Relationship Emotions and Us

Relationship Emotions and Us

Please Note: The following information is to be seen as our points of view only and is here for you to be aware of controlling influences and the impact they have in our lives with particular reference to our health. “The immense healing power of the mind” has not been fully assessed, it is an instrument which can deliver change to others and to ourselves when we simply put our minds to it? This section on our site is all about the power of the mind and what we perceive to allow in and what we project outwards. It is linked to our total being including with that is our spirituality. We trust you will learn and grow from reading the information provided and use it to enrich your life further.

Our Broken Heart:   All those who have Diabetes (This is the medical term given for KIdney Dysfunction) or lesser forms of Kidney Dysfunction we must explore the link to the: “Loss of Love in your life”. Kidney’s are our love center this is shared with the Heart and Spleen. In the Kidneys is where we store our emotional pain and Loss from Love Unreceived and for Love Given. The Kidney is the chief, we have a masculine and a feminine one. We cannot stress enough the importance of removing ALL Dis-ease we may carry here. Life becomes blessed for want of a more appropriate description once this has been established. Everything we attempt to achieve going forward from this point becomes easier more enjoyable, enriching and in many cases effortless. A new you can emerge, being truly happy has only one higher suit, and that is to be “In Love”, we glow when that is going on :).

Important Notice: We have many documents here in this section of our site, these are for you to have a go at correcting your own self. We offer hands on therapy to remove and replace any Core Beliefs, or Negative Mindset which causes you harm. This is inclusive of Relationships which are fractured. Whatever is going on make contact and we go from there. Many individuals we meet are of the opinion they are just fine the way they are when in fact their lives are in disarray. To them this is their normal, it makes if very difficult to get though to them. Life is meant to be positive for us not to harbor any negativity and carry stored resentments. Some of this work enters into a contractual arrangement. C.D. Click this link to be taken to our contract page. We understand when we fall out of Love it has the capacity to potentially end our lives at the very least it can seriously impair us from being free. We deserve the option to freely to Love all that we are and all that we can grow into.

Unresolved feelings make us ugly and dark inside for we are encumbered, our very soul is under siege. This dark can consume the individual where successful relationship can be foreign to them and not in their life. The most important relationship of all is the relationship we have within our own pristine selves, and this is how we all must see our unique selves. For those of you who fail to agree with this statement, ” you have a problem” on a positive note: you are in the very best place to begin to resolve your issues. This is clear to me for I see what is going on in everyone, I see weather they are encumbered of free?  No amount of time clears this, time simply goes bye with stuckness remaining. It is when you make the time and work through with a resolution process that enables you to release these issues freeing yourself from their imprisonment does your life truly change. The word is: liberation another is to become free. This is the only way to live life from where we see things. 

For those of you who require Immediate Assistance with any Destructive Emotion call us. We can save your life if it is that extreme and within two minutes. Costs are $100:00 with a must come see us to correct things which brought you to such despair.

The Five Love Languages:

This is how we all Love, and so appropriate to have this mentioned on here. Life without Love is no life at all it is empty and void like an empty vessel. It is when we engage in Love for life do things change for the better. Love has no boundaries and is the infinite Healer, we know this for we use it all the time. Some of us will relate to all of these, others their currency will be specific. Whatever your Love Language is when it is met is when you feel complete.

1 Touch: This can be a massage holding hands, hugging all forms of touch.

2 Gifts: This is where many men see to give is an act of showing their love to you. we must learn to accept and to receive gifts, in return that is a gift of acceptance.

3 Acts of Service: We men Love to feel appreciated, this is for an act of service, the more we feel we do the more we need to feel appreciated. Other simply perform an act for the pleasure it delivers to them in the knowing they have served well. What a wonderful to have it filled by people who perform these five ways.

4 Quality time: This is about spending time with another and hearing them sharing your time with them making them feel you are genuinely interested and that they are important and worthy of your time.

5 The spoken Word: Terms of endearment come to mind, it costs nothing at all to say a nice and pleasant thing to another and can simply make their day. Words as mentioned in this folder have immense importance and can shape the lives of an individual, so use them wisely.

We have glanced over these subject titles casually there is a great deal more to them. We advise all to embrace and to work out your own Love Language and that of those who are close to you. To use it everyday as it is a most beautiful and enriching tool to own.

When making an appointment we ask all to print off the Emotional Charts on here Document 4 circle all that you feel are you. Make a list of Every Negative circumstance/event that is holding you back especially parents, lovers, friends who have and are influencing your life, and bring this to your appointment. Every testimonial on here this is what those special individuals have done with everyone of them a new person from the very next day. Remarkable is what we term it. If we could not deliver we would not be advertising that fact.

Please get this: We offer an immediate painless service which is life changing from the very first day. What we are saying is we remove the negative  stored emotions to the root of their existence and reprogramme an easier more appropriate way forward. Extreme loss from the end of relationship and or loved one there is no pain more in our view.  “We simply will not permit that to continue.”

Emotions are the single most powerful life altering and defining aspect to our lives bar physical confrontation.  What we believe and buy into (accept as a truth) can define us. This we call Environmental Programming. These are influences in our environment which have the potential to programme our Core Belief System in doing so corrupting our thoughts and what we perceive to be real and factual. It is when we accept them as a truth is when they become an instrument in our reality. From there these thoughts become our Core Beliefs which then define us and have the most significant impact in our total daily way of life. The negative ones are our primary concern for they can be the very cause of our Dis-ease.  All from us allowing ourselves to be conditioned in a way of thinking to the negative which delivers sicknesses to us such as Cancers, Diabetes and all the rest. Subliminal subtle messaging can have a similar corruptive influence such as a friend telling you: men are no good. It is obvious they have had a bad experience. Over months of this friends venting can have you engage into seeing their same perspective. It is disturbing how easily conditioned we all are, it is not our fault either. Take Political Correctness this is all around us these days. We see this as not an acceptable way for the world to be. For it removes the emotion and care along with the freedom to say whatever you like. Jeremy Clarkson off Top Gear lost his job due to him repeating a commonly used rhyme. Simply for it had the word “Nigger” in it. In the early day Black people were not overly offended being called that name according to media? In this country the indigenous were called horey’s. I never met one who complained, I never called them that.  I have been called sexist, but only by women, thank goodness not very often. I struggle to understand what exactly that means? If a man holds the door open for a woman that is chivalry and totally correct in my view. However if the man has a point of view which some take as demeaning towards women he is labelled sexist, even if it has an element of truth to it. I wonder if it works the same in reverse? A bit like the term racist. Caucasians are called all manner of names, me included and I have never once thought that to be racist. White trash, white supremacist and the like. I am not trash, I know who I am. In my view I judge a person on how they present themselves to me at any given time. I feel others might do well to adopt a similar outlook and not to feed a situation which if out of hand would become volatile. It seems today more than ever before we are losing the Love it is being replaced by more control, from there life becomes more robotic. Life is not all about performance, money and or position. Life is about living free, being at one with others and our environment without the need to conform to live inside a box of control with endless rules as the world is today defining us with constant restrictions. This control is becoming more as our freedom is being eroded due to these incessant controls. There is little we can do to change this short term for the greater good of all, however we can change how we allow it to affect us to a great degree. Another name for this is Environmental Stress. We are now aware of it as such we need to disengage from it as much as we can. For those of us who buy into this mechanism can see themselves as insignificant with little to no power to effect change. This is when they deliver the supportive emotions which bring and are supportive of our Dis-ease (Die-ease means the interruption of the free flow of energy within a life form) with us storing this in our emotional center. This needs to stop to be reversed then removed with a way installed such that the individual does not have triggers towards the cause. This is what we do here in this section of our site:

The removal of all Emotional Encumbrances with the positive aspect to life being installed.

When you are ready have a read of our latest emotional Blog 09-Body shapes Mirroring our Die-ease. It is at the bottom of this page.

Emotional hurt or negativity is stored in our cell memories and Core Beliefs. So too are our memories of fun and those memories we cherish. The positive ones will do us no harm, they are like a bank of stored love. We call upon them to refresh us when we need to. However the ugly that we store brings with them Dis-ease. This Die-ease will not leave until the supportive emotions that have created it are released.  We most certainly can die from a broken heart, this is catastrophic loss of love of self. Continual negative criticism has the capability of reprogramming our thinking and our core beliefs (this is how we see ourselves). A prime example of this are those who carry the upside down mouth. This is suppression and controlling negative thinking seated into the individual from an early age. Such things as your are useless, no good, ugly, pathetic, unwanted, a waste of space and more…. It is unfortunate many adults treat their children how they were treated as an infant. We suggest for all to attend a parenting course it will open your eyes  and an emotional support course….. to feel the love. If you could  ask one who has the upside down mouth expression how their childhood was and which parent was mean to them, they will tell you a story supportive of their facial expression. Similarly those who carry excess weight. This is an emotional loss of care among other influences. Every person we have met who has Type 1 Diabetes (this is deemed an incurable illness, people die from it) tells us of them being brought to a place of total emotional loss within themselves feeling they have no escape. Every negative emotion we carry is supportive of a corresponding physical complaint. We are of the thinking: The angel in everyone of us is so delicate and easily groomed for we are easily led and or manipulated for our thinking to be corrupted and controlled to believe in anything at all, with anything being possible? If we tell someone they are stupid for long enough they begin to accept that is what they are. People do down load negative crap to one another everyday. They need to stop and ask where is this leading? There is a way forward and that is to see the brighter side to life. Do not live life negatively. Treat others how you would like them to treat you. This is mirroring your behaviours and spoken word. See the upside to everything, do not permit negativity into your life. this applies to people also. See how you go?

From all the negative programming going on we see it necessary to question everything in life more so when we are told: this is how it is? Oh really? Where is the real truth behind it? People are easily misled we must protect ourselves from this corruption. We do this to ourselves non intentionally others can and do this to us everyday. This is why we need to be weary on our guard and question things. I have been doing this since I was a little boy, more so these day.. 🙂

Giving our power away.

