is simply beautiful. You can of course participate at your own pace which is probably the best option. It has taken me over 10 years to be where I am at with it, I would never have believed I would be where I am today even one year ago, my life is filled with passion, I want to go here and there, as I venture down the road of my life I find myself somewhere other than where I thought I would be. Truly my life is not my own, I am here for the ride, the growing and the immensity of what continually surprises me as my heart grows every day with it unfolding on my life journey.

Life Extension Foods
For those of you who truly seek a clear path to Life Extension here is one and for those who place obstacles (excuses) in the way of the best health you can have truly do not aspire to receiving it.

This is a lifelong commitment there are no shortcuts I assure you. My philosophy is simple natural foods out of the ground into you will deliver the best most balanced nutrition for your body and with natural therapies from the most advanced devices in the world today will change your life and deliver Exceptional Health and sustainable Life Extension to you.
Almost everyone desires Life Extension ……To achieve this you firstly have to obtain vibrant health. In order for you to have and maintain vibrant health this is what must be done: The following is my Diet. I possess extreme vibrant health it has taken many years, none of it has been a struggle rather, I look at it as a 10 year pursuit of learning and growing to achieve the highest level of health possible and it all begins with a Balanced Digestive System (my Biological Medicine delivers this) and the following diet maintains it.”Let our foods be thy medicinefor we are what we eat!

Water is vital in achieving extreme health for we are almost 80% water. This implies we must drink the very best water we possibly can. I have been around this country attending shows for many years and I have not found water that out performs the water outlined here. The water I drink begins as your everyday water it is transformed using Biological Medicine to become active, vibrant and alive. The water is filtered through a silver impregnated cartridge, it is then inverted and treated with specific Energies on a Mora Device this revitalises the water, Restores Chi (the free flow of energy within a body) Balances Life Force it has Microhydrin (super absorber for speedier delivery), Immune System Boost, Memory and Brain Stimulation and Oxygenation for quicker intake and immediate lift.
The water I have is vibrant, if you were to fast on this water you would feel energised for I have been there, it does everything written here. My water makes me feel great, things are easier as such I can do more, if you need proof other than having the water make an appointment and I will explain it to you and Test you. To make this water you need my specifically imprinted cards which contain the Energetic Medicine or as I like to describe it: instruction to the body. You can taste the difference more so you can feel it.

