Specific Illness-a Way forward

Specific Illness – A way Forward:

The “Heart Connection“. Before we head into Specific Illness we must inform you of this, it is the absolute in care. We want to make this perfectly clear when we see sufferers of extreme illness we are not only treating that individual we are infact treating their entire circle of loved ones. There is a lot of people depending upon our abilities to do the job just so. When we achieve the result required we will in fact have brought to the Hearts of all those dearly loved ones a light which they will never forget. As for the patient we will have brought them back from the Dark. This is our greatest reward to bear witness to this. This is one major reason why we are here. Thank you, Derek.

We are reaching out to people in specific need of an alternate solution for conditions that are potentially “Life Threatening”. From where we see things this is perhaps the only solution available in addressing Chronic and all illness. We have reached a point where we simply cannot hide from what may come our way from challenging the system. The system is broken and fails miserably to preform for the people, especially those in need with people dying on a daily basis from conditions that we see are correctable. That alone is unacceptable to us!   How we achieve this is termed intellectual property, we will not share exactly what we do for those who may which to attempt to copy and fail in the process. We are about doing the business at hand exact. To make this happen we address everything which supports the illness presented from a completely natural perspective. From doing simply this many times over the years we have established there is a: A way Forward for the Specific Illnesses mentioned here…..and others.

We feel it is shameful the Doctor has no answer for them after all they are supposed to be the Doctor.  Many of you who come here may struggle to cope with the fact there is a way forward, for you have been conditioned to accept what mainstream medicine tells you. And many have been to practitioners in the field of Naturopathy to be let down. Take note: We are not all created equal, we have not placed this page on our site for any other reason than to help all of you who genuinely want it.  The Doctor is not where they should be for if they were we would not have the need to do what we do. The Doctor has like a cult following similar to a religion with the people being Brainwashed. From our perspective they fall far short of where they should be, they need to Doctor up such that the conditions mentioned here are of no consequence.

We are offering:  A way Forward ……..do you want it…. or not?

If so do your homework here and make contact, pretty easy really. And if not we wish you well hopefully you can come back, sometimes when they have had their way with you there is nothing we can do. When the Doctor butchers the body and removes organs, everyone of them serves a purpose, sure, some you may be able to live without, but let me tell you your body always feels the loss. Genetic Blueprinting is now an active option on this site. For those of you who have had organs removed and would like that regrown head to these pages and take everything in and make contact. When the Doctor tells you there is nothing more they can do for you that is when you die. Where that needs to sit is there is nothing more we have to do for you for you are well.

We are certain you may have many questions with possibly the biggest being: How is it we have a way forward when the Doctor says there is none?  Let us answer it this way: Throughout our website there is mention: Everything begins in the Gut and with Gut Health in balance being the prerequisite for establishing basic Health leading to: “Exceptional Health” the very name of our company. If that cannot be brought to balance and maintained you are wasting your time and resources trying to return Health for conditions such as ones mentioned here. The body knows how to look after itself generally, all we do here is we assist it to a place where it can take over and self heal naturally. No drugs ever as they currently present are capable of achieving this same result. Drugs deliver immediate Gut instability which as we have stated here is the exact opposite to where must head for correction and healing.

We use combinations of many Modalities they all come under the umbrella of Energetic Medicine, Modalities such as:

For those of you who are skeptical we are not here to change your mind, if you are reading this you are here for a reason. If you want the help come get it, as stated the other players just don’t cut the mustard. You have to take ownership for your health that is why you are where your are with it, in particular your lifestyle choices will change. We suggest you make better ones supportive of being illness free. There is saying if we continue to do what we have always done we always seem to get the same result? Something to consider ?

Every Modality here has the capacity on there own to assist the body to correct Dis-ease. When combined as a whole they have performed miracles.

TCM: This is Acupuncture, We offer it via the aid of a medium such as drops and or crystal for the delivery of supportive and corrective balancing energies into your system. This is a variable continuous delivery. TCM is the opening of channels throughout the body, when there is an illness there is a blockage in a particular channel or channels. The term for this blockage is Dis-ease, it means the interruption of the ease of flow of energy within a life form. When we open these channels and have have them remain open this permits energy to flow in theory removing the Dis-ease. In many instances that is all that is required, however for complex conditions there is more than needs to be addressed.

ColourTherapy: Is live energy being delivered to the body similar to a food only food is colour in solid form. We use colour delivered with the DNA push behind it of 72Hertz and 528Hertz. How this equates to illness: When we have been sick for extended periods such as years the DNA has now mutated. With Colour being introduced as we deliver it at the DNA frequency it is being reprogrammed to return the body to its original blueprint. Over time provided all supportive mechanisms are in place this will occur.  Colour Therapy is a food in light form similar to the sun, the greatest giver and supporter of life of all. We use colour therapy everyday in our personal lives.

Herbal Medicines: Which most know about, this is the power of plants and nature in its most potent form, it is the pinnacle of the plant world and has been extensively researched and documented to remove illness on it’s own accord.

Homeopathy: Most know about this also, it is the study and introduction of small amounts of beneficial substances (energies) introduced into the system over time  have significant effects in returning balance to the body. When we amplify these with the aid of a specifically designed equipment this effect becomes enormous and instantaneous. This further accelerates their corrective potential reducing the time interval in many cases. Homeopathy is another perfect adjunct for the delivery of Homeostasis.

Bio-Feedback Treatments: This is spectacular therapy delivered by the “SCIO” complementary treatment device. We have spent in excess of 10 years under the strict guidelines of one of the worlds most prominent Professors on this device. This professor has corrected every inoperable Brain Tumor patient who has come his way. There has been in excess of 200 patients that was the total in 2004, not one has died from their cancer. I have been trained by him that is why I can offer what I do  so here.  This is the foundation tool for the beginning of your recovery all others are piggy back to this magnificent device voted as the best in the world by the Professor who Trained me.

Mora Therapies: This is a natural hospital within its own right. The use of secretions therapy which is every body secretion carries with it the attachment to the Dis-ease carried in the organs the secretion came from. The Mora permits us to mirror it back and to onsend any additional treatment we consider beneficial.

Dietary considerations: There are living foods with no processed complex carbohydrates being administered full stop. This is: We are what we eat. This leads in to Juice Therapy and our powerful antioxidant rich Super Supplements as mentioned in our shop on here with each one being a living miracle. Our foods need to become our medicine when we accept this and walk down this path our health explodes Life Extension being the byproduct.

Exercise: Our bodies have been designed to last a life, it requires exercise not punishment this is when we over do it. Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Tai Chi and many more all being immensely beneficial. Exercise brings the mind and the body together, it is absolutely crucial we all engage in it daily. From only a simple walk which is known as the best exercise of them all, low impact, low stress on body structures and is gentle with everything being engaged.

Mindset Correction, Spiritually Atunement and  Emotional Centering. when these are out of balance they are supportive of the Dis-ease you carry. What ever is required to effect correction we will go down that road navigating your way through it to obtain the end result of being clear within yourself. This is supportive of peace within with all stored resentments and baggage removed. Respectful core values installed and belief systems of I am exactly where I am always meant to be, I am in charge, I deeply love and respect etc. Results from this have been astounding and almost immediate.

Royal Raymond Rife this is Germ Warfare. Head to that section on here for more indepth description of what this entails. Simply put these are the root causative agents that deliver Dis-ease and must be removed immediately, we do so on your first visit. It is interesting when we meet people with severe illness while under the care of other so termed professionals are literally so toxic and full of these, that is one significant reason they remain ill in the first place, and why the Doctor has no answer for many of these illnesses.

