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Aspartame the Unseen Killer….. If it says ‘SUGAR FREE’ on the label run for your very life, this is not a joke!
There is a growing epidemic world wide of leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with Multiple Sclerosis and Systemic Lupus. It was difficult to determine exactly what toxin was causing this to become rampant it could be ASPARTAME? If you present or are diagnosed with these conditions we need to test to see if you have ASPARTAME poisoning (the body cannot shift it without a release agent). If present we need to remove it and see if your symptoms disappear? For you to say you avoid it like the plague…great news and if you found out you were infected and that your boyfriend/girlfriend kissed you and you got it that way…hmmmm. This is how serious the spread of it can be, as well as it is hidden and not mentioned on all labels in hundreds of items. Are you really convinced you are free of it? Candida out of balance immediately is what it delivers among all the other potentially life threatening pathologies. Check out the Spit Test on our Candida Document or come see us for a very quick non invasive Test. Check out our Gut Balancing Remedy, one drop per day and your covered/protected and good to go it comes with an education also.
Why is Aspartame so dangerous?  When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde then to Formic Acid, which in turn causes Metabolic Acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The Methanol Toxicity mimics, among other conditions, Multiple Sclerosis and Systemic Lupus. Although Multiple Sclerosis is not a death sentence, Methanol Toxicity is! Leaky Gut Syndrome brings with it the beginning of Cancerous Tumors with the body unable to fend them off due to its inability to absorb nutrients well (they support the body’s defence network giving it strength), which means all Dis-eases are now free to rein.
Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victims usually do not know that Aspartame is the culprit. He or she continues its use oblivious with some even in defiance while it irritates the lupus (degeneration of your Liver) to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition.

We have seen patients with Systemic Lupus become asymptotic (no symptoms), once taken off products contaminated with Aspartame (we have had to Detox them for the body cannot remove it on its own).

In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, most of the symptoms disappear. We’ve seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly. This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia. If you are using ASPARTAME (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo,  dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss we would like to at least rule out ASPARTAME poison as a possible cause, simply make an appointment for a quick test, it can be removed on the very same day..

Is it reversible?

Yes! Check for Aspartame on food labels! Many products are fortified with it! This is a serious problem it is in epidemic proportion. Too many people seem to be symptomatic for MS and during a colleague’s visit to a hospice, a nurse stated that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence! Diet soda is NOT a diet product! It is a chemically altered, multiple SODIUM (salt) and ASPARTAME containing product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates. It is far more likely to make you GAIN weight! These products also contain formaldehyde, which stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs. Formaldehyde is an absolute toxin and is used primarily to preserve “tissue specimens.” Many products we use every day contain this chemical but we SHOULD NOT store it IN our body!  Once free of the “diet products and those containing Aspartame” and with no significant increase in exercise; patients lost an average of 19 pounds over a trial period.
Aspartame is far more dangerous for diabetics. We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame. The Aspartame drives the blood sugar out of control. Thus diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine (another name for Aspartame) are NEUROTOXIC (depletes the brain stem/function) when taken without the other amino acids necessary for balance. Treating diabetes is all about BALANCE. Especially with diabetics, Aspartame passes the blood/brain barrier and then deteriorates the neurons of the brain; causing various levels of brain damage, seizures, depression, manic depression, panic attacks, uncontrollable anger and rage. Consumption of Aspartame causes these same symptoms in non-diabetics also.

Documentation and observation also reveal that thousands of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have had complete turn rounds in their behaviour when these chemicals have been removed from their diet following our Detox Programme. So called “behaviour modification prescription drugs” (Ritalin and others) are no longer needed. Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place, they are unsatisfactory carcinogenic process which does not correct the problem!  Most of these children were being “poisoned” on a daily basis with the very foods that were “better for them than sugar.”  Aspartame can also cause birth defects, i.e. mental retardation, if taken at the time of conception and during early pregnancy.

Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NEVER be given artificial sweeteners.  There are many different case histories to relate of children suffering grand mal seizures and other neurological disturbances talking about a plague of neurological diseases directly caused by the use of this deadly poison.

There are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical and there will be thousands more introduced.  Everybody seems to want a “piece of the Aspartame pie.” I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is?………. they engineered it is why.

Isn’t it ironic that MONSANTO funds, among others, the American Diabetes Association, and the Conference of the American College of Physicians? This has been recently exposed in the New York Times. These [organisations] cannot criticize any additives or convey their link to MONSANTO because they take money from the food industry and are required to endorse their products. Studies have shown all known dangers and the problems existing in the general population regarding seizures, changes in brain chemistry are most likely being attributed to Aspartame.  
Found in drinks such as Zero Coke, Pepsi Next, L&P Sweet As, Bundaberg diet ginger beer, sparkling flavoured spring water, tea and coffee beverages, juices, milk drinks, cocoa mixes, wine coolers and instant liquid breakfasts.
WEIGHT WATCHER products such as desserts, drinking chocolate, and sweetener.
SUPPLEMENTS such as chewable vitamins, minerals, and vit C tablets (Including Healtheries Kidscare Fizz Bombs and Boost products, Berocca effervescent tablets), sports drinks, protein powders, and liquid meals for the elderly and ill.
Personal care items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, Listerine Pocketpak breath strips, breath mints, sugar-free chewing gum, lip gloss, lubricants, spermicides and flavoured condoms.
Over-the-counter products such as Nurofen for Children Meltlet, Orodispersible tablet 100mg strawberry flavour, Lemsip, Vicks throat lozenges, Gaviscon, Gstrolyte powder, Alka-Seiltzer, Panadol Rapid, Panadol Cold & Flu Citrus effervescent tablet, Zantac effervescent tablet, cough syrups, laxatives, Imodium melts orodispersible tablet, bulding agents like Metamucil and Mucilax.

For a full list of medications containing Aspartame, Google: “medications containing aspartame
We have not seen any person who has not been infected and affected by Aspartame including those who swear they would never knowingly touch the stuff. We feel the same only we are clear of it, we would like  to you Test you to be sure you are to. Contact us at www.bem.nz

Exceptional Health Ltd.              Specialising in Bio- Energetic Medicine
Back Therapies…. Delivering Spinal Rejuvenation

Note: The information contained within this document is strictly our points of view as such it is to be used as purely educational. Similar to a post placed upon the internet which of course can be full of ambiguity. Take from this what you need, to bear in mind we have assisted others to correct back problems which were in need of total replacement. When the body itself performs the replacement you have the best replacement possible that is the only way we see to proceed forward.

For those of us who have been told by their G.P. there is nothing we can do for you for you have a severe back problem and offer surgery to say fuse discs or offer other invasive treatments which have the potential to cause further harm and or complications to your already out of balanced system? We offer you a more gentle approach to quite possibly a full on correction to your Back muscular and or Spinal problems.

The Spine is made up of bones, cartilage and muscles (Tissue), it is the main Structural component as we see it in the body. The hands the feet and the Spine are the most intricate bone structures in the body with the Spine being the King. It is the King of the body every organ system and body function is directed and linked through to the Spine (TCM). It is fair to say should you have a Spinal problem you will most certainly have other problems which are directly linked to that particular area of the Spine. Just as the Colon is the distribution centre for the wellbeing of the body with respect to Nutrition. The Spine represents the structural and subsequent physical strength of the body. Everything is governed by the Spine this indicates the significance of the Spine which in our view it is the absolute. The importance of caring for it too becomes absolute and if you have never thought you should …..shame on you. We understand people don’t know that is one reason why things are neglected, we do not accept excuses other than maybe you simply cannot physically do so. If you present with a bad back you will have lost a great deal of living, put it right is what we want to do for you, sure it takes time in the end it is most certainly worth all the efforts made.

To begin to repair the Spine we need to address the ABC’s of health: balanced Absorption, a Nutritious Diet and to have Carcinogens gone. For this permits the building blocks to the body to at least be present and must be maintained in our view for the rest of your life. We need to address organ systems such as the Lymph, Bladder and Kidney Structures (Water Element Remedy) (Click link to be taken there) for they are the very organs which rebuild the body. Prolonged periods of taking prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs diminish and inhibit the functionality of these organs such that they may be unable to rebuild the body. Anti-inflammatory drugs are what is generally immediately prescribed by the G.P. for most back pain.

It is clear there is a great deal to work through before we can begin to make significant repairs for the rejuvenation of the Spine, there is no quick fix at all nor any pill which will achieve this for you.

We need to address posture included with this is how you sit, for sitting is the worst thing for the back, it realigns muscles such that they support the back generally in your sitting position if that position causes subluxsation (compression to the spine at any given point) the muscles grow around this new position over time causing harm with back issues developing. A subluxsational position is one which is unsupportive of maintaining a good straight healthy back. Slouching is detrimental to the back also, as well as lifting inappropriately and there are many more, we do not feel the need to overly go into them, we see our time best suited in informing you of the repair and rebuild and maintenance processes which if adhered to will return good posture to you and to rejuvenating/refreshing your spine on a daily care programme.

Note: Absorbing nutrition is of utmost importance for this is the building blocks for the body to repair the Spine in particular Organic Calcium (click the link to our information section), not ever found in pasturised cow’s milk.
To go forward with repair, to us it is a bit like daily exercise, our bodies require daily use, not abuse, they are made to work this can be seen as exercise the Spine is no different. We need to bring the Spine and all the muscles which support it and cartilage back to balance. Your G.P. will say once gone Cartilage cannot be replaced, maybe he should say he cannot have your body replace it, for we feel we can, for we have achieved this many times.

To straighten the Spine one way is to hang by your arms, with most people their arms are of the same length, this then removes load from the spine, simply with the aid of gravity and the weight of one’s body. This is a gentle stretch, to see if this is of any use to you place a towel over the top of a door at the hinge end and hold onto the top of the door and release your feet, even for a few seconds this should have an immediate effect. If you obtain some relief this means your back can be saved and brought back to its former glory or better, if not we need to look further into your condition. Our arms are not able to support our body weight for the lengthy periods which are required for the complete rejuvenation of the Spine and muscles. Inversion therapy forms a most significant and integral part or our daily maintenance programme. One most essential tool to assist in the rejuvenation processes is a high quality back inverter device which we lock into from our ankles which suspends us vertical for up to 10 minutes up to 3 times per day, This allows us to relax all Spinal muscle groups, being inverted removes the structural load from the Spine and all load bearing joints. While undergoing this treatment you may repair knees as a by-product as well as to increase Brain Function due to the increase in Blood supply.  Please bear in mind this is an overview, people will present with all manner of at times delicate Spinal issues, depending upon what they are and their severity makes a significant difference in how we approach and proceed with their particular healing sequence (also note: the body puts it right all we do is help it along its way) small steps daily over time. It has taken all your life till now to have your Spine present with where it is at as of now, so expect it to take time for it to go back to as new ….if we can achieve this eventuality then well and good, we will make a positive difference this we assure all.

The Spine is a living part of our anatomy as such we believe it can go back and mend itself, as always for any illness and the Spine with back problems is no different, we need to reverse what has happened back to its origin then to re route the programme such that we do not fall into the same traps that brought us to now. For extreme muscular discomfort we have round balls which you lie on over the problematic areas to relieve the tension stored in the tissue on a daily basis. We have essential nutrition which you must take such as anti-inflammatory supplements such as Turmeric, M.S.M and High Potency Colloidal Silver, Collagen and Tissue Chi (The Regenerative Nutrient) (click the link to the items) while consuming No eggs or chicken or foods of the deadly nightshade family which are inflammatory causing foods when taken into the body. Many people are diagnosed with an arthritic back with the prognosis it can be managed with inflammatory drugs etc but the likely hood of a full working recovery is minimum to nonexistent. We have mentioned the consequences of taking drugs of any description in our view they add to the problem long term. Arthritis had been acclaimed as an incurable illness, we however do not see it that way. We have mentioned here a way forward which in time we feel will correct the problem however it requires testing and monitoring as you go.

There are more essential nutrients and instruction (Remedies) which must be applied directly to the areas of concern, such things a Pure Collagen and our own Soft Tissue Repair Cream and our Tissue Chi: The Rejuvenative Nutrient Mother Tincture, MSM spray and our High Potency Super Silver Ultra (it is made ultra high potency for the reason it is for tissue damage/repair as well as to do what Silver does, your everyday Silver will have little to no effect on soft tissue or bone replacement) these are to be applied up to three times daily for as long as is necessary or until the body has self healed. To repair any Structural membrane within the body this is what has to be achieved the Spine is no different. Cost of some of these products do add up, but let me tell you there is no way on this earth you can book in for a new Spine, we do not see costs as a way to hold us back, for to run a motor vehicle per year has greater costs than that of rejuvenating your Spine.

Read my storey on here, I am in the process of rebuilding my Spine I am correcting soft tissue damage which are the muscle groups almost complete, rolling on a ball every day taking all the inflammatory medicines and taking no inflammatory foods and “hanging around” Lol. I have been through the trial and error stages to come out with in my view a corrective way forward this is how I know what needs to be done. It is working so I know I am on the right path, every day there is improvement. Just as when you tried the towel over the door and obtained some relief.

Growth of Cartilage: for the body to achieve this the ABC’s of health must be balanced next there is specific nutrition such as MSM and Collagen and all the others we have recommended here along with our Water Element Remedy: this remedy contains Kidney Structures and Bladder Corrections and much more, they are Yin/Yang organ pairings. The Kidney is the organ which mends the entire body, it is also the organ where we store unresolved love issues for opposite genders which can cause Kidney dysfunction, should anyone have Kidney Flukes the chances of them repairing their complaint in our view in next to nonexistent, Flukes cannibalise the Organ is why (that’s eating it).
We feel everyone who wants to precede with back/spinal rejuvenation it is in their best interests to follow our specific advice and to report back with feedback so we can tailor treatments to suit your progression. It begins with Gut Balance and an appointment with us, if you think you can do it on your own then good luck, how much more of your life are you willing to waste perhaps…?

