Fee Structure: Specific Illness a Way Forward

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November 2018 Update.    Fee Structure: Specific Illness a Way Forward.

With serious illness being present in the body and no one ever having the exact same imbalances occurring there is a need to have a Fee Structure to be clear and concise. Be advised for chronic illness you may need to have a bank loan or a revolving credit facility established. Fees can cost up to 10K depending upon how intricate the condition you present entails. Many fall around 3.5K. We have broken this down here for all to see clearly. We are serious about correcting what you present and do this as it is “our passion, we love it”. You are more than welcome to go elsewhere should you be price driven. We have little to no tolerance for those who place money ahead of their health, for it does get to a point when there is nothing that can be done. We have been 15 years working on this subject and feel we are comfortable with where we are at with respect to it. We understand some struggle financially for those we are open to discuss their particular situation. We know firsthand of the dark abyss of illness, for I have had it in excess of 30years, with the end of my life a very real consequence on a daily basis for a very long time.

All Spiritual Corrections: begin at $100:00, this is generally for a one item. We will let you know on the day what the fee is. Unattended Therapies: the same applies, over the phone clearing the same also applies. Anything which falls outside these parameters we will advise.

Emotions supportive of illness: This comes under our Reprogramming of the Psyche Document. For one off simple things $100:00 is the fee. Should you require more indepth the first appointment is $200:00 and extensive. Additional appointments generally run at $100:00 depending upon what is involved. Complex issues are common as such the fee is reflective in the degree of effort required for correction. You are required to come three times at least for indepth work. If you fail to follow through we may simply refuse to assist you further should you wish to return at a later date. We embrace what we do, and do not wish to be messed around, we want to see you flourish that is our greatest reward not the small sum we ask for our exemplary and resplendent work.

Addictions: Smoking is generally 26 times in one lump sum the cost per week of your affliction paid once you have ceased smoking. If you wish to spread that out over the year we charge double. That means if your addiction costs you $100:00 weekly x that by 52 is our fee. We advise you to take the lump sum option. Drug Addictions: We do not require meeting with the individual their mother will suffice. There is no way we have any tolerance for this shite. Costs of this will be $100:00 with the entire supportive cell responsible to change also. We understand those who are addicted do so to escape the shite of this world, we accept that but those who manufacture for their own specific greed will be dealt with accordingly. People on this earth who behave in such a way No longer deserve the support to life.

Crystal Mediums: These are the absolute and the finest delivery system for the therapy you require. Only Green or Pink crystals are able to support the instruction given, and yes you can bring your own. Every other crystal we have tried to use breaks for they are unable to carry the infinitely delicate extremes of Heart Delivered Therapies. These two crystals are Heart Crystals. Heart is the ultimate in all healing for it is “Pure Love”. Cost is $50:00 per crystal unless otherwise stated.

General & Specific Testing: Is at $50:00 per half hour and $100:00 per hour, unless otherwise stated.

Results from Specific Testing: When you come for your visit we have you choose a crystal. This crystal you wear around your neck or upon your person. This crystal is tuned into you and “loves you”. We ask the crystal if it is open to be supportive of your healing therapy, never has this question been denied. We have around 150 to 250 items to test for, this is dependent upon what you present with. Every item you test positive for is fed blue tooth into the crystal you are wearing. I perform this with my mind, Only Lightworkers possess this capability. Every 22 items tested you have a sip of water, this activates the body electric which is our energy network and is essential for the optimum performance of treatment being delivered. Expect to feel an immediate shift and lift in your conscious.
For every item you present a positive reaction to from our testing each one is delivered to the crystal medium. The cost of each is $20:00, many are complexes and would generally run at $50:00 per item if taken as a Remedy. We have decided we will not supply you with 150 remedies or more for that is ridiculous. The best delivery of therapy is via the Crystal Medium. The best is the best and that is where we see things. For every individual who has been here they have required 150 or more items. That is why they are terminally ill. On the day we give them their life back in every case thus far. We want that perfect record to remain, irrespective of that we are stating we do our very best for you.

Additional Remedies: These come with their own price structure. Gut Balancer and our Stem Cell Detox Cardiovascular Treatment Programme are two requirement programmes you must do! Costs are $310:00 for one year supply Gut, and $120:00 for the Stem Cell Treatment.

Nutrition: The body requires to be fed live foods. You are to see us for this, it is as important as the removal processes of the specific Germ Warfare Agents you have carried within your body. In many cases the body is simply unable to rise and lift above where it has been for many years. We need to change that to expedite your recovery further. We are what we eat the higher the vitality carried within the food (Antioxidants) the more we become. Life Extension is a byproduct of this.

Head to our website and read as much as you require. Make notes and come see us, or simply make the appointment. We want you to actively engage into your life for it to be pristine and fulfilling. It brings us immense joy to see the fruits of our labours and to write about your success story. We most definitely want to get you off whatever illness you present with, our fees for returning life to you in general are less than 5K. Your car can cost around that to run per year and here we are giving you a new lease on life. Let me tell you it is a bargain.

Derek personally: I have invested in excess of 250K on my health and 30years of my life. There is no amount of money that will bring us back from the grave, some people may struggle with our fees? “If so your head is in the wrong place”. For many illnesses there is no way back only “The Dark going Forward”, we are offering to change that for you. We leaving this with you, two quotes from Norman Walker the evangelist of modern day juice therapy in his constant pursuit of obtaining and maintaining Vibrant Health. His philosophy on aging:

“ I am never a day old in my life”

He was in his 70’s when he wrote that. And the other we ask you to never forget:

“Health is the Undisputed Foundation for the Satisfaction of Life”

Note: Deceitful people who have conflicting agendas and live life in the Dark. Be for warned should you attempt to deliver this to us there will be consequences similar to those who manufacture drugs.

Contact: Derek 022-319-2540