This is what we do, this is how we can offer: A Way Forward for Specific Illness. For the conditionals mentioned here in fact for every illness. We have been implementing the use of these modalities for years with our latest acquisition being Germ Warfare made possible by Royal Raymond Rife Therapy. As stated  we have decided it is time for us to make a stand and offer our expert assistance to help you all in particular those who suffer from extreme illness, most importantly: We Love it, that is why we do it.

We ask all who come here to read every link relating to their illness so they know what is required before they make contact. Every folder on our site has a bearing on your health we ask you to be familiar with where we are going to take you. By all means make notes and ask questions. We are totally Transparent with your Welfare our Priority as it likewise must be yours.

We are here to help you, we are not responsible for your ill health that lies generally as we see it with your Doctor and your lifestyle. As we progress through your illness on the road to recovery we ask you treat us how you would like us to treat you, we thank you for that courtesy and consideration in advance, the sooner you engage the sooner you will be able to: Dance the Funky Chicken!

Fees: We ask you all to be familiar with our Pricing Structure which is there for you to look at as you click on this page of Specific Illness. Read it thoroughly even print it off. For those of you who may not understand some of it that is okay we will explain it with you at your appointment.  Those of you who have been under Doctors supervision will be in awe at what we find. It will substantiate the Doctor is not where they think they are, for you should be clear. But you won’t be for that is why you currently carry your illness.

Travel to patients: We are open to meet this request, this is individual and specific and will be discussed in detail upon this request being made.

Head to Testimonials at the bottom of this page specific to life threatening conditions from Germ Warfare it is astounding what these people presented to us with and remained living.

Energetic Medicine is a relatively new age way for treating every ailment and relates to every health challenge. In our information pages there is a folder explaining what is Energetic Medicine in great detail. Feel free to head there and enlighten yourself further.

For those of you on medications from your G.P. we will never ask you to stop taking them. Our Gut Balancer Programme has within it the capabilities to render any negative side effects from All Allopathic Medications neutral, while allowing the positive aspect to that medication to remain effective. There is no crossed over communication between there’s and ours. Our medications are a natural  piggy back to the body’s own natural healing and regenerative processes that is all, with of course our: genuine intent, care and where necessary and required “Love

Healing Exchanges:

This is highly important, in fact these can be so overwhelming we have decided to include this within the energy retained within Crystal Mediums supplied which carries your treatment.

Crystal Mediums: For the more serious illnesses Energetic Medicine or instruction is loaded in a specific crystal which has been chosen for you either by you or by us (Green or Pink) . This medium is to be worn daily until your complaint has self-corrected with you coming to see us at the intervals we specify. Diabetes is a major killer in this country.  Do not be frightened to be set free from it, simply for the G.P. has no solution does not mean there is none. The medium generally for women is Rose Quartz this is your healing colour, while for men we use any Green Crystal. Both crystals are Heart Energetic Crystals making them perfect for what is being asked of them. Crystal is the ultimate healing medium on earth bar the touch from the hand of a Lightworker. These crystals contains within them a Living Energy which will navigate your illnesses progression. When imprinted with corrective energies for an illness the crystal has the ability to vary this energy to meet the requirement of the body and when healing has been completed the crystal stops and is often no longer wanted by the individual, this we have seen many times. For more on this  subject look at our Spiritual pages or make an appointment with us. For those of you who struggle with this fact, we understand those who are closed for they simply are not aware how nature works and performs her magic. Not everything must relate to science, this is one science of nature we did not make the crystal the mother did and she gives all of us life. Crystals are her beautiful gems, Diamond is one, Ruby another Sapphire too, Emerald all are like exotic cars not to leave our Herkama Diamond also. They have the most love simply in their own make up and when we deliver what it required the support is miraculous, miracles do happen.

Specific Illnesses:

ADHD: This is referred to in our programmes section on here where we have a specific medicine which has been designed to meet the requirements necessary aiding the body to self correct this complaint. A noticeable difference has been seen in as little as a few hours. In general it takes up to a month for the body to initiate a full repair with most necessary dietary ad on’s being introduced daily. The following is what is specifically required for the abatement of this condition:

Eliminate all Red coloured foods from the diet until repair/correction has been secured. General Health must be brought to balance with a full and complete Heavy Metal Detox being administered. Restore the body to be in Correct Phase which is a positive vibration. Undertake Harmonic Therapies, Treat Attention Deficit Disorders along with Dyslexia, EEG  Brain Therapies to return balance to the following: Hippocampus, Corpus Callosum, Cingulate Gyrus, Lecticular Nucleus, Central Gyrus, Brain Stimulation, Temporal Lobe, Amygdala, Medulla Oblongata, Recticular Formation, Cerebelium, Limbic system and Frontal Lobe. Treat Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Stomach, lymphatics, Ears, Circulation, Endocrine System, Digestive System, Chelation, Kidneys, Bladder, Lungs, Pancreas, Skin, Immune System and Heart.

Return balance to Yin/Yang, Stimulate Oxygenation, Balance to Life Force, Restore Chi, Treat Cellular Structures, DNA along with Flawed Chromosomes, administer Fatty acid Therapy and to treat the Gall Bladder meridian point  GB21 with purple light 528Hz Bilaterally.

Diet is to contain known active Brain foods refer to our Life Extension Pages on here for more. And not to forget Avocado daily essential fatty acids.

Alzheimer’s: This is a Dementia related illness, in our information section there is a document all about this. Treatment for all Dementia Related illnesses is similar to that of ADHD and Parkinson’s only we test for the suspected causative agents: Mycoplasma’s Genetically Modified brucella’s Bacterium. This complaint owes its origin to the genetically modified bacterium Mycoplasma Fermentans. This has been made by people in a laboratory and weaponised and used against us the people. Head to our Germ Warfare pages and read all information supplied. We have the active Antigen for this Pathogen. For a full recovery there is a great deal which must be adhered to.

All Spinal Problems relating to Structures: In our Information section there is a complete write up relating to this.  You need to read this and be informed. Should anyone tell you structures cannot be corrected do not listen to them for they are ignorant. The body is a complete living organism with a Heart. To correct these we must first return General Health, in particular Viruses causing immobility. Without these being addressed the condition may never heal. Kidney and Bladder balance, improve the diet, ask the body if there are any stored bitterness and resentments and or core beliefs which are supportive of the Dis-ease. We then make a plan for a way forward once we have figured out what is in need of correcting? Emotionally let us share with you there is no feeling greater than to feel your own body grow as life returns to any part of it which has been incapacitated. We know for we have lived this for over 20years.

Autism: this is an unfortunate condition mostly if not entirely brought about from vaccinations.  At the beginning of this page there is a paragraph on our views of Vaccinations. We do have a way forward for those families who suffer from this being present. General Health must be established, then our Brain Balancer programme must be installed along with a check for Aberrant life Signatures (poltergeists) being present. We do understand those of you who are in disbelief with this statement however that being the case, we need to check for these and remove them if found. The result of wellness to the child is our primary concern with the understanding the family at least knows what is entailed for correction. Negative Spiritual Energies can invade when the host is weakened and unable to fend them off. With this complaint energies must be installed into the tissue and core belief system for the individual may or may not be a willing participant, this too must be corrected. A complete Heavy Metal Detox is recommended this is included within our General Health Programmes. We love doing this work (spiritual connections and realignment)for we have seen immediately improvement within days. We ask you make contact and let’s get this underway.

Bacterial Vaginosis (the fishy smell): This is a very common and unpleasant complaint. It comes when the P.h. of the vagina is highly acidic. This comes from not drinking enough good quality water along with having Candida out of balance. The cause of this is from Artificial sweetener (Aspartame) and or medications from the G.P. predominately antibiotics. Our Gut Balancer Programme should do the trick although in the event it doesn’t we have a specific Remedy available which corrects this immediately on the day. Make contact for us to ship it to you. Generally the cause is I.B.S out of control and Alkaline/Acidity ratio in the body out of kilter particularly so in the Vagina due to this imbalance.  Take up to  2 liters of fresh filtered water daily. To improve the quality of your drinking water purchase our water cards to Enhance your water making it superior water. We only drink water which has been enhanced, or from raw foods which contain the only true source of Organic Water.

