General Remedies

General Remedies

When purchasing a medicine from our range we take it you have read all the information relating to that particular medicine on our site so you understand its limitations and therefore accept those facts. Every product is engineered to do what it says it will do eventually. This means if it hasn’t achieved this result with you by the time it has run out we may need to test to see if it is working towards that end and to ascertain what you carry if applicable which has prevented it from achieving the required result thus far. Many of our medicines require a strict discipline be adhered to. Should you not be going down that path do not expect the result of correction. We urge for all to come be tested for us to work out a corrective path specific to you going forward. It is not always as simple as supplying a remedy to work with the body for the desired result? The reasoning behind this is everyone is individual with no two people ever being the same.

Be advised:

All our preparations are meant for a specific individual in the container they have been supplied with. it is with this in mind we advise the placement of the energetic medicine into a separate container or the attempt to copy or duplicate said preparation will have the medicine become null and void.

 Important notice regarding our wording and claims stated:

All claims stated owe their origin to our testing processes. These are undertaken either with the aid of our diagnostic devices or with the use of applied Kinesiology (hands on muscles testing). Every item we make has been tested to satisfy our own specific testing standards. The result from this is supported by the wording which we have used. These tests are not the same as those adopted by mainstream medicine. Our Claims are supported by our findings, an example of this is our Aspartame Remover. When tested we have found almost every person (99.99%) has this Carcinogenic product in their system, when they take our removal programme within a few minutes are retested to be found clear of the substance. We have met many who do not have this Carcinogen in their diet yet they have it in their system. This indicates to us their body is unable to shift it naturally, this is why we have created this release agent (detox). To us this is the evidence substantiating our claims. Every medicine we have we test the individual for their own body’s reactance to that medicine and if found required we deliver it in their corresponding remedy. This is the basis of how our modality works and it does so to great effect on every participant thus far of which there has been thousands. We are totally open and transparent with all aspects of our health business, inclusive in this is our testing (diagnosing) processes. We are like wise completely satisfied our claims are supported by our testing processes which may or may not be supportive of other modalities namely Mainstream Medicine. Thank you.


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  • Allergies


    Allergies: For all allergies inclusive of food allergies, be aware if a particular item is non beneficial to the body this remedy will not correct that. Items such a peanuts which we cannot absorb are non beneficial, pasturised milk contributes to respiratory disorders to us this means its benefits are far less than its attributes therefore this remedy will not correct this allergen to dairy if present. We see an Allergy as an unsupportive vibration to the recipient or the person suffering from the allergen loaded in the cell structure of the individual in particular their subconscious mind as such it must be removed for the Allergen to leave.

  • Aspartame


    Aspartame Remover (artificial sweetener): This is a straight forward detox agent. Simply follow instructions on the label. We are completely natural which means anything artificial entering us is absolutely incorrect in our view point and it will cause harm. There is simply no beneficial necessity for this substance to exist in our view.

  • Asthma


    Asthma: interesting how often this condition is misdiagnosed, if you have simply Asthma this will rid you of it within a week, typically three days. We predict most will have far more serious things going on so a checkup is required. For a quick fix try Spraying Super Silver Ultra (ours in greater than 10,000 parts per million) into both nasal passages 5 times daily, this will eradicate any bad bacteria present. Asthma is a Lung problem therefore a Colon problem for they are Yin/Yang organ pairings. Lung problems mean you have Colon problems. Do the Spit-Test for Candida out of balance if yes, contact us, people have been known to expire from Asthma, it can be very serious.

  • Chronic Fatigue


    Chronic Fatigue Virus’s M.E: Generally this can be a quick fix with this remedy, follow the instructions given. Should this fail to correct the ailment you need to make an appointment for there is much more going on, do the Spit-Test for Candida for a start and let us know the outcome.

  • Hepatitis A.B.C


    Hepatitis A.B.C: Remove the Virus causing the complaint; we feel an appointment is required to see where you are at constitution wise, these are very serious infections the route cause must be found and corrected if you want to be free from them, when the Liver dies….so do we.

  • Lymes Preventer


    Lymes Dis-ease: Spirochetes Borellia Burgdorfori is the name given to the Tic which brings this living hell to people. Our remedy taken 1 x drop daily will support the body such that should a Tic bite you caring this Pathogen it will be instantly killed. 1 x Drop supports the user for 24 hours. The bottle lasts the recipient 3 years taken this way. The damage caused by this Pathogen requires a checkup with a go forward from there it depends upon findings?

  • Melatonin


    Melatonin: This remedy asks the body to release its own melatonin (sleep hormone) it will do so provided no harm comes to the user, you cannot overdose on this product, it is completely safe, those who use it may require Aspartame removed also most we see are surprised to find they have it, it has been known to support insomnia. Subconscious issues too may require addressing if sleep apnea continues, this comes under mindset reprogramming and is very effective.

  • Mercury Remover


    Mercury: This is a straight forward removal agent (Detox remedy) simply follow instructions on the label.

  • Rescue Remedy


    Rescue Remedy: This one contains every Bach Flower Essence, Colour Therapies, Precious Gems, Prana Healing, Shell Remedies and more….. there is a great deal of emotional support in this preparation…lots of love, when the bank of love is full tears are a constant. Pretty special ….I get it all the time.

  • Round up


    Round up: This is a straight forward removal agent (Detox Remedy) simply follow instructions on the label. If someone sprays roundup or any herbicide and you touch the item and your constitution is not strong enough to keep it out of your system, bingo you are infected. This is synopsis with everything in this world. The stronger our constitution the stronger we are this is how we stay alive we all require a strong constitution. Note: These are the most toxic times this planet has ever known.

  • Special Dental Remedy


    Special Dental Remedy: Designed to remove amalgam from fillings and mercury from your body, this has been highly effective judging by our retesting after a month forward everyone tested had no mercury present.

  • Water Cards


    Water Cards: these are very special, we use them all the time more so when we are travelling for we cannot take our equipment with us to treat water how we do at home which is more than the card. Restore Chi, Brain Function, Energise Water and Microhydrin Super Absorber all are loaded into your water when you sit a glass vessel on the magnetic strip. Place a drop of vodka into the water to assist support to the Energetic Medicine being uploaded. To have the very best water is absolute, feel free to test your own water once you have done this it will taste different and it will assist you far more. We have had many comments one person stated his water became clearer, makes sense. We are almost 80 % water it is imperative we place the very best into us.