About our Healing Programmes

To date we have had great success in assisting many people with Illness (imbalances) found in their bodies. Our programmes all have one thing in common they require the individual to have their Gut in Balance. It is our belief: Gut Balance sets the stage and is: The perfect platform from which the body can stage a comeback to correct any and all pathology’s. Our tools (natural remedies) are here to assist with this, they are for every individual.

Special Notice:  All our medicines now contain a higher self living life force within them. This is an active living entity present which initiates in the user their higher self alignment. This has the effect of users looking after themselves far better and can be seen as like a big brother guiding them to better manage their health.

 True healing comes only from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care. This simply means you have to be an active and positive willing participant in the treatment processes and loop of care. We do not cure any condition we simply assist to support your Body, Mind and Spirit to self heal. We look to creating a Positive Corrective Healing Environment for your particular set of circumstance that is all, with a supportive plan going forward.

There are innumerable pathologies, it seems mainstream medicine are always coming up with a new name for a condition (sequence of imbalances). We use our specialised equipment to measure imbalances found within the body and offer to assist with self correction. We must likewise ask the individual what is going on with them.

How we live our lives and see ourselves has the most significant impact upon our health. Mindset corrections play a most significant role in clearing illnessSimilarly negative mindsets are major contributing factors in supporting the illness an individual has. In actual fact they can be the very cause.

As long as we can find the root cause to the problem the ailment generally goes away quickly. Everyone is different and people are complex, what works for one does not always work for another in the same way. This indicates there are other factors at play besides the obvious. This is why we need to be investigative with our approach and if need be make a Specific Corrective Remedy Programme for that individual.

Every Practitioner we feel must be able to meet this requirement:

A good practitioner must be a detective, they must work out the root cause to the problem, where it came from and where it is stored to then have the patient release it from within, only then can true healing take place. The most logical place to start is to obtain our measure of General Health (clean the body) next comes how they present themselves to us emotionally (held in their core belief system)?

As mentioned the very reason some of us have/carry an illness is from living our lives the way we currently do. This can all change simply from  a mindset correction. Defined by our Lifestyle Choices document in our Relationship section mentions this, feel free to have a read, contact us for further assistance.

Special notes:

Detox Programmes: For those who are on pharmacological medications (from a G.P.). Our Detox preparations supports the good in that medicine and is designed with assisting the body with the necessary support for it to remove all negative side effects association with that medication rendering them harmless. This will have all safe guarded from any problems which may otherwise occur. 

Dementia based Illnesses:

We have a way forward for those suffering from these types of complaints. We want all to be familiar with the processes of correcting Dis-ease. We have outlined these consistently on this site. The persons who have this particular illness requires someone to care for them (be their advocate) while they are in treatment then on to recovery. This is until they are able to look after and care for themselves which should not take overly long. They need to be aware of the cause to their complaint for them to never permit themselves to go down that road of neglect and ignorance again. We ask you to visit our specific Nutrition page on here, in particular how to have the Brain re-grow itself?The sooner you become involved the quicker the condition can be reversed? We have a Card Medium Programme in our shop entitled Dementia which has been designed to meet the body’s requirements for support to this pathology. Thus far it has been 100% successful with a noticeable difference within hours. There does come a time when the body cannot reverse where it is heading, this is the point of no return. This is when the person simply dies.

Important Notice: Dementia and Diabetic Viruses: On our test sheet we are now testing for these Viruses. We must establish the correct causative agent for the compliant such as TB or Mycobacterium Bovis as it is otherwise known. Another is Mycoplasma Fermentan. Head to the Germ Warfare pages on here for more in depth on these. OnCandida (I.B.S) has a common symptom of sugar cravings. These Viruses create a similar craving. They are most significant for they are a precursor to Diabetes with an equal emphasis noticeably on their effects they have on the degeneration and depletion of  Brain function. They take the very food the Brain needs for it to function correctly. This is noticeable as a Brain fog. They disrupt the Pancreas making it difficult to balance sugars in the body, Heart and Kidney Shen becomes out of kilter also, the body cannot heal when these are out of balance (Shen is Heart energy). We have made an immediate removal remedy for these should you test positive for them.