This is a prime example of buying into the power of the spoken word, and giving our power to a person whom we hold in authority. When a person goes to their G.P. with symptoms of fatigue. The G.P. performs a few tests and comes up with? You suffer from Fibromyalgia. The G.P. then goes on to say it is an incurable illness and at best they can only assist you to manage your complaint with drugs. The G.P. has you buying into a label which is the illness they have diagnosed you with and the fact it is incurable. They have you buying into you will be this way and progressively becoming more of a victim (worse) as you age until you die. Or until they find a cure for it?  Firstly, it is not incurable only they do not have a way to assist with it’s removal. We help you sort it from the very first day for sure. For the individual to buy into what the G.P. says is incorrect. People do place their G.P. in a position of power and authority, they give them the right of acceptance which means whatever they say they accept it as how it is? It is this acceptance which has the individual making this a truth, for it to then become a core-belief.  They go away less than what they came with for they have been told, influenced and have bought the idea they are more or less doomed. This sickness now has a name….and is incurable how does that fit into vibrancy and being alive? The look on the persons face would be lower than sea level, this would deliver the same to their health and well being and make their complaint worse, for now there is no hope. This happens everyday and all day to people all over the world. Not only from Doctors from every person we hold in a higher light than our-selves. We  have given them the power to programme us, given our power away. No one deserves that power, the power of love is the only power we all need. Love is gentle, caring and empowering. This would lead on to the practitioner you see would bring you up not deflate you as in this typical case. You can test yourself if you have been manipulated: Go to our Information page and read the Muscles Testing document. Ask yourself if you have bought into being labelled and negatively conditioned? Fibromyalgia is a relatively simple condition on its own to remove, the trick comes from locating the actual true source to the illness. Ask yourself do I carry an emotional attachment linking me to my condition? Or whatever your conditions may be? Some people give themselves an illness for it is their companion. Some do so for they like the attention it brings?  It is 50/50 if it is  a straight forward solution or not?

Documents in this section of our site are here to bring awareness to ourselves from being corrupted, manipulated, conditioned (programmed) and used not necessarily in a deliberate negative way (our friends would not harm us intentionally, they simply do not realise the power of their spoken word and the effects of their actions or what they believe is the truth can have on others). Should you continue to read our documents here, we ask you do so with an open mind thinking outside of the box of control. We are here should you require our assistance. 

We are of the mindset and opinion:

“We will not waste another day carrying undesired emotional baggage ….. for we want to soar and to truly live freer”.

We strongly feel the best way to live is to be true to oneself.  We first must build our foundation which are our core beliefs. We need to defend them from the constant erosion of being programmed negatively. Our core beliefs we feel need to be supportive of leading a simplistic life, from this we grow. When we are truly in love and clear of emotional encumbrances is when life becomes pristine. Physical things such as the ABC’s of health General Health must be maintained in balance, the care of these basics is well documented on here.

 Dis-ease can come to us from simple manifestations of criticisms that we allow in . We can be our own worst critic or our greatest advocate. We strongly feel the ugly must be gone to never be permitted to return in our lives. Do not allow any belief or value or criticism to define you, only what you accept as a truth/reality will have the potential to corrupt you and bring you harm. This is inclusive of the people in your life. To surround yourself with like minded people is a lot simpler and easier. From there life becomes more enjoyable.

We are passionate bout this website for it has the information to mend the broken Heart in everyone when they work through it. This builds resilience through life experiences.

We have some tools here for all to take on if you choose which can make an enormous impact in your life. With any loss there comes the necessity for the re-centering of our core-selves. We have means for you to do this on your own or ask for us to assist you. We are very thorough. Our document 08 Daily Emotional Support is most specific for everyone. To live life as mentioned here is how we live our lives. Our document entitled: 05 How do we know when we have met one who is just right may have some answers. Relationships are complex, we all are all a part of that complexity. See how you fair with what we have written. Feel free to read all documents within this section then to head to the Spiritual page (Being Spiritual allow us to dream, where would we be without our dreams) and read those to. To be aware, informed and enlightened is what we are trying to achieve. For us all to see our flaws to face them to then release and overcome them. Our flaws are those feelings we react to and struggle with. They are defining, encumbering and confining us within a box. When we remove these confinements this assists us all to live our lives freer.

Note: There are some of us who carry continuous deep seated subconscious rebellion against the world as it is. We have been successful when we have tried to totally release this only from establishing the root cause and releasing it can we achieve this for the recipient. The cause is how the world appears to the specific individual. When the world changes as they see it is when the complaint goes. This is their own world for it is their take on it. Individuals such as these carry illness such as Arthritic complaints. The emotional attachment for a knee and hip replacement is not wanting to go forward freely into the world as it presents itself as of now to the individual. Those of you who suffer from this we advise you to engage in our NLP Programme in our Products Section on this site. This is a deal breaker as it has been for me. My life is becoming lighter and brighter with my attitude being reflective of this change. I do not necessarily need to be accepting the world as it is rather I change my world in such a way that it works for me. The NLP Programme enables us to achieve this by reconstructing our core belief system to one favorable of a freer life without blockages and subsequent manifestation of illness and Die-ease.

The Negative Emotional PDF Files

We are of the opinion know one needs to be encompassed with these nor to react negatively to any of these emotions. We ask you do as the document states and circle all those which you carry. These are those you react to. For us to have them successfully removed means our perspective in life in general has to be altered along with our own perception to what we allow and permit to enter our psyche. We have to change these for the positive. How we see ourselves too must change. Failing to do so may permit these destructive emotional thoughts to never leave permanently. We all deserve better than to be encumbered so.

I read the book where I obtained these from, all the ones I reacted to in my mindset I inverted as I read them. Once I had completed the two pages I had a sip of water and re read the text to find they had all left me.  See if you can do this? I felt lifted from the exercise, the unfortunate aspect to this was I did not know I carried them for they had crept up on me? It is important to bear this in mind. The same applies to a physical illness. Life is so busy and progressive these days we often do not realise we are under attack and holding onto crap until much later when we stop and are made to make the time to reflect. This often or not occurs when we are forced to stop due to an incident or circumstance?

Important note: To some people this may sound ridiculous. We understand some do not get it women on the other hand get it more so than men. 15 years ago I would have never believed an emotion could cause devastation in my body. How can an idea or a feeling possible hurt you? It is not physical? How wrong was I? Interesting when I split from a girlfriend I felt I was going to die for months on end. My father in law at 72,  I asked him why he put up with his wife treating him like he was a piece of garbage for years? His reply “If she left me I would die” that took me by surprise although it does make sense. He was an Electrical Engineer so a highly intelligent person. It makes no difference how intellectual we are, we all have a Heart, when the love goes our Heart brakes. I pretty much died when I separated from his daughter that was a living hell. Mind you I was dying while I was with her. It was not an easy choice to make to walk away from my marriage, my children blamed themselves. Had I known the amount of devastation that was about to occurreI would not have gotten married nor had children. I did not bring them here to hurt them in any way. I would say I am a romantic not a hopeless one as some would say for I am not hopeless. I want the fairy tale but it must be practical. The fairy tale lives in the fairy tale world not this one, unfortunately. Few professionals in the health sector look at emotions as a cause to an illness. In fact some deny they play any role in defining a person never mind supportive of their illness. Well let me tell you they absolutely do, they can be as a lethal as a sword.

On a positive note: I had a girl friend 2015 her name was Susan, I struggled to accept her in my life for I was too little emotionally within myself at that time. Women have a way with them and they inevitably get what they want. We became a couple, my entire body glowed it was amazing to feel that way, every cell within me was happier than it had ever been. That is all about feeling and living in the Love. It is the most beautiful way to live unquestionably, everything was easy. Whenever I laid my eyes upon her the glow grew, she got it too. Like attracts like for there to be compatibility that has to be there, we were on the exact same page. Whenever she turned up my Heart just oozed Love for her. I didn’t understand it, it was so unbelievable and yes I have been in love many times only this was something else. We would head out she would be driving and I commented on her rather erratic driving for her to say: ” It’s because you’re beside me” for her to add when she saw me she would tell me her entire body would go mental.  The attraction was absolute for us both. And when we kissed, Oh my gosh. To touch her hand to see the magic in her eyes…. whew. If you ever experience such a Love you are with “The absolute right one“. That relationship not meant to be unfortunately? For me the right one comes when she is meant to and she will never ever be leaving for there is no other place she would rather be, and when she turns up I will know as will she 🙂

Women I will share some aspects that are women according to me. For 5 years I have been terrified of them. The most beautiful creature in the entire universe are women for they are the Love. We all come from them they have a way with them that I consider frightening for I see it and i feel it. When they place their Heart into what they want we men have no recourse or answer for it., other than to obey. Their energy can move mountains, they shape the world that is why they are so scary, they have a license to do as they please and there is no one who can stop them. We men do not hunt the girl, they read us and let us think we are hunting them. They have the most expansive Brains and with that corresponding abilities to match. They can run numerous scenarios in their minds without saying a word and can forecast optional outcomes from what they seat into our minds all retaining this in their head. Narcissist to bordering on Psychopath? How many men have been accused of these? In reality many woman posses these characteristics in their core make up should they decide to implement their use. Being a Lightworker I read this is them, I read who they are, some are way too scary others a breath of fresh air. Not one of them should we take for granted. The power in women I see it, feel it we must tread carefully around them. Behind every man is a woman, she leads and rules the relationship from her preferred position of safety behind her man. I’m not saying they are evil, not at all. I respect them, I love them, I only want one and give most a wide berth for good reason.

The Angel that are women: The most beautiful women are those who follow and live their lives true to what I have written here on this website with everything being positive. For those who live their lives following their forever evolving and changing Heart while in Heart. There is not a more glorious spectacle to see. There is no such person as an average woman. A truly beautiful woman is one who has the biggest and purest Heart. She may look average on the outside when in fact she is breathtaking. I see these women, I meet them often, they simply take my breath away, they are like a breath of fresh air. For me it is the most beautiful sight. For those of you who think you are on this page or aspire to go there this is what you have to overcome:  “My Commitment” on my front page states, to have every piece of dark gone from your soul as mentioned in these pages here. The closer you get to this place the more you will become. It is life changing and life altering and irreversible for you cannot go back, for going back is death to you as it is for me, for you are heading towards the light of fulfillment, Love lives there. And with that you become a guardian and protector of mother earth and “A Lightworker“: for you now “Live in the Love“. Just so you know there is no way to hide this transformation, and why would you want to? At the market at Waihi Beach there is this woman who comes, she is average looking yet she be immensely beautiful, her Heat is in the perfect place. I see it, to me it’s like Christmas, she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, she carries within her “The Light” most definitely. For me I cannot settle for less than one such as she.


