Exceptional Health comes from Exceptional Nutrition

Isn’t that heading the truth? We have segments on Nutrition in various location on this site. Our Absorption remedy PDF folder in our healing programmes contains our diet. In our Basics folder there is a blog on Nutrition well worth investigating and again more in our Life Extension pages where we look at the importance of Juice Therapy and the absolute importance of high grade Water. In our Shop there are our Super Supplements along with their write ups addressing their immense benefits they individually posses when taken daily into the body. Please feel free to roam around our site and take notes. You do have an option to come see us, we like being around like minded souls, for they are part of our clan.

We see Nutrition as placing Love into our system. Love in this instance is from the highest quality of foods available. This is reflective in how we see ourselves from this there is a direct deep seated emotional link, which needs to be there for it is all about: love of self for thy-self.

Nutrition from our prospective is to be seen as the building blocks to the body. As always on here we advocate we must be able to absorb these nutrients not to share them with any foreign life form living within us and from us, such as: Parasites, Flukes or Bad Fungi, and Candida’s all must be in balance and or removed. For they inhibit our ability to absorb our nutrients effectively. Our Gut Balancing Programme meets this requirement within a few minutes.

Note: The very best and finest natural and Organic Nutrition, and it doesn’t have to be Organic all contain Parasites in particular Flukes. If you do not take an ongoing precautionary eliminating safe guard to remove these you will be infected. No matter who you are or what you eat, You are not impervious to these they destroy the body pure and simple!

In our Shop we promote some of the world’s most potent and gentle and beautiful products that deliver extreme wellness when taken into the body. We are proactive in taking each one of them every day. We do this for the benefits from adding these super foods to us brings superior vitality and are supportive of Life Extension across the board. They all contain age-reversal properties. Our diet plays the most significant role in the quality and longevity of our lives. Not only are we emotionally involved with what we eat, from how wonderful it tastes and smells to go further on from there. Our foods in reality must to be seen as our medicine, with them being totally supportive in that role. The higher the quality of these foods we consume the more we get out of life. They assist our bodies with age retardation a measurable factor as well as to deliver Life Extension to us and subsequent Pocket Rocket-ism at any age.

Note:  we are all ageless in case you have come on here to simply read about nutrition. I am in my 33rd life path. That makes me around 2600 years (give or take?) and not ever old.  We are never a day old in our lives please get that and reflect it in your daily speech when mentioning anything regarding age.

Mindset and Food choices: It is of immense importance when selecting suitable food that we have the corresponding mindset which matches our choices. Meaning: we must love what we are eating even if we are eating potato chips which is not an ideal food source. Most of us love them, as do we, it would be such a shame for us not to have them on occasion. Raw sea salted ones are a better choice. Cream filled doughnuts with apple or other fruits and berries are delicious. Sure these are not totally good for us so enjoy them when you have them. It is not totally about consuming pure foods, our thinking behind what we eat is most significant. Do not permit a negative thought to encompass the food you choose to eat. This does not mean it is okay to have known carcinogenic contaminants in our foods such as Caffeine, and Aspartame, for it is not. Being on our Gut Balancer Programme will render the Aspartame content safe. Have a read about Aspartame in our information section. It is okay on occasion to have poor food choices only see them as a positive.

Anti-Oxidants verses Free Radicals: in short free radical damage is when a cell has a depleted energy signature and is on it’s way out. Imagine they have a sad face but never think of them as unwanted or unloved. When we eat foods high in antioxidant levels such as power juices for example these Mega-antioxidants are full of life giving vitality. When they come into contact with cells which are depleted they share their energy with these cells. This is them sharing the love as we like to call this process. The depleted cell becoming strong once again for it to get on with the business of delivering and sustaining our Life Force.

 Juice Therapy: is the most unique and specialised way for the delivery of mass nutrients into the system without draining the body’s vitality in receiving this vitality. The benefits from receiving nutrition this way has immense benefits. The reason why it is so monumentally beneficial to have on a daily basis:  Juices deliver the living nutrient (antioxidants) contained within any given produce in a liquid with their mode of transport being organic water. We are 80% organic water only living vitality is encompassed within this water. When the body is sick it needs all its strength to combat the illness. Eating drains us for us to receive this nutrition and we are sick from illness draining us further. Half the body’s organ systems gets into action when we eat. This makes juices in a class of their own and the very reason why we have them. They are the absolute with Carrot juice being The king of Nutrition.” The fact that carrot is orange speaks volumes. Orange is the healing colour for the Kidneys. The kidneys are the organ which repairs and rebuilds the entire body. They are the ones which hold love for a mate also and they guide the Heart to make better choices in choosing that individual especially so when the Heart has rose coloured glasses on. We are being serious here, erectile dysfunction is governed by the Kidneys, they are the boss.

