Toxic Exposure & Chemical Poisoning

Toxic (Carcinogens) and or Chemical Exposure at Work or Home

With the invention of cell phones, the onslaught of the computer age and rapid advances in all forms of technology we now live in the most toxic times our world has ever known. There are varying degrees of toxicity in almost everyone we test the common denominator is they all are having a detrimental effect and when combined with the pressure (stress) to perform this is adding to the mix of low vitality and subsequently a constitution. There are genetically modified foods which are really bad for us and artificial sweeteners (we are not artificial) which is one of the most serious toxins of them all. It is seemingly unavoidable out there to be constantly subjected to toxic exposure, it is little wonder people are becoming increasingly sick these days at an earlier age. Most people today seem oblivious to having a peaceful life; many are in a robotic mode unable to simply say no to it all. It is our belief our life styles are in fact eroding our sanity. How much do we really need? I challenge all to honestly ask themselves this question, the necessity to bring daily balance to our lives is in our view an absolute must.
Carcinogens are increasing as are new products, with the invention of a new item correspondingly so another carcinogen has been developed, (in almost every case). Let us look at our exhaust from our vehicles, cadmium is a byproduct of unleaded petrol, it is a more serious carcinogen than its predecessor, lead. In cities we are continuously inhaling it, Google cadmium poisoning and see if you have some of the symptoms? Every toxin in your body has a detrimental effect on your well being and overall health. This needs to be monitored and corrected meaning they must be removed from the body. Chemical poisoning is extremely common in industry and at home, simply look at your shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Bleach which even says they are carcinogens. There are natural cleaners available with no ill side effects out there. In Industry there are of course safety measures my question is how effective are they? We test to determine this and offer solutions where needed. We strongly recommend people to be tested who feel they make be at risk or simply want to know their toxicity levels. We are of the opinion everyone needs to undertake at least an annual detoxification (carcinogen) removal programme. This will boost their immune system greatly increasing energetic health and in turn make them feel better. Those at serious risk such as tradesmen we recommend to undergo 6 monthly testing to see how they are doing. Testing is discussed in detail on this website: it is a simple non invasive test which takes around 20 minutes. It is far better to be aware than ignorant of what is attacking your system and for you to prevent illness rather than the need for treatment at a later stage, prevention is obviously by far the best course of action in our view. To go forward with this simply make contact and let us begin. We are passionate about what we do we have seem miracles occur right in front of us on the day.

Creating Greater Health and Care at Work.

Every company and business relies on the performance of their staff to increase productivity. If the staff are not in good health which includes how they are feeling physically and emotionally their performance becomes impaired. We like to assist companies to create and sustain an active health programme for all their staff. This does not cost astronomical amounts, it is affordable. We are able to travel to company’s set up and test for Gut Health and Carcinogens the employees may be suffering from and or other health challenges. In most cases we are able to establish why some staff are sick more often than others and assist them to correct this. Should your business or company be interested in our services we are more than happy to discuss this further with you, check out our Mobile Services on this site.

Creating and Sustaining Ideal Working Relationships.

Many years ago when I first began work it was like and extension of my home and family environment where my bosses where like big brothers and or parents who genuinely cared about me. I loved going to work. This meant it was a pleasurable experience for me. If we can make this seemingly long lost belonging return to companies staff productivity will increase there would be less sick days, people will be happier.
It is our view the company cannot survive without the staff, and vice versa. Both must care and give back to the other it is then not solely about performance it is about sustainability working together harmoniously for the greater good of both.
 My staff used to say to me, you are the best boss I have ever had, I got more out of them yet it was simpler to sustain once I had them thinking on the same path as myself. I cared for them like they were my sons, I shielded them from the ugly of the industry we were in. My thinking behind the care: it is how I would like to be treated, so mirror ones behaviors, if it’s good enough for me to accept then fine if not…do not expect others to. My real value in my business was the staff I had trained, I looked for those individuals who could meet my requirements and did not hire those who could not, I have many fond memories of these fine young men. It is my view a business which runs as that of a well balanced family makes for a more enjoyable and profitable working environment.