Note: Our Parasite and Gut Balancer Programmes now contain SV40 A & B. When a Parasite Dies it releases Cancer these causing viruses.

When purchasing a medicine from our range we take it you have read all the information relating to that particular medicine on our site so you understand its limitations and therefore accept those facts. Every product is engineered to do what it says it will do eventually. This means if it hasn’t achieved this result with you by the time it has run out we may need to test to see if it is working towards that end and to ascertain what you carry if applicable which has prevented it from achieving the required result thus far. Many of our medicines require a strict discipline be adhered to. Should you not be going down that path do not expect the result of correction. We urge for all to come be tested for us to work out a corrective path specific to you going forward. It is not always as simple as supplying a remedy to work with the body for the desired result? The reasoning behind this is everyone is individual with no two people ever being the same.

Be advised:

All our preparations are meant for a specific individual in the container they have been supplied with. it is with this in mind we advise the placement of the energetic medicine into a separate container or the attempt to copy or duplicate said preparation will have the medicine become null and void.

 Important notice regarding our wording and claims stated:

All claims stated owe their origin to our testing processes. These are undertaken either with the aid of our diagnostic devices or with the use of applied Kinesiology (hands on muscles testing). Every item we make has been tested to satisfy our own specific testing standards. The result from this is supported by the wording which we have used. These tests are not the same as those adopted by mainstream medicine. Our Claims are supported by our findings, an example of this is our Aspartame Remover. When tested we have found almost every person (99.99%) has this Carcinogenic product in their system, when they take our removal programme within a few minutes are retested to be found clear of the substance. We have met many who do not have this Carcinogen in their diet yet they have it in their system. This indicates to us their body is unable to shift it naturally, this is why we have created this release agent (detox). To us this is the evidence substantiating our claims. Every medicine we have we test the individual for their own body’s reactance to that medicine and if found required we deliver it in their corresponding remedy. This is the basis of how our modality works and it does so to great effect on every participant thus far of which there has been thousands. We are totally open and transparent with all aspects of our health business, inclusive in this is our testing (diagnosing) processes. We are like wise completely satisfied our claims are supported by our testing processes which may or may not be supportive of other modalities namely Mainstream Medicine. Thank you.

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  • Absorption


    Absorption: This special programme has been made to ask the body to bring balance to all 6 Organ Systems relating to Absorption, their Meridians along with Bowel Flora and Liver Enzyme balance and Yin Yang in the body. One drop covers the individual for 24 hours. What this means is all channels are open for the best Absorption possible, there are foods which can add/support this such as yoghurt, fermented foods, apples, apple cider Vinegar etc. With this remedy Gut inhibitors must be removed before this can be achieved. If Cancers are present this remedy will not be able to assist the body to balance the system we ask you come see us for further investigations.

    Sizes available: 20ml, 50ml

    NOTE: This product is incorporated into the Gut Balancing programme.

  • Anorexia Nervosa and or Bulimia


    Anorexia Nervosa and or Bulimia:  We have seen evident that there is such a need for this medicine, likewise we have seen its immediate effects all corrected in one day. This is a very special preparation for the complete and utter removal of the precursors which bring about this negative corruption to the individuals psyche. The self destructive programming which initiated this condition is no longer permitted nor will it ever again be able to be re-instated into the recipient.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


    Attention Deficit Disorder: We have seen this clear in hours with the aid of specifically impregnated mediums for delivering specific instructions to the body. All Pathologies require the Gut to be in balance, a reasonable diet with Carcinogens gone. This is the ABC’s of health. When this occurs the body is far more able to look after itself as long as this is maintained. With this specific Pathology the natural medicine we prescribe asks the body to open channels for the free flow of energy to flow with the aid of specific nutrition (Brain food) and time, we have found the body regenerates itself correcting the imbalance. There are no short cuts, if you are not prepared to do what is required we would rather you do not waste our time. And please do not tell us this condition cannot be corrected.

