Mobile Services

About Mobile Services

We offer a mobile service to anyone who requires our specialised care. We cater for separate individuals, groups, families and or businesses whatever is required. Simply make contact for us to discuss your request and needs, we will give you a quotation for us to come to you and we go from there.
This is New Zealand based however we are not limited to NZ, we are able to head to Australia, and is dependent on our time with all costs being met by you.

Treatments at our mobile clinic:

Biofeedback Therapies: This is a cybernetic loop between the patient and a computer where we go through a matrix to offer relief from all manner of stresses affecting the individual. Generally we like to test to see what is out of balance then to see weather this type of therapy is required for it is expensive and very time consuming.

Mora Therapy: This the use of body secretions to correct immediate and long term imbalances in various organ systems pertaining to the specific needs of the individual. The Mora is the finest tool in the world for performing this specific treatment. This is what we use weekly on our selves, a remedy is generated and a treatment given from the connection to the device

Rife Therapy: This is holding onto probes while varying and corrective frequencies are being sent into the body, we generally test for ones which are beneficial generally for a specific complaint, a remedy is generated from this therapy.

Colour Therapy: This is administered using the ADK 4000 which is the most advanced colour therapy devices today, they deliver pulse behind the colour such as 528Hz which is the DNA frequency, additional energies can be added to the treatment.

Mobile Service Fees:

Travel $1:00 per kilometer, Testing is $20:00 per test, Time @ $50:00 per half hour. This means if you have two tests and we are there for half an hour your fee is 2 x $20:00 plus $50:00 plus travel per kilometer.
Natural medicines/remedies are on top of this.