Brain Fog: Many tell us of this ever present complaint. There are ways to improve the functionality of the Brain. You must first obtain the General Health then you are required to take specific nutrients to improve Brain Function and to regrow Brain Tissue. This is how we assist to correct all Dementia related Illness. We have had feedback of immediate improvement on-going meaning: There is a continuation of improved clarity of thought for extended periods with a new higher level of function becoming present. Sugar imbalances along with Diabetic Viruses along with Viruses causing immobility. All must be ruled out. Cost for this is dependent upon exactly how far we need to go. Rest assured Brain Function does improve when this path is followed. I personally found this to be life altering as my short term memory is progressively increasing daily, when this occurs you receive more life.

Cardiovascular Dis-eases: These come under Hypertension which is from high blood pressure and Hypotension which is low blood pressure. Scroll down this page to be taken to these complaints.

Carpel Tunnel: We have a very special cream in our shop which we have seen  assist to correct this problem.  Soft Tissue Repair Cream. Surgeries are not an approved answer from where we sit. There is specific degeneration and inflammation occurring along with Injured tissue and quite possibly Repetitive Strain Injury as a factor.

Chronic fatigue: General Health is the beginning. Next comes lifestyle choices and what people carry as negative emotions being supportive of the complaint, stress too can be a factor. Should you present with Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents in your system, in particular Mycoplasma Fermentans your condition could very well be renamed: Myalgic Encephalomyalitis. Chronic Fatigue from a simple perspective could be a simple correction however should the cause be obscure obscure that is another story. Not only do we have to establish the causative agents responsible we have to turn around for it to recover which can be an equally aspiring challenge.

Chron’s Disease: We have met quite a few individuals who have this of late. They all tell us it cannot be corrected. The one person who followed our advice in Taranaki self corrected the condition within two weeks. There is a way forward, were you born with it is our question? If not then your lifestyle brought it to you. If you were born with it you inherited it, regardless in our view it is correctable. The condition presents as an open wound within the Digestive System beginning in the throat going all the way to the anus. There is a specific diet which is necessary and items introduced to the body which must be removed stopped. Inflammation and injured tissue along with wound healing is to be obtained and maintained and when this has been achieved the complaint leaves.

Cold Dis-ease Hypo-Thyroidism:  This is in our programmes section on here. Corrected on the very same day within an hour in most cases for the body to fully self correct over the following month.

Graves Dis-ease Hyper-Thyroidism:  This is in our programmes section on here. Is generally corrected temporarily within the hour, for the body to self heal over the coming month. We have seen this self correct right in front of our eyes within 15 minutes, that is how outstanding and progressive the card medium is. Emotions play a most significant role with this pathology. Read the information contained in the word Document associated with this in our Programmes page.

Colds and Flu: We have a remedy to assist with the remove of the Bacterial and Pathogenic aspect to this condition. Our Special Rescue Remedy works wonders for the Emotional support as does our NLP programme in our programmes section on here. Making daily me time is highly important, for the common cold is 95% emotionally based. The use of our Special Detox one drop am/pm daily for one month after symptoms have gone is recommended.

Depression: This is linked to our NLP and Weight loss Programmes if applicable. Also visit Relationship Emotions and Us on here It is about feeling totally helpless within with a complete loss of direction. Not knowing or feeling a belonging to life and the world. You may be required to undertake both programmes, have a read. One on one emotional support is absolutely recommended here. Parasites, I.B.S. Flukes and poor Gut Health combined with Carcinogenic attack are significant contributing factors. Contact us there can me monumental changes in direction from the very first day. Emotional correction can be administered over the phone, however we prefer one on one as it is far better therapy.

Not regarding Diabetes: It is a name given to kidney Insufficiencies mostly caused by external factors such as Pathogens, Bacterium, Viruses etc. It can be brought to those who are suffering from  long term Osteo-Skeletal conditions such as Arthritis, to include Hypertension. Whatever is capable of determining the lack of function of the Kidney to such a point that they onsend their distress to the fire signs of the body i.e. our glands will have an individual present with a Diabetic Disorder. Every stone must be unturned if we are to correct the imbalances which brought this catastrophic misalignment to the Kidneys. This is a life threatening condition which we take highly seriously. For those of you contemplating to come see us the sooner the better. Every aspect to your lifestyle will be under scrutiny and may require polish and change, all for the better.

Diabetes: A truth that is Diabetes or is it a Scam? – Click to read full document.

Diabetes Insipidis (Type 2):  This has been successfully corrected with General Health brought to balance and maintained along with Diabetic Gene Sequencing brought to balance. We then check for Sugar Imbalances along with Diabetic Viruses. Treat Diabetes directly as a complete Dis-ease then to treat specific organ systems such as: Thyroid, Endocrine System, Pericardium, Heart Small Intestine, Pituitary Specifically, Hypothalamus and the complete Brain inclusive is the Para and Sympathetic Nervous Systems. Homotoxicolgy with specific emphasis on Stem-Cell rejuvenation for the Pituitary Gland. This is due to its inability for it to adequately balance sugar regulation in the body. Emotions too may require addressing, they will be tested for and if found supportive of the complaint we require to discuss what happened? For you to resolve these issues on the day. In many cases the cause to an illness are negatively charged stored Emotions.

Diabetes Mellilitis (Type 1): Make an appointment to see what we can do for you. This is deemed an incurable condition according to mainstream medicine, however we feel optimistic. Every individual who we have met with this complaint tells us of them being brought to a place of catastrophic emotional upheaval to the point of a near death experience occurring. With this in mind we ask you to rewind the events which have brought this complaint to you and bring this piece of information with you to your appointment. When we successfully release this is when you are no longer a Diabetic. As always General Health must be obtained and maintained. As many appointments as is necessary along with General Health ongoing. The way you have seen life will most definitely change from the very first appointment this we assure you. From there your smile being ever present is an indication you are coming back from the black hole you have been living in all those years. Our greatest ever reward is to bear witness to this transformation for to date this is unattainable according to every practitioner. We will not ask you to cease your medication so from our stand point you do not have much to loose with a new way forward to embrace.

Diverticulitis: This is Colon Inflammation among other imbalances. Make an appointment for us…….. to go from there. Stop eating nightshades eggs in particular and chicken. Avoid hot spicy foods, all foods and beverages which initiate the body to produce uric acid, no meats or refined carbohydrates. Power juices is an excellent dietary alternative with fresh produce along with broths.

Dizziness Vertigo: Originates in the ear as such we need to look at ear, throat and nose including TMJ. Bacterial infections and imbalances.

Downs Syndrome:   We do not necessary have to meet with the patient we begin with the mother and outline a course of action. We ask you bring a picture of the child and a crystal you choose for them. We strongly feel this condition owes its origin from the infant not wanting to participate in any way in this life due to the ugly which lives everywhere on this earth. The sensitivity of the infant is such that it shuts itself down and retreats into its own self to shield itself from the way things are. We understand there are those who may not get what we are stating here with mainstream medicine offering another hypothesis. Tune into your child and ask, refer to our muscle testing Document on our information page. When you have mastered this you will truly learn and see what your child has going on is in fact pretty close to what we are stating. There can be a most significant spiritual connection to home which is in need of removing for life in this world to normalise.

Dysmenorrhea: We check for toxicity, Artificial Sweeteners and Aspartame poisoning and views relating to men in your life. All conditions affecting women with respect to their reproductive system carry an associated deep seated negativity towards men or males in general, this we need to rule out.