Dietary Choices: So many people I meet tell me they have a great diet…well Wheat Bix is not considered an acceptable food source in my view. It is devitalised nutrition, processed. For those of you who do not know what these products are or what they do you will have to research them or make an appointment for me to tell you. Every product and item listed here serves a specific nutritional purpose. I take these every day it begins with High Potency Super Silver, liquid M.S.M followed by Hemp seed oil and Apple Cider Vinegar all organic, the measure is one swig of each more if I feel the need.
I have up to 3x teaspoons of Organic Molasses over the course of the day (i listen to my body). If I require more I have more (one must be tested for sugar imbalances first and have this corrected if required). Next comes 3 heaped T spoons of Organic Turmeric into half a cup of warm water. Smoothies are a quick and essential way to have the body absorb nutrients I have1 teaspoon of Organic Spirulina  1xteaspoon of cinnamon two ripe bananas in 100mls of water , 4 x teaspoons of Organic Straight Up Natural Yogurt blended together, you can add extras to it if you desire (Its delicious). Note: all water I take into my Body is treated either on a card or on the Mora Device (enhanced).
I generally juice after this twice weekly these days. I have on average 14 x 250ml juices weekly. They are: Carrot and ginger to taste, Carrot with Parsley one quarter of a bunch of parsley (my favourite). Carrot and one Broccoli one Beet to have enough juices with each juices for 500mls.
There are other vegetable juices you may wish to have but this is what I have weekly. Note: the Angel juicer is the world’s leading twin gear juicer, the reason why it is the best is it delivers more from any given produce. I do not use organic which for my lifestyle is difficult, organic is generally better if fresh. I never juice fruits they are the cleansers of the body and are eaten.
 Juice I have on an empty stomach as that is the best way to have it. Most people will require me to take them through juicing its not difficult but there are things you do and those you do not, I have been doing this since 2003 and read many books on the subject Norman Walker books are the most consistent I have found.
I have ginger tea made with 4 or more slices of ginger root the size of an old 50c piece with Manuka honey and my water as my preferred hot drink, but only on occasion (Honey is sugar too and can be detrimental) . I have Brazil, Cashew, Walnuts, Macadamias and Almonds as a snack all organic and fresh. Some I have with organic coconut oil placed into ice cubes then stored in the fridge in a glass container, some I have with 72% Dark chocolate or Organic 90% dark it tastes great (this is an acquired taste over time). I generally listen to my body it tells me when I require more or not at all of a particular food type. I eat fruit in session, one apple per day, grapes as when I feel the need. Over the years I have learned to listen to my body and ask what it wants at any given time including rest.
Snacks are Hummus spreads and others avocado daily and asparagus, baby carrots, beetroot on crackers. Meals consist of fresh fish there are many ways to prepare  produce from the sea, I tend to add the bare minimum cook in organic coconut oil, red onions, mushrooms in natural butter and garlic.
I eat pure food almost 100% of the time (crackers are processed foods have sparingly), I have salads and fresh salmon raw or lightly cooked. Broths (soups) are essential homemade if possible vegetable mostly.
 I use Himalayan Salt as my toothpaste, add it as my seasoning along with Black pepper; this salt contains around 100 minerals and delivers immense benefits to the body. I have red meat weekly, I do not over indulge red meat contains the best form of B12. I often have a banana smoothie with either cinnamon and or with Blue Berries, this is a Brain Food, 100mls of water, two ripe bananas, 4 table spoons of berries with Organic Yogurt  blend and consume, sometimes this is my evening meal or if I feel the need at any additional time throughout the day. I use organic frozen berries produced in NZ.
Specific supplements I have active Resveratrol 1 capsule daily. My Resveratrol is derived from Knotgrass it has been said to promote age reversal athletic ability return youth to the individual and much more (I wonder why I see myself as a school boy these days).
Almost every food listed here is live food and as such possess high antioxidant levels, Resveratrol is a pure antioxidant? (although most Resveratrol have fillers which them makes it not as pure as we are led to think). It is these elevated levels of energetic foods we consume which deliver to us vibrant health which is Life Extension.
Note: Resveratrol is the name given to the antioxidant from the source plant it has been derived from.
There are many foods available which we totally enjoy, if they are detrimental to the system you choose if you wish to have them.
 For myself I have been walking this journey 2003 as such it has become simply a part of my life these days. People often say to me why don’t you have a treat like an ice cream, or a bacon sandwich or something else. To me these are not treats, and on occasion I do have bacon although not often. To define them as a treat means you are seeing them in an incorrect light. They are not a good food source so why put such rubbish into your system. As you grow down this road these words I have written will begin to have another meaning. Ice cream is rubbish same with popcorn and thousands of others. I do have a vice, I like pure peanut butter, crunchy on fresh wholemeal bread which is not good food choices, I likewise like a good carrot cake with lots of fresh whipped cream. Either of which I can say no to, I do not have them often.
Coffee and Tea’s Green tea is not overly beneficial, the properties that are boasted by those who claim to know things are unfounded in my view point, first off it has been boiled which destroys any vitality the produce had, you cannot beat a carrot juice it is pure nectar Green tea is alkaline.

Alkaline versus Acid?

This is a great subject: Alkaline is weak, pathetic with no substance and possessing little to no driving force, anemic pretty much describes those who walk this journey 100% of the time it is truly unhealthy.
 Acid is aggressive angry and narrow minded with poor skin health, ugly to look at, they tend to be short tempered? The correct balance is in the middle, so do not be fooled by those who claim alkaline is the way to go having a system with a balanced Ph is. Also do not be fooled by those who say everything in moderation, absolute ignorance, learn to listen to your body it will tell you or learn applied Kinesiology, we go over this is in our information section on here. Or simply make an appointment it is easier to learn it one on one.

Coffee: good or bad?

Coffee, this is a carcinogen full stop and needs to be stricken as a food source. It depletes the liver bringing with it poor vision this is from it’s effect on the eyes and causes the Endocrine to become unbalanced (overactive) from there anything is possible? In particular it accelerates the Thyroid gland making you hyperactive so you can perform more. I have not looked into the cost to the system from prolonged use of the drug rather if i am tired I have a rest. Again there are those who say to have in moderation is fine, well not for me. Caffeine is a drug as such in our opinion not a good substance to place into a perfect organism. Pure water is the absolute it is simply the best liquid you can have (we are almost 80%water) more so when you use our water cards to further enhance its potential.

Life Extension Enhancements (medicines). This is the body becoming sustainably Alive!

“Pocket Rocket-ism is truly here.”

This is perhaps the most significant subject on our entire website. Few people understand the significance nor the immense potential and life altering and defining capabilities  Energetic Medicine is capable of delivering to anyone at any age.