Feel free to make an appointment:     Derek 022-319-2540

Business Ventures

We are offering a business opportunity to suitably capable Practitioners and or individuals who wish to make a significant difference and positive change in the well being of their patients and of others. We are looking for individuals to become a part of our business who place their heart into the treatment loop of care. Those of you who do this we would like to meet with you. We feel this offer is not for simply anyone who is a practitioner although if you feel you are on the right page and would like to be considered we are fine to meet with you, and we take it from there. We need to see the angel in you, if you do not have it present it most definitely needs to be brought out. The angel comes forth when there is no ugly living within. Check out our Life Extension and Relationship pages. A great healer can self repair, we are more than happy to assist if required.

This business is akin to family to us. Being like a family means we look out for one another, should you have a problem you cannot find a solution let us know for us to assist you to resolve it, weather this is about a patient or even a family crisis. Like minded individuals need to support one another. The more people we reach and assist the better this world will become. For every G.P. out there we want one of us, we believe we cut the mustard for this is what we do: Sorting Health Naturally, bringing the immense healing potential within everyone of us to bear in the correct balanced way, not masking the cause of the complaint nor “she will be right mate” we are here to make the necessary difference.

It all begins here with Absorption in balance returning Gut health which sets the foundation for Life Extension and is the perfect platform to build on to correct all pathologies. This is the first step to our modality with it we teach you how to return gut balance and to maintain it for yourselves and your patients. We have more packages to be added to this when you feel you are ready and wish to grow further forward.

The introductory steps to our business come as a package to include the following:

Diagnostic Tool loan until you purchase your own.
Diagnostic Wheel and Base with the testing vials for the Gut, Nutrition and Carcinogens containing 66 vials in total as indicated on our hand out test sheet.
Handout test sheets which form part of the diagnosis process.
Intellectual property in documentation which supports the findings of the tests given and outlines a positive way forward both for the patient (we take it you know this way forward already, if not we will enlighten you) and the therapist.
Training on the proficient use of the above.
Complete back up in the use and maintenance of the device along with further modalities should you wish to grow more into our Modality (Bio-Energetic Medicine).
A listing on our website of your practice so future patients may make appointments to see you in your location.
Continual support to our business as we all grow with this.
A Starter pack comprising of 5 of each medicines for Gut correction and maintenance inclusive of Spiritual Impositions.

We see all those who join us as part of a team of like minded individuals who truly aspire to make an impact and a positive and significant difference to people’s lives in this mixed up world we all live in.

Thank you

The Team at Exceptional Health ltd.

Cannot Conceive through Normal Means

For those individuals who struggle to conceive we would like to assist. We prefer to see you both to perform our own testing. Testing is non invasive on the physical level simply to see if your body is working in balance in this area. We need to test to determine if there are any emotional issues stored in your core belief system, if found we will release them. We test for Spiritual Impositions, if found we remove them, and we test for any Ancestral Miasms which may be inhibiting conception. It is all physically painless, there may be emotional releases we have plenty of tissues for you should they be required. This is one highly rewarding aspect of our healing business. In most cases fees are under $1000:00 with great results.
It is our belief and view point the body must be a welcoming host for the new spirit of the child to want to come here and be with you as parents. Some people may laugh at what we have written here, others will get it. We are simply more than what is immediately visible to the naked eye.
Being of an appropriate host means to have a clean system all the way through in both parties which means the infant will be healthier, healthier parents, healthier infant good genes.
It is our belief those born with some healing crisis such as Autism do so as a result of the ugly that resides around us, the condition is their escape from facing the incarceration of humanity as it is until this is changed. Change for the better is underfoot. If we can be of assistance please make contact for you may not require other invasive means to become impregnated.

Cinnamon and Honey

Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot. It will do what some call turning to sugar. In reality honey is always honey.. However, when left in a cool dark place for a long time it will do what I rather call “crystallizing” . When this happens I loosen the lid, boil some water, and sit the honey container in the hot water, turn off the heat and let it liquefy. It is then as good as it ever was. Never boil honey or put it in a microwave. To do so will kill the enzymes in the honey. 

Cinnamon and Honey

Bet the drug companies won’t like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a ‘Ram Ban’ (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases. 

Today’s science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic patients. Weekly World News, a magazine in Canada , in its issue dated 17 January,1995 has given the following list of diseases that can be cured by honey and cinnamon as researched by western scientists:

Heart Diseases

Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, apply on bread, instead of jelly and jam, and eat it regularly for breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and saves the patient from heart attack. Also, those who have already had an attack, if they do this process daily, they are kept miles away from the next attack. Regular use of the above process relieves loss of breath and strengthens the heart beat. In America and Canada , various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that as you age, the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged; honey and cinnamon revitalize the arteries and veins. 


Arthritis patients may take daily, morning and night, one cup of hot water with two spoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. If taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured.

 In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week, out of the 200 people so treated, practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain, and within a month, mostly all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis started walking without pain.

Bladder Infections

Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It destroys the germs in the bladder. 


Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water, given to a cholesterol patient, was found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10 percent within two hours. As mentioned for arthritic patients, if taken three times a day, any chronic cholesterol is cured. According to information received in the said Journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.


Those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold, and clear the sinuses. 

Upset Stomach

Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also clears stomach ulcers from the root. 

Gas (Flatulence)

According to the studies done in India and Japan , it is revealed that if Honey is taken with cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.

Immune System

Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Constant use of Honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacterial and viral diseases.


Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals. 

 A scientist in Spain has proved that honey contains a natural ‘ Ingredient’ which kills the influenza germs and saves the patient from flu..


Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Take four spoons of honey, one spoon of cinnamon powder, and three cups of water and boil to make like tea. Drink 1/4 cup, three to four times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Life spans also increase and even a 100 year old, starts performing the chores of a 20-year-old. 


Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. If done daily for two weeks, it removes pimples from the root. 

Skin Infections

Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin infections. 

Weight Loss

Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. If taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also, drinking this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.


Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder for one month three times a day. 


Recent studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior citizens, who take honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts, are more alert and flexible. Dr. Milton, who has done research, says that a half tablespoon of honey taken in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, taken daily after brushing and in the afternoon at about 3:00 P.M. when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, increases the vitality of the body within a week. 

Bad Breath

People of South America , first thing in the morning, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water, so their breath stays fresh throughout the day. 

Hearing Loss

Daily morning and night honey and cinnamon powder, taken in equal parts restores hearing. Remember when we were kids? We had toast with real butter and cinnamon sprinkled on it!

To Surmise

This is food for thought; honey in its own right sooths the Digestive tract which is the hub to all wellbeing. Honey is antibacterial also and is a complete food. Made in nature by the smallest of creatures who rely solely on honey for all their nutritional needs. This Derek takes daily as a food. Natural honey only not heated nor bastardised in any way just as the manufacturer intended.

Disclaimer: No claims are made nor implied, the information presented to you here is for your information only as a point of interest. We muscle test to determine whether a food is good for us or not and we teach this to all for a small fee. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Contractual Illnesses

We have a pdf file for you to download (see bottom of page for download link) and to discuss with us. It is for you to fill out or to have one who is able to should you not be in that position. Once this has been done you have entered into an agreement with us, we term this your ‘Healing Contract”. This is between you and us and no other parties unless we agree to additional exchanges. Should we be unable to perform we will rescind the contract and you will not be liable for any contractual costs. Should you want to remove yourself at any stage then all healing which has been prescribed and initiated will be rescinded, with no contractual costs owing by you. People are allowed to change their minds and are allowed to head elsewhere. We want to get you off the severe and potentially life threatening complaint you present to us in doing so improve your life growing forward. We want to hear of your positive feedback from your experiences with us as your body recovers from the dark abyss of Dis-ease. This is important to us for others will get to know and their apprehensions we trust will become less. People are capable of anything, unfortunately, when the “real deal of care arrives they are cautious”, we understand that. Should you not be able to make time to navigate our site and take in information presented here regarding the potential outcome of overcoming serious illnesses, let us now inform you. This is the shortened version: Most who have severe health issues have a corresponding negative disposition. Through the transformation of rediscovering their lives, leaves the ugly of Dis-ease behind. This has the most wondrous effect on well-being to the individual. Our Energetic Enhancement guard against severe alarm reactions of the body going into shock, for we simply will not allow any further horror to affect the individual, it is our view they have suffered enough. Tears may be a constant side effect as the Heart and Kidney Shen reunite to reclaim the individual that is you. Tears are wonderful cleansers of our soul, this too will be governed as if the hand of god is upon you. Particularly so with respect to Organ Reinstatement’s. People change to a positive and clearer higher vibration of “Life force”. This is an assurance which can be seen by others they are on the corrective path growing forward.

Special Note: For me to be the man I am today, these words in a song written and sung by Clannad on their Lore album track 8. “Finding the path wisdom while on the trail of tears”. These tears for me are Heart ones for this has been my life journey. Celine Dion, she is a queen, in her Titanic song words in that song The Heart goes on. I share this with you for the one who has the most Heart delivers the most Love. Jesus a light worker was one with the finest Heart that is why he could do what he has been acclaimed of doing. Every paragraph, every document, all the information on this website has been forged in tears from my “Heart, I too a Lightworker” Jesus was the most recognised one this world has known. On this website is the place where Miracles happen.

People who come to this page on our website are pretty much looking at the end of their life. Those who come we will do our absolute to effect their healing exchange even in the last hour of life we know things can be turned around, miracles do happen, this we assure you!

For some who come here who are curious and have mixed views about what we are stating here, we understand there are those who feel everything should be free or inexpensive. Life as it stands today everything free to almost all is deemed of little value? For those who need to know we negotiate here what it is worth to the recipient. Should we engage in an agreement then away we go. This is no ones business other than that of the parties involved. This is a simple exchange between parties for the benefit of both nothing more.

Ugly will not be tolerated, our wording is final, feel free to engage another to perform what we are stating here, this is totally open to all. In other words we are not holding a loaded gun to anyone, this is a free choice. Upon doing so our contract becomes null and void and the body will be reset to where is was before we came along. Lawyers are not welcome here these are “Heart transactions”. Any and all exchanges here are to be made as a “Gift by the recipient to us”.

Residual Fees: All time engaged by us and all preparations necessary along with all dietary ad on’s etc are to be met by the recipient. This is to be ongoing until the recipient has overcome their illness. When they have forged a new life which is the result from being on the path of doom with being verified is when the agreed settlement is to be exchanged.

Note: We have no hidden agenda, we absolutely want to correct your illness and deliver the very best heath obtainable to you. There is no ugly on our website reread “Our Commitment” we did not write it just because we felt we had to, we mean it. It is how we live our lives. At any time the recipient is free to leave, in doing so all progress from what we have done will be negated, bar what they have purchased. The over view is this: General Health will be established, all visits will be met, the specifics remaining to the Dis-ease which forms the Heart to the Dis-ease will be uploaded into your Body Electric or Life Force. This will be in a crystal or simply installed hands on. When you are Dis-ease fee is when you are to meet the agreed contract. This is how simple we want it to be. Those who want to make this other than simple may not be engaged by us, we will not permit horror movies here.


Light-worker and C.E.O of Exceptional Health.

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Overcoming Dementia and Related Illness

These are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, Autism, Multiple sclerosis and others….

This document outlines what we feel through our experiences in the natural health industry what is immediately required for all concerned to overcome an illness, not simply specific to a form of Dementia.
Dementia has been documented to be an aging Dis-ease meaning it is for the elderly, this is not necessarily the case, everyone who has the insufficiencies mentioned here are wide open to Dementia and to all pathologies.
Are you a Dementia sufferer? Do you think you may well become one? Do you in fact fear you may contract a serious illness? These questions most of the population ask themselves at some time or other more so as people age. We would like to offer our perspective which we feel is a clear understanding of how these conditions are contracted and how to reduce the chances of further being affected by these imbalances. All information supplied in this document is strictly the view point of the author, although it has been based upon information collected from many years actively working with patients in the Natural Health arena in this country.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is the name given to Degenerative Brain conditions. It has been labeled a Dis-ease by Mainstream Medicine. It comes as part of a parcel of conditions each with separate names but all linked under the umbrella as that of Degenerative Brain Pathologies. There are many symptoms, we do not go into these here, we are aware of them as you must be, we feel there is little need to give a set of imbalances occurring within the body (which is what they are) a particular label when from our perspective they all attribute their origin from: A Toxic System with a Malnourished Body from Poor Absorption and an Insufficient Diet. There are also Genetics and plain simply the Natural Aging processes. If you fall into these categories you are wide open to almost every illness not simply specific to Dementia based ones. For those of you who have contracted a Dementia type illness and who truly wish to overcome it we outline here where we feel we must take you in order to achieve a successful outcome. We first have to establish the extent of the problem, address all causes, remove them one by one and initiate a way forward to wellness. If your condition is Genetic it is at least worth your time and effort to give our suggestions a go. What do you have to lose? and quite possibly a life to regain. Note:  we feel a tablet, nor drug is not a solution for any condition; one must rewind all illness back to its origin and address all factors which brought it to its present state.


Every Carcinogen entering a body has the potential to cause serious harm to that organism. There are many Carcinogens which erode the Brain, substances such as Aspartame, Heavy Metals, Mercury and Cadmium, Radiation, all Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Sodium Fluoride, yes the Fluoride they place into toothpaste and drinking water also rots your bones, there are more physical causes, there is the Genetic blue print which can cause Dementia and then the Natural Aging processes. There are the underlying negatively charged subconscious causes which restrict and inhibit the free flow of energy within, these we create and hold onto ourselves they too must go.

