First Aid

First Aid

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Over the years we have met many people who do not have even a very basic first aid kit at home or in their car or work vehicle. Here is where we see the basics are at:

 Super Silver Ultra in a 100ml spray bottle, can be topped up with the economical 1 litre Super Strength Silver Ultra. This product is highly concentrated silver suspended in a solution of pure water. It is perfect for burns, as a disinfectant, for basic cuts, basic eye and ear care, and a multitude or problems including bad breath and gorilla’s arm pit. Spray silver where required, wait two minutes, repeat the process if not corrected first time and continue to do so. If after 5 applications there is little improvement you may wish to contact us, something is wrong is why. Our product is in excess of 10,000 parts per million making it extremely potent. It tastes metallic and is fine to be taken orally. We carry one in the glove box, just in case. And when we have to use our hands for eating, we spray our hands before hand. Some say germs are good for you, I never like being sick, I spray my hands every time when touching another persons hands for contracting E-Coli for their soap was insufficient. Rather not, not to mention something else. This product is ideal for eliminating every single celled pathogenic organism by simply starving its oxygen supply while causing us no harm at all. Detol and other disinfectants kill both good and bad germs alike, Silver only kills the bad ones. It is completely safe. I have been taking (drinking) about one litre of it per fortnight for over 3 years now.

Soft Tissue Repairer: This is almost world famous and is a first aid kit in a jar like no other. This statement can be said for all three products here. For all aches and pains, repetitive strains infact every pain almost this is ideal. It is for external use only.

Practitioners Grade Medicine:  This product may be used similarly as our Soft Tissue Repairer. It is effective for the same range of repair which is pretty much everything, only it is supported in Alcohol. This gives it the added advantage of being able to be directly applied to open wounds and cuts. The alcohol content assists with the reduction to elimination of infection and inflammation, including assisting with repairs to Bones. This product can be taken internally and orally only we advise not to drive while taking orally unless you want to fail a breath screening test.

Important Information: It is imperative the following care is sustained with respect to open wounds: Wounds must be thoroughly cleaned daily. For this we use our Practitioners Grade Medicine and cotton wool. This is exactly why we have made this product, it naturally sterilizes whatever we use to clean the wound. This saves time and helps to reduce stress levels particularly so when the unforeseen occurs, which always happens at the wrong time.

From where we sit being prepared makes all the difference. We know everyone who makes the decision to purchase any of these products are making a very good and informed investment in their future health care.


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  • First Aid Kit


    First Aid Kit contains:

    • 100mls of super silver ultra
    • Soft tissue repair cream
    • Practitioners Grade medicine for Injured Tissue Repair bone included. Specific for open wounds in fact all tissue.