Eczema: This is a very common complaint from children generally. It is deemed a 95 % emotional condition from the patient’s perspective their world is crumbling around them. In truth it is not, their emotional stability is in question. When parents fight a lot or there is conflict which the child feels this has them flare up with Eczema. It is an involuntary response to what is going in inside their core belief system. It is the feeling of total loss and despair which they have no means to find a source or a successful way forward. Children generally grow out of exhibiting the skin problem, however unless the cause of the complaint is removed from their cell memories this condition can have severe ongoing complications throughout their lives. We have a Remedy for it, you will have to make contact with us. We do not judge those you who make contact, to be a parent does not come with a manual unfortunately.

Endometriosis:   General Health must be established and maintained ongoing. We have a programme for this in our programmes section on here. This is a horrific complaint for any woman to have. We have met this personally and am open for all suffers to contact us and let us help them over come it. We will not turn anyone away. We meet those who have informed us they have many specialists on their case, as well as their G.P. Clearly these people are not making headway with it, and yes it has been corrected on the very day. I had a very special woman in my life who had not told me she had this. At 2:10am in bed she went into convulsions, within 5 minutes this was under control from Pink light at 528Hz over the area, for me to make this Energetic Medicine the very next day. I have a colour generator next to my bed which I use every day. She has never had a repeat flareup. That was in 2012 she was 44years at the time. There are more success stories in our testimonial section on here, we have not had one failure with this, thus far.

This is a very common complaint which we have been able to bring full on relief to on the very day within a matter of minutes. this would indicate we know what we are doing for others in the field of medicine cannot appear to achieve any positive result going forward what so ever. We begin as follows: Test and if found out of balance return General Health to the individual. This is a Weak Chi Condition, we treat the Liver, Gall bladder, Liver again only this time for stagnant Liver Chi, Kidney, Bladder, Muscle Tone, Uterus, Ovaries, Restore Chi and balance to Life Force, Return Hormone Balance to include Auto Hormonal Therapies and balance Function Treatment for Hormones.

There are 18 Specific Homeopathic’s a variety of Reflex points on the ears along with specific Energetic Medicine for Stomach, gall Bladder, Spleen, Colon, Lung and Bladder Meridian points along with an extensive array of Herbal Medicines.

We have found we have not required the 18 specific Homeopathic’s onwards to maintain the effective release of this health complaint thus far.

Epilepsy:   We have never treated this complaint, we would like to assist check out our Information section Dementia and Related Illness. All Dis-ease is a sum of it’s constituents. We ask to rewind this particular illness for us to establish the cause. Then to find a corrective way forward. Should the necessity for Genetic Blue-Printing to be employed then so be it. To rewrite the Brain if this is the culprit we are up for it.

Eye sight problems: We firstly need to have the body clear of all Germ Warfare agents to bear in mind: The body has been designed to last a life time eyesight is inclusive in this field”.

Glasses are not for me. I am close to 60 years cheeky. My eyes began to fail me at around 53 years. I have an exemplary diet, inclusive of that is betacarotine juices daily. Betacarotine is the ultimate nutrient for the replacement of the entire body especially so with any eye sight problems.  I had begun having coffee with a friend at a cafe twice a week. Every time I had this coffee my eye sight became impaired, namely shortsightedness went out the window. This caused me great concern for I had to go have an eye examination to renew my driver license at 55, I did not want to fail. Eyes and the Liver are directly linked. If a person has a problem in either they will have shared this problem with the other organ. Coffee screws with the Liver, the Endocrine System in particular the Thyroid. Thyroid is a fire sign, we have four of them in the body. If one is out of balance it places load on the others. So, for all you coffee addicts out there, you may wish to rethink what you permit as a cannot do without? We can help you with that most certainly. Coffee is bad news! I ceased coffee on the day, my friend commented that I couldn’t do it for he was of the opinion I was addicted. How ridiculous I thought, I like to sight far more than for me to pay for coffee a socially acceptable degenerative carcinogen. Everyday once a day I place one drop from an eyes preparation I have made into each eye. The result after 8 months is my eyesight is 20/20 in both eyes. When I had the eye examination with the G.P. I read the bottom line to his test for him to comment: now you are showing off. I am currently taking the eye drop preparation as a regenerative measure and enjoy the magnificent gift of uncompromised sight.

Fibrocystic Breasts: associated with Adrenal dysfunction. This is generally about Candida and it’s causes.  General Health must be brought to balance.

Fibromyalgia: General Health in balance seems to rid this complaint, if in fact you have been diagnosed correctly? Supportive Emotions of all complaints if applicable must be released also. This condition stems from the active Pathogen Mycoplasma Fermentans. Head to the Germ Warfare pages to find out more, yes we have the antigen for it, this means we have the removal agent from the body.

Fractures: A good source of calcium is required, Check out our Information page. Inflammatory foods must stop while this is going on. Carrot juice home prepared is an ideal calcium provider. Good Kidney function is essential. General Health likewise is strongly recommended. Viruses causing Inflammation must be removed if present for they inhibit restoration and add to bone degeneration like Swiss cheese.

Gall Stones and Kidney Stones: Diet needs to be addressed, so does the ugly (negatively charged emotions) within. We met one woman who had severe Gall stones, her attitude was supportive of the condition presented as that of mass stored negativity. The deep seated emotional encumbrance to this complaint is from them being an absolute cow or an ass, in the case of this being a male.

Gastroenteritis: This is inflammation in the Digestive tract. No inflammatory foods are to be taken. An appointment is necessary to work through how to proceed. General Health must be brought to balance and maintained.

Gingivitis: From poor dental hygiene and an insufficient constitution. Emotions: do you really give a dam about yourself? The answer is generally no.

Glaucoma and Cataract: We have been successful with both of these eye complaints. Stop coffee immediately and eggs and we go from there.

Goiter: This is a Thyroid problem and a gut problem. General Health is the beginning along with an appointment. Mass intake of Iodine is not the solution. The condition affects men noticeably by an enlarged Goiter which is the Adams apple in the Throat. The system suffers from an insufficiency of Iodine as the primary mineral, Poor absorption along with dietary restraints are the cause. As the entire population suffers from I.B.S. which blocks nutrient absorption, this is the major attributore from where we see this condition.

Gout: General Health must be in balance along with no acid foods or beverages to be be consumed until this condition has abated. A predominately Alkaline system needs to be initiated and maintained until. Until the patient’s Diet and Digestive system has been brought/returned to balance.

Gut Problems: Refer to our General Health Testing and make an appointment at any time. Correction begins with our Gut Balancing Preparation along with a supportive Diet.

Hearing Loss: We have experienced this, like white noise continuously occurring in the ears. When we are still there is this noise? It gave me a bit of a shock to be fair. I have punished my hearing from excessively loud music over most of my adult life. I had a 130 something decibel sound system in my vehicle and would crank it hard regularly. I used  to vacate bars with bands weekly the music was punishingly loud. At the end of the night my ears would ring till the next day. I had a 20,000watt sound system at home which cost the price of a small house in 1990. My hearing began to shut down, recently I had noticed an incessant ringing or white noise. Time I thought to sort this if I can. We have extensive healing energies for assisting to self correct all manner of hearing complaints. I tested myself for these along with their respective amplifications as to the size of the Energetic Medicine. I have been wearing this medium for 4 weeks day and night for the noise to almost have ceased thus far. I have noticed the volume I listen to television has become now set at a lower level. I hear so much more from my music, although I do not have it going quite so hard these days. It is quite remarkable how our hearing can be greatly improved and restored. I will wear the medium until my body informs me I no longer require it. As far as we know there is no other programme anywhere which can perform as our Hearing one does. Hearing aids cannot compete with the body repairing its own self, no artificial medium can compare as yet.