How to Overcome Brain Degeneration

We need to stop taking the causes into our body and remove those which are there. We have to bring into balance our Digestive ability. We must improve the quality of the foods we eat and drink. We change them from low energetic devitalized foods to high antioxidant rich foods in particular ones which regrow Brain tissue. We are to sustain this level of nourishment until such time as the body has corrected the ailment naturally, then to adopt a level of nutrition which truly enriches the body keeping it fed and strong.
We employ natural medicines to assist with this process. Once in balance this is termed the healing environment for your illness.
The healing environment comes when the Gut is in Balance, (Absorption, Diet, Toxicity removed) with the energetic channels open (Through T.C.M Traditional Chinese Medicine homeopathically delivered) for the healing of the Brain Pathology presented to us.
There are generally little to no ill side effects other than to support wellness to the individual with improving health, we have a gauge to measure this if required. This approach to healing has been immensely effective in making significant difference within hours, it has been almost unbelievable the results we have seen to date. People who previously could but barely string a few words together having a conversation within hours. Those same people who struggle to walk never mind drive a motor vehicle do so with ease in a day or so. Miracles do happen we see them all the time.


We perform a simple non invasive test which is painless and highly accurate (discussed further on this website). It takes but a few minutes and outlines to us what is immediately out of balance in your body. From there we form a plan for a positive way forward to assist you to correct the imbalances found.

Natural Medicines

We have supportive natural complexes (meaning there is more than one instruction in the medicine to be delivered to the body) of homeopathic delivered instructions in drop form and or mediums which carry variable continuous instruction which have been specifically designed to engage the immense healing potential within the body connecting to and working alongside the body’s own energetic network assisting it to return wellness.
Side effects are: Healing from the release of the negative aspect which is supportive of the ailments presented, expect such things as anger, and frustration, being lost, tears, wonder, joyful etc, as you progress these become less intense. The negativity you have carried emotionally is similar to that of detoxification through the physical body only you will be experiencing release from the emotional. You may feel out of sorts, be mindful of not being yourself, take things easier this is normal on the positive as you heal there is vigor and abundance with clarity of thought it can be emotional when you begin to becomes yourself again. If overly concerned contact us.

Digestion, Diet & Toxicity (DDT)

This is where we must begin in order for us to correct any and all illness. This sets the stage for your health to return and is the perfect platform from which to build upon. Balanced Absorption is the beginning of great health, your Diet is the very building blocks to the body enabling it to regrow and replenish itself, this is why it is of such high importance to have whole complete foods (we take you there). Toxins (carcinogens) are the poisons which are crippling and obstructing healing they are continuously eroding our lives they are one of the chokes. Once in balance (DDT) sets the stage for the physical body to come back to balance.
It is our view for the body to overcome any and all illness we must create and sustain the corrective healing environment for that particular Pathology and to maintain this for as long as is necessary for the body to self heal and recover. This is not negotiable it is an absolute must!

Negative Subconscious Mindsets

With nearly all illness there is within the subconscious mind a supportive negative mindset. These inhibit the healing processes within the body and are supportive of ill health. They are like a dam on a river holding back the free flow of energy within us. These are defined as blockages or stagnation of stored unresolved issues in the body’s energetic field. They can be the significant major contributing factors (cause) of the illness. To overcome them we must access the subconscious mind and clear all associated negativity which sustains your ailment. In some cases we must clear parents and or guardian who hold within their subconscious the desire for you to have the ailment you present to us.
There is likewise the Spiritual aspect which must be addressed. Superimpositions and past life unresolved issues may be a part of the problem. This may seem incomprehensible it is however a sad fact, feel free to research the phenomenon. Most people do not understand what is meant by this, nor do they believe in such things as a subconscious mind, nor poltergeists, nor of past lives, or Miasms.
Those of you who fall into this category it is with deep regret we inform you that sadly your ignorance will not help to improve your health. We suggest you research for yourself and come back to us or simply accept what we are saying and let us get on with helping you. Examples of negative mindsets are: I hate my life, I hate myself, I hate my job, I am never good enough, why does all the bad things seem to happen to me?….and so on…. We clear these negative mindsets install the positive affirmations and see if they have seated before we progress further until all is clear. We check on follow up visits to see it they remain clear. Once clear and we have the subconscious mind supportive of the return of wellness we precede with the next healing challenge until all have been addressed.  

One the Path of Recovery

With a supportive Lifestyle, Diet, Absorption, the elimination of Carcinogens, mindsets supportive of a positive way forward the healing environment has now been set, we must maintain and supported it for as long as is necessary monitoring the progress this is your journey of recovery. There may be further obstacles along the way, we are here to support and assist when required.
Life needs to be filled with Joy and dreams and all the good things, not misery and sorrow, stresses or negativity. One significant reason why people become ill in the first instance is from their lifestyles not working for them. Every individual must learn to change this for themselves we offer simple solutions for this.

Point of no Return

Note: if the body shows no sign of improvement and cannot recover from the condition you have presented to us, even from all our exhaustive efforts we may simply have reached the point of no return. This unfortunately means it has been left too late. This is when the body has given up and cannot revive itself. We do all we can to prevent this time from coming, but sometimes we are simply too late. It is with this eventuality in mind we urge for all to be decisive make the choice of which path you wish to venture down. For more or to make an appointment contact Derek on 022-319-2540

Disclaimer: The point of view mentioned in this document are strictly those of the author. True healing only comes from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care (in other words you have to want it)

Exceptional Health Ltd Specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine

Feb. 2019 update

Diabetes: A truth that is Diabetes or is it a Scam?

This document is a point of view as such it is to be viewed in that light. We ask you read the wording carefully so as to extract the precise meaning of what we are stating.

Emotions play the most significant role in our entire lives with particular reference to our health. People give their Personal Power away to others they hold in a position of power and authority with the Doctor and their Specialists being prime examples of this. With respect to Diabetes or Kidney Insufficiency for that is what it really is. When the doctor says this is how it is bingo this program has been installed into the Psyche and subsequent Core Belief System of the recipient and their supporters. There is no allowance for the possibility of a CURE yet lifestyle choices and genetics if applicable brought the complaint to them. Only if their entire family history going back generations shows they ALL were or are Diabetic would the Doctors words hold true. From Mainstream Medicines point of view ALL those dependent upon externally administered insulin their complaint can never self correct. We consider that to be a Scam, before you judge us read this document we share our findings with you here, they are not conclusive as yet however, the line of probability leads to exactly what we are stating here is in fact a truth that cannot be dismissed.

Diabetes: We are led to believe there are two types: Mellilitus Type 1 and Insipidus Type 2 well I really struggle to believe in anything I am told unless I can verify the truth particularly so from others that are acclaimed to be in the know? Bullshit is bullshit pretty much, we are led down the garden path all the time and told this is how it is.

During the winter of 2018 I contracted Diabetes. I have an excellent diet not burdened with excessive sugars. Just so you know sugars feed the Brain, are also supportive of Fungi, Parasites, I.B.S etc. In nature natural sugars are a plenty. They are in every food almost. This would indicate Natural Sugars are meant to be a part of our diet with the body easily able to process them. We can live on fruit alone easily it is far better for us then a western diet. Diabetes used to be termed “Sugar Diabetes”.

Back to me: I walked 3k everyday and trained with weights, all up an hour daily. I have an Angel Juicer and I use it all the time. Green veggies, carrot, parsley, ginger etc. I seldom ate greasy food and would only eat sour dough bread on occasion, no gluten at all. I drank my own filtered and treated water which sits on a hydromag matt that brings everything with water in it to balanced Ph. I would drink at least 2 litres of this water daily. I do a great deal to take the optimum care of myself more than anyone I have ever met. My health has been my absolute mission for over 20years, without question: My highest priority. I stopped alcohol in 2003, never smoked and never did any narcotic other than the crap the quack gave me until I realized them assholes were poisoning me. There is no reason why I should ever have contracted a Diabetic condition. Diabetes is a fancy term for Kidney insufficiency that is it. Like every other pathology when we establish the root cause to the problem and remove it the condition disappears. How so is it that Diabetes should be any different? We have heard the body simply cannot return to balance with those who are insulin dependent. I ask the questions: who says so, and why is that? A.L.S. (Moto-Neuron Dis-ease) is correctable, Inoperable Brain tumors are correctable according to Alastair who trained me, the list is extensive.
Diabetes is based on science with a bias, simply put the quack has no way forward so he tells you a story, and people believe it because he is the professional? Their science in my view relates to them bullying and brainwashing the poor soul who has come to them for their so called expert help with their complaint.
I have been a Diabetic sufferer twice, The first time in 2012 I had a dose of it and used my equipment along with stopping my molasses and dark chocolate I had daily as an ad on to my nutrient support. It took about a month for all symptoms or so I thought to leave. I do not test for blood pressure, that simple test tells us where the engine which is the body is at. It is a very good test to do to then find out why if it is out of the normal range? It is our rev. counter. I thought that was the end of it back then. My bladder control was not overly as good as I would have liked. This is the definition of Diabetes
(Kidney insufficiency). The mental aspect to Diabetes is a chronic brainwashing from those who are supposed to be the professional and able to correct such things. This winter of 2018 I had Nephritis, Renal Insufficiency, Uremia, Kidney insufficiency to the point of near death. Over 100 evenings I would lie in bed wondering if I would awaken the following day? I struggled to get enough oxygen into my body for my kidneys were under such duress they struggled to do this most basic function. What type of Diabetes (kidney insufficiency) did I have? The lethal type. There was no way in hell I was heading to a Doctor, I would have needed dialysis (Nephritis and Uremia combined means the Kidney is unable to cleans the blood efficiently) and everything else they recommend I am absolute sure of that. No way was I going to head down that road of crap, if that meant I was going to die then so be it. While this nightmare was going on I spent every day working through Royal Rife Software on my computer making vials for every item that brought insufficiency to my kidneys. I would test to see what I required and deliver all those to myself. I found I had Bovis, T.B., Mycoplasma Fermentans, and Lyme’s Dis-ease. Each one of these Germ Warfare Agents will deliver a chronic Diabetic condition. How on earth did I contract them? T.B. was from a vaccination when I was nine. The bloody Doctor told my parents I needed that vaccine and they bought into it. I have no idea how I contracted the others. I had H.P.V Viruses that had been in my body from when I came to New Zealand from a kid in my class. H.P.V Viruses are Warts, Verucca and Human Papiloma Virus, they are spread by touch as are so many Agents. People touch all the time this means the populous are in big trouble. H.P.V Viruses attack the kidney and are supportive of Cancer as are the others Agents mentioned above. No G.P. ever made mention re warts, I asked one do they have a way forward with respect to them to be told “No”. Cows were culled that had Bovis sent to the freezing works for food on our tables. I was infected many times from the beef in my diet. It was trial and error with me navigating my way through this with my life in the balance. Eventually I worked it all out, thankfully I have survived it. When I ceased consuming foods that contained Bovis that brought on my Kidney problems my blood pressure began to lower. My heart used to feel it was going to thump out of my chest that is how severe it was, it would awaken me at night for those evening I did actually sleep for it was that loud.
It has taken months for this to subside to what I consider a normal safe level. I train in the gym only twice weekly at the moment. I initially would go “Hard as Hell” for I had always done this as a younger man. I nearly died at the gym from that degree of intensity. I slowed it down to 70% ish. Now after 3 months of overcoming Kidney Insufficiency from these Causative Agents I go my usual 110%Hard as Hell”. I can honestly say Love it, No matter I am 60 in less than a year, I see age as no barrier and I feel ageless, not defined by my years. I have had the most severe Diabetes possible and survived. Those who are informed they have to do a blood sugar test, well that test is never correct. I have a patient who is a so termed Diabetic. He has been told the tester is incorrect. Interesting how he continues to use it. Sixty years he has been a type 1 Diabetic. He has been institutionalized and Brain washed to believe he is a Diabetic. He needs to stop and to listen to what his body tells him and to remove his incorrect programming.
I have removed every Causative Agents from his body and polished every organs system for them all to work at their optimum level and yet he remains a Diabetic. I have instructed him to cease his sugar testing and to allow his body to tell him what to eat not to rely on something external, and to cease believing he is a Diabetic along with to cease engaging in the use of that word. When he eventually gets this we are going to remove the emotional programming locked into his entire body that he cannot live without his Diabetic interventions. He lives in the battle ground when he really needs to be the General who oversees the conflict. The conflict is his Health. He has the best diet in the world pretty much, only he is enslaved in his Psyche of I cannot listen to what my body wants for I have to test to see. He has forgotten how to listen. It is a circle of crap that he has bought into for 60years of his life, conditioned to do so by a system that is flawed. Not that easy to let it go… until you do. It is that simple believe me. There will be anger and tears for no one ever deserves to be punished in such a way. His life in the later stages at 76years. He tells me he is a good looking man at 50ish. How wonderful and true. Best he get a big stick for when he is over his condition he may require it to beat them keen women that may desire this handsome man. There is a positive for his ordeal only in view the cost has been too high: the best days of his life thus far.
He was diagnosed at the age of 16, his mother was present, not that she knew anything about health overly. The Doctor after running his tests concluded he was a type 1 Diabetic. I wonder what I would have been had I of gone to them morons? What were the Causative Agents he carried? I removed them all. In a normal individual the cause to their complaint has be removed this then allows them to get on with their lives with their body self healing. This is not the case with respect to Diabetes. The reason behind this is: His programming for 60 years has him believe he is a Diabetic and that it cannot be cured, for that is the brainwashing behind it. He will be insulin dependent for his entire life. I consider this absolute bollox. I will report further on this.
It seems the system is not on our side, the world is a very dark place with crap abounding and agenda’s that are not harmonious to a simple life constantly attacking us. Who do we believe in? Certainly not religion for it that were on the money there would be no assholes getting away with their sinister deeds. We need to question everything. I live my life doing just that, the only thing wrong with this planet is the assholes that live on it. I prefer to be away from people where there is a peaceful beautiful vista, people who live there are generally a lot nicer and better behaved with simple basic morals. And we see…….


