Payment Options

Payment Options

We understand that at times there is just not enough financial resource to go around. It is with this in mind that we have initiating the following plan. This applies to Remedies and Programmes only.

Upon selecting one product, we ask for a $50:00 plus Postage payment to be made. You can only purchase one product at any one time with this plan.

We ask for you to let us know of the cycle you wish to afford, such as weekly or fortnightly. Payment options start at $10:00 per week.

Note: we have the right of refuse of this Payment Option without giving notice as to why. We like there to be a history established prior as in we know of you or for full payment being made on at least one other product.

In the event that you cannot meet your payment, it is imperative you let us know and the reason why? We have permitted you to have the use of our special products based upon your word. Our word is our bond and those who fail to honour it will have a lesson sent to them Karmicly.  Karma is our debt management service real time. This is no joke we assure you. In the event you do not meet your payment on the cycle you have specified, the remedy will cease to work immediately. If you miss two payments, without discussing with us what is going on, the Remedy will become null and void. To ever be able to have another of our preparations work for you you will have to complete your earlier commitment. This service here will no longer be open to you. We have tested this with others for our preparations to not work for them for they have been deceitful towards us. We would prefer not to invest our time with people who exhibit such behaviours.

Not that we wish to get into this but, if there is deceit and or negativity associated with your purchase (ugly) the remedy will stop functioning. We will not assist those who are ugly inside, who bring their crap energy to our table unless they genuinely want to change their ways. This begins by engaging in our NLP Programme. It is our belief that we are all perfect energy forms when we leave home to come here to live a beautiful peaceful life, those of us who are corrupted by the ugly which is here and want to change that within themselves we will assist….  you have to ask us to.

We look forward to assisting all to improve their health no matter what it is, and ask them to bear in mind:

Our Health is our True Wealth…. It is our greatest ever Asset bar none!