Colon Health , a life saver: This is the Gut, the eliminator organ and the one which permits us to absorb our Nutrition. Fiber from raw foods is essential for peristaltic action. This is the Colon muscles that brings the evacuation and release of undesired waste. Natural fiber from raw foods are by far the best way to assist with this cleaning (peristaltic action) of the Colon walls. Evacuations are most necessary to have at least once per day. Even as often as after every meal.  When we do not have regular daily evacuations is when we are in trouble. When the Colon becomes clogged this leads on to Dis-ease from unwanted waste matter poisoning our system from putrefaction. Emotions do play a significant role in the functionality of the entire body, and with Colon health too. Colonic Irrigation’s are not an acceptable continuous practice to us for they remove essential Bowel Flora which are instrumental in our absorption. Continual Colonics deplete our body. One thing to bear in mind the body has been engineered to take care of itself for an extended life time. This is inclusive of the waste plant (Colon). We have a long Colon for matter to transverse, the reasoning behind this it enables us to obtain the maximum extraction of nutrients from our foods. Heavy foods such as meat are supposed to clog the Colon, not exactly correct, if ones mindset is supportive of buying into this thought pattern then sure it can happen. Balanced foods are best, red meat about the size of the palm of your hand twice weekly is recommended. Not an every day event. Many of us suffer from bloating from consuming foods with Gluten such food types as in bread. Beer to. To have an extended Colon can come from stored fecal matter then from subsequent insufficient evacuations. Juices have an eliminating effect on the Colon like no other food. Roughage from raw foods and yellow coloured foods such as banana have an eliminating effect. Yellow light at 125 Hertz on the naval for half an hour should see peristaltic action progress. There is a great deal more to be mentioned regarding the Colon but for now on this page this will suffice.

Food Allergies: From our perspective these are subconscious negatively tuned vibrations to the particular food type indicated (the allergen). This is your reluctance and undesired stored emotion to consume this food type. Interesting when we clear the emotional blockage towards this particular food the allergic reaction leaves also? Only foods which are beneficial must this be undertaken for. Gluten containing foods are not beneficial for us for gluten clogs and bloats the Colon. Any food which brings with it shock to the body with that shock having the potential to lead on to death to the organism. This must be addressed and corrected in our view. Certainly not to be ruled out and thrown under the carpet for the individual is always going to be compromised and can be held to pay the price from accidental consumption. Simply sort this is our advice, it takes no time at all.

Processed Foods: These foods are food which have been processed by man as opposed to them being presented to the body naturally as found in nature. Those of us who have a diet rich in these devitalised foods are paying the price from illness and Dis-ease sooner or late? Fast foods such as takeaways, deep fried foods, cakes, with refined sugar every food which has been altered with have the potential to reduce our vibrancy and energetic levels, promoting poor Colon function from there poor health to us.

Live Foods and cow’s milk: Live foods are foods which are totally natural in their presentation to the body for consumption. Vegetables and fruits, nuts too fall into this category. Raw milk although for a calf and although high in mucous has been deemed a superfood from the super nutrients it contains. Note: Grasses are up there with being the most resilient plants on earth. They contain immense health benefits from the abundance of minerals they possess. Cows eat grasses and produce highly energetic milk from it for their young. Provided we have it Raw and in specific dosages it will can be beneficial for us. The mucus content is one significant factor which cannot be overlooked. It  can be seen as too much for our system to tolerate.  Milk is one major stabilising nutrition food world wide. This may be the case although we never have it directly, nor daily. I have never liked milk, I refused it when given it at school when I was little for it made me vomit. This fact cannot be overlooked milk has been made to bring a calf to immense size over a short period of time. We are not calves, the most beneficial milk for us is Human Milk. With next being goats milk, unpasturised milk only in moderation. As for pasturised milk, no way at all. Heating depletes vitality by destroying live nutrients in the all products.

Dairy and Wheat: We have dairy every day, cheese and butter but not overly involved with either. Butter is made from cream and we love cream, highly mucus forming and high in fats and over the top for our system to cope with in large quantities. Therefore moderation is advised. As for wheat, We do not advocate breads for the gluten they posses. Gluten free is equally as harmful. All wheat is processed so we simply avoid it full stop.