There have been many Testimonials of success stories over the years from reprogramming the psyche from hands on interface to unattended treatments which are us tuning into the individual and installing the necessary corrections. These have been performed over the telephone also. We feel: Emotional health is the pinnacle to our health and well being. From spirit to us, this is where we truly grow forward now with our health business, only for me, it is … My Life and I love it. For me making the world a better place is my goal, just like the Walton’s a T.V. program when i was a young person, where PC was not even thought about and life was simplistic and freer as it needs to be today. We seem to have misplaced the true value to life.


May 2015: we were introduced to a woman in her 70’s she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We have a Remedy on here to correct this to all who require it. We tuned into the woman to find she feared the condition. We removed the undesired conditioning she had brought to herself surrounding Breast Cancer . We then re-programmed her emotional center such that she no longer feared the condition. Bingo her G.P. told her she no longer had Breast cancer and asked her what had she done and where she had gone?  She of course told him nothing.

May 2014: We were introduced to a man in his mid seventies who had an arthritic knee, a severe pain in his chest which his G.P. said was a heart problem and wanted to give him Stattins and have him on warferin a blood thinning agent or rat poison as it otherwise known. I was at a friends place, he came in for her services, she was a hair dresser. I asked for a crystal which she could give to this man and installed into the crystal corrective energies for him to no longer miss his wife who had recently passed. She lived in his heart always as they had been married a life time. So she was always with him. Then for his knee which was his right knee, he is right handed so this is his go forward. He did not want to go forward without his wife for life was nothing much without her. I installed into the crystal the energies necessary to correct all these feeling of loss and to shine a light going forward. The man contacted me asking how did the crystal know what to do? My reply, it new for I told it. All his aches and pains left him his heart too went back to normal. 

June 2017:  We mat a  lady, only she was broken from her life being way too hard for her. She is around 65. I asked her to come see me at the camp i was staying at, by the sea, a very beautiful and peaceful place. When she came I released every emotion which was crippling her and reunited her with the angel she truly is. We discussed simple things like how to know when she meets a man worthy. Like attracts like, and where she was at, she was attracting a man the same emotional condition (mess) as she. Her life too a mess so she attracted more of the same (mess). She blamed herself for all sorts of things. She was raped as a young woman. Had I not cleared her feelings towards everything that severe wrong was about she would most certainly have contracted something lethal, like cancer of the cervix, or?? It only took around half an hour to release and reprogram everything with the result…oh my gosh…. When I see an angel who is a survivor and such a truly beautiful woman is she, there is no sight more. Few woman today in my view are ladies, unfortunately, they all need to be….This one is. She holds herself pristine, she is dynamic, her heart is alive and vibrant and in its’ rightful place. She has that special smile that can consume you and a voice to match. We have done our job exactly so.

June 2016: Another woman who was troubled such that she cared little about herself visually. She has a very special little man (son) who is wondrous. She has a big brain too and a posh accent which is real nice. She was not able to have any meaningful relationship of any duration with any man. This was because her entire life was a shambles from her growing up. Her father a yes man for he had been dominated by his mother, subsequently he had no spine. Her mother a dominatrix (not the sexual kind) selfish and mean. Her father had attracting a woman the same as his mother to be his wife as is so often the case, the poor bugger. Again Like attracting Like. Siblings too were mean, no wonder. How does beauty come from ugly unless there is positive influence and change? Her entire upbringing was cleared all her negatively stored feeling and core beliefs with forgiveness and acceptance being installed.
We discussed the correcting affirmations then initiated their uploading. When complete she told me of feeling light and peaceful, free. I am looking forward to seeing her again and will update this blog when I do. She is a very cool special person.

July 2017: A man came to see me to asked me about a necklace he was given by a young woman whom he new. We tested to see if the energy given off by the necklace was good for him which it was. The man began to weep, he actually missed the girl for he loved her and was at a loss in his life from her leaving. I could not leave him that way, I removed his loss installed himself as his greatest ever champion and had him see woman not as his savoir or more than himself but as  separate individuals who have to qualify themselves to be worthy of his attention and to be in his life.

July 2017: I actually met this woman about 10 months prior at a market in Papamoa I noticed then she was rather special in Heart, although there was some disconnection within herself which I could not put my finger on exactly? I saw her again while on my travels around February of 2017 and had her participate in our NLP Programme. Oh my gosh after 4 months the angel in her shines through like a bright light. She is a true beauty, the whatever it was has gone. She mentioned to me about the possibility of her being able to conceive. I tuned into her body there was a no on many fronts. She is 48 also, I had a talk with her body reprogramming it to be accepting of what her Heart truly wants. The baby will have no abnormalities for it is protected, that came through from spirit, her body now in tune with her Heart. We wait and see .

July 2017: We met a man who was a bit of a mess. He had prostate and urinary issues. These are indicative of issues with women. We investigated with him beginning with the very first woman beside his mother who came into his life in a meaningful way. We found this man had two children to this woman. At the time of their separation they were aged 2 and 4 years. The woman left taking their children and prevented him from having any further contact with them. He had grown to love them, they were a part of him and she took his greatest love from him just because she could. This gave him an outlook of woman are all the same and through his life experiences he had come to accept this as a truth. The man had not met every woman so his finding although very real for him are not true at all, for every woman is not the same. He suffered a great deal his life not only from the loss of losing his two children but from the relationship also ending and he loved her. This lead on to everything he has ever loved had always been taken from him. Now too his health was being taken. He had stored this for 40 years. When we released it and installed the corrective mindsets forward he had a day at home as he was numb. It took a few days for him to find a new balance within himself. His water element insufficiency left him as his body slowly began to self heal. He is now an electric positive man looking for his angel. That was so beautiful to be able to achieve this for him.

December 2017: we were introduced to a couple who after not very long it soon became apparent they were better suited to not be together.  The woman decided to stay and have us assist her with her emotional situation after them parting. On a Monday she informed me she felt she would not survive the year, she felt helpless and hopeless totally overwhelmed with negative emotions and no way forward. At the same time I inverted her emotion and removed all the links in her emotional center which brought that feeling of desperate helplessness. The following day we released all her unsupportive emotions relating to that 17year relationship and every other relationship she had been involved in. She felt like a new woman and that only the second day. We met again one week later and after that she was like new. The man who had been with her for the past 17years called her, this was the ultimate test. She told us she had no feelings what so ever of their union other than it was a vague memory. She went on to say she felt like a new woman with her smile returning more so with each passing day. We have been keeping an eye on her progress to gauge the permanence what we have done for her. Four weeks on and she seems to be totally free, she txt us from Melbourne where her daughter had gone for a holiday to say she was at the tennis but as it was 40 degrees she elected to go fro a swim. Success is wondrous not only for the victim of crippling emotions but for us to bear witness to.

January 2018: A man of 64 self employed farmer who allowed his children to emotionally destroy him with their negative comments towards him. As with most parents our children can be so cruel with their disrespectful comments and harsh criticisms, but only if we permit them to affect us. We have a sheet with around 300 emotions listed. This man had so many of them affecting him. He is a gentle person and loves women, not a predator rather a ladies man who does not play the field. He has a passion for them which is rather beautiful. In his state he would only attract a train wreck for he was one. He had erectile dysfunction which is negatively charged stored emotions carried by and in his Kidneys. We removed all his stored negative emotions towards women and the poor me he carried along with the tail wagging the dog syndrome with respect to his children. His children which he gave his power to were beating the life from him for the simple reason he permitted it. We reversed this for their bullshit to no longer be his executioner. We spent a fair bit of time installing where he really needs to be with his relationship with his children now grown adults. They are not babies, they are fully enabled men who have ideas of their own, abilities and wants, and he needs to hear what they are saying. He needs to be his sons best pal yet their dad. He made contact the day after our install to say he felt completely different and when I called him there was a marked difference in his voice and outlook on life as if the man the day before was not this same man. We are seeing him in a few days for a follow up session. We are finding what we do is remarkable, we so love the outcome. This man contacted me the other day to say his son had a go at him, he did not falter as he previously would have and retreated into poor me. He mentioned although he felt for his son and his sons uncharacteristic behaviour towards him as something more than? The success here is he now had outgrown his inadequate responses to conflict with his son. This is what we installed in him and this is proof he is now more capable and no longer a victim. He needs to continue to support himself emotionally as mentioned on this site, more so when things become overwhelming. In truth only what we take in can cause us harm, those we love can deliver crushing blows, only if we allow it. As far as his son is concerned he carries another life signature within which comes out when he drinks. Drink is no good, we subspace corrected this demon from another space as well as installed in his son for him to no longer drink. We now await the result? Men in general are difficult to deal with for once they feel pretty good they get on with their lives and do not bother to hear what has been said to them in the beginning. This man is one of those. He failed to come to his follow up appointment, he put other things in the way for he felt on top of the world. Obviously he had forgotten two weeks prior he was heading to an early grave. I had a few conversations with him to attempt to get him on track, he is one who makes his appointments when it suits him with no regard for us and what we are doing. What is more he has not been engaging in his homework which is the Everyday Support Document. For now we have to leave this unfinished. Women most certainly understand what we are saying here. We so enjoy seeing them flourish and completing their time with us, we do not want you here any longer than you really need to.

April 2018: We had the pleasure of meeting a lovely woman who suffered from  Graves Dis-ease. Graves Die-ease is an overactive Thyroid brought about due to extremes of emotional consequence occurring in her life, sadly so. We effected all necessary changes to her personality and supported organ systems that were lacking as well as to deliver balance to Heart, kidney and spleen Shen. This is the love and communication between these most vital organs for they run  and are the governors of the body. Such was her empowerment she decided to onsend her lovely daughter to see us. Her daughter chose the wrong men . Relationship with them was always a struggle, she attracted men broken like herself. Life too was a struggle, her belief of it can only make me stronger evident of her superior will power had got her thus far through her37 years. From where we sit life is meant to be simplistic and smooth. She came for emotional correction,  we found her family had been cursed, this was removed. We have an emotional chart of some 300 emotions which we asked her to circle those where she felt she was at. We cleared all of them and did other specialised reprogramming of how she needs to see herself,. We removed the feeling her father had deserted her for he died when she was young. Her father came through as a bright light who adored her so very much. The next day she faced the emotional page she had written to say none of them was her today. She could not believe she had indicated these emotions were her the day before. She seemed a much different woman the second day with a strength of belonging clearly evident within her. It is little wonder this is our most rewarding and immediately satisfying aspect to what we do.




