The Best Health of your life

To obtain The Best Health of your life and how to maintain it?

Genesis the entire body’s operating systems working in synchronicity.
For a very long time there has been a need for a variably delivered support to the body which will bring balance and polish to every aspect of your anatomy. It must be a variable potency for the body will become immune to a constant rendering it ineffective, this is why medicines only work for a while then they don’t. We have created a medicine which delivers Specific instruction to the body. This is currently the most advanced technology available for the reprogramming of an individual. No matter your pathology (Illness and or Dis-ease) the energies contained within this special medium will present to your system such healing which we feel can only be defined as miraculous. We ask for you to wear this medium anywhere which is convenient on your body such that it is in contact with your skin. When this is happening the energies contained within the medium are transferred to your body electric. The body electric is the energetic centre of every cell in the entire body. Within minutes the effects of this immense programme is being uploaded into you initiating Homeostasis (balance). We ask you to use this medium particularly so while you are having your daily foot spa (If applicable). This medium is for your lineage only and will not function for another, once it has interfaced with your DNA it is tuned into you. Wear daily only unless otherwise stated. There are side effects to this therapy, these may be tears for when we open the body in its entirety to purification (releasing the negative aligning all that you are) every ugly you harbour in your life to this day will be released, it can be extremely uncomfortable we suggest the use of our Special Rescue Remedy to help overcome this, please be mindful you are on a journey to attain the most abundant health you have ever known.
These too have to be addressed: dietary changes and quite possibly location and your occupation as well as people in your life who bring you down for they are part of the ugly and as such must either change of simply leave, how you see yourself will change and for that we have a specific remedy: Centreing Emotions, this remedy brings heart to centre of your body. In essence you will live your life in Heart, you will love all you do for nothing less will be acceptable it has been described as a most beautiful transition with every recipient I have been fortunate to bear witness to their miraculous change  it is transformational delivering them to their own resplendency.

Energetic programming contained within this medium are:

Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Bladder, Heart, Endocrine, Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Colon, Pericardium and the Small Intestine. Treatment delivered to these organs is inclusive of their vital current to include the total balance to their meridians: Yin/Yang, Colour, Element, Chakra and the Meridian itself and Stem Cell therapies. Autonomic Nervous system & Vegas Nerve, Total energetic treatment to your Blood, Spine,  All Bones, The entire Brain, Connective Tissue, Degeneration, Telomeres’ of the DNA, Energy, General health, Inflammation, Injured Tissue, membrane Transport, Oxygen stimulation, Respiration, Restore Chi, Balance Life Force, Ventilation and skin.
Programmed Sequential Therapies: Elasticity for the Skin, Glowing Skin, Hydration and Skin Tone,
Male Sexual Balance, Cardiovascular Therapies: Arterial Function, all Heart & Vein problems Inflammation of Arterial Function. Complete Therapies: Age Reversal, Body & Face Scan, Face Lift, Lines & Wrinkles, Stem cell Regeneration. Structures: All Back Conditions, Hip sacral, Lumber, Sciatica, Shoulders and spinal Lesions.
We invite you to give this a go to experience the true wonders of a beautiful life.
Disclaimer: By law we are not permitted to make any claims, the wording in this document merely represents our intent, we do not heal you, we simply assist you to the following progression: True healing comes only from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care.