  • Bad Fungi


    Bad Fungi:

    • 12 month supply
    • Taken one drop daily for one person

    NOTE: This product is incorporated into the Gut Balancing programme

  • Base Chakra Realignment


    Base Chakra Re-alignment: is the most important energy system in our body to bring on line and for us to reunite with. It is the core of who we are and the driving force behind each and every one of us. It is in here where our primal instinct is stored, this is our core purpose for that which we came into this world in this life to fulfil. This programme is the Re-alignment of us back to our true selves.

  • Blood Regeneration


    Blood Regeneration Programme: There are specific non invasive tests required, balanced to the Gut must be adhered. Specific foods must be taken with non beneficial so called foods to cease. Think of this as the body is a house, if we build the house of paper it is weak, if we build it from the very best materials it will stand its best chance of life and longevity the same applies to the body. As the saying goes, you are only as healthy as your blood, to go further with this, your Diet, along with Absorption, Gut inhibitors removed along with carcinogens gives the best blood and sets the stage for the best health of your life… Life-Extension is a by-product.

  • Breast Problems


    Breast Problems: This has been gifted to us for Breast Cancer. The root cause of the condition must be cleared for the condition to no longer exist. This Remedy has been designed to do just that by asking the body to self repair all defective Gene Sequences along with the DNA strands affected by this condition to include all deep seated stored emotional encumbrances including fear and all else which is necessary for this complaint to totally be gone.

    Almost on the very same day of taking this remedy things change, the ailment cause is predicted to be removed within 5 days with a noticeable shift in the personality of the individual which will be obvious and apparent from the very first day. Allow one week before you see your specialist for confirmation, then a further month before you make payment to us. Please keep us in the loop, by far our greatest reward for what we do is hearing your success stories.

    • $10:00 + postage within NZ.
    • Once you are clear we say this will be within a week you are to notify us.
    • You are to pay the balance of $1,000:00 or make a plan to make payments.
  • Candida


    All About Candida + Candida: Prior to antibiotics and artificial sweeteners this complaint was rare like one person in 10,000 suffered from it. Today almost every person tested has it out of balance, it is in epidemic proportions: Leaky Gut Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Our remedy has been designed to ask the body to remove and not permit Aspartame along with all artificial sweeteners to not be absorbed into the cells, to only allow the beneficial aspects from any pharmacological interventions to remain should any be administered, and to deliver immediately balance to all 28 signature of Candida. We have seen this achieved in less than a minute. This Remedy is lineage specific therefore it will only be effective for the person who it was purchased for and their lineage only. Others requiring the remedy are advised to purchase their own.

  • Cannabis Remover Organ Chi


    Cannabis Remover – Organ Chi: For those of you who indulge at the cost of quite possibly your employment we have an immediate removal programme. To bear in mind people who play with fire more often or not do get burnt. Therefore sooner or later you will be caught… unfortunately. Cannabis is an excellent healing Herb, the by-products of the plant from it rates second to non for the manageability of some pathologies. The oil alone is the perfect food for humanity containing the very building blocks to the body: every amino acid and essential fatty acid in perfect balance. No other food can boast such. This remedy is both a release agent and acts as a polish to the system, it asks the body so. Should the body’s systems not be able to remove Cannabis due to your lifestyle (drug addictions etc) you may wish to make an appointment for further investigations?

  • Centring Emotions


    Centring Emotions + Clearing Relationships + Emotions Chart + I Robot Re Programming + Personal Power: This is our most beautiful Remedy thus far. It has been designed to bring the Heart to rule the body, when this has been achieved life becomes perfect. Within the preparation is a request for the body to allow the Heart to rule. This remedy is all about love please read the document which accompanies it, there is a lot of personal growth associated with this remedy it is pretty special.

  • Dementia Illness


    Dementia Related Illnesses: Testing is preferred to ascertain the extent of the imbalances within the body?