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Programming a new you: for “I Robot” is no longer acceptable..

For those people who through whatever cause find themselves trapped in a robotic state of existence who cannot seem to stop being a slave/servant to their world, feeling trapped, lost with no way out of their predicament (living hell)…. we have a way forward for you. We need to remove those walls of imprisonment that you have allowed to overcome you consuming your life for they are ugly and bring to your beautiful free spirit the choke around your neck everyday becoming tighter until you die inside (this is a very real eventuality).

The first thing is we have to acknowledge we are in this situation, if your life is full of full throttle with no time for yourself, being always on the go, everyone’s situation you have to sort and it just gets more with never an end in sight…. Is this applicable to you?  Stop!… is now your best friend, nothing will happen, you will not spontaneously combust, let the nightmare leave you, we can help you with all this, come see us for ongoing support we are here to help you change your life to introduce you to an easier simplistic life where you are in charge of your life not the other way around.
Most people who live a life “manic” present with skin conditions at a minimum, Eczema and or Psoriases or some other given name; these unfortunate individuals can even be allergic to water, which means they hate themselves, in truth they hate the situation they have allowed themselves to be in and they do not see a way out. Basically this is what is happening: their health conditions are the body’s response to the life style which they have allowed to overcome themselves. Simply Stop …is all they need to do right now! Then to say as often as needed……
I place myself at the centre of my universe.
I am in total control of my life and destiny.
I answer to no one other than myself and maybe the ones I truly love, provided they are not adding or delivering unfair burden to me. (I do not have to accept them as a burden I need to learn how to see all situations in a positive light not simply another job or demand made upon me).
I know who I am, I deeply love and respect myself above all others with no exceptions.
I see myself as a beautiful soul looking for a positive way forward.

Every day you must begin to place “me time” just for you, this is a time which is completely for you, allow nothing to come into this zone other than ideas and people who will not ask from you rather to compliment you bringing plusses never minuses…peacefulness. You are to say and implement the following:
I am not a robot…. I let that go
My life belongs to me it is of the utmost of importance to me… visualise this occurring .
I allow myself “Me Time” every day. At least an hour during the day to do nothing much at all, do things which bring you joy, less stress with comfort, allow your smile to return to achieve this. Joy must come so you need to see the joy in what you do and in who you are.
I allow myself to …. Stop and be still. Let the whatever go on in your head….leave, see it and just breathe….nothing will happen to you…the more you do this the easier things become, you are in charge!
I put an end this crazy life now today.
Only I can and must change it ….. It begins right now this very moment.

You are to place sticky labels on the mirror, on the fridge, the computer even your cell phone if need be and light switches, where you do most of your robotic behaviours. Write whatever you need to which breaks that cycle giving you choices which you clearly see making you Stop… and think where is “my time” better spent for me, and allocate only so much of your day to grunting through the robotic things you do, place lights along that journey….these are stops where you see yourself joyful, this is the light for you to rejuvenate yourself visualise this occurring.

Place into your mindset a different way to look at your chores and give praise to yourself when you get each one done. This is the physical must which you have to do to reprogramme the emotional in yourself, everyday you are to do this until a new you come forth, until you see your positive choices clearly. All the ugly in your life which you have which does not suit or imprisons you, you are to release and replace with the positive which brings you joy.

Joy is never a burden it is our absolute right every moment of every day.

Think of how you would like your life to be, Look at it see it as it is as of now and remove the blocks which prevent you from having that life you truly desire. Make an appointment with us to work through this. Make your list of blocks, make the list of what you truly want. Spend time with a friend who gets where you are at, who aids you to make your life easier.
We are returning balance and normality to your life releasing the incessant structure of I must get everything done every day with myself always coming last.

We come first we owe it to ourselves!

Contact Derek on 022-319-2540 for more assistance or for one to one consultation.

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Maintaining One’s Emotional Composure and Personal Power.
Returning to Centre…. The Recovery Document

The influence and power of the spoken word: One must be mindful of the effect of what is said to others, particular so in the heat of the moment. A good rule is to mirror behaviours and to think before opening ones mouth. If this was done or said to me how would I feel or react. When this has been mastered you will feel empowered comfortable in your ability to converse in discussions with anyone about any subject. Remember it is always okay for you to simply have no comment for you have not thought about what is being discussed or are unclear of your view point as you have not as yet formulated one.

If possible try to make others feel enriched benefitting from the meeting/encounter of being with you in your presence.

For those of you who may have a trigger like fuse linked to temper and rage and correspondingly react impulsively then regret it, it is most beneficial to place into your mindset a window or portal which outlines your options. Do I stay and react, do I simply think about what has been said or do I turn and walk away choosing to diffuse the situation.

Respect for a woman which goes hand in hand with respect for a man is a tool which is universal for everyone. We are only ever totally responsible for ourselves. We are guardians and life coaches to our children with a bond which will only be broken when we leave here.  We are here to guide them in their lives not to live their lives for them. Relationships which have conflict stem from individuals who have poor communication skills, who are quick tempered and who say things from a position of weakness with the intent to inflict judgements upon the other. An argument is ”he said she said”, there is seldom need for the conflict, deal with the root cause and work through it in a manner which is respectful to all parties, learn to grow up we do not need to behave like a child for we are adults, take responsibility for your own actions. Everyone must learn to be at peace within themselves before they are ready to venture into relationship. Everyone is an individual they belong to themselves and no other, relationship is then a choice between consenting parties, it is not to be a battle ground it is meant to be a beautiful union/experience where both parties grow for both being centered within themselves make no demands of the other rather they give from themselves freely as is their commitment to be monogamous to the other.

Many people are weak as such display and make poor judgements and they settle for less than what they truly can have. Insecurity and jealousy are pathetic emotions coming from a place of weakness being empty inside with little to no self respect/worth.

This needs to be corrected, to find oneself and realise their value, this is what we must give to ourselves, life today takes this away.

We must give back to ourselves, never over extend us such that there is nothing left, always recharge our battery daily and if we cannot we need to find help to do so for we do not want the ugly (negativity) overcoming us.
People invariable will show their true colours over time, give relationship time if it is meant for you it will be there. Relationships based upon any foundation other than one of mutual respect and a genuine desire to be together for the benefit of both with love at its core are those which are most likely to succeed. Relationships have to be fed, fed by anger they struggle to survive eventually they die, fed by positivity and love they grow and blossom with fulfilment and joy.

We must make “me” time every day to listen to ourselves and do the things which bring us joy never think negatively about ourselves. We must surround ourselves with positivity, let it be known we have no tolerance for negative people, they either change or we walk away close the door for they can and will bring you down. Every aspect of your life which is not how you want it you alone can and must change it, find the way and make it happen, we are here to assist you with this. When your smile goes you become encumbered and you shut down. Release and let go of your burdens daily, better still have none, do not accept them into your life. Trust has to be earned, respect is its cousin. Do not expect the worst from others, be optimistic give them the benefit of the doubt, do not give more than you are prepared to loose, trust is built over time. When you earn it, it is yours, this applies to everything in life, if it was simply given it is of little value, it is when we earn it, it has lasting benefit and value.

Always have a smile in your heart, on your face is more again, and let no one take it away, do not pillage your heart, it is the simple things which really mean the most, holding hands rock. Openly show your affection, see only the good, avoid the ugly for it is not welcome in your life. Religion is simply incorrect, it is control, those who walk it have forgotten where they came from, we come from heaven. We need to be free as the bird which does not live its life based on instruction from any book we need to live at one with the mother (earth).

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Mirror behaviours and what you say. Look after your environment, leave it at least as good as it was presented to you and live true to your heart peaceful and respectful. Deceit and lies, interesting how truth seems to always find its way through, liars carry the ugly. The point we are making is for life to be simple and peaceful surround yourself only with positive people and acts… see how you go. Love dies when you stop nurturing it and you shamefully along with it (Your Smile). We die from the inside. Our parents did not bring us here in their highest light for life to be a burden, this world is full of burden, time for us to make our own changes and be set free. For Emotional Programming to set you free to a higher plane Contact Derek on 022-319-2540  it takes no time at all, your smile back in an hour it is truly a  most spectacular wonder for me to bear witness to and a must for you.

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Clearing Relationships

When we find ourselves out of love with a broken heart and we are all alone and the emotional pains begin to flow we are in need of an escape to return us to centre where life is balanced with no ugly attacking us. Some say we need to grieve, it is my view we have grieved enough while in a relationship which has run its course and not been right. Love dies when only one sided, it needs to be met equally, fed and nurtured. It is with this sad fact in mind I have researched this unfortunate and very common experience to come up with a way to allow both parties to grow forward without feeling like their misery is something they deserve. To place joy and happiness back into your everyday as it should and needs to be, and to fully embrace the human experience of a beautiful enriched fulfilling life. I only wish someone had done this for me all those years ago, I guess I have learned the normal way to overcome grief it is like a toxin and must be released. We like to think we learn from the knocks of life, how many times do we do the same thing it seems…….until we have learned?

We must install into the individual they know what love is, to then install I hold myself in the highest light into every cell in their body then into their DNA. To tell all bitter resentful negativity to leave for it is not welcome in this camp no more…to visualise this going and you say the words. Tears signify the letting go.

It is a good idea to make a list of what is hurting you then to remove it. With every ugly you remove install the positive which trumps it. Install the following into your core by saying to yourself or out loud:

“I hold myself in the highest light.”
“I am at one with myself I place myself at the centre of my own universe.”
“I deeply love and respect myself above all others bar no one.”

allow these statements to go to your core then remove from every cell in your body and the core of your being the individual who was responsible for not loving you as you needed.. Here is an example:
I Joseph Blunt release from every cell in my body from my divine DNA and the core of my being all feeling of closeness and love both from my past and any prospect of growing forward into my future for Jasmine Day for you to visualise this occurring tears will signify the release, for you to say: I now install love for my divine self in the place of these feelings I have now let go of, visualise this also. You are to perform this as often as you need throughout the day.