Coffee and Tea: Coffee is a known carcinogen for it contains the permitted drug caffeine as do some teas. Caffeine causes acceleration or hyperactivity to the Thyroid gland. It retards the Liver and affects the eyes bringing with this blurred vision. The Thyroid gland is a fire sign, there are four such signs within the body. When one is out of balance it affects the others. These are the small intestine, the pericardium, the Heart and the Endocrine system. The Thyroid is in the Endocrine system these are our glands with the reproductive system being in there too. Thyroid dysfunction  affects all of these. We suggest water as the absolute beverage. We have this and power juices as our preferred drink. Our preferred tea is Manuka honey with raw ginger to taste. Honey assists with improving absorption, is a natural ant-inflammatory and so assists the body to repair injured tissue, and an accelerator of vigor and Brain Function due to the organic sugar content. Ginger too is an anti-inflammatory as well as an aphrodisiac and is anti cancerous and promotes chi. Chi is the free flow of energy within the body. What is more it tastes great. Learn to listen to your own body it will tell you what it wants. We had a Ginger Tea the other day for us to crave another straight after, we had not had one for a while.

Refined Sugars: these have been defined as white death. We accept that definition in part. We do not accept having refined sugars will bring death to us, we do not have unrefined sugars that we add to anything in our diet. There are products we purchase which contain a certain amount of refined sugars. We take these minimally. In nature we harvest raw sugar from the sugar cane plant and call it Organic Molasses or Malt. This product is in our shop and is an immediate potent Iron provider as well as containing almost every mineral necessary for life inclusive with this is it’s ability to assist with the rebuilding of the Brain. What is more when you remove the lid from the molasses container and an animal such as a cow gets a whiff of it….look out it is coming your way. Animals do not read labels they know instinctively what is good for them. We take this product twice daily. Sugar imbalances must be checked and removed if present. Honey is another sugar substitute and bees make it. Without bees life on this planet for us ends. Honey is a miraculous and beneficial food source particularly so the Manuka extracted Honey. Manuka is a powerful healing plant and herb. The honey from it is seen as up there as the best in the world. We only have this type of honey for all others to us have less substance to them and a lower activity. There are other natural sweeteners that are out there. Xylitol is a plant that has a glycemic index of 6 as opposed to refined sugar of 100. It tastes very similar to sugar only without the bight. Stevia is yet another, we do not use this product as the ones above to us are more than enough. Most foods present in nature is the exact way they are intended to be presented to the body. Cooking them without over doing it is the key and to never Microwave anything. Only use a Microwave if you want to kill.

Chocolate: Don’t we all love chocolate? absolutely and this is perhaps why: Chocolate is a known anti-depressant this makes it so good for us, only best not to over indulge on it? Dark is better for it contains more Cocoa. Cocoa is the active ingredient and a known mega antioxidant and is of immense importance to consume daily. We have on average 8 pieces of dark chocolate per day with organic coconut oil and raw organic nuts as a daily snack. Candida’s out of balance deliver sweet cravings in most cases. For us to enjoy our chocolate we certainly do not want to share it with these going on within. Refer to our Candida Programme on here and the Spit-Test which you can do at home. Whatever chocolate you desire have it until you have had enough for it may simply be your are lacking the emotion it supports. Such as delivering tenderness and warmth to us, such chocolates as Belgium Truffles and Ferro-rocher deliver this. These are my favorites, Swiss chocolate is another. We most certainly deserve and are entitled to the gentle pampering of ourselves from high quality chocolate.

Salt: natural sea salt has a lot going for it as does Himalayan Salt which is pink in colour. Pink is the healing colour for all woman and we all come from women so it must be good for us. We use it finely ground as our toothpaste. It does a splendid job of cleaning teeth and if we swallow some it is what our body’s are made from, containing around 100 known minerals. Should anyone present with Tooth decay and gun dis-ease this would infer they are not taking adequate care of their mouth. Hot water with Himalayan salt swishing around will see these complaints subside to leave totally. Kelp is an excellent salt replacement, it contains salts as well as Iodine from the kelp itself. Processed salts to us are not ever a good substitute for you simply cannot out perform the pure natural product.

Listening to our Bodies:  Muscle Testing in our Information page is in our view a most necessary tool to have mastered. This is you tuning into your self and asking your own body for a yes or a no with reference to anything you wish to ask it. When you are on the page of your body wanting a specific nutrition or food and you know you are wanting something? This is your body letting you know you haven’t given it what it needs or desires. It is then lacking in this, seek it out is what we are advising. We do this everyday, we have almost everything we normally need in our pantry or fridge on hand to be had. Our Nutrition needs to simple be supportive such that it meets the standard set down by these timeless words:

Let Thy Food be Thy Medicines