Family Health Today… this affects all of us

Note: The points of view within this document are strictly those of the author.
The health of the family in our view is of the Utmost Importance we take a personal approach to it and reflect this in our health company. We feel people today need to place their health ahead of everything else, for when it goes you go with it. Forming positive relationships with like minded people is what we do. We are of the opinion all relationships need to run as that of a well balanced family and needs to project beyond into everyday life particularly so the work place environment.
We have travelled this country for many years testing the health of thousands of individuals. It is disturbing what we have found. Almost everyone tested suffers from poor Absorption. To the average minded person this seems to be not an issue, their ignorance is not helping them. They are oblivious to the significance of this most necessary body function and this is why it is of such high and absolute importance:
Every Health Complaint Stems from the Gut being Unbalanced.
When the Gut is not in balance the body cannot take proper care of itself even though you may have an Exemplary Diet which few people have (many think they have). This brings with it the problems you may be having right now. This affects every one of us, no one is exempt. Some symptoms are not overly noticeable this is why so many seem to simply let it go, then there are others who just put up with their condition, or their GP telling them nothing can be done, this is not always true. Every ailment has a starting point therefore we believe it can be rewound back to its origin and corrected by changing ones direction across the board. This is what we do, beginning with “Gut health” as outlined in this document. Be aware a pill is not an appropriate substitute for a healing exchange or healing correction which is what your GP prescribes, nor is 10 minutes an effective time frame from which to make an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. Whoever the practitioner is they must: Test and deliver gut balance as this is the starting point to true health.  And look at where the person see’s themselves in the bigger picture of their lives which is the negative they have bought into.
If a practitioner cannot achieve Gut balance they will pretty much fail to help the patient overcome the aliment totally.  Candida out of balance is one major contributing factor in the demise of the population’s health with almost everyone suffering from it. This is brought about today by the establishment with their Mainstream Medications and artificial sweeteners, prior to these this was a rare incidence. Candida is
Leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome it is very serious read our follow up document About Candida or Gut Disrupters in Detail they will open your eyes. Nature has her ways of depleting us with Intestinal Parasites which prevent the body from discharging waste efficiently, they cause us to be emotionally disrupted and they feed and contribute to all Dis-ease. Fluke Worms which cause horrific damage by eating their host from the inside and need to be removed full stop we call them lethal termites. Bad Fungi is yet another which slowly clogs the body like a spider web crippling us inside. These four things and aspartame are the main players in Gut Disruption, when we clear them it is wonderful we see a new person spring into life. These in you are crippling you it takes but one day to rid all of them for your health to improve everyday from that day forth. Everyone heals in their own time this is not an exact science however having said, once the gut is clear and maintained clear you are most certainly on your way to far better health than you have now .
Our Gut Test is simple and non invasive which means no Blood is required, it this takes 5 minutes and lets you know where you are at as of now, we test for: Aspartame, Candida, Fluke Worms, Fungi and Parasites (general worms), whatever we find we offer corrections/removals in Natural Homeopathic form. When taken results are instant bringing immense relief to those who are suffering. We ask for you to be mindful not to place “The cause” back into your system. All Remedy Programmes come with a handout document explaining how best to safe guard against further infestation. Fungi Remedy, has the necessary information written on the label, however in the event you require more information simply contact us.

Please Note: Hygiene is very much out there today, Detol is one brand of solution among other products for killing germs, it may surprise you to know they kill you as well in the process (they are all Carcinogenic meaning they are toxic), they are indiscriminate killers of both good and bad bacteria.
We never use them; we use Silver it has been around for centuries the healing benefits of Silver. We make our own it is Ultra High Potency.
 For the family Hygiene is highly important and that is why we are mentioning it here, one cap full of Silver per day as a precautionary measure to ward off bugs, bad bacteria, single celled pathogenic organism and much more. I drink one litre every two weeks have been doing so for years. There is thinking out there having lots of Silver will turn a person blue, not happening here as yet. We have a fine spray and a 1 litre bottle. Silver supports your immune system pure and simple and will never harm you!
Silver kills every single celled Pathogenic (Disease causing Germs) Organism it comes across.
When you shake a person’s hand their germs are now your germs. If they have been unclean …well you have now been infected, Silver kills these germs. Do you really think your soap gets your hands clean? We spray with Silver (supports life you cannot overdose on it) just to be certain, we carry some in the car just in case, it lasts for years it is surpassed by no other and completely natural just like you.

For more on our testing look further on this site or make contact, it is harmless, immediate and No Blood, nor Urine is required only you.

January 2019 Update.

General Health is a broad overall name for a measure of health, many questions come from that statement such as to precisely define it. To do this we need to look at what makes up our health. We look at our Emotional Wellbeing, our Environment, our Diet which must be reflective in the ability of the body to adequately absorb food types being placed into the system, Toxicity in our body, our Workplace Environment and so much more. There is a great deal to address for something which should be as simple and straight forward as General Health. It is not that simple unfortunately.
We Test(diagnose) for a broad spectrum of common everyday items we are all exposed to. All are imminently dangerous if retained within our system and directly reflect the way our lives currently are. When our simple testing is passed according to us that person will have a good measure of General Health. We feel this must be maintained everyday going forward. The importance of passing these tests can literally save your life, many have stated this very fact to us. There is no fee for those who pass our Gut Test. We have a way forward for those who do not, no matter what you carry referring to illness to precede positively forward you must sustainably pass these tests.
We have not met anyone who has General Health to an acceptable level as outlined on our test document. Six years now with thousands of people being tested with only one pass. She was a Herbalist, we would expect this from a practitioner. Our General Health Testing covers General Gut Health, Toxicity, Mineral Insufficiency and a few highly dangerous genetically modified Germ Warfare Agents that are responsible for many life threatening Dis-eases. They are manufactured this means they are: Man-Made by genetic scientist in a laboratory to be used on us the unsuspecting public. I get that is a huge statement, however I am a victim of their use, I have had Mycobacterium Bovis T.B., Lyme’s Dis-ease, and carried the Active Pathogen responsible for: Moto-Neuron Dis-ease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other serious life threatening illnesses. Its name is Mycoplasma Fermentans. I have undertaken an indepth study into all aspects of Germ Warfare. These Agents nearly took my winter 2018. I had Diabetes, Renal Insufficiency and was chronically Hypertensive. I was seriously ill and nearly died many times. Why did I not seek the aid of a G.P.? They cannot deliver simple and basic Digestive Balance. That shows their competence or more so the lack of it. Masking symptoms is not a solution, establishing and removing the causative agents is. It was left up to me.

Our Testing: We test for Artificial Sweeteners, every person we meet has these even those who tell us they would never touch the stuff. This is why we test irrespectively: They are hidden in the food chain, we all are all exposed weather we take it knowingly or not. And can be passed by a kiss, they will not leave our system without a specific release agent. As it is everywhere hidden and openly used we are all being infected constantly. These substances have been made in a laboratory by genetic scientists also and given a name as well as healthy endorsements. Let us assure you there is nothing good and healthy about any of them. We have an article on our info pages about these carcinogens on our website. We test for Candida out of balance, this is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S) caused by Mainstream Medications and Artificial Sweeteners and never ever assisted for correction by introducing ADDITIONAL Bowel Flora. These are the only two causative agents of I.B.S. prior to their introduction there was seldom a case of I.B.S. being reported, now it is rampant. Over the page is a list of symptoms of an over infestation of Candida. We test for a specific Yeast Dis-ease known as Torulopsosis. Candida is one also. We then head to nature and test for General Parasites anal itching is one indicator you have these, another is over eating and being moody. We test for Flukes they cannibalise organ systems, itching is one symptom you are infected and finally in our simple Gut test we check for specific non beneficial Fungi. If found in your system they are delivering stagnation and mould to your body. All are supportive of Cancers. These three items come from living foods such as fruits and vegetables with some being in drinking water. There is no real way to avoid them, this is unfortunately a fact of life. No matter whom you see as a practitioner they must provide a sustainable daily solution to keep you protected and safe otherwise they are being negligent according to us.
Candida and the Yeast Dis-ease Torulopsosis: Here is a quick check you can do at home, first thing in the morning poke out your tongue while looking into a mirror and if you present with an off white coating on your tongue this is an obvious diagnosis of an overgrowth and infestation, another typical one is sweet cravings. There is a spit test which most know about and there is being tested by us which is pretty much conclusive. Symptoms are: Allergies, Asthma, failing eye sight, inflammation, frequent stomach pains and digestive problems, skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, acne and more, foggy brain or brain fatigue, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness and exhaustion, anxiety and mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger outbursts, irritability, headaches, itchy skin, chronic fatigue especially after eating, depression, gastro intestinal problems such as bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, rectal itching, sever premenstrual syndrome, impotence, memory loss, mood swings, feeling mentally disturbed, recurrent fungal infections such as jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm, extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, odours and alcohol, recurrent vaginal or urinary infections, Prostatitis. A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer or certain foods. These symptoms worsen in mouldy spaces and damp climates and basements and after eating foods containing sugars.

Our Solution: We have made a natural remedy to be taken by the entire family: One drop daily is all that is required for 24 hour cover. The reason why it is recommended as a daily support, we are constantly being infected is why. This is what you get from this one drop: Instruction is delivered to every cell to not permit Artificial Sweeteners to be absorbed. We have tested this instruction many times for this to actually occur. It removes all Artificial Sweeteners present and delivers balance to the 28 known signature of Candida in the system. It removes the yeast Dis-ease Torulopsosis, Kills up to 1650 specific Parasites, 1800 forms of bad Fungi and 300 known types of Fluke. This is an instant zap for these items. It assists to delivering balance along with a Stemcell treatment to the Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Spleen, Lung and the Colon. This means it actively will assist with repairs to these organs if required. It delivers balance to Bowel Flora and Liver Enzyme Production. When Parasites die they excrete a viruses known as SV 40 A and B. These are Cancer Causative Agents, this remedy removes these also. For those on medications from a doctor we recommend this preparation be taken at the same time interval as these medications. This will ensure any negative side effects associated from these medications to be rendered harmless. It delivers: Shen to Kidney, Spleen and Heart this is Balance/Love & Synchronicity. It can mend a broken Heart, It is little wonder we have seen such miraculous results from it. It is lineage specific meaning it will only work for your immediate family. We have many such testimonials on our website. It is readily available and is guaranteed to do all that we state here. We now have permanent removal programs available for Bovis , Fermentans and Lyme’s Di-ease. We Test for Germ Warfare Cancer Causative Agents. Make the appointment it can save your life, this we know for we have done it sooooooo…. many times.
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March 2018 Update.

Points of view addressed within this document are shared by many in the field of Naturopathy.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) is also known as Candida. When Candida is out of balance is when it is named I.B.S. and is when health begins to plummet downwards for everyone affected, unfortunately today this is pretty much all of us. Candida occurs naturally within the body it is only when it becomes out of balance do problems occur. Forty years ago before Aspartame and artificial sweeteners were created and when Antibiotics were not dispersed so freely one in 20,000 persons were affected with I.B.S. It was not an overly big deal, today every person we meet suffers from it, the entire population is infected. It is a Silent Plague that is bringing poor Health to us all to one degree or another. The G.P.’s medications deliver it, Artificial Sweeteners made by Drug companies do also. Why is there a necessity to have artificial Sweeteners in our body when we are not artificial? These have been engineered to remain in the body indefinitely therefore sustaining I.B.S. causing catastrophic illnesses mentioned further down this page. I.B.S. is fed by sugars, pretty much all foods contain these. Some people try to starve it out, that is near on impossible even if they achieve this the cause is living in them regardless as everyone is exposed to Artificial Sweeteners daily. It cannot be starved out which the Naturopath attempts to do. This is most serious no one can hide from it. We all are affected for it is now a constant in our food chain. Almost every person we see agrees: Health begins in the Gut. The G.P.’s medications bring disruption to our Gut and they know it. They know they are working against the body’s natural progression for self healing. Their medicines are not able to work harmoniously with the body, with long term usage being fatal in some cases according to Australian Genetic Scientists. We have a different outlook and that is simple: To work alongside the body assisting it to self-manage necessary body functions, returning balance. With the first one being Gut Health, we achieve this in 99% of cases within a few minutes. Energetic Medicine is a new age in addressing illness, it can achieve correction in seconds for it works directly with our Body Energetic, this is our current life force signature. Try this: see if your G.P. can have you pass our simple Gut testing? We have a sign which states we have a way forward for some incurable illnesses. With all illness Gut Health is the Beginning, same for all issues in particular Moto-Neuron Die-ease it owes its origin from petro chemical poisoning combined with poor immunity. We have not seen anyone come to see us who passes our Gut Testing in over 5 years, no matter whom they see, everyone passes it when they take our Gut Preparation. We have been witness to all this for years and have felt if we make some noise we will be dealt with. Well, we are now making that noise. We agree this is disturbing. If you cannot bring balance to the digestive system you will not cure anything. For in the Colon is where we win and lose the battle in life, it is the staging point and the beginning for all recovery.
We have an extensive read outlining the catastrophic consequences of consuming Aspartame on our website in the information pages, the propaganda is absolute lies. What is more the body cannot remove it without a specific Detox removal agent. It has been engineered this way and placed into thousands of items both in the food chain and others such as cosmetics and products that when in contact with the body it is delivered. It brings Leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome immediately upon ingestion and carries with it alarming Dis-ease precursors such as: Degeneration to the Brainstem (Dementia), ADHD, Parkinson’s, Fibro and Polymyalgia, Systemic Lupus, M.S. Almost every illness begins in the Gut. I.B.S disengages the body’s ability to self-manage its natural defence mechanisms and rejuvenative processes (constitution and immunity) leaving us wide open to all illness. I.B.S. prevents our system from self managing basic functions such as Hormone balance, maintaining bone density, and so much more. We can clearly state every woman suffers from hormonal imbalances brought upon from poor Gut Health. Taking our Gut preparation corrects this. Even with an average diet this will come back to normal in no time. The only drawback is you have to continually take the Remedy. The causes to our Gut imbalance are in the food chain is why. The remedy performs many things, one major is it tells the cells to not absorb Artificial sweeteners for 24hours, renders all G.P. medicines negative effects as harmless as well as to remove Flukes, Bad Fungi, Parasites, Balance to Candida and to polish all Digestive Organs, all from 1 x drop with all this being immediate in seconds. It is that impressive. I.B.S, Candida blocks nutrition being absorbed to great effect. Nature’s contributors to the degeneration of our bodies from such things as Parasites, Flukes Bad Fungi, along with Diabetic Viruses we can be in a lot of trouble. They all are having a serious toll on our wellness. Every item here is in the food chain, we simply cannot avoid them. I.B.S has been acclaimed as the most serious of all gut inhibitors to infest the digestive tract. Nature’s problematic inhibitors are serious enough. To sum up: If you are not taking an adequate precautionary measure to remove gut Inhibitors and to clear the effects they place upon your health you will be a sufferer and in trouble.