When you have someone who is always coming into your space from a thought pattern or you are simply doing something then they are there, this can be them missing and thinking of you. We must close this door, shut them out. Tell the universe I no longer want any further dealings with this energy source from this person say their name. I want the door shut for they are no good for me as they were. This is the truth, every time they come close the door, tell yourself you are doing the right thing, for in truth if they were good for you they would never leave and you would never want them to.
When you genuinely miss them yourself remember if they were good for you they would have never left, so the positive is: it is good they are gone for they carry ugly. Ugly is not good, place yourself in the highest light, believe me there are others who are there too, who will care for you as you need them to, your equal is the one who matches you they are out there and when you put out for them they will be on their way. Note: to bear in mind, not to be needy, to be centered within your own personal power, you need only yourself.

It is wonderful to have another such as yourself to walk your every day with, put out for this special person and go about your amazing life. Walk your ever day be true to your heart do not bring bad Karma to yourself always be beautiful, it starts with you and radiates out to everything you do and are. Your life will change this we promise.

If you become stuck simply contact us.

Here is another way to remove unwanted love from relationships which have decimated you it is slower to perform but is more specific. Embrace the release and welcome the positive growth as you place love of self for yourself back into the core of who you are.
You are to begin by asking the feet: My precious feet I want you to let go of all bitterness towards the individuals name, I ask did this person deserve us to love them? Allow the tears to flow for they are the release of the stored emotion which is crippling you. When the tears stop say to your feet, I install into my feet forgiveness for making a mistake, I install my own love from my beautiful heart. Visualise this happening, Ask your feet, my precious feet is there anything else at this time we need to release? If not proceed on to your knees, then thighs, Base, Genitals, Bottom, Stomach, Torso, Arms, Hands, Back, Head, Neck, Eyes and Ears, Lips, Mouth, Then the organ systems, Heart has been done, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Lungs, Colon, Small intestines, Endocrine System, Skin, Kidneys, Bladder.

When you have completed this you are to ask your body is there anything else we need to release at this time? If a yes ask what it is then release it, if not you are to install into your diving DNA, into every cell in my body I sincerely forgive myself for choosing the wrong person. I do not pass judgement onto myself I allow myself to grow positively from the experiences and look forward to my future as it is an exciting adventure full of wonder and enlightenment.

Additional items to consider and to install or remove:

  1. I trust my judgement in choosing a suitable mate, Their words must be supportive of their actions.
  2. I set myself free from the burdens of this relationship.
  3. I forgive myself for my poor choices i have made in choosing this person.
  4. I see the learning and the growing from the experiences this relationship brought to my life.
  5. I see myself to never allow this person comments or action to affect me adversely ever again in my life. This person is of no value to me.
  6. The bitter times we share I let go and allow myself to forgive and forget.
  7. The wonderful time we had I see them for the joy they brought and see them for what they truly were. A part of my life I no longer wish to partake in at any level for I have grown forward and past them.
  8. I am free to receive and to give love to those I see as worthy of my attentions
  9. I place this relationship and all the events within it as a distant memory I do not permit any further converse with this individual I see them as non beneficial to me in my future.
  10. I surround myself with pure divine love and white light every morning I allow only the love to filter through, No negativity is permitted into my life.

To place into your mindset, everyone comes when they are meant to, the correct mate will appear when you least expect it. Like attracts like so, the more you are the more they are.

There may be more but for now this is where we are at.

For further assistance contact Derek on 022-319-2540.

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Destructive Negative Encumbrances Which Must be Released

This is a PDF document to download and print.

Jul 15 – Emotions Chart – Numbered.pdf (Size: 22KB)

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How do we know when we have met one who is just right?

Please Note: We are not relationship guru’s we have lived life and offer to share in a simple way our experiences and our thoughts of how to proceed with this immensely important subject. There will be other ways however this makes pretty good sense.

When you are in a relationship which you cannot repair and it is crippling you, unfortunately. We ask you to contact us. We must remove the emotion which has you buying into the relationship. You need to address the logic behind you being involved, look at what positive and the negative aspects are and write them all down. People do grow apart, if it destroying your life then you must go and do not look back. It takes as long as it takes for all emotions to be released such time as you stop reacting to triggers. We need to do this until there is no more. Some find this easier than others, some of us have to do the hard yards. The sooner we get started the sooner you are free. We believe everything happens for a reason, when the time is right it is right.

To find one who is just right can be daunting. We feel people come into our lives for a specific purpose, we ask you to take the plus out of every encounter. The more you are within yourself the more the other is who is coming. For the match to be ideal both must be ideal. Living life positively brings another who is positive, they come when you least expect it. We do not go hunting for them or in pursuit, some men in particular are predators woman can be too? We are not active on a dating site meeting strangers. This is not to say you should not? Bare in mind we suggest you be selective. If your line of work has you meet others on the same page as ours does then it is highly likely you will meet one who is close to ideal. Enjoy this read and see if anything here assists you to make a better more informed choice while awaiting the right one to …pop up.

I too am single as of May 2017 I have been single for 5 years although I met a person 2 years ago who decided she was having me and that was that. It was as if I had no say, she was beautiful all the way through. The very lucky man who has that woman in his life. That relationship was for 6 months and ever so wonderful yet not right for she harbored feelings towards another. It was clearly obvious something was up with her and subsequently with us. She never told me, I guess she knew if she did I would have walked. In the beginning I told her not to take my heart unless she was never going to leave. Her previous relationship had not run its course; she had to go back to resolve that one way or the other.
There is a saying which goes: it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. To add to this saying, we must love all that we are and all that we do for then we never really lose in love. To go into a relationship with one who is broken seldom ends positively. How does a negative then become a positive? In our view when both are at peace and complete within themselves is an ideal criteria for two to unite becoming one.

Relationship is an enormous totally consuming event in our lives. This is not to be taken casually, this is the second most significant event in your life (your birth was the first). This is our equal we are looking for not simply any average person, the exact right one that can be with you until we leave here. They will be our very best friend, there are many who come close.  I suspect if we are flexible to accommodate and tolerate one another’s uniqueness? Then two may grow together negotiating their relationship. To bear in mind if it is too difficult that is an indication it is not meant to be. Try flogging a dead horse see what you get. In my view I see all too many with the wrong one for they cannot cope with simply being with their own selves (alone). These people would certainly benefit from making the time to come see us. I for one would rather be by myself (as I am) than have the wrong one in my life. It is a bit like participating in a voluntary jail sentence… no way thank you.

I like to think I will know when I have met someone very special. I am not average; I am removed from the norm of everyday values (the lack of them) as I see myself. I am a light worker and live freer in a mobile home. My website is all about who I am and what I am about. Like attracts like so I will have one on the same page as me. I feel everyone would be better off if they had that going on too. It makes for less conflict.
I am attracted to Sagittarius and Capricorn for I am one, Aquarius and Taurus; this from Astrology and Astrology is as good a starting place as any.

Note: for us blokes out there do not think through your base Chakra (male appendage), think through your heart ask your Kidneys for in there is where we store the ugly/love towards women. If you have the negative going on you need to see us for there will never be a positive relationship for you, one that you do not sabotage. Do you hold resentment towards your mother, sisters, wives, girlfriends? If your reply is no then you can proceed, if you are lying you are only cheating yourself and the one you are with. The result your relationship is failing and will fail. It will be hard work, not only will you suffer everyone who is close to that relationship will suffer along with you.

The same works in reverse for women. We all deserve the best deal possible. A big part of our healing business is about love of self for oneself. Re-programming the psyche this is all over our website in Life Extension from the Beginning in the Gut Balancing section. Remove the ugly that we harbour for it is a choke on us. The ugly brings Dis-ease in the body beautiful of which we all are.

Through the course of my life I have dated women who are of the correct sun/star signs bar the Taurus (have only met two, both were broken) and found them to be, just right. I could be with any one of them. In fact my second wife was Capricorn we finished one another’s sentences, our thoughts on life very similar. It was rather magical.

I met two Saggi’s and could have been with either. I had their astrology charts done to see if they matched although I didn’t need to for being with them was wonderful. They were both broken more Walking Wounded cases sadly, as was my wife. The woman two years ago was an Aquarian, she was effortless to be with, she has the biggest heart and is a light worker also. It was like magic when we were together that pretty much tells you. She told me were we soul mates she drew the soul card 4 times. I have my views on asking spirit about suitable mates, ask your own self, the path of least resistance, where you are on is it the same page? You get that from participating in togetherness that will tell you real time. “Love comes quickly” as are the words from the Pet Shop Boys song.

These days in my travels attending events and meeting amazing people I come across the occasional one where there is a complete calm. I see the angel in them, very special, that would be a good start to be with one who has you feel that way. I am sure they feel the same if you asked them. From there when you spend time together, when everyday becomes the best day that is far more than an astrology chart. The chart would serve as reinforcement of things yet, every day is the best day is the ultimate in our view. Here are some words of advice:  look after one another, do not let temptation lead you astray, for it is not every day when you meet one who is so right. Treat others how you would have them treat you, say what you mean, and mean what you say. In other words do not say one thing then do another or the opposite for that is confusing and shows a disconnect with your spoken word to your actions (I call it mental confusion). Words are real easy to say and come effortlessly off the tongue. It is our actions which show the true measure of our word they define us. If you want to know if a person is sincere or full of bollox, let their actions speak for themselves. Living ones life this way to me is the only way to be. I wish you all the best, be happy and smile for you simply can…..and enjoy life. And…be careful what you wish for….you may just get it…:)
For further assistance contact Derek on 022-319-2540.

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This is such a real time subject; we are all subjected to its effects. It can have the most monumental and catastrophic consequences on our total wellbeing even to the point of cell death where we die which is the extreme. I am constantly meet by those who are victims to their lives being in turmoil to one degree or another mostly from them buying into and accepting what they have been told…instructed ..such that they are subservient meaning they are less. In our document Life Extension on our website it clearly states we are to avoid at all costs everything and everyone who brings us misery and negativity particularly the media, like a plague for it can crush us, we must be constantly on the alert for the reprogramming of our minds and core beliefs.

Sometimes this programming can be so very casual and seem so innocent, here is one truth I wish to share with you. I noticed within myself I was buying into “Women are nothing but trouble”. Every woman who has been in my life has left, they have all taken from me (it was actually give and take) and here I am just me all by myself. It is so easy to fall into this trap of “poor me”. It is the same as saying everything is always the same, never is this the case yet it can easily be seen to be that way, we see what we want to see and can be so easily led to believe in anything…. how scary is that?.

