Substance Removals & Detoxing

Substance Removals & Detoxing

Please Note: These products have performed flawlessly over many years with everyone thus far having a successful outcome. Should your system not be up to having substances removed this can be from many reasons. You require to come meet with us for us to work with you to establish why? We need to remove any and all attachments and or blockages you present with. These blockages can be emotional, spiritual or simply you feel you are not worth it, stored in your subconscious mind and or Core Belief System.

Special note: For those who are on pharmacological medications (from a G.P.). Our Detox preparations have been engineered to support the good in that medicine and to assist the body to remove all negative side effects association with medications rendering their side effects harmless. This will have all safe guarded from any problems which may otherwise occur in this area. 

Be advised:

All our preparations are meant for a specific individual in the container they have been supplied with. it is with this in mind we advise the placement of the Energetic Medicine into a separate container or the attempt to copy or duplicate said preparation will have the medicine become null and void.

 Important notice regarding our wording and claims stated:

All claims stated owe their origin to our testing processes. These are undertaken either with the aid of our diagnostic devices or with the use of applied Kinesiology (hands on muscles testing). Every item we make has been tested to satisfy our own specific testing standards. The result from this is supported by the wording which we have used. These tests are not the same as those adopted by mainstream medicine. Our Claims are supported by our findings, an example of this is our Aspartame Remover. When tested we have found almost every person (99.99%) has this Carcinogenic product in their system, when they take our removal programme within a few minutes are retested to be found clear of the substance. We have met many who do not have this Carcinogen in their diet yet they have it in their system. This indicates to us their body is unable to shift it naturally, this is why we have created this release agent (detox). To us this is the evidence substantiating our claims. Every medicine we have we test the individual for their own body’s reactance to that medicine and if found required we deliver it in their corresponding remedy. This is the basis of how our modality works and it does so to great effect on every participant thus far of which there has been thousands. We are totally open and transparent with all aspects of our health business, inclusive in this is our testing (diagnosing) processes. We are like wise completely satisfied our claims are supported by our testing processes which may or may not be supportive of other modalities namely Mainstream Medicine. Thank you.

The non Gender Specific Detox is a 10mls preparation. It requires the user to take 3 drop and a sip of water every 5 minutes for one hour then it has done its job with the remainder of the preparation null and void. Cost is $120:00.

The next one is the gender specific and lineage specific In a 10ml bottle. There is a male and a female version. The same way of taking it as the non gender detox, however it will be effective until the last drop we say 5 detoxes in one bottle. It is economic at $50:00 for an excellent and immediate Detox and it has saved lives.

The Genetic Blue-Printing Detox and serious illness with Angel support is amazing. It is gender and lineage specific, one drop per 5 minutes 12 times with a sip of water over 1 hour and its done. Comes in a 20ml bottle so contains 380 drops. Then 1 drop daily until the rejuvenated body part has been effected or the serious illness negated. It transforms the personality of the individual, they are protected from every outside influences which may have a detrimental effect of their recovery. Read the document for yourself. It blew my mind away when I was told what is does….

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  • Gender Specific Detox 1 hour


    This has multiple usages and should be able to be had by 5 persons of the same gender in the same family. This too has saved lives, we urge for all to be retested for carcinogens once completed and for all to be aware of self-care as mentioned on this site. Place a link here. It’s in the Beginning page. This is ideal for those at extreme risk of toxic exposure in their lives. This is how conditions such as Moto-Neuron Disease occurs when the body can no longer fight off the carcinogen which it is in constant contact with for it to see it no longer as a threat, then it simply gives up. I wonder if the specialist ever informs their patients of this?

  • Genetic Blue-Printing with Angel support Treatment and Detox


    This is our flagship Detox and support programme for all who have serious illness and for those who are engaged in our Genetic rejuvenation of an organ or its replacement. It comes with an Angel in the preparation. 1 drop x 12 times over an hour and the body is set and clear. From there 1 drop per day until the body has recovered from its illness of the organ has been replaced. This will work for everyone as their preferred Detox. To be administered once annually unless they become sick. If sick then one drop per day will cover the individual to be taken for 2 weeks after they feel they are well or come see us.
    Read the attached file for more on what this does. It is outstanding what this can achieve.

  • Non Gender specific Detox


    All our detoxes if taken with prescribed medications render the negative aspect to that preparation neutral and allow the benefit from that medicine to continue on its merry way. No side effects bar skin eruptions and improved vitality, alertness etc are forthcoming will all three Detoxes. This Detox is for one person only and will not be effective once the 36 drops have been taken. All carcinogens presented in the body will be removed. We urge for all to be retested for verification this has in fact occurred.