Symptoms of an over infestation of Candida (I.B.S). Candida is a type of yeast or Fungi. First thing in the morning poke out your tongue while looking into a mirror and if you present with an off white coating on your tongue this is an obvious diagnosis of an overgrowth and infestation another typical one is sweet cravings. There is a spit test which most know about and there is being tested by us which is pretty much conclusive. Symptoms are: Allergies, asthma, failing eye sight, inflammation, frequent stomach pains and digestive problems, skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, acne and more, foggy brain or brain fatigue, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness and exhaustion, anxiety and mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger outbursts, irritability, headaches, itchy skin, chronic fatigue especially after eating, depression, gastro intestinal problems such as bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, rectal itching, sever premenstrual syndrome, impotence, memory loss, mood swings, feeling mentally disturbed, recurrent fungal infections such as jock itch, athletes foot, ringworm, extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, odours and alcohol, recurrent vaginal or urinary infections, Prostatitis,
A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer or certain foods. These symptoms worsen in mouldy spaces and damp climates and basements and after eating foods containing sugars.

There is no reason why anyone should be a victim from any one of these never mind them all? Natures Parasites, the Deadly Fluke flat worms which cannibalise the body and Bad Fungi. All are serious when in our system and unavoidable with Candida’s (I.B.S.) being arguably the worst of them all! Most people know a bit about Parasites and Bad Fungi few really understand the significance of having any of these in their system. Some tell us they have to be there? Parasite means to live from the host to the detriment of the host. To have none is the only acceptable measure from where we sit. They are destroyers of life feeding from us taking our very life from us. Fewer of us know about Flukes. Flukes eat organs. This is why they are so serious. Itching is one common symptom you have Flukes in your body. If you do nothing to stop them they will be feasting on you. The body seldom recovers from a serious illness when Flukes are present in large numbers. We have seen what they do! We have many real time testimonials of success stories from people who have come back from the black hole of Dis-ease. For an in-depth description on every item we are mentioning here visit our Website: Check out: The Beginning. Diabetic Viruses: Deplete Life and are precursors to Diabetes, they erode Brain Function by taking Brain food leaving the individual unable to think clearly. They affect the Pituitary gland and the Pancreas preventing it from metabolising sugars and more. Drinking lots of water is a sure symptom (as is dry mouth after sleeping) you have these Viruses. The Kidney is trying to flush sugars out is why. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in this country from problematic Health issues that are correctable, according to us. Every Health issue on my sign owes its origin to poor General Health and a degree of ignorance on the part of all concerned.
Health Practitioners are not all created equal. Most natural therapists although their intent is good they simply cannot deliver General Health for extended periods if at all? The G.P. simply cannot achieve it either nor can diet alone as for taking additional flora, that is merely cosmetic we assure you. Diet must be supportive once inhibitors have been removed (on a daily basis) for we are always under attack.
Serious Illness: No matter what it is: The benchmark for recover is: To establish General Health as set out on our testing document. When this is achieved (within a few days) is when the constitution begins to regrow itself and sets the stage for greater Health and: ”Real Time Life Extension”.
Everyday Illnesses: Polymyalgia & Fibromyalgia are delivered by Aspartame, Dementia from Carcinogenic attack and poor General Health, Endometriosis from poor General Health and a constitution which is pre-proposed to it. Degenerative Structural conditions, knees and hips come from poor General Health and lack of understanding of a correct way forward along with Verucca Viruses, these are Lethal.
Every person will have their own specific taint to their ailments, because we are all individual is why. How we begin to unravel it is to find the corrective way forward and to support this ongoing until the body has self healed naturally. This can be complexed however, it all begins from attaining good Gut Health which absolutely no one seems to have. When u are ready call me: Derek 022-319-2540

Juicing and Why?

This topic is about the wondrous benefits and healing potentials natural vegetable juices have on the health of each and every one of us indiscriminately. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a living storehouse of life giving nutrition, in a complete balanced state that when juiced and taken into the body are utilised immediately.  Juice Therapy is a complete food for the nourishment of the entire body entering our bodies at the cellular level. The vitality contained in the foods you eat is what is imminently necessary for the constant rebuilding and sustaining the health of your entire system. The foods you eat play the most significant role in maintaining your health. As they say “You are what you eat” and in this day and age that has never been more evident. Juicing has been documented to prolonging life especially so for those unfortunate individuals inflicted with Cancers and other life threatening ailments, and in some cases their health has returned completely. Juicing is undeniable the finest way to deliver mass balanced nutrition directly into your system without causing undue drain on the organ systems of the body in order for them to assimilate and process this nutrition. When we eat we use a large proportion of energy getting the body into the go phase. Juicing bypasses this function provided there is no pulp present in the juice much like being dehydrated and in need of water. Once introduced to water the body becomes immediately hydrated. Juices work the very same way only they deliver Organic water as their mode of transport and superior vitality with potent antioxidant rich raw nutrient enriched juice (I simply love it, I have been an active juicer person from 2003)
All juicers are not the same, there are three main types out in the market place, excluding the Norman Walker Press which is in a category of its own and not readily available in this country. There are the centrifugal juicers which are readily purchased from stores; these are highly inefficient they deplete the living enzymes in the juice from the heat generated in the process of extraction. Next there are single auger juicers which grind vegetables slowly to avoid unnecessary heat producing a far superior juice, the difference can be tasted. The best of all juicers are the twin gear variety of juicers such as the Champion, the Greenstar, and the one I prefer to use “The Angel”. The Angel has been voted the finest juicer in the world for it delivers more from any given produce than any other juicer. It is made from Stainless steel of robust construction with grinding gears which are over 200mm in length. The juice taste from this juicer is second to none. The quality of juice is only as good as the quality of the produce placed into it. The Angel allows us to juice every two days as it produces a shelf life within the juice from the twin gear actions of slow grinding creating a magnetic field placing natural gowse energy into the living juice. I store all juices in rubber sealed glass bottles which are sterilised with boiling water after every use. Carrot juice is the king of nutrition, it contains almost every element and mineral necessary for life thus it is classified as A True Life Extension Food, delivering immediate unsurpassed vitality upon consumption.

We have seminars for you to learn about what certain juices do in the body, how to choose the correct juicer for they are definitely not all the same and of course to taste the juices themselves. Twin Gear Juicers are the best juicers available on the market today for they are capable of extracting the maximum amount of live nutrients from any given produce, without destroying the enzyme rich vitality in the juice. No other type of juicer compares to a Twin Gear Machine. We use The Angel Juicer and recommend this Juicer for we have found to date no other to match neither its performance nor its durability. When we juice the pulp from other twin gear machines we extract around 30% more juice with The Angel on average. We consider this juicer the best in its class for the purchase price which is that of a used small car.


You are what you eat! We are passionate about caring for our body with healthy foods and the best simplest nutrition available. We offer to test and examine your food choices and for you to learn the importance of good food choices/combinations, the effect they have upon your behaviour, the way you feel and your overall general health.

Learn about foods we need to eat to sustain a balanced vital life. In this subject we look at the functions of the human body what foods we eat do for us in their simplest form, and look at the waste plant and how more than 90% of disease begins within the Colon and supportive negative mind sets. As a wise yoga instructor once said to me:

“Let the foods we eat be the Medicine for Life”

This is a challenging and rewarding subject which we are passionate about. Learn how to become younger with diet alone. There are books on the subject for reference and reinforcement, if in doubt ask your body, listen to it we are able to teach you how.

Food Allergies Sorted?

If you are suffering from food allergies and even an allergic reaction to water or simple do not like drinking water we offer to break this cycle and reinstate good foods with a non allergic reactance within you. We suggest for you to embrace the allergen placing it over your heart and say to yourself: “ I release the negativity I have carried towards this food type and allow my body to embrace the wonderful benefits this food will deliver to myself”. In most cases this should correct the allergy, if not contact us for more, for if you are not sincere or there are Negative Spiritual Impositions which like you simply the way you are, they may be preventing the release and they must be removed, we have a simple remedy which achieves this. Note: Should the allergic food not be a good food choice this may be a cause, foods such as peanuts or pasturised milk are not good food choices, your body may simply be telling you no thanks.  If you require assistance to clear an allergen we can help you, whatever you require we will do our best to help you through this, we have assisted correcting many an allergen this way. In essence an allergen is simply a negative unsupportive subconscious belief that you have stored towards that food source, although this is our view point and we have corrected hundreds of so called allergies this way, in fact we have not had one we could not correct to date.

Simple Muscle Testing

Here is a simple way for you to test for any product or item to see if it is a good product for you at any particular time including all health Remedy’s tested here. It is particularly useful for testing emotions. For quick results be well hydrated and open to this truth.

You are to stand erect close your eyes and relax, empty every thought from your conscious and allow yourself to be at peace. Tell yourself I want and welcome the truth from this experience I am open and clear. Definitely ignore all that is going on around you and be relaxed.

Ask for forward movement to be positive (Yes) and backwards to be negative (No). Begin by saying “I am” (say your name at this time) allow your body to be free in a moment you should gravitate forward. Now say I am someone else’s name, again allow your body to be free and in another moment you should gravitate backwards.

If this is not happening you may need to be in a quiet place and make sure you are well hydrated and allow your mind to be free. Once you have this effect happening without looking at labels which may give you a bias to the product, hold any item you wish to test in your hand and ask “Is this good for me then ask does my body need or benefit from it now?” Your body will tell you one way or the other, you are to tell yourself “this is for my Best and highest good I am open and clear with no bias” alternatively say for “For the Love of self” “Is this good for me.….. There is no higher acclaim than the love of self; you cannot alter the true body response when you say this, provided your mindset (your intent) remains free.

Advanced Muscle Testing

The next step is to ask for the dosage (quantity and frequency) of a given product for a particular day. Here is an example: if you are taking Turmeric which is an anti ageing, cancer preventer and Liver Rejuvenating Natural Spice (we promote and sell this) simply ask, do I need more than two caps for today while holding the jar containing the caps, you have to see and hold one cap first (this is for the body to know what a cap is), if you respond with a yes, ask if you need more than three caps, keep going until you have the correct dosage for that day. The next day start all over remembering to use the phrase: ”For my best and highest good etc…..” at all times. You can adopt muscle testing to all manner of situations even to ask if your child requires a product. Simply hold onto the child and ask how many Ginger caps this child requires for today, and you will be told then ask for the time interval between dosage such as 4 hourly.

When we ask these questions we are accessing our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the largest part of our brain; it is highly evolved and can tell if a product is good or not at that particular time or moment, remember it is at this particular moment in time. Common sense must prevail.

Once mastered you have learned a valuable tool to keep those out there attempting to sell you product they claim is good for you honest. You can now test your friends and or your children to see if the remedy’s you reacted to, do they need them also? The test can be done with the remedy bottle empty for the signature of the Medicine is inside the bottle.

Thumbs Up Test

This Test is one where it minimizes the ability of the body to cheat for you are only cheating yourself when you do. This is what you do:

Extend your right or left arm at its full length in front of you with your thumb up. Next, move your arm say your right arm round to the right as far as it can comfortable go and mentally note how far this it while remaining facing forwards.
Next, take hold of any product in your free hand or touch an item you wish to test and repeat the Thumbs Up. Note how far your arm now goes. Remember honesty with your testing and yourself will show you a true reward.
If you can go further the second time the produce you have tested is good for you at that particular time. Remember it is always at the time of testing if an item is of benefit. Suffice to say if you are testing nutrition you need good nutrition anyways, it may mean your body does not require the item at this particular time. Although you may require it that day
You can have a lot of fun with muscle testing. When Testing Therapeutic Cards do the initial Test without holding the card then hold the black magnetic strip and see how you do. Once you have mastered this you will find it a great tool to use and enjoy. Remember to say for my best and highest good I am……etc.