A close friend repeatedly says to me to stay clear of women, in a seemingly joking way although he is serious, over time (10 months) this had set itself into my mindset. Before I knew it I was in agreement with what he was saying without actually really thinking about it. So let us look closer into the statement “All women are trouble”. Firstly the same can be seen in reverse for women towards men and in fact there are many women who feel this way unfortunately. Should one allow this destructive mindset to become seated the kidneys are where it is stored (our Water element Remedy). With this comes degenerative bone conditions, problems with our sexuality, you name it, it can come from this emotional ugly being lodged. No woman has met every man so it is not possible to be 100% positive with the statement, therefore it needs to be altered and thrown out for a statement which is truthful yet allows us to be optimistic. This is a better option: Every woman to date I have been involved with has gone their separate ways. There was both good and not so good from the union

When I was in my early 20’s I looked at every new relationship with anticipation , finding out what positive things the next girl was going to bring to the table and what could I learn from her and she from me. It was ever so exciting and they were all beautiful.  I had a cheeky way with myself back then I see it has come back which is very reassuring. I have revisited this long lost way to myself  just recently….. and I like it, yet there is far more depth to me these days. I can honestly say I love the resplendent man I am growing into. For one who buys into the statement “Women are nothing but trouble”. Or vice versa for women about men there is simply no point in having one in your life for the end result has already been pre-determined. This indicates you have a negative mindset already set in cement just waiting for an opportunity for the guy to be human (make a mistake) so you can pounce on the poor bloke. The same applies in reverse.  What a sad and negative outlook, if we choose to remain this way do not venture into relationship for you will destroy the person.

I see women as the most beautiful creature which adorns this world. That is the highest accolade I can bestow on women, this means I respect for them, care for them and consider them…love really. At the same time I see the world is full of the walking wounded in varying degrees. To allow this to alter my thinking for me to not allow any in my life is a mindset I will not permit. I have been 19 months without anyone (as of April 2017) it is time for me to find a special friend, though I do not share, and casual is not my cup of tea, so I will choose her carefully. I meet on occasion true angels, ones I can be around effortlessly without any issues, that is very special, why I met one at the Go Green Expo this year (2017) in Auckland although she was not age appropriate, lovely non the less.

Illness and what we do to ourselves:

I met a man the other day who saw my signs and asked for me to help him, this has further prompted me to write about this subject. The man said his name was David, he rolled up his sleeves to show me bruising and discolouration of the skin, David stunk of booze at midday. I looked at him and replied, yes I can help you, only you have to want to help yourself. The cause to your deficient Liver function is from your constant abuse of your body through cigarettes and alcohol poisoning, this comes from you not loving nor respecting yourself. In my view this has come about from deep seated emotional pain (ugly) which you carry. This is the discolouration you have, until you cease punishing yourself this will continue until you die and looking at where you are at it won’t be that long. I then asked him why do you do it? This is what you must ask of yourself, there was a time in your life when you decided to begin drinking, be honest and ask of yourself: what do you get from it and at what financial cost? Then look at the emotional cost for these habits are robbing you of your life? I told him I had done the same, I began drinking at 18 it was the thing to do, getting pissed and chasing girls. Five drive drunk convictions later over 24 years and a judge saying to me, if I see you in my court room again you will be with the bad boys in prison for 3 months. That was all I needed, from that day forth I stopped cold turkey. I weighed up the costs, being on the turps cost me the next day I was too stuffed to do anything. I didn’t have a bad habit (yea right) only I had a habit. That was 15 years ago and I will never go back. My father never drank.  I see it as incorrect these days, yes it is a social thing as if we cannot be social without it, and it calms us down….do you remember what you did when you were 10years of age to calm yourself down? yes it gives us courage….oh really, Dutch courage, what value do we place on that? Almost every Police complaint today is either Drug or alcohol related. For me the answer to this is simple, be rid of them all. Too easy I feel, I do not judge others overly who drink although I used to be highly critical, I do draw the line with drug abuse. I never smoked but I most certainly chased women. I stopped that too, for how many does one man need when you really sit down and think about it? Only one, and that one is the right one. It is my belief for a relationship to grow forward positively both must be on the same page. Where you are at within yourself is the very mirror for the attraction meaning: positivity and vibrancy is the attraction to the same in the opposite gender. People do say opposites attract like magnets, I struggle with that, there is no way I would ever allow myself to be with a boozer and a smoker who had the worst diet in town, foul mouthed with a small brain selfish and everything which I am not, yet I have been to most of these places through the growth of my life. It simply goes against everything I have built myself from to where I am today.

Reprogramming our minds from being around destructive mindsets.

My friend Frank sure helped me reprogramme myself incorrectly, it was so simple and easy to fall into the trap. I have since cleared the thought patterns and replaced them with the positive affirmation to them “Women are beautiful”. David wanted me to give him a quick fix or a pill for him to take which would bring him back to great health. The cause of his troubles is his life not working for him, simply to bury it and to not face it is easier than to sort it in his eyes. In truth I think he doesn’t really understand that it can be so easily corrected. Sure it requires effort and discipline, but look at what you get …..a new life with a better you? For me this is the best way forward, embrace all that you are positively release and remove the hurt (ugly) for we were all beautiful when we arrived here. I feel we all must release our burdens and reprogramme  ourselves with corrective positive affirmations growing forward.

Programming the Psyche

Part of what we do in our health business is the reprogramming of the psyche. In our lives we are constantly being bombarded with ideals being directed to see things in a specific light, buy this product because of these benefits,…etc…are they infact telling the truth or do they simply want your financial resource? I question everything. Why just the other day a woman informed me if I wasn’t going to conform to a criteria she had in her mind my gift as she put it would be taken from me, she said I had to be caring and gentle more or less a walk over for she was one, not free to exhibit any and all of my thoughts openly from quiet to enraged if I so felt the necessity. I have met this many times. What a load of bollox. Truth be told I had run away from my gift because it has seemed too incomprehensible as if I wasn’t good enough to be given it. My gift will only leave when I do that is the short of it. Finding the truth can be difficult, in my mind everything is far better when it is simple, honesty with transparency is the only way to be and to mirror ones behaviours and the spoken word. If we all were to do this the world would be in a much better place. I have been doing this now in excess of 10 years, only recently in the past few years my gift has grown for me to be able to read people and more…. I think I am very fortunate.

The world is full of people in all different walks of life journey. Their bodies tell a story, their faces another. I attended a market which I have not done before,  April 2017. It was run by two people a man and a woman. The man in his 60’s he was pretty cool, while the woman needed to go into the ground in my view, so ugly was she, a living horror movie. If this offends you, you are taking it wrong. I am blunt and to the point. I had nothing to do with the woman thank goodness, but enjoyed banter with the man. I met a few people too, I was informed I have the gift of the gab, meaning I am a salesman. I took this negatively when I really needed to take it in a positive vein.

It is difficult to see plusses when fed minuses. I assisted all who purchased product to lift their life energy which is why I was there in the first instance.
We must be ever so careful not to buy into any mindset, from any medium which has the propensity to cause harm within, I too must see this and reflect it away.

See how you go. Feel free to make an appointment to clear destructive encumbrances that will be/are crippling you. Derek 022-319-2540

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Destructive Emotions

Please note: the information provided here is for all to get a grasp of the immediate and severe consequences stored negative emotions can have on us all. It is unfortunate that the system we live in brings this to us ever so frequently (daily). We need to be aware of it for us to not be an engaged participant. Also be aware these are our points of view we are sharing with you.

We have found over the years it is crucial for the well being of all individuals to be emotionally stable and unencumbered (free as possible) from negative core beliefs and or destructive mindset thought patterns. We have labelled these the ugly we carry. To establish if you carry ugly core beliefs and or thought patterns these are the ones which you react to. We need to look at your reactions to the subject which brings you distress (things you cannot or struggle to face). Such things as you cannot say a phrase or a particular word in particular ones you avoid. We then have to remove them weather you do it or we do it with you to then install the higher energy of the positive corrective affirmation. To return you to centre this is what must be released, at centre is when you are at peace within yourself and your world.
Take relationships for example, let us look at the person who has been in a relationship to now be single and says: I do not want a relationship I can only cope with friendships. Most of us have been there in our lives? Broken and lost looking to find the path of least resistance to grow forward without being fractured and hurt again. If you do not work through the fracturing and pain you will never be able to function correctly. A friend of mine told me “time heals everything” that is the most ridiculous statement all time does is go on. People burry their pain out of sight out of mind, yet it never really is for it is always there until you let it go. This is why we have placed all this emotional information on here for you to be aware there is a way forward and a way to let it all go. We are here to assist you to make better informed choices in selecting a suitable mate and or to avoid undesired programming of your core beliefs. Read all the documents and take what you require, if stuck call us. All we ever need is our true selves to be light and free unencumbered.

Never will I use the word partner, it is not a business, it is girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, husband or wife, and nothing less is appropriate for these are affairs of the heart and this is love! Be so ever careful with the words you choose to use you can change core beliefs from them.

We need to dig deeper to establish how we see relationship and what affects us from our past relationships. Through questioning ourselves (if you can do this, Information section: Muscle testing) you will come across triggers which will cause a reaction. These triggers carry the emotional hurt (ugly) and as such need to be released. They will never leave until they are released. It is not possible for anyone to sustain a healthy relationship nor have healthy interactions with others while these encumbrances remain for they are the choke crippling the individual. Unresolved emotional issues lead on to severe health conditions with cancers being the most severe of all. Do not be casual about this. Every woman who is told by the establishment they require a hysterectomy. I bet my last dollar this comes from the ugly she has carried towards men over many years while she has suffered and all those in her circle you care for her have suffered along with her. To begin to sort it we first look at her relationship with her father then every male who has been in her life in order of significance. For men who carry the ugly towards women look forward to erectile dysfunction, prostate conditions leading to cancer? Joint conditions in fact every aliment will be heading your way for both men and women.

