Reflexology – Foot Spas

The Phenomenal healing wonders of Organic Kelp, Magnesium, Raw Sea Salt & M.S.M

Reflexology is the study of the anatomy through the feet. It is possible to assist the body to heal through interactions with the feet both in massage and the use of foot spa’s with specialised therapies. We advise to have a foot spa 2 to 3 times weekly for up to 30 minutes in duration. We use 3 liters of pure hot water in a suitable vessel which will accommodate your feet. Place into this water 3 heaped tablespoons of Magnesium Sulphate (Epson salts), two tablespoons of raw sea salt, 1 tablespoon of pure M.S.M powder and three quarters of a tea spoon of Organic Kelp powder.
The seas have within them every element we need to rebuild our bodies on the physical plain. Kelp is the grass if you like of the sea; it is quite possibly the highest charged grass on earth containing every mineral and trace element known. Raw sea salt too contains every mineral and is an excellent piggy back to this wonderful treatment process. Magnesium sulphate is unquestionably the body’s personalized miraculous healer. If we are to bathe in a solution of natures finest products over time the effects upon the body can be transformational. And when we combine this treatment process with some specific instructions to the body delivered through our Energetic Medicines the healing process and transformation becomes vastly accelerated slowing down the biological clock, only you must be consistent. If you truly wish to obtain the greatest health in your life the processes outlined on our website will most definitely take you far closer than you have perhaps been.

Therapy while having Foot spa

We treat ourselves with colour therapy using blue and green with the Solfegio frequency 528Hertz (this is the DNA Frequency) which is the push behind the colour (We have practitioner grade devices, a Bioptron light device is not on the same page please get this). We use a high powered Homeopathic amplifier along with specific medicines we have prepared for conditions we wish to treat. Example would be to regrow tissue to an arthritic knee. When we place the colour head on the knee activate the amplifier and have our feet soaking in the spa solution the light causes an urgency in the area being treated for the minerals in the foot spa to be delivered accentuating healing in this area.
The same treatments apply for Beauty Therapies which is a very interesting section to our website.