You are most welcome to contact Derek on 022-319-2540 further with this topic.

Exceptional Health Ltd
Specialising in Bio-Energetic medicine

Natural Calcium

So many people today are suffering from an ever increasing degree of Osteoporoses (reduction in Bone Density) women are seemingly the worst affected. The reason for this is they tend to on average have a greater dependency upon Mainstream Medicine for their health issues with particular reference to Antibiotics. Antibiotics disrupt Candida within the body creating immediate absorption issues likewise does artificial sweeteners. To bear in mind there are highly effective natural alternatives to mainstream medicine, we specialise in returning the body to balance in a gentler way returning Candida (leaky gut & Irritable syndrome) to normal on the day.

The very best calcium to place into your body is not found in any Chemist built by man, it is found in Natures Pharmacy and this is how you make it:
This is 2 to 3 weeks supply
Take five raw free range eggshells.  Crush into a 1 litre sized Glass jar and fill with freshly squeezes natural lemon juice takes around 5kg of lemons. If you have a juicer, wash the lemons and juice the entire lemon until you have one litre of juice, Juicing will save on lemons (the skin contains the greatest concentration of nutrients). Then cover and stand in the refrigerator for 5 days, shake daily. After 5 days strain the creamy coloured liquid into a clean container preferably a glass jar, store in the fridge and place 4 teaspoons into half a glass of warm water and drink first thing in the morning then twice through the day and again at bed time every day. Stir before each dose. When five days supply remain begin another batch, repeat for three months or until you no longer required, this may require you to have a test by us. It is a great idea to be tested for calcium absorption and Absorption in general as well as Gut Busters. Our Absorption remedy delivers balance to your body’s digestive organs for greater effective absorption of nutrients. Our remedy balances the Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Colon, Lung and the Spleen Bowel Flora balance Yin/Yang it comes with a handout document for you to improve your food choices and why. Absorption is the hub to great health your health is the greatest asset you will ever own. Gut Busters are Candida, Aspartame, Parasites and Flukes and bad Fungi which can be potentially lethal if left. Be tested and have them removed. Feel free to check out our Gut Balancing Remedy.

We recommend you learn muscle testing to self diagnose your ideal daily dosage. This is simple and easy and generally takes not very long. Natural Calcium is delivered to where it is needed most in the body, we require the entire body to be calcium rich (bones dense), if you are taking our Bio-Energetic Medicine when you take calcium with the medicine being applied (Cream or drops to the area), the medicine will direct the calcium to the area. In the case of a complete skeletal recondition you will require medicine for this to accelerate bone density and bone strength. Bone grows exceptionally fast when your body is in great health as mentioned Absorption must be in balance with a supportive diet.

Note: At times to locate the raw ingredients to make this calcium may be too difficult, to bear in mind Carrot Juice is the King of Nutrition therefore to actively consume Carrot Juice Daily 2 x 250mls no less to taken in 1 x 250ml volume at any one time into the body in our experience dramatically assists the body with the calcium it requires. 

Note: Quick fix calcium you buy in the shop are poor alternatives to natures best, if you take them for an ongoing condition you may find you have given yourself another condition. Milk is not a good source of calcium unless it is human milk. Carrot juice is a natural alternative to cow’s milk and an excellent source of Calcium and other nutrition for carrot is simply the King of Nutrition!  For more make an appointment with me to discus where you are at Derek 022-319-2540

Reflexology the healing of the body via your Feet

Reflexology is the study of the healing of the body through the feet. Yes it is a wonderful powerful essential healing tool.
We suggest for everyone to begin to make time to participate with this healing modality. As it is not always convenient to see a practitioner we suggest for all to acquire a basin which is of sufficient size for your feet and about 5 litres of water.
If you have any health challenge, depending upon its severity, this has an impact on how often you perform this treatment, we suggest this to be a weekly looking forward to:
Get two and a half litres of hot water as hot as you can tolerate, if you have a water filter use this then heat it. Water from the tap is generally of poor quality and full of ugly impurities which we do not want. Place into this water 3 heaped table spoons of Magnesium Sulphate, two table spoons of raw sea salt, one table spoon or MSM powder and half a T spoon of raw Kelp powder and stir.
You are to place your feet into this solution for at least 20minutes, the best time to do this would be around bed time for you may simply fall asleep while or after doing it.
Your body will absorb through your skin all the minerals and trace elements it requires presented to it in the solution. Feel free to add to this concoction as you feel the need, Aroma Therapy too can be most beneficial although the writer prefers to use only natural wholesome pure ingredients that are certified natural and or Organic.
This needs to be undertaken at least a weekly even for the rest of your life it is of immense benefit to you. Feel free to discuss with us your healing challenges. Derek on 022-319-2540

Exceptional Health Ltd.              Specialising in Bio- Energetic Medicine
Skeletal Structures and Joint Replacements

Note: The information contained within this document is strictly our points of view as such it is to be used purely as educational.  Take from this what you need, to bear in mind we have assisted others to correct Skeletal Structures. When the body itself performs the replacement you have the best replacement possible that is the only way we see to proceed forward.

Firstly we would like to say we are ever so passionate about the resplendent work we are involved with, we see it as not merely a job rather a love, for when we hear and see the rewards of people’s transformations back to greater health we simply cannot get enough of that wonderful experience. Thus your stories of recovery particularly so with respect to structures please onsend them for these take the most time in general and only eventuate from total sincere persistence and faith in our ability until the correction has been made. Sometimes this can take years.

All structure are made up of tissue, Bone is the densest of the tissues in the body in general they take the longest to repair because of their density and the complexity which encompasses their correction. Bone is made of predominately Calcium, it is not simply a case of taking loads of calcium to correct the structures of the body, if it was that simple your G.P. would be ever so pleased and us too. There is far more to it than that this is why Scoliosis, Osteo-Arthritis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis in fact all bone degenerative conditions are deemed incurable by Mainstream Medicine. We however do not share their belief and the following is why:

To overcome Bone Degeneration we need to address the following:

We first have to establish the root cause to the complaint from there we are to have the body correct it if possible? The ABC’s of Health is where we begin. We must ensure the Gut is in pristine working order. Carcinogens must be gone also, our Detox is required to assist with this. Our Water Element Remedy needs to be taken. As with every pathology the Kidneys must be working in balance along with everything which affects them negatively must be removed and cleared, such things as negative stored emotions will cause the Kidney to become underactive. Our NLP programme is the perfect start for this as is one on one with us to clear any immediate specific bitterness stored. We need to address the DNA and test to see if you have the Degenerative Gene Sequencing for Bone Degeneration and if present we need to have your body correct it if possible? We may have to address Muscles for they support the structure and can have it supported in an incorrect position such that the structure then grows to accommodate it new found position (click to be taken to our Back Document For more). We have to cease consuming inflammatory foods such as eggs, chicken tomatoes, potato, eggplant (Nightshade Family). If the complaint is extreme then all meats and every food which is acid forming must cease. Note: all food derived from or have these inflammatory foods in their constitution must cease too. Next comes Superimpositions, Miasms and the clearing of any and all Spiritual encumbrances, we at least must check to see if they are present. There is quite a lot to address with all of this, no wonder the G.P. has no way forward in our view they do not believe in some of what has been documented here the same applies to most of the population (this is not airy fairy that we assure you). We then have to look at the very best diet from which the body needs to regrow itself. Our greatest enemy is inflammation, this is heat in the area, swollen bone and is caused by inflammatory foods predominately. It is known as the battlefield, how does anyone rebuild a house in a battle zone?
Try building one in Syria with the war going on, it is impossible just as it is for the body to rebuild while the battle is raging it too is similarly impossible.

How did you contract this inflammatory Bone Degenerative complaint?

How did you contract this condition in the first place very good question, it is more or less the exact same way everyone contracts an illness, although some of us would say having an acid body is the culprit, in part they are correct, it is the same as having an alkaline body one extreme to the other, the correct PH is to be in balance where your diet contains both acid and alkaline foods but to tend to be slightly more alkaline (and you must be able to absorb it so must pass our Gut Test).

We would like you to read each of the information documents pertaining to our programmes which we have mentioned here, when you have done so you may come to the realisation you most likely have never had good Gut Health from the beginning, (as with almost everyone so you are not alone) with few having a decent diet. Therefore your body has always been trying to catch up. With devitalised nutrition how can you build a strong house when you eat processed crap? Not to forget microwaved foods, never allow yourself to eat foods prepared this way. Microwaving alters the food such that it depletes us, simply believe me, if you can believe other statements we have written here then believe this one too. Processed foods such as Wheetbix, bread, pasturised milk and thousands more are all not good food choices. These are advertised as good food sources so it’s not really your fault. Your G.P. and what they represent with their drugs and artificial sweeteners (Aspartame a must read) bring with them Candida which is Leaky Gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. From what I am telling you everyone seems to be doomed before they even begin, unfortunately there is a great deal of truth to this statement. Candida prevents you from absorbing nutrients well and is a precursor to Cancer proliferation and every illness known. We struggle to accept how mainstream medicine addresses this for they are another of the causes. There is no simple straight forward way through it all particularly so with those of you who are disbelievers, it is a bit of a mine field with anyone item not being followed correctly can inhibit, slow and even stop the healing processes.

The question arises in whom do we believe?

We will try to answer this question simplistically, the human body is alive, inclusive of that is bone as mentioned it is simple dense tissue. The body is in a constant state of rejuvenation and repair 24/7. If you can grasp this concept then it should not be overly difficult to understand the body can actually repair itself. It makes and replaces the skin, blood and including the organs themselves, hair too as it is always growing. It is clearly evident when you injure yourself the body undergoes to heal and repair the injury. The healing is generally more significant while we sleep with the aid of the sleep hormone Melatonin. Melatonin comes to work while we sleep for it to assist with the maintenance of the body, although this is generally not enough with further assistance being required. From poor sleep patterns mostly due to pain this natural healing aspect of the body can be drastically reduced to nonexistent. It must be assumed if given the correct healing environment the body should be able to repair joints and all bones. What we have written about here is establishing the route cause, and then offering from our view point what we see as a corrective way forward. This healing exchange if you like must be maintained until….until the body has self healed. The G.P. would generally say this works fine for little things, for knee and hips which are overly eroded they feel the body simply cannot repair for it is beyond repair. I myself have been told this, check out my story here, I would not allow them to butcher me, this was over 15 years ago. I was told I would be in to see the specialist within a year for hip and knee replacements at 36 years of age (still a boy at that age). The interesting fact about that meeting with the specialist was he said “leave it as long as you can”. Well bugger you for I have corrected the complaint myself, this is why I was introduced into alternate medicine in the first instance. I was forced to change my career from a hands on property developer and contract Builder/Joiner for I could not walk without excruciating pain. I have no pain these days.

We realise this is not a walk in the park, we have to clear the G.P’s medications from you and if like me every minute of the day and night you are in extreme agony, the anti-inflammatory drugs sure do a great job at eliminating that pain although to what effect, what is the down side? The Degeneration of your Liver and Kidneys the very organs necessary in the re build processes. I made my G.P. tell me of the side effects, so they were making me feel better yet making me worse slowly killing me, my complexion was grey. Please understand I consider myself a success story, from not ever giving up yet at times to simply die would have been easier. There seemed no way I would ever beat what I had yet I never gave up. I have children here how could I ever leave them? What would I say to them? Never was that an option, to have replacement joints never would I ever permit that.

From walking this journey you will learn a great deal about yourself and know how to take the very best care possible of the temple which is your body, our website covers almost all you will need to know.
In our shop there are the most immense healing superfoods and supplements for the human condition I take them and more every day, you will be require to be on them all as well and every remedy we have mentioned here and to have one on one consultations with us to make sure you are supported and heading in the right direction.

Soft Tissue Damage and Repair.

Bone is supported by the muscles, so soft tissue must be addressed, muscles support bone which has failed or is under extreme distress such that these muscles can become like spring steel only without the spring. Over prolonged periods of time the muscles being in tension forget how to release for they are supporting a seriously degenerated part of the body. Even when the bone has healed the muscles still retain their vice like grip. Meanwhile with all this going on the Kidney which has been trying to correct this for years. In the end the Kidney wants to give up as it is over stressed not only from its job of mending the body but from Fluke attack (highly likely) also from Carcinogenic attack and from anti-inflammatory drugs. When this is occurring it shares this load of burden with the heart bringing with this a most significant problem: Death to the Organism may occur. Hypotension (High blood pressure) which in turn can deliver a stroke, heart attack or one of many other serious to life threatening cardiovascular conditions. In our view it is almost never an option to resort to mainstream medications for the simple fact their side effects can be more dire and serious and of course detrimental to the system than the original complaint they are being taken to correct. Note: Our Water Element Programme contains with it a treatment for all cardiovascular organ systems, as they are a fire sign, all 4 fire signs are being treated along with the Water signs making this a most beneficial remedy and way forward.

Summing Up

To sum up, you have choices, if this has only recently begun with you then hopefully it won’t take very long to overcome it. If you have endured this for many years then it is likely to take a while to sort it. For myself there was no one who had an answer or positive way forward as I have documented here, there was segments of information all over the place, for me it has taken many years to piece this puzzle together through trial and error. Now, I have this knowledge and ability I know we can make massive corrections and inroads within days.

In March this year a woman and her daughter came to me, the mother had osteoarthritis in her knee, and her elbow, her knee were twice the size of a normal knee, her elbow obviously swollen, the heat emitting from it was quite extraordinary it was hot like a mini heater. She informed me how she enjoyed her eggs in the morning. Within one day all that changed, she has not been back for me to see where she is at unfortunately, although I am convinced if things had not improved she would have made comment. She purchased my Gut Balancing Programme, Detox, my Soft Tissue Repair Cream, Turmeric, MSM and my High Potency Super Silver Ultra and stopped consuming her eggs which she loved and all the nightshade family (inflammatory foods) mentioned here.