Here is an example of stored emotions which the patient had forgotten he carried if he was asked he would not have believed it for he thought he was just fine:  He had forgotten in his conscious mind, however his subconscious mind had not and never does until it has been released. This patient was asked to say: I can accept a healing from a woman. The patient could not say this, he was tearful and obviously distraught, it was raw for him. When we unwound what had happened to him we realised woman had taken from him such that all trust had gone. He was as surprised as we were. This had follow on effects in his life experience particularly so with respect to woman, he didn’t like them also, he could not trusted them and  did not trust his judgement in choosing a suitable woman as a girlfriend. He could not maintain a meaningful relationship with any woman. Health wise negative destructive mindsets towards women promote the aggravation of the Prostate gland, and is the emotional attachment and precursor to Prostate Cancer, poor kidney function which means structural complaints such as arthritis etc, erectile dysfunction, to be honest a pretty bleak outlook on life. If not corrected the man would have continuous disjointed and conflicting life experiences regarding women with extreme sickness at his door before too long followed by premature death. We released his bitterness and all his stored ugly towards women in fact this individual released every ugly he carried throughout his life back to his years as an infant from when his conscious memory began. This individual was me, I failed to see I was encumbered for I lived it and as such it seemed normal behaviour to me it had become my way of life. Clearly it was not a positive outlook nor way forward.

We are attempting to explain when carrying ugly or in fact any imbalance we think we are normal for it is our normal. All illness is simply an imbalance in the free flow of energy within the individual. They are all held in the Kidneys. Kidneys repair the body, if not removed you die inside until you really die. All illness carries with it Emotional, Physical and Spiritual components, we must clear them all to be completely rid of their destructive capabilities. We are all three that is why they all must be clear. Check out muscle testing on our site, see if you can ask your own self what is going on? Make an appointment is better again for we do this all the time and we are very good at it. The investment you make will be the best $$$ you have selflessly invested on you and your future and all those who are close to you. Remember to bring with you your list of ugly, if you do not understand come along anyways. We will help you change your life for you. Do you know what it feels like to be completely free…? let me tell you… wonderful!

We had a patient come to us, most are woman for they generally take far better care of themselves than men. This woman seemed to choose narcissistic behavioural conditioned men to be in her life. She has a delicate heart as most women do for you all are the love centres. For this woman to be with such men means she had to learn a protective behaviour for her to survive which has her reprogram herself to be cold, otherwise she would struggle with the encounter. At some stage in her life this programming has to be removed from her to set her free. There was of course a lot more going on in her than simply this, this was the main heading until we got into where she was at with the real and correct picture emerging. She liked successful men who were financially stable to the extreme. Yes they were predominately millionaires. For the average person to become wealthy there is a sacrifice of time and a learning about ourselves. The hunt for the $$$ is not worth the cost to achieve it in most instances. As stated true wealth is the one who has balance and the most love in their lives. How much $$$ do we really need and once gathered can the individual revert to a simple life?

Love Centres: Women are the delicate more caring, emotionally strong, of diverse minds that can cope with almost anything and find a way forward where men simply cannot see there is one.
The average man is no match for the complexity that is woman although she needs grounding/cement which is the man. The man be her rock for her to be her flighty self. This is an average generalisation. The healing colour for all women is pink, magenta is electric pink. To be female means you have more female genes in you than male, yet you have male genes with the same in reverse for men. I see you as the love, the most beautiful creature that adorns this planet. And I see you as scary for I struggle to avoid the heart of the women for when she wants me there is little I can do to prevent her having what she wants. There are so many walking wounded everywhere that is why I see women as scary. I do not wish to be with one broken and it is so difficult for me to deflect their heart energies particularly so when she is on the same page as myself, best I correct her I have done that before, now however I am more than I have ever been and growing….. nice.

Core Beliefs: these are emotions like I love myself, I see myself as a beautiful person, I respect myself, I hold myself in the highest light etc. These are the very core fundamentals to being happy and centred within ourselves and must be clear for life to be abundant and satisfying. We clear and install these in the same manner as we clear destructive mindsets installing the corrective affirmation or the invert as we call it which is the opposite to that which is hurting you.

Validation: This is a lonely road the individual is looking outwards for confirmation that they are okay. This comes about from being fractured and lost like a lost soul. We need to know we are okay within ourselves, strong in our own belief for we know who we are and where we are going and what we are about. We need to be at the centre of our own universe rock solid. We can and will take you there it is about removing the ugly which has had you broken and that which hold you back.

To release NEGATIVE destructive mindset thought patterns

Locate yourself in a quiet place where you feel calm and begin by saying to yourself or out loud, I (your name) I deeply love and respect myself above all others if you are unable to say this we need to release the ugly which prevents you loving and respecting yourself and install the emotional correction for we all are most worthy believe me. In the case where you cannot say you love yourself this is where you begin…
Say I release from all cell memory within my body, from my divine DNA, from the core of my being and all that I am the feeling of:  I do not love nor respect myself above all others you are to visualise these words releasing from the very core of your being …. next you are to follow the positive mindset correction procedure which reinstates that you do in fact love and respect yourself above all others:

Programming POSITIVE mindset thought patterns …

I  (my name) install into every cell in my body, into my Devine DNA, into the core of my being and all that I am (picture this happening willingly with your heart tears are absolutely permitted) say the positive mind set pattern to what you have removed (the invert) in this instance: I truly love and respect myself above all other.
You need to be able to muscle test well this is asking the body questions… a yes or no reply if you are unfamiliar we must teach you this. Once this most valuable tool has been mastered and in phase we are now able to proceed to work through your list of negative mindsets and or Core beliefs that are affecting you diminishing your otherwise vibrant clear life.

It is vitally important all core beliefs are locked in, you must hold yourself in the highest light we go through this with you at your appointment installing all the essential core beliefs thus establishing the perfect foundation from which to release all negativity (ugly) and from which to rebuild the new you centred within your own resplendency.

Once you have installed you deeply love and respect yourself it is time to release further negative controlling emotions. Tears associated with releasing the ugly are a great indicator the shift and release is happening. When you are well versed at this you will be able to read written text, invert all negative and reprogramme yourself at will with the corresponding positive mindset correction patterns. This ability of altering and removing negativity is truly life changing there is no necessity in my view for anyone to carry baggage crippling them in their heart centre.

The Importance of Muscle Testing:

Muscle testing is a term for the ability of us to ask ourselves questions from our subconscious mind. We use it here to ask if a negative is in fact there damaging us, we release it and check to see if the corrective positive has been seated. For this to work hydration is essential as is openness within yourself for the truth. You must have the desire to work through your stuff releasing the chains that restrict and confine your free spirit, for you to become as that of the bird.

Mindset Testing

Here are some mindsets you may wish to test yourself on; you will have others you feel are encumbering and limiting you. Write them down and bring them to your session for us to clear and install the positive correct mindset programme. Release them chains on your free spirit the sooner you do the more uplifted you become.

I love myself, I love my mum, I love my dad. (Do these separately)
Be at peace with my decisions and release all fears that come up for they are my comfort zone of the jail I have placed my free spirit in.
Release my boring life and energise it
I know what love is…… I know how to love…..I can accept love…. I am open to love
I am open to intimacy.
I am open to receiving and giving love (muscle test separately).
I know what discernment means.
I trust my judgement, I trust men with discernment, I trust women with discernment.
I trust my judgement with my choices of the opposite gender (say men or women).

We are Ageless….?

The human race, so appropriate a name for us for everything it seems is: get it done now…the race… Those who lead, dictate and make policy have a great deal to be held accountable for. Why just the other day in came to me the energy of agelessness with it the image of an angel who I knew. I have a medicine it is 30 years of age, I have another medicine it is 5 months of age. Whichever you require is the energy you need and the one which is right for you for now. Everything is energy, I met a girl 33 years younger than myself (the angel above), her energy was so right. I was frightened to tell her. I didn’t know how to tell her without having her bolt. I got she knew yet nothing was said. Time spent with her had me correct her failing health which no one had been able to do thus far, she was 19 had a degree in something to do with animal husbandry? She is no dummy nor a little girl, yet 19 (2013). I call her the angel of light. On the same page and we converse as if there is no age barrier, time spent in her presence I just glow, she commented with the most beautiful smile for she saw it. She knew how I felt about her (intuitively) and she liked it. If she hadn’t she would not have stayed. Humanity placed the restrictions there, she had bought into it. I would not make a move for it would all have to come from her. I felt that would be appropriate. I eventually told her how I felt and she bolted. She carries the sparkle that is the energy she is, effortless to be with, you do not get to meet that every day. If we never see it we do not know it exists and when we come to be with it and glow two can become one. The combination of the corrective energies is like a super nova. If you have never felt this you have never truly met the right one and been “ in love” I knew instantly with her from day one, I let it go to see how it unfolded keeping my thoughts to myself for a year.
We are all ageless, the sooner we release the confines of the control the better we will be. The genius who took me under his wing to train me, he was meant to do that, like a father figure to me, and what a man is he, he is the pinnacle of life excelling in everything he puts his mind to and yet humble. He does not brag of his achievements of which there are many, he simply lives his life. His wife is 30 years his junior, both are on the same page, 25 years they have been married. That is success the correct energy meets the energy it requires. 

Beautiful Just the way we are…  Alessia Cara’s: Scars to your Beautiful

The information and the love energies contained on our website is all about how Beautiful we all are, just the way we are. The song by Alessia Cara: Scars to your Beautiful is about such beauty although the girl in the song feels ugly and she is a model. Ugly is when we are buying into set standards of humanity that are outside our comfort zone, set too far ahead of where we are at for us to reach and be accepted, not possible to be there from how we are as of this present point in time and development. We are all pure love how can that be ugly? (love making brings us here this makes us all love, it is basically pretty simple only seldom are things that simple in reality, our reality needs to change) This song has me in tears every time I hear it. The song by Tears for Fears Woman in Chains, I listened to that song everyday all day for a week and had to stop for I could not prevent myself from continuously crying ….every day, the thought in my mind, I cannot allow women to ever be in chains, the greatest love of all are women for we all are born from them. The world is indeed a mess. And what about me why do I become so engorged in it, the heart is why.
We need to accept ourselves just the way we are. We can grow to become more beautiful within ourselves. Make up, nails, eye lashes, lipstick, coloured hair, breast augmentation, lips done, you name it women have these procedures undertaken…do these define us? If we are overweight change how you see yourself, actively participate in slimming down, over weight is about the ugly you carry towards yourself, it is purely an emotional by product of the loss of love of self for the self.  If you are depressed we have lots of information here to help you change that simply to reach out is the beginning. When you grow through it, you have worked through and achieved, and become a survivor and have earned skills for you to never return for you to perhaps be a champion for others and. Brings depth to your persona. There are so many plusses the only negatives are those that you place there (your choice) to inhibit you. I see the core of the person I read the heart of everyone I meet. I see the angel in you. The most beautiful people who have the best life are those who carry the most love in their lives and walk their journey true to themselves. It is not about who has the most money, seldom are we given a tonne of money we invariably have to work for it, this in turn takes us away from living a gentler life. So those with money most likely or not carry a handicap. We are here to take you on a journey to find yourself and to make you strong so you will not ever go back. When people live as I do, as close to the mother as possible they become peaceful…their baggage must be gone all the ugly. Whenever you want to start we are here to help you get where you want to go. Life Extension as outlined on this site to us is heaven on earth, listen to the song: scars for your beautiful, it is all empowering, Derek love’s it.