    However from our view point the Gut must be brought to balance so our Gut Program is most necessary along with our latest Detox Program at the minimum (non specific Detox 1 x hour) Those who have this suffer from Gut problems, Carcinogenic attack eroding their DNA in particular their Brain along with a diet lacking in the very nutrients the body craves to rebuild itself particularity so with reference to the Brain. Refer to our “The Basics folder” on here where we mention nutrition for Dementia, and again in our Life Extension pages.

  • Dentistry in a Bottle


    Dentistry: Originally designed for a friend who required a root canal and who did not want to afford the pain nor the financial burden and stress of the “Dentist”. My view was to correct all imbalances which we did with this remedy along with good dental hygiene. Discomfort was gone in minutes, she had to get her act together and take better care of herself, which she did. This remedy asks the body permission for it to support many and varied Dental imbalances including: pain, inflammation, degeneration, injury etc. We had a young woman come see us who had toothache for 5 weeks, 1 x drop all gone in less than a minute to never return, that was remarkable.
    Please read the document for this special remedy there are things it cannot shift…unfortunately. We do have other means of release for blockages which cause your discomfort particularly so for emotional catastrophes held in the teeth and jaw such as lot children who have been taken from you.

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes: Emotions play the most significant role in our entire lives with particular reference to our health. People give their Personal Power away to others they hold in a position of power and authority with the Doctor and their Specialists being prime examples of this. With respect to Diabetes or Kidney Insufficiency for that is what it really is. When the doctor says this is how it is bingo this program has been installed into the Psyche and subsequent Core Belief System of the recipient and their supporters. There is no allowance for the possibility of a CURE yet lifestyle choices and genetics if applicable brought the complaint to them. Only if their entire family history going back generations shows they ALL were or are Diabetic would the Doctors words hold true. From Mainstream Medicines point of view ALL those dependent upon externally administered insulin their complaint can never self correct. We consider that to be a Scam, before you judge us read this document we share our findings with you here, they are not conclusive as yet however, the line of probability leads to exactly what we are stating here is in fact a truth that cannot be dismissed.

  • Endometriosis


    Endometriosis: This is a shameful complaint, my Ex-wife had it so did a girl friend. With my Ex-wife we corrected it with diet along, she had it 26years. The girl Friend had it the same amount of time corrected on the same day as taking the remedy. As always Gut health must be brought to balance and supportive nutrition which is a reasonable diet with Carcinogens gone for the body to begin to look after itself. Our remedy asks the body if it will permit it to support body functions for it to open channels of healing for the schedule of imbalances pertaining to this pathology. Almost immediately we have we seen this take effect, one man brought both his daughters to us they were 16, they have not had repeat trauma from this complaint since they completed our course of therapy, that was in 2014.

  • Eye Problems


    Eye Problems: The eyes are very delicate and highly sensitive. They are deemed the opens to the body through iridology (healing modality). The eyes and the Liver are directly linked according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This means whatever affects your Liver will have an effect on your eyes and vice versa. We have made a remedy which is placed into each eye, not a standard homeopathic as normally they are alcohol based which would burn the eye. This is a special remedy to target the degeneration of your sight. We have obtained very good results with this remedy thus far, food and lifestyle choices must be addresses and altered if required.

  • Eye Treatments


    Eye Treatments: This preparation is to be taken in conjunction with M.S.M. and Turmeric and to consume absolutely “No Coffee” Coffee negatively attacked the endocrine System which are our glands in particular the Thyroid accelerating it and giving the user the drug induced “more energy” Coffee affects the Liver causing eye sight problems of at least blurred vision.

  • Flukes


    Fluke Worms: These are the most dangerous worm to be in the body for they cannibalise organ systems (by eating them).

    Fluke damage can cause your body irreversible damage such that people simply die from some other causes unexplained? There are no safe amounts to have in the body, our remedy is simply a removal remedy, with it comes an instruction asking the body to hold the energy for 24hours which enables it to eradicate any larvae which hatch over that period. Flukes come from raw food, drinking water and even walking on grass in bare feet, in our view there is no real way to avoid being attacked by them. We do have an excellent means of eradicating them though and this is it.

    NOTE: This product is incorporated into the Gut Balancing programme

  • Genesis


    To obtain The Best Health of your life and how to maintain it?