Let us use the analogy of a cars engine. Let us a take a high performance race car. When it is at its peak of efficiency is when it performs at its best and highest potential. It is in constant need of refinement and fine tuning to maintain this level of exceptional performance. Imagine the human body although infinitely more complex being able to be fine tuned to be as immense as the race car engine only this to be inclusive of the entire body, not being limited to the power plant alone. In the Jason Bourne movies Jason Bourne was an elite individual, he was genetically modified to be a superior human being and labelled an “asset” by his section leaders to be used as a highly trained assassin. In the movies men such as he took drugs to effect this conditioning. As we are all aware drugs have serious side effects that can greatly shorten life expectancy and at present do not exist to enable people to perform as shown in these movies. This does not mean this is unavailable, we have this capability within our modality of “Energetic Medicine” most definitely so.

Our modality is based upon TCM, this is Acupuncture whereby we deliver instruction to the body only we do not use needles. We deliver digital instruction via a medium of which a Remedy is a medium, there are other mediums available which deliver a variable constant to the body for the uploading of this digital information to effect change which in turn accentuates wellness to the recipient. We refer to this instruction as Enhancements as mentioned on our front page of this site. The entire body is a complex grid system of energetic centers we term this in its complete form as “The Body Electric”. When there is an imbalance in our bodies this is where Dis-ease begins and as is stored. We assist the body to clear these stagnant energy blockages to return wellness to the individual with the aid of our Digital Instruction. We can go a step further and deliver immense Energetic Wellness such that we polish the entire body for it to function as smooth as it possibly can. This is similar to the Jason Bourne effect. Not only do we correct illness but we enhance the body for it to become “Alive” and to stay alive irrespective of age. We mention agelessness on our front page for this is where we sit. We continuously have Energetic Enhancements presented to our Body Electric to bring polish to the total race vehicle that we are. The effects of this is Exceptional Health across the board, this is why our company has this name and this is what we have going on everyday. Is there anyone out there who can boast/claim to not be in need of this? We most definitely do not think so. If you want to feel like I do while almost 60 yet I feel in my early 20’s then get on board. To be 90 and feel like 40 that will do me, twice the life while every day feeling vital. For those of you who do not believe for this seems too incredible? I have been doing this in excess of 14years, it has been agonisingly frustrating when I meet so many who are blind to what I am stating here, even those who have had the most serious of illness once corrected we seldom hear from them as if that is all thank you very much? People want proof and verification we understand that. Take our Gut Balancer Programme, 1 x Drop and it will deliver the most complete care to your Gut and Digestive organs possible. One x drop that is miraculous on its own, and who else can achieve that, pretty much know one I have ever met. And that is just the beginning.

This is what I am currently taking Energetically and have been doing so for years along side my superior diet and daily exercise programme. Spinal Energy Flow and Structures, all major load bearing joints knees and hips under repair. I have General Health in balance. Connective Tissue Repair, Degeneration Treatment, DNA Therapies, Inflamed Response, Injured Tissue, Membrane Transport, Restore Chi and balance to Life Force. Complete Circulatory enforcement which I wear while I sleep, this is balance to the Pericardium, Heart, Vein Therapies etc. It is the perfect treatment for all Cardiovascular Disorders. I have engineered a special medicine specific to myself for Age Reversal using Programmed Sequential Therapies and take this in drop form once daily. My water is absolute containing therapies for the Brain, Para and Sympathetic Nervous System as well as the Vagus Nerve. I take a Prostate Programme Remedy, balance to Kidney and Bladder Structures, Eye Therapies one drop daily and I have 20/20 vision at 58 years. The other day I installed Spinal Energy Flow I felt life come into me that I had most definitely forgotten, like an urgency. It is little wonder I feel the way I do. Side effects are attitude more to the point “Pocket Rocket-ism.” To get the very most out of life is where we are coming from with relation to Natural Health, Vitality and Exuberance all at one. The result will be to live years younger totally across the board and to live longer and to be in a position to embrace more everyday for the simple fact you are so much more. This we offer to everyone who would like it, too easy.

This is where we start, this entire site is about how to get there and to stay there. As usual we must start at the beginning by placing vital rich foods into our system, we must be able to absorb the benefits of these foods so to have a balanced Gut and digestive tract is where we must begin.

This is the perfect platform from which to build superior Health and true Life Extension.