Hypertension and hypotension: these conditions come when the Heart is in trouble according to the Doctor, we agree only there is more to consider. We will name the Heart as the major affected organ, in fact all of the fire signs are being affected in turn the entire body as a whole can be in serious trouble. The four fire signs are: Small Intestine, Pericardium, Heart and the entire Endocrine System which are our glands. When there is an imbalance in any one of these we need to treat them all as far as we see things for they are all being affected. There is a multitude of causes/reasons as to why an individual has either of these two complaints even to the point of the Kidney being under stress for years with it finally giving up. This will have it’s burden being sent to the Heart. Conditions such as Osteoarthritis naming only one can have the Kidney give up, as can emotional trauma carried for many years. Where do we begin to unravel it all is the question?  As with every where else on here Gut balance and to pass our General Health testing is the correct starting point. Diet is most important too particularly so with these complaints, so we need to maintain a diet rich in foods which permit the vascular system to self repair and to maintain the system clear from plaque lining the vascular system walls. As we age things tend to clog up and slow down, well, we want to stay alive active and energetic. This means we have to make some better food choices and add these everyday for life. For failing to do so accelerates us slowing down and quite possibly any one of these two conditions mentioned may be on there speedy way. Apple Cider Vinegar, Hempseed Oil, Coconut oil, Fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition invest in a twin gear juicer and do not be frugal. Think your very life depends upon it and you need to use it, in truth it does. When we have addressed all the physical attributes which support this condition we need to look at what is stored emotionally? I myself have been plagued with this complaint for many years. Why only recently I revisited my notes, while reading them the most significant finding was the affirmations for self repair. In my story which brought me to this healing place in the first instance, there is the blame for a system which has been responsible for my ill health, with me supporting this and continuing to hold onto it prevents me from growing forward positively with my life. Not only has the system brought me to my knees but I have permitted this to stay with my attitude holding onto it. The following affirmations have now released from me the final hold of  Hypertension: “I release myself from the pain and torment of my past, I voluntarily let go of all the bitterness I have stored which prevents me from growing forward into my own pure resplendency.” ‘ I open myself to joy, peace and harmony allowing these rejuvenating emotions to assist me in being present and clear, blessed in the true marvel of who I actually am.” ” I allow myself to be open to all that can be in the positive light of every new day. I know who I am, I know what I have endured, I now want to embrace my passions while being humbled from my life experiences thus far.” I am truly open to positive life experiences which are every where, I am ready and skilled to cope with all the wonders that are coming….”

Heart & Vascular Tonic:  We call this the body’s own injector cleaner, similar to what is required to be used in your car fuel system and engine only this is for our body. It is miraculous let me assure you of that. Organic Cayenne Pepper taken as follows: Half cup of warm to hot water, place 7mm or so of cayenne pepper on the tip of the tea spoon stir, do not in hail and consume. Half hour later repeat the process, the more pepper you can have the more immediate the result. Note: All bread must be removed from the diet, our foods need to become our medicine that is the only way to proceed as far as we see things. Head to Nutrition and Life Extension pages on here for more. This needs to be a twice daily exercise until blood pressure is at normal levels. And needs to be done weekly for all is our recommendation. Make an appointment with us at any time the sooner the better for why hold onto to any disorder longer than you all ready have. Think of it as the very best and immediate  investment into your future …….come and say hi.  We are of the opinion it may be the best investment you may have ever made for yourself. Check out our Life Extension pages on Juicing. Stress can be a major contributor with these conditions. Have music in your life everyday, zero negativity and check out the  Sunscreen Song and begin to live life this way. Hypertension known as Heart Dis-ease comes from long term Osteo-Skeletal conditions and other factors . This is when the Kidney fails to repair bone insufficiency’s.  We suggest every family to invest in a Heart meter, to weekly monitor blood pressure and Heart rate. To assist with lowering Blood Pressure we must polish the diet with no fats bar Avocado and coconut oil. Engage in a daily exercise programme which sustains the Heart rate at a comfortable lever for 30 minutes minimum. Rebounders (small trampolines) are wonderful tools, as are rowing machines, walking, swimming, cycling, running. We have a few tests which must be passed ongoing. We offer specific therapy treatments for this complaint, both in Energetic Medicine and Colour Therapy. Adjuncts to ones diet such as Cinnamon in broths and smoothies, Cayenne pepper daily with Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Turmeric etc and to the point of juice fasts and water fasts. For those who are living with this potential silent death sentence please let us assist you, it can all be changed around within a few days with your life becoming more.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: This is Candida out of balance. To have General Health brought to balance is where you begin. To date everyone who begins with this corrects their I.B.S on the day. This condition abated in minutes these are the causes: Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame) which is hidden almost everywhere, you can catch it from a kiss and from G.P’s drugs. The effects and damage to the body however, take as long as the body needs to self repair. With the causes being removed the body generally self corrects very quickly irrespective of age. For those of you who feel it impossible to remove this immediately please read on, we have placed this information here specific for you:

We are always meeting people in extreme need who simply do not believe or understand or can comprehend how effective and immediate our products are particularly so with I.B.S. being removed. We have tried many differing ways to explain this to them for many in dire need to simply walk away as if they deserve where they are at? Most know of their complaint as if they have studied it to great length and believe it is not so simple a fix as what we are indicating here. Let us tell you “it is this simple”.  You do not need to be a victim for one more day unless you like being one? Everyone deserves to have good General Health as we see it and to pass our non-invasive tests. This is exactly where we want to take everyone for very few pass our testing criteria. We have not met one in five years who does until they go where we take them. This is alarming and extreme for the health of the entire population is under siege according to us.  So called health professionals who cannot deliver Gut balance for extended periods “why not” is our question? We ask for all to bear this in mind we are not all created equal this is highly obvious to us. We have met many who have suffered from I.B.S for in excess of 20 years and have gone to the ends of the earth, their words to us and spent thousands of dollars trying to rid themselves from it. They have suffered tremendously over the years almost to the point of their lives being taken from them. When they come to us they are in disbelief, how can what you have do this so quickly? Is their question to us. They have been everywhere and been told all sorts of crap (this is the best word we feel to describe it) from so called professionals who are not able to sort this simple imbalance for them. For those of you who  follow what we are stating here you will be set free within minutes. We guarantee our product will correct your I.B.S on the very same day. For those of you who have met with me, I will have told you this also. We make this available to all, simply where you have  been and who you have seen is unable to achieve what we are stating does not mean it is not achievable. When you are ready to have it make contact.

Herpes Complexes: Refer to our programmes section on here. You have to eliminate the viruses and rebuild your constitution. Establish General Health then to maintain this newly found responsibility and care of self. Women suffer far more from this correctable condition than men for they are constitutionally weaker. Do not allow yourself to buy into what your G.P. tells you about this complaint. They are misleading and incorrect. It can take over 12 months to be fully clear, abusive activities to your system brought this condition along with I.B.S. being present. Abusive behaviours and a corresponding lifestyle must cease if you wish to be rid of this.

Infertility:  Appointments are necessary. We check for subconscious negativity supportive of infertility as well as physical abnormalities. All testing is non-invasive. The better the parents health the better that of the offspring. We test and where necessary improve the Health of both parties.

Indigestion and or Heartburn: Dietary considerations and Gut health is addressed our General Health Programmes are where we begin.

Insomnia: Environmental Toxicity (Detox) is tested for along with supportive Emotions. “The world cannot function while I sleep” is one of the typical affirmations requiring correction.

