Letter of Introduction

Exceptional Health Ltd

Specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine     2017 Update

To Company’s and Businesses of Honourable Intent.

Substance Detection and Removal and Toxic Exposure in the Workplace Environment.

We are a Natural Health Company that specialise in substance detection and removal. In addition we offer testing and treatments for all imbalances found within the body.  We have traveled the country extensively for many years performing our services to great success benefiting all no matter their health issues. Conveniently being mobile allows us to set up on sites almost anywhere. We are based around Bay of Plenty through to Pukekohe.

We use Energetic Medicine for the detection of foreign substances and for their removal. We have immediate removal programs which have shown improvement in the recipient’s mood and vibrancy from the very first day without unnecessary toxic shock occurring (the body going into stress mode). We are confident we can design a specific test to meet a company’s specific requirements. We use specialised testing equipment which is non invasive meaning we do not require blood, saliva or urine samples, this is a natural alternative to mainstream diagnostic procedures.

Testing is very precise and highly accurate using EAV technology and takes but a few minutes. We are more than happy to perform sample testing procedures with you for you to gauge how we operate and invite your response. We are not limited in our testing for substances alone; we have the ability to test for all manner of imbalances within an individual. We predominately educate people how to improve and maintain their health short and most definitely for the long term we specialise in delivering Life Extension no matter your age, for we run a Life Extension Clinic.

It is our view the healthier and happier the individual the more productive they will be, this is inclusive of emotional health.  We see successful businesses as a team effort with staff and management functioning for the greater good of both.

Our Fees for services are competitive with the added bonus of removal programmes which others in this field do not appear to offer.
Persons who undertake our elimination processes in almost every case benefit tremendously. For more involved specific therapy and treatments these are performed at our mobile clinic.

In the event your company is interested in our services feel free to make contact and let us begin a great working relationship.

Honourable Intent is defined as employers who do care about the welfare of their staff which in our view must be of a reciprocative nature. We have an extensive amount of information on our website and are here to answer any  questions you may have.


Derek McTaggart
Company Director.