    Genesis the entire body’s operating systems working in synchronicity.

    Age Reversal Treatment Process

    Note: As with all our programmes you must pass the ABC’s of Health for this programme to work correctly. Emotions too must be addressed so our NLP Programme must be undertaken also. We do not want the user going into overload (shock) which generally comes when there is a complete transformation occurring within the entire system. Alarm Reactions are being treated energetically with this programme for this programme only. NLP Programme has separate individual treatment processes for Alarm Reactions

  • Gut Balancing


    Gut Balancing: This is our most recent remedy to assist the body back to Gut Health. It is a combination of our programmes:

    All have been contained within one remedy; this is for ease of use.

    One drop is all one person requires to cover the recipient for 24 hours against these Gut inhibitors and to bring polish to the digestive tract. It comes in a 3 year 1 year and 6 months supply for one person remedy bottle and is currently our flag ship of healing remedies for it assists with Gut Balance which sets the stage and is the perfect platform for the body to heal all illness.

    • 10mls is a 6 month duration
    • 20mls is a one year remedy
    • 50mls equates to 3 years
    • Taken one drop daily for one person
  • Gynecological Issues


    Gynaecology: an appointment is most certainly necessary. We test for a variety of imbalances pertaining to your system. We use a variable delivery system to introduce healing energies to you such as a patch, card or a crystal whatever these balancing energies are that bring you back to balance in this vital area of your anatomy. This remedy is made specific for you. The remedy asks the body to accept its healing then delivers this to your system when you interface with the medium. This has proven highly effective over the years for various imbalances. Emotional issues such as stored bitterness and deep seated anger (ugly) towards men can be the catalyst for conditions relating to the necessity for a hysterectomy which in our view point is simply not ever a solution. For those women who feel otherwise we do sympathise, to have your woman hood removed is not the answer, there is something which has caused this to go horribly wrong, when we find it and release it your life will change for the better.

    Half hour

  • Haemorrhoids


    These are a very common occurrence affecting both men and women. They can be indicators there is something far more sinister on the horizon. This preparation packs a very powerful wallop, it is almost instant the effects it has on causes which are not linked to more serious illness.

  • Herpes


    Herpes: From our stand point these viruses’ come about due to a low constitution over a prolonged time frame (generally). Every substance entering the body can be removed this is a basic principal of Homeopathy, (Energetic Medicine covers all energies from all modalities) this means the Viruses can be removed with a simple release agent, the trick is to rebuild the constitution such that they do not return. This programme asks the body to accept delivery of this Energetic Medicine (the invert removal agent) of the viruses as well as supportive instruction to Organ systems to recharge the constitution for healing to commence. As always Gut Health with Carcinogens gone and a supportive diet are essential to rebuild the constitution, for you to be more resilient toward this pathology and other illnesses while bringing exuberance and vitality to you.

  • Hormonal Balance


    Lady’s Hormonal Balance: So many illnesses come to women who suffer from this, the ABC’s of health will dramatically reverse this and in almost all cases it will go away in no time along with all side effects (generally). There are always those who are outside the norm. This Energetic Medicine asks the body if it will accept supportive balance to hormones.

  • Hyperthyroidism


    This condition is also known as Graves Dis-ease: This name has been given to it for the recipient runs at everything they do they cannot sleep well with the result their lives are full throttle nonstop, they simply burn out years before they otherwise would. We suggest one cause to this ailment is that of emotional disruption which has become catastrophic, we have found there to be depression combined with bereavement involved where the recipient cannot reset themselves and shift/remove their emotional loss termed encumbrance. When the body fails to reset itself after an emotional trauma is when health implodes with consequences becoming catastrophic to the point their health and very life can be threatened. We have found there to be Stagnant Liver Chi along with Stagnant Endocrinal Chi. This means there is stagnation or disruption to the free flow of energy within these organ systems.
    For those who have severe emotional disruption who are generally depressed and beyond that, we urge for them to make an appointment with us rather than simply to purchase this product and to hope for the best. This product has not been designed to remove deep seated emotional encumbrance, rather our NLP Programme performs this, and does so over time. For immediate results where we can pin point exactly what you may be carrying you must make an appointment for us to assist you with this. People’s lives change dramatically when they head down that road going forward. Our best advice is for all sufferers or those who potentially think they may be afflicted with this or a similar complaint to come see us just to be certain. There is a great deal to be said for one on one with us. We have many testimonials stating so.