Meno-pause: Firstly we must state this is a completely natural occurrence in a woman’s life, it is defined as the time when she is no longer fertile or able to conceive a child. From the moment a women enters puberty some from as early as the age of 10 years dramatic changes begin in her entire system. This is her sexuality and is the most significant aspect to her being. The term Hormonal is often used to describe a woman exhibiting behaviours not becoming that of a normalised person as if there is such a thing. The key for all to bear in mind is how is her General Health?  She herself may have no idea other then she feels normal and to her she is. Throughout this website we stress the absolute importance of obtaining and maintaining General Health as we have defined it. Women are the more complex humans. They have been designed to run their own lives and to know where their children and husband are at at any given time. The average woman knows a man far more than he knows and understands his own self. This is the absolute truth.  When her body is not able to derive adequate nutrients from the very foods she consumes is when she starts to fall apart so to speak. Her system prioritises with what it has to work with for maintaining her complete highly intricate system from what is presented to it as a nutrient. If a woman tests hormonal with us her entire system is lacking. This means she will not be able to perform her herculean daily tasks as efficiently as she others wise would. When she heads into Menopause from a life time of inadequately receiving nutrition her body struggles and she too struggles to normalise. This is when certain aliments become pronounced if not already evident, such things as mass weight gain particular the backs of her arms, thighs, bottom and her ankles will swell. Poor kidney function is pronounced when this is occurring. Next comes skeletal conditions of Osteoporosis Ankylosing-Spondalitis (Arthritis of the Back) and more. This is no joke, she has suffered her entire life even if she had not been currently aware of it. I.B.S affects women so dramatically for their bodies are finer and intricately more attuned hence more delicate than that of any man. To begin to bring her back to vibrancy we start with Gut Balance then head to General Health as seen from our perspective.  This newly found health is to be maintained for the remainder of her life. We would like to investigate any and all imbalances she presents with to include how she holds men in particular her father and if there are any negatively stored emotions these must be removed. Once this has been accomplished with highly active live nutritious dietary adjustments, she will flourish. The negative side effects associated with this condition will ease to cease in a relatively short time frame. Provided the recipient continues to maintain this newly found health programme there is no reason why other disorders which generally plague  women post Meno-pause will come visit. This simply means if you want to stay healthier then ever keep up with out General Health Programme. We see women as the Love, there is no more a beautiful a sight than that of a women complete within her majestic self.

Moto-Neuron Disease also known as Amyotrophic Laterial Scelerosis:

We begin as always with General Health being brought to bear. This condition is fatal according to Mainstream Medicine. It owes its origin from constant and incessant exposure to Petro-Chemicals and Heavy Metals being present in the body along with a Depleted Constitution. On the reverse side of our Test Sheet there is a note regarding Cancers with an emphasis on the importance of being Carcinogen Free. Almost every person has this going on, this means everyone is open to this complaint. Feel free to read our General Health information on here and be tested and follow where you need go, everyone is exposed to this and believe me you do not want to contract this complaint. When looking to remedy the complaint we need to return Adrenal balance for it is always dysfunctional (I.B.S.). The major cause today of this is I.B.S. And where do we get this from? The answer is Mainstream Medicine and Artificial sweeteners (Aspartame) which are made by Drug company’s. Yes the very system who almost all go for health care is the bloody culprit, “The Doctor“. People die a horrid death from this complaint. We need to remove Gluten from the diet treat specific Gene Sequences which have been eroded, remove all Carcinogens from the body, establish and maintain Gut Balance, treat the Autonomic Nervous System and Vagus Nerve, treat the Hypothalamus which is our automatic center in the Brain responsible for functions while you sleep lest they stop for if they do….. you die, lungs too and the Circulatory System. DNA also, Connective Tissue, Membrane Transport, Balance Function Treatment for the Kidney and Bladder. Chromosome Specific Therapies and what ever else is found to be out of balance. More or less the entire system bar structures unless they too have succumbed? The body is similar to a battery, when the batter can no longer hold a charge is when the battery dies, this too is when we die. We refer to the body’s battery as the “Body Electric.”

I met a man 2007 with this complaint, his wife was a Naturopath although not an ordinary one, she was highly intuitive, had her own shop for many years and had obviously grown into other fields of Naturopathy. With her husbands complaint she had reached the end of her ability. Most Naturopaths are: inadequately prepared to make any significant difference to serious Pathology’s such as this one. By this we mean their modality does not contain the necessary tools for correction. Have a read of what is necessary to bring correction for this pathology and ask your practitioner are they able to meet them? The G.P. is on a different page they use severe methods which have lasting effect on the recipient, with surgeries and powerful drugs which have severe side effects, have a read of “My Story”. We are of the opinion if you cannot meet our General Health Testing and to sustain that level consistently for your patient on the day then you may as well go home especially so with this complaint. After all General Health although of immense importance is merely the beginning. This man was in a wheel chair and struggled to breath, he was on oxygen when I met him. He was genuinely pleased to see me. That was rather spectacular to see his smile yet he was dying. He purchased a detox of mine. Everyday for 4 years he had used the best foot spa on the market for removing carcinogens from his body. He told me it was the best, he had done his research and spent lots of $$$. He did not care how much money it cost. To correct his condition was what he wanted, he wanted to live. He had repaired lawn mowers and small engines for much of his life. Petro-Chemical poisoning was a constant in his day, and look what he ended up with? He said to me “look Derek, look at all those toxins coming out of my body” as the fluid had turned a dark brown colour indicative of Carcinogens being removed. I asked him how long had he been using the tool? He told me 4 years everyday, he had a care giver also for his wife worked. I asked him have you gone anywhere apart from around home in this time? For him to say no only home. I then asked how come are you so full of toxins every day? I tested him for Carcinogens in particular Petro Chemicals and all Heavy Metals inclusive of Mercury. He had a thing for Mercury stating: He believed he would get better as soon as he had rid his body of it for as yet he had not. Every Carcinogen I tested him for he presented with. Says a great deal about Detox foot spas and using them everyday for 4 years. Within a few days he presented with no Heavy Metals nor Petro-Chemicals nor any Carcinogens. My Detox had taken them out even though his body was dying. Anyone who tells me a foot spa Detox is amazing, yeah right, they are nothing more than toys. This man from memory his name was Graham, I got to know him and I liked him. I did everything I new and could to help him only his Body Electric was too low for him to recover. I met him too late. It is my view his support network had given up. I had left equipment there with specific instruction of use for Graham lived 160km from me. I am sure had my instruction been met he would have survived. Even with an almost non existent Body Electric charge Green light at the sulphegio frequency of 528Hz on the body daily delivers balance to every body system. It is like plugging oneself into mains power, 528Hz is the specific Human DNA Frequency and is ever so gentle. To be followed by Magenta this is pure Love and the body loves it. Then Orange 2.5 and 125 HZ on the chest area twice daily for half an hour brings life back into the Lungs. To be followed with the DNA frequency. Lung insufficiency was his critical complaint, hence he was on oxygen. Carcinogens were gone Gut Health had been established and maintained. Nutritional intake was on the money. All tools were being delivered, only the support person I am sure did not follow my instruction, if only I had of stayed there for a few weeks, he needed me everyday. I was not at that level within myself to know I had to go to whatever the extreme if required. Well I do now. It hurt to see him slowly die for his life battery would not hold a charge for long. He drowned in his own mucus. I went to his funeral. This condition has quite a significance for me, I am far better prepared these days and I know far more. When you see someone slowly die who you have given to it does something to you particularly so when you sincerely want them to live. I have let that go just so you know, I do not blame myself. Do not waste time if you have this or know of one who does, make contact and let’s get into it.  Derek..

Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.): This condition is becoming more common than ever these days. One major factor has been the introduction of Artificial sweeteners (Aspartame) into the food chain. It may seem like a simple solution to just remove it and all will be well. Unfortunately seldom is this the case, for this carcinogen if responsible mutates the DNA as does all carcinogens. To put things back to before they were infected means we must head down the following road to return the DNA back to normality or factory settings. Treatment for this condition is extensive. The reason behind this is the effect it has upon the entire system, the longer this goes untreated the more difficult it is to self-correct. We do not accept conventional medicine in any way as an acceptable treatment for this complaint, nor for any of these specific pathologies mentioned here.

Treat the Vascular system, introduce an active diet, with no phlem producing food and to have no foods which contain Zinc. As always we must deliver good General Health this is Gut Balance and to be Carcinogen free.

Organ systems specific for treatment are: Lymph, Kidney, Bladder, Spleen, Colon, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Endocrine System, Small Intestine, Heart, Pericardium. Total Brain Therapy inclusive of Para and Sympathetic nervous systems and Vagus Nerve, DNA Therapy to treat flawed chromosomes, Treat for Damp, Heat, Wind and Weak Chi conditions, Restore Chi, Balance to Life Force, Circulation and Overall General Health. Degeneration Therapies, Blood cleanse to include weekly Saliva, Blood, Urine and Stool Mora Inversion Therapies.

Check for: Excessive Free Radical damage, acupuncture points of the governing vessel and Bladder. Miasms relating to Syphilis as a possible cause, Two specific acupuncture Formula, Building of the Spleen, Yang of Spleen, To brighten the eyes and clear vision, Reinforce Kidney Shen (Shen means Heart) and to nourish Yin, Invigorate Kidney Yang, To strengthen Kidney, Test for general weaknesses, To adjust disharmony of Heart and Kidney, For Brain Disorders, lazy speech and Prostate Exhaustion.

Treat comprehensively Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and emotional Link to this Dis-ease, Remove all Pathogens, Treat spinal specific to T5, T6, T10, T11, and all Cervical. Remove Viruses including Flu Viruses.

There is an enormous amount of treatment as stated, with the main therapy treatment being loaded into crystal with some being placed into drop form. There is the need to test weekly how the recipient is progressing. Failure to be proactive and compliant with all we suggest with this complaint do not expect this condition to improve.

As with all our processes here we have a totally different way forward to return correction of Dis-ease which mainstream medicine simply cannot achieve and in many cases do not understand an example of this are Miasms? Miasms are ancestral links to the pathology brought down through your Genes carried in the DNA. We clear these from a simple instruction, we of course ask the body if it is willing to release it and ask the Miasm is it prepared to leave?We then initiate their removal, if not ready to leave we show them the way and they leave.

Additional Therapies which must be determined if in need of correction are : ARTERIOSCLEROSIS and VASCULAR DEGENERATION

Osteo-Arthritis: Appointments are necessary for this condition. Inflammatory foods must cease. We have a programme on in our shop of where to. This can be a highly complex illness. The major organ system affected are the Kidneys, when they are dysfunctional it means you will never self correct the complaint. This comes about from negatively stored core beliefs to begin with, and an overall negative life. Masking this problem allows it to potentially escalate to a possible life threatening one. It may begin as osteoarthritis this leads on to Hypo-tension and that is fatal. We feel those of you who are of the thinking you can sort this yourself, we wish you well with that, It is not deemed as an incurable pathology by mainstream medicine, for nothing that is how dynamic and difficult it is to establish self correction. We however see all inflammatory conditions as a product of their constituents as such all of them need to be brought to balance for correction to be achieved.

No night shade family of foods, inclusive is all foods which contain Archidemic Acid, this is the glass in the joints. Chicken, eggs and all their derivatives, any food which you eat which delivers pain to your system must be eliminated until the constitution has rebooted itself. Gene sequencing for Arthritis must be initiated as a variable Enhancement along with Kidney, Spleen and Heart Shen along with the perfect harmony and interactions these organs must have for one another. General Health obtained and maintained along with this is all Inflammatory Viruses to be eliminated which in many cases are most significant causes. All pharmacological preparations taken over the years their destructive consequences are to be released from the body. All past life encumbrances that are supportive of this condition along with curses that have survived carnation are to be removed. Bone insufficiency is indicative of Kidney dysfunction, as the Kidney is a water element all water elements are to be treated this means the Bladder too and leads onto all Fire signs Glands etc.

Dietary adjuncts are required to hasten the recovery and in fact are crucial, as many appointments as are deemed necessary are required. To establish and correct degenerative structures of the body, we do not know of anyone who is capable of accomplishing this task. The way forward we have outlined here has reestablished this eventuality for numerous individuals.

Osteoporosis:  The lack or insufficiency of General Health is in most cases the very reason why those individuals suffer from this complaint with their Quack seemingly obscure other than you are now deemed old. The beginning on here, read that and get in touch and lets get you hardened up if you excuse the pun. It is essential gentle exercise and a truly natural source of good calcium be taken daily. Carrot Juices daily without fail for life is one serious recommendation. Read about our Gut Balancing Programme then head to our Life Extension pages.

Parkinson’s and all Dementia related illness:  Brain food must be taken every day. These are Walnuts with Coconut Oil, while writing this I am having some. Berries contain mega anti-oxidants specific for the restoration (regrowth) of the Brain, 2 heaped tablespoons of Blueberries in a smoothie every day is what we have. If you have a Dementia relative illness you are required to take this food more than once a day. Then comes Spirulina (it boosts RNA in the Brain), we have one patient that when she has her daily smoothie she becomes super active from taking this alone. Then comes Organic Molasses which is an immediate Brain simulator for it contains almost every nutrient the body requires. Avocado is a super food and essential to have daily another containing essential fatty acids  and omegas. They are the very building blocks to the body. As with all illness General Health must be in check. With our General Health testing are Diabetic Viruses along with Viruses which cause Immobility, these are precursors to the condition as are all Carcinogens, and Artificial Sweeteners. We have a Dementia document in our Information pages on here. We have seen this condition abate in a matter of hours from the patient not being able to talk (incoherent)to become a chatter box. Bearing witness to that was astounding. We had one man drive four hours to see us, it took him a little over an hour for his return trip that is how outstanding therapy being delivered is, From where we sit we see miracles occur at times right in front of our eyes. That is the truth all from bringing the body back to balance then placing real food into it only this time the body is able to absorb it..

Parkinson’s: We have a programme which has met the needs required for correction with this so called incurable pathology. As always if we get to the body too late. This is when it does not have the ability to self-heal. This is when there is nothing we can do? We ask for you to ….make contact and let’s get involved, the sooner the better. Refer to our ADHD as mentioned on here in this section for a similar ways forward.

P.M.S: General Health is the perfect beginning along with a hormonal programme to keep them in balance until the diet is able to self maintain it. This condition is conditional upon Hormonal fluctuations which become out of kilter when the diet and Gut are unable to deliver adequate nutrients to the system for Self Correction.  Emotional encumbrances towards men. may require some attention, If not addressed this can lead to a miserable life consequences.

Polymyalgia: Similar to Fibromyalgia. General Health is the starting platform. After a week come see us for a supportive checkup. In general these complaint will be gone. The body will take time to rebuild itself, this people generally feel with each day going forward. We require feedback from those of you undertaking this programme for it assists others to venture down the road of wellness for where they sit they are uncertain. The simple fact their G.P. tells them it is incurable is their stumbling block for not seeking out a way forward.