Contact Derek on 022-319-2540 for more assistance or for one to one consultation.

                     Daily Emotional Support.

For those of you who have lost your way this may be a quick temporary solution while you are awaiting further care. As always the core or route cause to the emotional burden must be removed with a new direction brought to the individual such that this never repeats. When do you want to change your life path such that the crap stops, remember you are the common denominator, you are bringing this to yourself. It can all change today it is your choice, Like attracts like. Bear that in mind and take this in:      

“Only what we allow to define us and accept into us can cause us harm.”

Please follow all instruction given and make an appointment to make sure you are heading in the right direction, that is to become unencumbered. This is until you are the Rock you want to be. When everyday is becoming the best day is an indicator you are on the mend, and when “shit happens” and you do not blame yourself or retreat into your protective place is yet another. Simply do not allow circumstance to devastate you, nor to define you. If you struggle with any of these contact us: We generally correct emotional issues within a few minutes, painlessly.

  • Place on your mirror and light switches notes of encouragement which are positive and specific to yourself. Such things as I see myself as beautiful, I am worth it… I love myself. Every time you read these you are to allow them to go into your body and smile at your beautiful reflection. Visualisation this occurring.
  • You are to tell yourself every day throughout the day how special and wonderful you are and to say while looking into a mirror these same words then to say I love myself, I am worthy of the finest things in life, to then visualise this going to every cell in your body.
  • You are to build yourself a shield in your mind which will never allow ugly destructive criticism to come through the shield. When they are directed at you the shield becomes strong. The more that come the stronger the shield becomes. The shield is a love engine from home it will never let you down as long as you never take on the ugly. You are to always remember you are the highest light. This given freely from your parents who in their highest light brought you to mother earth. This is the Angel that you truly are.
  • Before you speak always think to be in the positive. Do not allow yourself to buy into ugly. Ugly lives all around us, we have a choice it we choose for it to come into us. Negate that choice and do not give it voice.
  • Only thoughts and comments we accept can hurt us this is why our shield needs to be up. Especially so while we are rebuilding our Core love Centre.
  • Mirror what you say and ask if this was said to you how would you I like it?
  • Mirror your behaviour also, and ask the same question.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say. This means: from spoken word we must be supportive of the action we are saying and not to deviate from it. Example: If you hate drinking booze, then never drink booze. If you hate smoking do not smoke. We can help you with these. Whatever you say as an action you need to get into the habit of following through. This then means your word has meaning. Words are cheap …it is our actions which truly define us. When our words are not supported by our actions, our word is worthless leading on to: ….so are we. Break this destructive cycle Today
  • Think about the wording you use every day, is it positive or negative? Begin to see the light in everything including situations. The light is the positive (love) way forward.
  • Negative people you need to give them a wide berth, do not try to “fix them” you are to fix you. Have them contact us. If you allow them in they can crush you, for you to start all over. Maybe not such a bad thing for we generally learn from the school of hard knocks….unfortunately.
  • Every ugly in your life must go without fail for it is crippling you (make an appointment for us to restore your core beliefs). Surround yourself with only beautiful people and a beautiful sanctuary (home) where life is safe, love lives there. You are to create this in your mind simply by accepting and allowing it.
  • Always give praise to yourself for a job well done throughout the day. Reflect everyday positively, make “me time” and never stop doing it. Do things which bring you joy and be respectful to others. In your Heart there is building a knowing you are truly beautiful this for you to allow and accept constantly.
  • Never say a negative word or support a criticism which deflates you. This means never say: you are dumb, or you did a stupid thing, change the wording such that it is gentle on your beautiful self.
  • Only those who have earned to be seen as worthy of your respect do you give it. A policeman, a judge even the prime minister non have earned your respect so do not give it to them. They are human too as such have flaws. They do and say things which they regret. Learn from your own mistakes for this is how we grow, but never knock yourself back from making a mistake. Accept it and be the bigger person and acknowledge it and grow forward smiling at least on the inside as you do so. Smiles go to the Heart of all who bear witness to them, inclusive in that is you 

We are our own worst critic how about changing that to stop being mean to ourselves and beating ourselves up. Blame is not good, become proactive to build the positive and see it in every situation. Never to say a derogatory word or accept same from others. We need to be able to say we are perfect just the way we are. This has to be a continuous growing forward for life is progressive. This is how we need to see ourselves. To always walk our lives true to ourselves is the absolute best way to live. How to achieve and to maintain this is mentioned here in this document and in our additional documents on here. Following the above will build within you that magic, this is the feeling of belonging to everything. Go to places of peacefulness and take it in. Allow yourself to dream. The simple things are right there in our faces and are generally the deal breakers. We are more than confident should you do this daily the Rock in you will grow quickly. There may be ugly stored within, come see us for us to release it. Remember you have a right to be here, love is reflective in sunlight, music and the colours of the rainbow, happy faces with smiles and most definitely in nature, embrace it fill your boots and everyday with it. It is the gentler and easier option as opposed to the ugly which is stagnant, black, cold and controlling and where misery and death lives.


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                            Body Shapes Mirroring our Die-ease.


Over many years we have been seeing Dis-ease and the physical body in people displaying the manifestation of their complaints. The body expresses the encumbrances stored within shown physically, facial expression too are supportive and reflective of this. We are referring to an individual’s normal facial expression. We are certain the emotional state held within the subconscious mind of the individual has them hold onto their illness. This will be the root cause to their insufficiency (Dis-ease). This leads on to imbalances we carry are most obviously displayed by the way we walk, in our appearance, the colours of our clothing, and what we say reflective in the tone in our voices. Every characteristic that makes us individual reflects a proportion of the Dis-ease we carry inside. Continuous prolonged Dis-ease over years defines us. When released particularly so from many years of containing an illness there is a new person coming forth, a bit like being reborn. They are clear and curious with life.

When we struggle to walk and run freely there is a supportive mindset preventing the individual from seeing a clear path ahead. The mere fact they cannot go freely into the future from their physical disability which they created is based upon their past. This they carry as a negative towards their future. Their future is blank in their minds also. When their left side is unbalanced this shows they have a weary attitude from progressing freely with their lives. These are indicators there is a disconnection with walking one’s life path freely. The left side is reflective in being cautious for they have been obviously devastated through their lives and hold onto this as a defence and protection mechanism. It is a bit like cowering away from being hit by an object. They will not progress full steam ahead into more of the same. If you are right handed it is the go forward side to you and is the leader and wants you to follow. However the body that is cautious holds back. This is clearly visible when you look at these persons walking for they seem to drag their opposing side. When we look towards their mindset, is it free to dream of what can be, to go forward simplistically with joy? For life to be positive and enriched or does it hideaway afraid for what has always happened in life will continue? It is understandable why these people feel this way. They subconsciously do not want to go freely forward into more of the same? Past behaviours and occurrences in our lives is a pretty good determinant in showing us what is coming next?

This is more or less more of the same always being the same. The question is, is that what we truly want and deserve? This comes from us manifesting what we have always had allowing these thoughts to determine the future. Clearly this needs to stop with a fresh outlook being placed into our mindsets. These people need to feel secure in the knowledge the future has not as yet been written therefore it is always open to be how ever we truly aspire it to be. To put this simplistically: live our dreams.

Manifest what we truly want, do not allow the negative conditioning from previous life experiences thus far to rule or govern our everyday growing forward.

Let them all go and redefine where we truly want to go and how we see ourselves. Do not put limitations on it nor financial restriction. When we can see there is a positive way forward and that is continuous yet flexible is when we have the right attitude to get there and make it happen. And for it to remain, you must be strong in your belief to defend your new way forward.  The energy to make this all come to life comes from within from our desire to grow forward and embrace a positive life experience. This comes when all blockages have been removed by the individual setting them free. We have mentioned this particular set of mindsets only as an example. There are countless others. The main thing we are attempting to get through is we create our own reality. It is so very real to the individual, they see themselves are broken yet they do not understand why? This may have come from when they were children as such they have forgotten. When they seek out so called professional assistance, there is none which offer a root to finding the source of their specific problem of which there will be many not simply one. Hip and knee replacements etc are not the answer. Our bodies are designed to last a life time continuously being renewed. Mainstream medicine seems to be oblivious to addressing all that makes us individuals. With the most important criteria being what we allow in as stored mindsets which determine all that we are. There is an underlying stored emotional concern which has brought about the problem facing these and all sufferers. It is pretty much mentioned here only there will be more in depth analysis required to get to the bottom of it all, for the simple reason it is specific to the individual from their life journey thus far. We need to seek out to establish a reference point of ground zero. This is our gauge to how we are doing. We can all be measured by this gauge.  A perfect example of this can be found in nature such as the wind. The wind is carefree, it goes wherever it goes, passes no judgement, and obeys only the rules which give it life. The bird is another we can learn a great deal of a simplistic life from observing the life of a bird. We need to all live our lives as that care free as the bird and the wind. We are complex individuals living in a highly complex environment full of guidelines and rules with punishments and consequences never ending. To live our lives to a set standard of continuous regimentation is not in our best interests, particularly when doing so brings us Dis-ease (the interruption of the ease of flow of energy within our body).

We have a way forward for everyone who wishes to participate. Bring to us what you are carrying. Perhaps as in some cases you do not know what that is? What ails you is of course one obvious indicator and the logical place to start to unravel your particular set of stored criteria which have governed your life to this day. You need to come to the point in your life where you want to make the change and so are open for this progression. It is not about money, when you are dead what good does your money do you? How enjoyable is your life and how much of life are you missing out on being the way you are? Life is totally about how to live freer fully enabled and enriched and to have this every day.