We have mentioned this all through this website, you require to pass our health test and check, from there we look at all imbalances occurring within you and offer to assist you to correct them all bringing you to balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. We must address all three for we are made up of all three.
Biological Medicine: This is simply digital instruction delivered to the body electric for the body to use only if it is required for returning balance (wellness). This instruction is delivered in an energetic form this is where it gets its name “Energetic Medicine”. There are some side effects this is dependent upon many factors with the major one beginning with what exactly is going on and how serious the condition is which has been presented. A serious condition over many years will have more side effects for the simple reason the healing or release exchange will be greater. Side effects are generally emotional in nature. Noticeably with a healing exchange as the body releases the energy blockage (Cause of the illness) in almost all cases there are emotional attachments. As these are released this corresponds with side effects being presented. This can have the body go into shock particularly so with the release of the root cause to the problem.  Wellness is another side effect. These effects are not generally long term and correspond with the lifting of the spirit which is the desired result. With the delivery of Energetic Medicine the body uses only what is required and ignores and stores the rest. This is dependent upon the medium of delivery, continuous variable mediums such as crystal or cards  have the capacity to store what is not immediately required while in most instances drops loose their unused energies. This can become complex, this is as far as we are going to go with this on here. We test for imbalances using devices and make instruction (medicines) for correcting these imbalances. In all instances General Health as outlined on here must be brought to bear and maintained The adjunct to your diet we recommend above will endorse healing of the body. Self-care comes once this has been obtained, check on this in the Beginning pages on here. From here we turn to specific therapy for this we use the Mora this is one of the world’s finest devices for natural digital therapies.  Exercise plays an important role as does the need to manage stress. Stress is most certainly a killer. It is healthier and better for every individual to create balance in their everyday lives including time out for themselves than to buy into a stressful life. When you make time for yourself on a daily basis it is highly likely to reduce stress levels. Life is what you create for yourself, your health is your greatest ever asset if you find yourself following a path similar to mine or wish to? The sooner you start the quicker vibrant health (Life Extension) comes to you. We take little steps and don’t look back other than to say I never want to revisit where I have been.
We have a Genesis variably delivered Card Therapy, we have our Base Chakra Realignment , and we have Shifting Emotions all three come as part of our Life Extension programme.
We have some very special people who have undertaken all three, we have some senior citizens who are on the Genesis Programme who feel electric well into their 70’s.
We take you there progressively cleaning your system and recharging it, most side effects bar feeling electric come from stored emotions, these are very real and can have physical side effects of lethargy, tears etc. We do monitor you while you are undergoing this transformation.
Benefits: Eternal youth is here it is a mindset you give to yourself…. far easier when you’re at the top of your game (healthy and energetic). Truly beautiful people are those who view life as their playground and live with heart in everything they do. This is a choice we make or not that is entirely up to you, is the glass full or half empty? Positive or negative, do you wear black a great deal or do you embrace energetic colour, do I need to tell you my choice? Colour is electric, black is like cancer.

Life Extension Lifestyle (a better way to live)
We all need to remove from our body every negative mindset, this means toxicity on both the physical and emotional level. If spiritual to is required then let us make that happen.
Treat your body as the greatest asset you will ever own for it simply is. Make sure your gut health is in immaculate condition and only consume vibrant foods which elevate and lift your energy.
Your mindset is ultimately important, let go of all ugly towards everything and everyone harbour no resentments nor bitterness. Should you have a grievance simply let it go or contact us for assistance with this. Make a list of stored negative mindsets for they are energy blockages just like a poison they are causing you harm. Be passionate about everything you do, where you live and the special people you have brought into your life. Anyone who is ugly help them to acknowledge , reduce to set them free from their ugly burden so they too can be on the same page as you or simply have them leave your life. You are to introduce yourself to a diet which fully enriches your body as mentioned here, have positive thoughts and enjoy laughter every day. Make time for yourself daily, stop being a victim to the ugly of the outside world. Stop buying into propaganda from TV or other media’s. Follow a path in your life of least resistance this is the one you are meant to be on, listen to your heart and have it guide you. Be mindful of your interactions with others, mirror behaviours and say what you mean and mean what you say. Let your spoken word make a difference and look to the bright side of life, live it joyfully with spontaneity and zest, look forward to events plan them well and share your desires with those in your circle of acquaintances who you care for. Above all treat your family as a part of your anatomy for in truth they are and support all of them to reach their highest potential without stepping on others. Smile as you go about your life and remember a smile costs nothing and goes to the heart of everyone who bears witness to it. You have the power to lift another by simply paying them a compliment, see the good in everything and direct others to do the same. The world becomes a better place when we all walk a journey such as this. This is how I like to live my life.
I’m in tune listening to the little voices that come daily into my head, they talk to me more so when I am still.