  • Menopause and Test


    Menopause and Test: Please refer to the above, and generally that is the corrective way forward for all issues for symptoms of Menopause.

    Having said this, hot flushes are no joke nor are any of the other numerous symptoms that plague woman at this time in their life. Sorry Hormone Therapy is not a satisfactory solution, it is a mask as almost all allopathic prescription are. The root cause can be attributed to poor Gut Health, Carcinogen attack and poor dietary choices combined with negative resentful mindsets. They must be cleared if found present. This can be rather complex we ask you to make an appointment and let us get started. As mentioned all of our medicines ask the body for permission to upload corrective energies. When we meet the ones the body requires the ailment generally disappears, the instructions along with the body’s own self preservation and will to survive corrects the problem in the end, fingers crossed.

    Duration: Half hour

  • NLP


    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): This is our most wonderful Remedy to date. Everyone will benefit from it use. The ABC’s of Health must be in balance for this preparation to be perform to it’s optimum. Worms and Flukes must be gone at the bare minimum. This is the Reprogramming of one’s Core Emotional Center, this is no standard NLP therapy. This is to initiate the replacement of any broken emotional programming that exists within you as of now (stored Negativity) with your genetic blue print of your true self being polished and brought to bear. It is ideal for all sufferers of Autism, Down’s, Depression, Dementia in fact every emotional imbalance. Improvement is noticeable in most cases from the very first day although the overall correction may require additional treatments refer to our Dementia related illness on the site for Remedies to bring balance to brain Function. It is perfect for Depression. This is deemed as a disconnection from  who we are as if lost within ourselves. Feelings of no good, unworthiness along with every negative emotions are brought to the individual from depression. The only real way to over come it is to see it, understand it, let it go and reconnect with your self. Then to see the triggers which may want to return you back to that place.This programme assists you to achieve overcome this. One on one with us is essential for there is no greater energy than the Heart Energy and the care you obtain from participating in these sessions. You will grow to over come your burdens much quicker.

  • No-Mean-Teen


    No mean Teen: We have seen immediate transformation with this, your darling off spring normalised, it’s truly wonderful for they are being knocked around. I have three go through puberty. We have seen immediate results like within a few minutes, rather amazing to say the least. Again the cause is generally from poor Gut Health, the ABC’s of health not in balance. One major concern with a teen is their attitude. It becomes worse the more out of balance they are, and they will not conform to help, so it can be a bit of a challenge. We have means to sort this, please contact us for a way forward.

  • Osteo Arthritis


    Arthritis: This is deemed an incurable pathology, we have been fortunate to see knees, hips and bones all over the body solidify and come back to normality. There is an extensive circle of considerations which must be addressed and adhered to and maintained until….until the body has self healed/corrected this complaint. Having a knee replacement does not stop the cause, the cause is still occurring, your bones and body remain under siege until you change it. The body has been engineered to last a life time; if it breaks down we need to ask why? then to correct what the underlying causes are, not to mask them and she will be right. This medium of delivering assistive corrective energies to the body asks the body if it will allow it. We feel everyone who suffers from this complaint must come make an appointment to find where to go to from there. The medium cannot correct this on its own, as stated this complaint is extensive for recovery, and life changing. It effects your entire way of life, your lifestyle is how you got it, same with your genealogy, so there is a great deal to consider for you to be clear of it, we really can help here.

