Base Chakra Realignment

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Base Chakra Realignment

Note: This programme must be undertaken in conjunction with our NLP Programme as such it will not be sold nor distributed to anyone unless they agree to these terms. Both programmes work hand in hand is why. NLP can be administered prior to this programme although we feel it is best for them to be undertaken simultaneously. Side effects (alarm reactions) from this programme are being treated as they occur, if this was not the case this programme would be too emotionally rendering (incapacitating) for the individual to complete.

Base Chakra Re-alignment is the most important energy system in our body to bring on line and for us to reunite with. It is the core of who we are and the driving force behind each and every one of us. It is in here where our primal instinct is stored, this is our core purpose for that which we came into this world in this life to fulfil. This programme is the Re-alignment of us back to our true selves.

This re-alignment may have mild healing crises, side effects such as being tired and at times with possible spatial disorientation of not being present, in the event this occurs you are to rest and have a nap. This nap may last only 10minutes, this is similar to uploading on your computer when the install has been made we turn it off (turning off is us having the sleep). As you progress with therapy the exchange and transformation becomes smoother, easier and gentler, expect little surprises such as virility to return, interest in the opposite sex may become pronounced, an overall inner strength, peace and a knowing and belonging that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Results have been truly remarkable for the few who have begun this transformation and reconnect. I personally felt the enormity of the dynamic of my growth, as the finer aspects of my persona which truly define me were being freed up.

It may be fair to expect illness to substantially diminish even to leave as the “poor me” which comes with all pathologies ceases to be for this is the weakened version of your true self brought about from our reactions (allowing outside influences to determine us) to what we have been subjected to this far in our lives, these have manifested themselves into negativity/illness held back in the subconscious mind as a blockage stored in every cell in the body. Most of us tend to beat ourselves up from buying into not being able to meet standards set by society and by others, these are some of the outside influences we are talking about. We must hold and see ourselves in the highest light and live our life true to ourselves, do not allow outside negativity to determine us ever again. This is a conscious choice that you make or simply let it go by mirroring  it off.

Base re-alignment can be described as the drive behind the man/women, it is the masculinity (Testosterone and power), the no nonsense part of you, it is you saying:
I am me, I stand tall, I am the king/Queen of my world, I answer to myself and no other, I am complete in the knowing of who I truly am, the world belongs to me and I It, and I am in charge, i embrace all that I am…. truly magnificent”. Note: no harm will befall others, you are not turning into a psychopath (or being possessed) you are simply finding you in all your glory.

It may be fair to expect determination and the knowing of who you are to become dominant. Relationships you currently have may no longer seem necessary. It is your choice how you wish to proceed with this, we have people in our lives for various reasons, it may be you have now out grown them, the gap they have filled is no longer there. Nothing is wrong here it is simply you finding yourself bringing it all back into line focusing on growing forward unfractured and complete.

The transition will be different for every person as we each are individual and have our own separate specific life path. Once the transition is complete your life will have more clarity and meaning, you will simply be your true magnificent self. Our mind (Brain) runs the show the Heart is the love, our Passions, our gentle most beautiful special self (Note: This is how you need to feel about ourselves!) which we all need to have on line to truly live, and the Base, the driving force (our determination) keeping everything together focusing us on our goals, desires and direction as we make it all happen. We come here perfect, perfect to live our true life path….. with the aid of this specialised and specific (to the individual) remedy you truly can.

It is our belief everything we do must be done with Heart, this means Heart is King. Heart energy is love energy, everything on the planet is made from love, when you love it, it is simply perfect. When Heart rules the body life becomes perfect (check out our Centreing Emotions Programme) according to traditional Chinese Mythology. These words are truly wonderful to embrace.

Note: Love is the key it is the eternal energy of life itself. Love all that you are and all that you do tell yourself to stop looking at the negative especially so when feeling low rather look at the wonders of what you truly have and embrace those. Surround yourself with pure divine light allow only the beauty to come through, the black is not welcome in your life, all you need do is command it, allow it, visualise it for it to be there.

Medium of Delivery

A test is required to determine the corrections that are necessary this is simple and painless and can be determined over the phone or from a request in an email.  Whatever is found is loaded into Homeopathic Drops for you to administer as specified upon the label. This preparation has been made specific  for the individual who it is intended for, as such it is of no use and in fact could prove detrimental to another should they attempt to interface with it.

Contact Derek on 022-319-2540  should you have any concerns or simply wish to share your journey. As always enrich your every day with positivity and vibrancy, do not accept negativity above all teach yourself to stop generating it. If you need further clarification with anything written here all you need do is ask, this natural medicine is truly transformational.