The cost today for a knee replacement must be in excess of 15K while a hip must be considerably more. The spine is at present impossible to replace as are the hands and feet. Ask the surgeon the life span of the procedure? also ask about all the negative side effects before you proceed along with how mobile you will be and activities such as physical activities etc which you may or may not be able to indulge in. Once you go down their path you cannot change to this. Our fees at this stage to help you correct the most severe of conditions maybe 5K spread over say one year. We corrected a knee in four months with only doing about half of what we currently recommend, only because we had not grown enough at that time (had the knowledge) to effect the correction sooner. The costs to the client were around 2K over a 12 month period.

Check out Reflexology on here (click the link) learn how to heal the body through your feet, although that is not enough on its own in this case and yes you will be expected to do this weekly at least. Massages too, again not enough on their own.

Food for thought

With Natural Structural Corrections of the body should they be necessary it brings to mind if they are not undertaken then the cause still remains as to the corrosion and erosion of the body such that everyone who has a replacement will remain suffering from the causes. For those of you who make the time to read this document we can almost guarantee you will be suffering from at least poor Gut Health. It is with this in mind we strongly advise for you to either come see us for a quick test for us to see where you are at or simply purchase our Gut Balancing Remedy. As stated it has saved lives.

We have outlined here a successful way forward for all….. if you cheat it and try to short cut it you are only really cheating yourself, if you want to get started… lets go for it…..the sooner the better…
Feel free to make an appointment:     Derek 022-319-2540

Test Results: Please read your Test sheet in particular our Note regarding Potentially Lethal. If you have not been Tested for these you owe it to yourself to have this done.

Cancer Note: All toxins presented here have the potential to mutate our DNA this is one sure way Cancers are formed. At the very least they are mutating our DNA bringing Dis-ease to us. This is why it is of immediate importance to have them removed as soon as possible and to maintain that level of protection ongoing. Self-Care on our website in the Beginning pages explains this in detail.
The result of our Testing shows every individual we have tested in the past 5 years none pass our simple testing. There are no hidden agendas in these tests. Most people have a practitioner who they see for their specific health issues. Absorption is the balance to the organ systems indicated in Magenta and are essential for Great Health. Artificial Sweeteners are lethal and that is the nuts and bolts of it, they do not leave the system without a release agent and are attributed to causing catastrophic harm to our delicate system. No one is exempt, nothing, absolutely nothing artificial going into our system is the correct measure. Candida which is I.B.S when it is out of balance is delivered by the Doctors medications and Artificial Sweeteners and is the worst gut invader of them all. The entire population suffers from this Plague; it has the body wide open to every illness. Before Artificial Sweeteners and antibiotics this was a rare event. Check out our hand out: I.B.S thePlague”. We are not exaggerating how serious this is. Flukes, they eat our body organs, a common sign is itching and they like every item we are discussing here is in the food chain and water supply. There is no simple way to avoid being invaded; they are killing us that is the short of it. Bad Fungi: This is like a living mould of stagnation in the body with it comes illness straight up. Parasites: We meet people who take delight in telling us we have to have these, they must to be kidding. Parasite means to live from the host to the detriment of the host. From our perspective none is the satisfactory measure.
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, we test for these when asked and most do not even know they are carrying them. Gonorrhoea is now antibiotic resistant and termed a superbug. Well we sort it on the day, spotting is a sign women have it. Remember this: We didn’t give either to you, if you have either be advises to be rid of them. Impositions: We have not met any person we have tested who does not have these present; they come when the Heart is broken. We remove them for life, one off treatment.
Pathogenic Organisms: If you have these you have serious Chronic Fatigue and you are in big trouble. They are Dis-ease causing micro-organisms that are Potentially Lethal, people can die from these deliver. Viruses causing immobility: These are the support to all inflammatory complaints/stiffness. They deplete life and are attributed to premature aging with a supportive miserable outlook on life due to incessant pain. They deplete Kidney /Brain Function promoting Hyper-Tension. Liquid Stool is an indicator you have these. People are open to Stroke or Heart attack? have no energy and simply suffer everyday. Diabetic Viruses: This is Diabetes pretty much and most we test have them. Diabetes is the 7th major cause of Death in N.Z. we correct/remove these Viruses within a few days.
As stated at the top of this page: All Carcinogens have Cancer causing potential for they Mutate our DNA. We are not here to scare anyone. We got sick from the G.P’s medicines. They were slowly killing us. It has taken a little over 20 years to almost sort that. The G.P. did not offer to explain the severity of taking their poisons; rather they poison us and hope for the best it seems? Effects from taking our preparations. More life and Vitality. Sure that can be seem questionable for some, have a read of My Story on my website, and look at me know, make up your own mind. The Doctor fails to Doctor up these days. Make an appointment with me to help you:


Contact Derek 022-319-2540

Exceptional Health Ltd                      Specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine

Water Element

Please Note: All information contained within this document is strictly the opinion of the authors as such it is our view point and should be seen as educational or not, this is your choice. With respect to points of interest we ask you take what you require from what is here and use how you see fit. As always the ABC’s of Health must be in balance along with Carcinogens gone (Detox) should you wish to correct any pathology. This cleans the body and fortifies it making it more resilient to invaders and brings power (balance) to the recipient. We strongly advise for all to read the ABC’s of health on our website.

This Programme is for the person it has been intended for as such it will be ineffective for any other person.

We call this our Water Element Programme (we are almost 80% water) this is in reference to all the water elements within the body of which there are two: the Kidneys and their Structures and the Bladder. They are linked for men to aspects which affect the Prostate Gland and for Women issues with reference to Gynaecology (reproductive organs). This means this medicine has the ability to assist with any imbalances held within these parts of the body. The first one we have to attend to is the one which holds with it the greatest threat to our lives and is the most important organ in the body as we see it. We store Negative Emotions in our Kidneys they are our Love Centre every cell in the entire body carries every emotion, if we are predominately negative our outlook will be reflective so. Should we carry more buoyancy (Positivity) then you most probably won’t be in need of this Programme? Not to say others you know won’t or that you won’t benefit from it. The most beneficial way forward for all is to be light, buoyant, energetic and carefree yet responsible which can be a struggle to achieve particularly so with the world as it is. To return us to our centre (The Blueprint to our Core Emotions) we have our very special NLP Programme. It is most essential for all to partake in this treatment, we ask for you to at least check it out.

The Kidneys are the major love centre organs in the body they are our emotional bankers. Positive emotions are supportive of joy and happiness however the negative at their extreme of cases will support cell death or Death to the organism and are seen as a most significant blockage in the free flow of energy within a body of which Cancer is most definitely a by-product! This does infer emotions have the power to terminate our lives, unfortunately so, for we are 100% Emotional Beings (love children). The Kidney is the boss if you like to the body for they repair the entire body and are Yin/Yang pairings to the Bladder. This means should you have a Bladder problem you will also have a Kidney problem with the same being effective in reverse.

Our Remedy Programme contains with it treatment for both organs and their respective Meridians which are their channels throughout the body or the roads if you like. Therefore any imbalance in these organs will be treated on the physical level with this preparation. Also contained in this preparation is a treatment for all Fire signs of which there are four: Endocrine (all the Glands: Adrenals Thyroid Ovaries Testicles etc), Heart, Pericardium and the Small Intestine. Similarly their Meridians too have been included. Kidney Structures, Bladder, Connective Tissue, DNA, Inflammation, Injury, Injured Tissue, Membrane Transport and Restore Chi & balance to Life Force. There is a great deal of instruction contained within this remedy. It is designed to assist the body with all circulatory imbalances should this be a requirement. There are specific nutrient requirements which greatly assist with the correction of circulatory disorders such items as Organic Apple cider Vinegar and Organic coconut oil also Organic Hemp seed oil (we take every item in our shop everyday) Refer to our Absorption handout document for dietary add on’s etc. We suggest all to take our NLP programme for this assists with returning to centre (as stated) of our Emotions and initiate the “Go Forward” aspect to our lives. It is most strongly advised for you to book an appointment with us for the removal of unsupportive emotions (negativity) which are strangling you. We ask that you make your list and bring it along, we have seen miracles occur right in front of our eyes, it is transformational and very cool, in truth it is our ultimate reward for us to behold, persons have claimed of an immediate lift and do look years younger within minutes.

This Programme is of utmost benefit for pretty much every pathology for it is the water element which mends the incorrection/imbalances in the body by the Kidneys (The mother to the body) Thus for our Back and Spinal Programmes and our Structures Programme this remedy falls as an integral part of their rebuild processes and a must do if you truly want to be rid of your Dis-ease.

Disclaimer: By law we are not permitted to make any claims, the wording in this document merely represents our intent, we do not heal you, we simply assist you to the following progression: True healing comes only from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care.

Feel free to contact us should you require further assistance Derek on 022-319-2540

We have a full and complete explanation as to what is Energetic Medicine which is after this introductory passage which outlines “Life Extension” capabilities from the deliver of specific Energetic Enhancements taken daily.


Life Extension Enhancements (medicines). This is the body becoming sustainably Alive!

“Pocket Rocket-ism is truly here.”

This is perhaps the most significant subject on our entire website. Few people understand the significance nor the immense potential and life altering and defining capabilities  Energetic Medicine is capable of delivering to anyone at any age.

Let us use the analogy of a cars engine. Let us a take a high performance race car. When it is at its peak of efficiency is when it performs at its best and highest potential. It is in constant need of refinement and fine tuning to maintain this level of exceptional performance. Imagine the human body although infinitely more complex being able to be fine tuned to be as immense as the race car engine only this to be inclusive of the entire body, not being limited to the power plant alone. In the Jason Bourne movies Jason Bourne was an elite individual, he was genetically modified to be a superior human being and labelled an “asset” by his section leaders to be used as a highly trained assassin. In the movies men such as he took drugs to effect this conditioning. As we are all aware drugs have serious side effects that can greatly shorten life expectancy and at present do not exist to enable people to perform as shown in these movies. This does not mean this is unavailable, we have this capability within our modality of “Energetic Medicine” most definitely so.

Our modality is based upon TCM, this is Acupuncture whereby we deliver instruction to the body only we do not use needles. We deliver digital instruction via a medium of which a Remedy is a medium, there are other mediums available which deliver a variable constant to the body for the uploading of this digital information to effect change which in turn accentuates wellness to the recipient. We refer to this instruction as Enhancements as mentioned on our front page of this site. The entire body is a complex grid system of energetic centers we term this in its complete form as “The Body Electric”. When there is an imbalance in our bodies this is where Dis-ease begins and as is stored. We assist the body to clear these stagnant energy blockages to return wellness to the individual with the aid of our Digital Instruction. We can go a step further and deliver immense Energetic Wellness such that we polish the entire body for it to function as smooth as it possibly can. This is similar to the Jason Bourne effect. Not only do we correct illness but we enhance the body for it to become “Alive” and to stay alive irrespective of age. We mention agelessness on our front page for this is where we sit. We continuously have Energetic Enhancements presented to our Body Electric to bring polish to the total race vehicle that we are. The effects of this is Exceptional Health across the board, this is why our company has this name and this is what we have going on everyday. Is there anyone out there who can boast/claim to not be in need of this? We most definitely do not think so. If you want to feel like I do while almost 60 yet I feel in my early 20’s then get on board. To be 90 and feel like 40 that will do me, twice the life while every day feeling vital. For those of you who do not believe for this seems too incredible? I have been doing this in excess of 14years, it has been agonisingly frustrating when I meet so many who are blind to what I am stating here, even those who have had the most serious of illness once corrected we seldom hear from them as if that is all thank you very much? People want proof and verification we understand that. Take our Gut Balancer Programme, 1 x Drop and it will deliver the most complete care to your Gut and Digestive organs possible. One x drop that is miraculous on its own, and who else can achieve that, pretty much know one I have ever met. And that is just the beginning.

This is what I am currently taking Energetically and have been doing so for years along side my superior diet and daily exercise programme. Spinal Energy Flow and Structures, all major load bearing joints knees and hips under repair. I have General Health in balance. Connective Tissue Repair, Degeneration Treatment, DNA Therapies, Inflamed Response, Injured Tissue, Membrane Transport, Restore Chi and balance to Life Force. Complete Circulatory enforcement which I wear while I sleep, this is balance to the Pericardium, Heart, Vein Therapies etc. It is the perfect treatment for all Cardiovascular Disorders. I have engineered a special medicine specific to myself for Age Reversal using Programmed Sequential Therapies and take this in drop form once daily. My water is absolute containing therapies for the Brain, Para and Sympathetic Nervous System as well as the Vagus Nerve. I take a Prostate Programme Remedy, balance to Kidney and Bladder Structures, Eye Therapies one drop daily and I have 20/20 vision at 58 years. The other day I installed Spinal Energy Flow I felt life come into me that I had most definitely forgotten, like an urgency. It is little wonder I feel the way I do. Side effects are attitude more to the point “Pocket Rocket-ism.” To get the very most out of life is where we are coming from with relation to Natural Health, Vitality and Exuberance all at one. The result will be to live years younger totally across the board and to live longer and to be in a position to embrace more everyday for the simple fact you are so much more. This we offer to everyone who would like it, too easy.


What is Bio-Energetic Medicine?