  • Prostate Issues


    Prostate Problems: This is not simply a male issue, women can carry Bad Bacteria, Sexually Transmitted Infections which they may not know they have and transmit these to their man causing his dilemma. Emotionally men must be free to love a woman, all deep seated bitterness and resentments must be gone, then there are the Defective Gene Sequences and DNA strands which if degenerating need to be regenerated. There are a few pathologies (schedule of imbalances such as Prostatitis etc) too which must be brought back to balance. We have a non invasive test which will outline what is necessary, we ask the subconscious mind to see if there are any destructive emotional mindsets such as: I hate my mother which we need to release, Miasms too may require addressing along with ancestral which are carried down from past life experiences. Note: if you do not understand this that is ok, if you think this is ridiculous then clearly this may not be for you, if you want the help simply ask. Prostate issues are quite involved similarly the same applies to woman in gynaecology, how they feel about men can have catastrophic consequences to them as woman, after all women are made for men and men are made for women.

    • Test is required $50:00 per half hour.
    • Remedies are $50:00ea there are 10 in total 5 of which affect women.
  • Snore-No-More


    Snore-no-More: this is very special card programme. It contains on the magnetic strip every acupuncture instruction in the way of a question to the body asking it to allow channels of healing to open such that breathing becomes less laboured. I have one by my bedside it is around 5 years of age and works within minutes. I use mine to clear my sinus from tears which frequent me late at night from spirit coming in. I had a very special woman in my life who while sleeping laboured while breathing, I placed this medium onto her skin with every breath it became less of a struggle, and within minutes her breathing became almost silent and peaceful. Yes it has been known to correct Snoring too which is what is has been intended to do, only it has other benefits too. Contains TMJ and lots more including emotional ties to the Dis-ease.

  • Soft Tissue Repair Cream


    Soft Tissue Repair: This product has been around for nine years now (since 2008) we have sold hundreds of them. When applied to the skin it asks the body to accept the healing potentials it possess. We have seen miracles occur with this; the cream is simply the carrier for the comprehensive range of energies we have loaded into it to bring aid to every Tissue complaint we know of that is under stress. In 2013 we had a call from a woman who informed us her daughter purchased the cream for her for she had skin cancer. She told us she applied the cream only once and the cancer left. The woman carried a great deal of ugly within her, we believed her although we find her result simply miraculous. Most certainly if the cream had not of assisted her she would not have made such a statement, nor bothered to make the effort to let us know. When writing the document I was told by spirit it would perform to that level as the love it carries within it is miraculous. It has sorted tennis elbow many times carpel tunnel to, healed cuts astronomically fast. I personal had a very bad cut from a piece of timber coming off a saw blade spinning at 3600 RPM it was so bad I thought my thumb would fall off, the tiny scar I have is almost invisible from a cut which I thought would leave the most ugly of scars. We love this product, it is literally a first aid kit in a jar like no other and is continuously being added to as new energies are introduced to us, we place more into the cream, this is one of the many wonder we are able to do…..

    Sizes available: 50mls

  • Super Impositions


    Spiritual Impositions: We do not want any negative criticism regarding this remedy. It has proven itself highly valuable and performed its job every time. It is an Exorcism in a bottle pure and simple, we have not met anyone tested who has not required it. We see this daily so it is a very real problem. Superimpositions are negative spiritual entities which live inside of an individual, having these in you takes you away from yourself, it is another life signature corrupting your thoughts, what you do, everything which is you, they need to leave, life is not a picnic, we feel it needs to be however no one benefits having negative impositions taking command of their psyche. One drop from this removes them all, for them to never be able to return. Should the individual be an open door this door is shut for good to never again reopen. We have a simple non invasive test which will confirm if you have these present, we can even teach you to test yourself. This medium is for your lineage only therefore will not be effective for another. Your wonderful friends need to purchase their own.

  • Vein Therapies


    Vein Therapies: We have seen great results particularly so with spider and varicose veins. We prefer to meet with you perform a few non invasive tests to see where things are at with your system and go forward from what we find. The medium for delivery and support of the therapy comes in the form of a cream; the cream is only the carrier for the instruction to the body for correcting imbalances found. Additional remedies will be necessary also. Our non invasive testing will outline these.