Prostate Conditions: All testing in non invasive, this is no way similar to what the G.P. preforms on us men. We have a set of Prostate vials containing energies which have been designed to tell us if there are any imbalances which may be affecting the functionality of the Prostate Gland. Over the years we have been absolutely on the money with all aspects relating to Prostate issues and have helped many men to return efficiency and functionality in this most necessary and vital male function. Any and all Prostate problems are not solely limited to the Prostate gland. The Prostate is a water element this makes all problematic disorders within the Prostate being shared with the parent organs which are the Bladder and the Kidneys. For these are the Water Element organs in the body and Yin/Yang pairings. Any and all imbalances in any Water Element brings with it the necessity to check for imbalances within all these water element organs. An appointment with us is necessary. Prostatitis comes predominately from inflammatory precursors attacking the Prostate Gland due to outside influences in particular Sexually Transmitted Infections along with Specific Bacteria which affects the Prostate. We test for a variety of imbalances besides inflammatory ones. We look towards the natural degenerative processes of the body due to ageing and other influences not as yet mentioned here.  Degenerative Gene sequencing these are B.R.C.A. 1 through to 4, we test for the Degeneration of the Prostate Chromosome P54, we test for Prostate Chi, this is the free flow of energy through the Prostate. Whatever we find here we place this into a medium for the patient to wear in doing so return balance. We then retest to see if in fact balance has been attained.  Resentments towards women must be checked for and released if present. These are most significant and must be released for they can be delivering and are supportive of serious life threatening illness. Mainstream would remove the prostate if cancer was present as they were unable to correct it however, this will not necessarily correct what is going on here. Deep seated emotions towards loss of love associated with negatively held relationships with women is the major factor with all serious Prostate issues. These are stored in the Kidneys for the Kidneys are our true Love centers. They govern the Heart and they repair and maintain life in the entire body, they are the absolute boss.

We look forward to assisting all men who have any issues in this vital area of their lives. Erectile Dysfunction comes as a consequence of a deficient Prostate Gland and is mostly emotionally charged, this is held within Kidney Structures as mentioned.

Psoriasis: This is typically a General Health complaint along with Liver and Gall Bladder insufficiency. Candida or I.B.S. being the one main source of the condition and is a stress related triggered emotion which has the body react in breakouts. Make an appointment with us to see where you are at. The doormat syndrome is one major factor, so is being in a rut of emotional hell where the individual cannot see a way out, or a positive alternative and way forward.

Radiation Exposure:  General Health is the beginning. We must test to see if you are currently exposed then to see if you are infected. When you rebuild the body and fortify it. It comes to a point of Self-care. This is on our Gut page. This is where we need to assist you to go. The body can remove all foreign substances placed into it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Powerful life altering Emotions are at the root cause of this Auto-immune Die-ease, as they are with all Auto-immune conditions. On all occasions where I have met a sufferer of this condition they all have proposed with feelings of total helplessness with an endless loss as to a way forward such is the Cat which is always chasing it’s very own tail. We need to identify the cause to the emotional up upheaval and release it and to install forgiveness of self for allowing this absurd condition to continue. From my notes here are clinical findings:

The weight of research suggests a multicasual hypothesis in which genetic, autoimmune, infectious, and psycho-social factors interact in varying degrees to create a predisposition matrix. A triggering factor, perhaps a psychological event then leads to clinical RA. An approach to the patient is outlined in which he is not viewed as a “rheumatoid personality” but as a unique human being facing acute and chronic stress which reverberates through the family, interpersonal, intrapsychic, occupational, and health systems of which he/she is a part. Stressful emotions increase muscle tension and result in excessive activation of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system which can exacerbate the condition.

 Personality: The general psychodynamic background is a chronic, inhibited hostile-aggressive state, a reaction to the earliest masochistic dependence on the mother. This is carried over to the father and all human relationships. The majority of these personalities discharge hostility through masculine competition, physical activity, and service, and also through domination of the family.
When these methods of discharge are interrupted in specific ways, the persistent increased muscle tones resulting from the inhibited aggression and the defense against it precipitates arthritis in some.  

Perceived rejection by parents. Highly conscientious and self-sacrificing. Associated with conscientiousness, masochism, self-sacrifice, denied hostility, long-standing stressful circumstances. The accepted character traits, compulsive, perfectionist, over-conscientious and helpful, excessively moral, with depressive tendencies, show the soul of arthritics; rigid, stubborn, inflexible and immobile. All the athletic activity and physical restlessness merely serve to overcompensate for this inner immobility and divert attention from their compulsive rigidity and aggressiveness. Since they are unable to admit these characteristics, they produce strong unconscious guilt feelings, which in turn lead them to display great helpfulness and self-sacrifice.

Sero-negative patients (absence of rheumatoid factor) were or susceptible to psychiatric disturbance than sero-positive patients. Rheumatoid patient may be more vulnerable to separation, real or threatened. Onset in many instances is associated with loss of support. Deep criticism of authority. Feeling very “put out.”

We have a way forward, we have to find the root emotional causes and remove them. This entails one on one therapies from us until we have addressed this and installed a positive way forward. N.L.P. Programme is to be taken, General Health obtained and sustained for life going forward. The following therapy for the restoration of the body is required to be performed simultaneously while under direct emotional centering and Reprogramming.

Feel Good Therapy, Treat: Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Colon, Lung, Stomach, Immune System to suppress until the cause has been found, Inflammation, Pain therapy, Degeneration, sleep Therapy, D.N.A. treat for Flawed Chromosomes, Autonomic Nervous system, remove Viruses.

From the very first day there will be a marked lift in the burden held by the patient.

Structural Conditions affecting the Elderly: These are all linked to General Health being depleted over many years as well as being a derivative of Osteoporosis. To effect the reversal of these conditions of decreasing bone density necessitates the body to have an active rich source of predominately calcium. Carrot juice is known as the King of Nutrition, we advocate who ever is a sufferer to take no less than two 250mls of carrot juice daily. They will be required to pass of General Health testing. It is very straight forward to purchase the necessary programmes from here and lets get you on the way to recovery. The sooner the individual participates the sooner things will change, the more aggressive they are with participating the more aggressive the changes and regrowth. We see there to be absolutely no need for this degenerative condition to exist in today’s present state of technology especially so with the abundance and availability of rich wholesome foods at our finger tips every day. For more on the King of nutrition head to our Life Extension pages on here.

Systemic lupus: Environmental Toxicity needs to be ruled out with  General Health established and maintained in balance. Dietary adjuncts are required to hasten recovery. Artificial sweeteners (Aspartame) poisoning is one major contributing factor. Enlighten yourself about that carcinogen on our information page on here, and if you are a sufferer make contact ASAP.

Tennis Elbow: Our Soft Tissue Repair Cream seems to work wonders with this complaint. Keep the area warm and protected at all times. If you drive with this elbow out the window? you will never heal the condition.

Toxicity or Environmental Toxicity: We must check for General Health in balance and correct what we find. Self-care comes once this has been established. This can generally be achieved within the very first few day sgoing forward. As everyone is individual we would like to closely monitor your progress.

Terminal Conditions: Those of you who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and wish to overcome it feel free to make contact. Simply because who you are seeing cannot prevent or remove the illness you have does not mean it cannot be released from you. Even in the last moments of life this can be reversed, this is our stand point. When we are faced with this type of situation we may become emotional for we feel the gravity of your life experiences to have delivered the “black hole that lives within you” come to us all at once. We will ask you what is it worth for you to be set free? We ask for you to have that answer in your mind before you make contact just so you make this easier on us. I was invited to a woman’s home on the North shore of Auckland to see my mentor. She came to the door and looked like a walking corpse. Her home had the smell of Death. She was being ravaged by 8 cancers, even so I saw the Heart in her and the love this woman had for life being taken from her. She died and the world lost an angel that day. I wished I had the honor of getting to know her. I vowed if I ever obtain the Heart to correct such a wrong in my eyes then “I will” no matter the stage of the progression of the Dis-ease.

There are many more life changing pathologies. let us know where you are at and we will see what we can do for you.

Exception Health can help with a range of Healing Programmes, General Remedies and Super Supplements.