The term Bio-Energetic Medicine is best described as Medicine (containing energies) which acts upon the energetic systems (this is termed The Body Electric) of a living organism requiring hydration to accelerate its healing potential. Bio means for humans. Energetic Medicine is primarily based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture (T.C.M). It utilises Energetic Mediums weather that be Drops, Card Therapies, Crystal or any other means which can safely store and transfer corrective healing energies to The Body Electric of an individual through the Acupuncture meridian system. Energetic Medicine can similarly be delivered into the aura field of a person or life form. And can be delivered subspace which are unattended therapies whereby the individual is not present. This is achieved with the aid of specially designed equipment. Some of us have this capability within our own selves of being able to alter, change and direct energies to a living organism. We have this capability. Energetic Medicine is simply the delivery of energies which are deemed necessary to return Chi to the recipient. Chi is the Free flow of energy or wellness through an energetic life form or system, inclusive of this are people for they are energetic life forms. When Chi has been continuously sustained for a period of time the health challenge or Dis-ease will have been removed. Dis-ease is the opposite to Chi, it is the interruption of the ease of flow of energy within an organism or person. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) the human body has energy centers called chakras. There are 7 main chakras although every cell within the body is a chakra within its own right. They are like mini power stations, they are collection and distribution centers where information and energy is both received and distributed throughout the body. This is done via the meridian system these meridians are the energetic roads which carry this information and instruction. Note: The human body is a highly complex energetic system comprising of a tissue and water combination (made up of 79% water), with bone being seen as our densest tissue. A bit like a super battery which lasts a life time. This can be in excess of 100 years and active all the way till the end. This would substantiate the notion of energy centers in the body such as mentioned in T.C.M with respect to Chakras. Chakras are merely a name for a collection and distribution center. They are associated with organ systems. The Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Naval and the Base. Each energy center spins opposite to the other starting at the crown. These energy systems have purpose and meaning it is highly interesting and wondrous, however for what we are discussing here this falls outside of where we want to take you. This spinning of these Chakras are to keep the body aligned vertical and in balance. As stated every cell is a mini power station within itself. If this were not the case this would imply cells without energy would be lifeless. To have life means to have energy, when the energy is gone life leaves with it. The more energy we have in the cells the more life we have within ourselves. Life Extension from our perspective is to be fully enhanced to be totally vibrant, positive and alive, with an abundance of vital energy at any and all ages. This is where we want to take every person who wishes to venture there.

The body is a grid system: T.C.M would have us believe the entire body is a grid system, the grid is the energetic roading network and named the meridians. These meridians have points or energy transfer stations. A bit like valves in a complex water system only this is an energy system. These points have names and a code reference. Each one represents a controlling mechanism within the body. When there is Dis-ease in the system the valves become impaired or closed subsequently the mechanism of life shuts down in certain areas and illness or Dis-ease is the term for this. This is represented in the individual as poor health or whatever they are carrying as an imbalance such as the diagnosis of Fibro-myalgia. These valves are located at specific points. They have a specific code similar to playing the game Battleship. These codes can be loaded into a preparation for the purpose of returning balance as mentioned further down this article. In the game Battleship G 5 means you go along to G then down 5 and if there is a hit you are in business. The body is much the same. Take GB 32, this is a major Gall Bladder meridian point for the healing of any problem associated with ones Gall Bladder. When we place a needle into this point for say 15 minutes which is the standard time for acupuncture. This opens the channel (or the valve) which was previously impaired or closed (due to Die-ease) for healing to commence (for the free flow of energy to continue). If correction (healing) has not been totally successful on the first visit? This is why people have to return to the practitioner for more of the same (torture) until health has returned. We see placement of needles into the body as a form of torture. Few people like needles, we are of similar opinion. It can take a while especially to correct complex problems, for there needs to be an effective diagnosis of what is exactly occurring with respect to the healing progression. Or the exact root cause for the reason why GB 32 was impaired or closed. This is where many practitioners fall short today. Most do not have the ability to establish and source the root of the cause to the problem, nor do they know how far along the healing exchange has progressed?

As for Fibro-myalgia this is a new age complaint. We are told the G.P. has no idea how it came to be nor a successful way forward or cure a word they like to use. We see this self correct from all who participate in our General Health testing and take the Remedies prescribed following the instruction indicated with these preparations. The condition Fibro-myalgia is specifically linked to poor gut health, an insufficient diet along with carcinogenic attack specifically from Aspartame poisoning. Aspartame is relatively new it was first commercially adopted in N.Z. in 1980. Fibro-myalgia along with Poly-myalgia are new also and are linked directly to Aspartame poisoning. When we initiate General Health this compliant goes every time thus far. The reasons why some practitioners fail to recognise then to deliver the corrective healing environment has been mentioned above, they likewise do not have the knowledge base nor the healing ability within their modality. They must be able to diagnose and have a supportive way forward. Clearly the G.P. cannot have the body self correct this concern and they have unlimited resources at their disposal. This would indicate a gross ignorance on their part and the parent system as it currently stands. There is an entire page at the bottom of our “The Basics a Need to know”of conditions Mainstream medicine have little to no answer for. We however have a way forward for each one.

With technology today we now have Bio-Feedback Devices (These have been around in excess of 20years) which can load these acupuncture reference points (codes as mentioned above) into a specific programme and for us to make a preparation or medicine. We run through some fairly highly complex protocol indexes for specific health complaints on this device. This is in the software package which comes with the device. Many practitioners who have these devices treat their patients with the device directly. The interface between the patient and the device is termed the Cybernetic loop. This is the interaction of the patient with the device shown visually on a computer screen (man machine interface). Treatment from these devices is long winded, time consuming, expensive and generally can only be done fortnightly according to the manufacturers specific instructions. The reasoning behind this is The Body Electric becomes self aware and will not benefit with the same energy being consistently delivered to it. It becomes immune to these constant energies, this is part of the body’s inherent defense network. Our preparations have within them a continuous variable energetic signature which prevents the body for become immune to their corrective energies. We seldom use our device for delivering therapy as it is simply not viable. This is how we make our Energetic Medicine direct from the device: We load each meridian grid sequence reference point (such as GB 32) into a matrix panel in the software of the device displayed on the computer screen until all the required points for the particular illness are loaded. We activate the device to make a remedy. The device now runs through the protocol programme and places this energy of instruction for all the valves which have been loaded into the matrix (these are the valves that have been obstructed/closed) into a medium such as a remedy bottle. This energy is now the treatment remedy for the condition the patient presented. This is exactly the same treatment we would think you would receive if you were to head to your acupuncturist only without all the needles and the discomfort. There are many advantages from having a natural medicine made this way, you can administer this at any time or anywhere. The remedy or medium as we prefer to call it generally comes as a preparation similar to that of a standard Homeopathic Remedy. To bear in mind it is no way a Standard Homeopathic Medicine for it is an Energetic Medicine. This is a most cost effective and far more user friendly and beneficial means to have the body self correct Dis-ease. There are hundreds of Acupuncture points in the body therefore there are hundreds of valves which need to be opened for whatever is going on within an individual to self heal the complaints (Dis-ease) they present with naturally. This is the body self correcting utilising it’s very own Energetic System (The Body Electric) only we have given it specific instruction which we would have ascertained from making our diagnosis. It is our view this is the simplest and most user friendly way for healing to be administered. In essence all it is is instruction to the body for the opening of energetic valves/acupuncture points which have been closed due to energy stagnation (Dis-ease)for what ever the reasons may be. 

We advise you to be aware there is far more to this than what we are saying here. This is simply an over view of the process we use to make the very preparations you currently have and what is listed on our website as a medicine for the correction of a particular pathology. We trust now most of you will have at least a basic grasp and understanding of what Bio-Energetic Medicine is about. We can utilise all energies and combine them if needed to then on send them into the body for the greater good of the individual. An example of this is in our NLP Programme. This programme is our flagship Emotional Sabilisation Programme and contains such energies as the energy of Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, in fact all precious gems. It also contains all energies contained within the complete matrix of Energetic Medicine associated with Neuro Linguistic Programming, All Bach Flowers, Shell Remedies, Prana Healing, Restore Chi, Balance to Life Force and much more. The energy contained within this preparation is nothing short of miraculous. When we look at a precious gem what do we immediately get from it? We get the beauty of the gem this is its inherent energy. This energy has a vibration and can be felt and translated into love. The more beautiful it is the more love it contains and the higher its vibration. When we place this energy into the body which has ugly within, this is low and dark energy (emotional encumbrances). It is little surprising there is simply no way ugly (emotional encumbrances) can defend itself from such beauty. We on send this energy into the body as per the instruction for our NLP Programme 1 x Drop daily. The ugly which has been causing emotional havoc in the body can do little else other than yield. It is no wonder this programme has been acclaimed as our finest to date for it returns the individual to their true selves over time. This programme contains many thousands of specific instruction for emotional balance. The reason why it must take time, excessive shock or radical change can terminate the life of the individual . It must be a gentle gradual process. This is the body rewinding itself to a time when it was freer, such things as you do now you may not ever do again.

How a person lives their lives is reflective in their Dis-ease as such is supportive of their outlook and lifestyle. It is very important people understand this.

There comes a new person when they initiate this programme, it is a most spectacular transitioning and transformation. I have done it and feel like bran new from being on it. I used to marvel at living in the chaos that is Auckland, I struggle these day to even drive there never mind live there. My life is serene, peaceful and beautiful where before it was a nightmare of constant conflict. I was a property developer and builder/joiner/roofer/tiler, you name it in construction I excelled in it. There is too much ugly and deceit in that industry, I do not see myself ever going back. This shows my lifestyle has completely changed as has my mindset. I used to pursue beautiful women as my hobby, I cannot do that for I see the Heart in everyone of them and can only have one and that is the right one. She has to be the one who is on the exact same page as myself otherwise there will be conflict. This would indicate to me the wrong girl, for that does not bring more pluses to my bank of pluses, it detracts from it so no good. Women are scary to me, they have a way with them which men struggle to evade. I see this yet there is no sight more beautiful than a woman complete within her resplendent self. They are the Love, we all come from them.

Note: Bio-Energetic Medicine is the King of all Natural Healing Modalities. This modality permits the use of energy from all other modalities including allopathic medications for the greater good. We invert them making all bad in a particular medicine good while all good within that medicine remains good. We test the individual to see if they will benefit from this and if so we deliver it along with our own Energetic Medicine. This means they generally will heal quicker, there is no rule which encompasses perfection with any modality due to the differential everyone has and is, but we sure can make a significant impact and positive difference. As always there are outside influences which must be addressed if we truly want to correct concerns presented.

“True healing comes from the complete and sincere support to the  transformational processes of the individual seeking care.”

Comparisons: Homeopathy is a means of delivering corrective energies to the body. It is the use of Homeopathic drops that are energies suspended in solution. The solution is generally alcohol based with generally only one energy being utilised at any one time. We place mega and multiple energies at any one time within our preparations. The results of this sequencing speak for themselves. We deliver up to 10,000 differing instruction at any one time with our Gut Balancing Programme. The reason why it does so astronomically well is due to the amount of information and instruction it delivers to the Body Electric instantly. The average naturopath has little idea or comprehension of what we have stated here for they are in the stone age in comparison. We are not bragging we are simply stating a fact. I have not met any Naturopath who is capable of assisting their patients to self correct any illness for any reasonable duration. The fact that they cannot correct I.B.S immediately means they are wasting peoples time. As for the G.P. their medications deliver I.B.S. with Aspartame being made and engineered by Monsanto who manufacture their medications being an absolute lethal carcinogen. From what we are stating it is clearly obvious being skilled in the stone age just does not cut the mustard today. No matter how we play that the result is always the same. We are not denying their care nor their intentions which are where they need to be for they are healers. They need to be able to make sustainable health corrections for their patients. It is with this in mind we invite those who wish to grow forward as healers to make contact.

Every person we have retested for our Gut Balancer once they have taken it pass the Gut test within a few minutes. This is proof of what we are stating. Every person we meet who are under any practitioner have never passes our testing. This would seem to us they are way behind the 8 ball like not even on the same continent. Until they can bring balance to the gut they will never make any sustainable difference to their clients present health. Refer to the beginning on here in particular Self-care. Every person needs to have this occurring for them without fail continuously. This is General Health as we see it and is the foundation from which to deliver real time Life Extension to all and to be in the very best health of your life.

We have gone to great measures to be specific exactly what is Bio-Energetic Medicine and how we make it. Not every practitioner is created equal, nor do they all have the same abilities. This is clearly evident as mentioned here. This site contain a great deal of information pertaining to many aspects of the human condition and what makes us tick as individuals. The system which so many buy into clearly is lacking with it’s approach to healing exchanges. We invite all who would truly like to have greater health to make contact with us and let us get you growing forward positively.



Qualification, this is a common ask. Firstly there are no formal qualifications for Bio-Energetic Medicine; the modality encompasses the proficient use of devices, understanding energy transfer, to be a detective to establish the true source of an illness and to understand to read people at whatever level they present to you at any given time.  I have spent 10 years plus under the strict discipline of a world renown Professor, he has been instrumental in trained me to be investigative in my approach to Dis-ease/illnesses, trained to the level of PhD knowledge base as of 2013 in Bio-Energetic Medicines his words to me.
 I continue to grow as I walk my journey following this passion I have for what I do, I have years of experiences in the class room of life dealing with real time life situations encompassing all that constitute us as individuals from the Physical, Emotional and the Spiritual from all kinds of people, with no two ever been the same although they have shared the same pathologies.

For those of you who have met with me almost all know instantly I have a way with myself with what I do and I care to assist you to make the differences in your life should you wish to venture down that avenue.
 I call myself a Natural Healer and Light Worker. It is all very well to have the knowledge associated with a qualification; however, if you cannot effect positive change with a successful outcome for the recipient without adding to their wows, in my view your qualification is of little value similar your modality.