    Half hour

  • Viruses causing Immobility


    Viruses: These Viruses deliver energy stagnation and overall misery across the board to all who have them, the longer they are present the more they take over. These are no way pleasant to have. These have been misdiagnosed as Osteo-Arthritis. These Viruses are in our view “Soul Destroying”. We know this for we have suffered with these for over 20years and have only recently become aware of them to rid ourselves from them. Brain fade is a most significant symptom such that when told a persons name you simple do not remember it. There are many symptoms, the attached document about them is a must read for all. We have a simple test which informs us if they are present within the recipient.

  • Water Element


    Water Element: There are five elements to the body, Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood and Water. We are almost 80% water this is highly significant it relays their significance and importance. The organ systems for the water element are the Bladder, Kidneys and their Structures. This remedy has the four fire signs included. The Kidney repairs the body the bladder is their Yin/Yang pairing so they support Kidneys. Fire signs are included for when the Kidney gives up the Heart is next in line to carry their burden with Hypertension a by-product (this can become fatal). Our reproductive system is a water element thus any and all dysfunction held there are giving us a Kidney and Bladder problem. It is imperative these organs are functioning at their best. This remedy assists the body with this care. Deep seated Emotional Encumbrances have the most catastrophic effect of these systems as such they must be cleared. You will be required to make an appointment with us if this is occurring. The Kidneys rebuild the body they are responsible for all repairs. As with all our Programmes to be effective the ABC’s of health must be in order.

  • Weight Loss


    Weight loss: We have continued to add to this Programme over the years, this is the latest version. All information has been loaded into a variable delivery medium which simply asks the body if it will allow this instruction. Weight loss is about how you see yourself; this includes your life style. It looks at diet, exercise and motivation, metabolism and emotional issues if required. Emotional issues such as Depression. This is a disconnection with your core self as if being lost within. This also forms a part of our NLP Programme which uproots the causes for you to release them. We strongly suggest for all to have one to one discussions at our clinic, you cannot beat the personal touch. Heart energy there is no compromising that specific care. This programme has proven highly effective for those who genuinely wish to lose weight for many years now. You may require muscle testing for how long each day you need to be interfaced with the medium containing Weight Loss Therapy. The ABC’s of health must be in balance for this programme to perform its job well. If you fail the Spit-Test in our Candida Document you are in trouble for you have Leaky gut Irritable bowel Syndrome which requires balancing, Parasites too must be gone etc.

    Card Therapy.

  • Worms & Parasites


    Worms (Intestinal Parasites): People say to us “We need to have worms in our body”, well, I don’t want any in me so I constantly take this Remedy every day along with the Fluke (Cannibalistic) flat worms. No amount of Parasites living from you are a good thing in our view. Parasite means what exactly..? A Parasite is a non beneficial organism which lives from its host depleting the host, never to enhance the host therefore it/they must be removed. This remedy is a straight out removal programme for 1650 differing signature of parasite. This means an individual could have 5000 Parasites or more living in them, this remedy potentially could zap them all if their energies are in the 1650 differing energy range this remedy kills. We have tested before and after within minutes to find recipients have been cleared telling us this works immediately. Parasites contribute to emotional issues, bad temper poor sleep patterns, anger outbursts over eating and a direct link to obesity all this leads to other more serious pathology’s. Small children are particularly at risk as they place almost everything into their mouths, no one is exempt we are all at risk. Our simple non invasive testing will tell us if you are infected. Parasites come from raw foods placing contaminated items into your mouth, water, animal’s life actually. There is no real way to prevent them for entering our system, however there sure is a way to remove them; this is one such convenient way of controlling them keeping you safer.   
    The world is always in a constant change of flux which means life is continuously moving. The better your health the more you get from your life, the more you put into your life the more you get also provided you are not overly stressing the system. This is how we see things, there is a need to be respectful, peaceful and harmonious with the environment. See how you go achieving this for you, whatever your aliment we would like to assist you where possible, we are not all created equal, what we love and are passionate about is what is best suited for us.

    • 20mls is a one year remedy
    • 50mls equates to 3 years
    • Taken one drop daily for one person

    NOTE: This product is incorporated into the Gut Balancing programme