Reprogramming the Psyche

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November 2018 Update.               Reprogramming the Psyche

This is a fascinating subject one we have been actively involved with for many years, not only learning all about it but to put what we have learned into practice with our greatest achievement being to witness the fruits of our labours: To actually see an individual change their entire personality and outlook on life, all within a few days. Results thus far have been outstanding to truly remarkable bordering on miraculous in some cases.

The psyche is who we are, who we are is located within our subconscious mind, our spoken word is our conscious, who we really are which is our true selves is located within our main frame of our mind that is our subconscious mind.

We have methods which are all user friendly and painless at our disposal that enable us to alter thinking processes within the subconscious mind which are essential in the freeing up of: Stuckness & Negatively geared crippling Stored Emotions & Belief Systems. This stored negativity delivers and supports Dis-ease and the illness a person carries in many cases. When we come across a woman who has breast cancer the first thing we do is ask her subconscious mind if she feared it? In every case thus far it has been a yes. For those we have removed this fear their cancer symptoms have left much to the surprise of their G.P. with a corresponding significant lift in the patients persona.

This is our most favoured modality: “Reprogramming the Psyche” from a place of turmoil to a place of peace and tranquillity. Many seem to think this an impossible task, thus far we have not found any who has not significantly benefited from engaging in our processes with us.

We see relationships that are broken with one of the partners lost and heading in a direction not that of the union of two. We see people who have broken hearts from relationships that have fallen over, there are those who have lost loved ones and simply cannot move on with their lives. Even others who are stuck from parents or past lovers holding onto them spiritually not permitting them to progress forward with their lives. We met a woman of 70 her Ex-husband had passed some years prior, he was a controller and she his doormat. Even though he had passed he had her in his grasp. When we removed that she visually looked years younger within minutes, her voice too more musical. It was a pleasure to assist her. Young men who are shy and feel too vulnerable to talk to girls, girls who feel the same, it is so rewarding to see them release their insecurities and grow. We meet those who are bitter and angry at the world. Some of these feelings and stored emotions are contributed from Parasite Invasion which must be cleared. Illness and Emotions go hand in hand take Type 1 Diabetes the emotional support for that condition is the individual has been brought to a place of complete and utter despair within their lives such that life is simply unbearable, with the desire to no longer be here a very real situation which never leaves for they have not released the cause to their misery. Everyone with this condition tells a similar story that reflects this criteria. We see expressions on people’s faces which tell us what is going on within them. The upside down mouth tells of being suppressed and being told they are worthless, overweight people generally seem to be stuck and uncertain of how to progress in a way forward which takes them away from their torment. Their torment of I am never good enough among other emotions which simply cripple them. Food, they are in control of it which adds to their emotional despair. I met a woman of 160kg who did not suffer from any serious health complaint other than she was totally unhappy, misunderstood and unloved in her life, this is how she felt, it may not have been the exact truth only from her perspective it was. I was at a spiritual fair and called to her, she came upon me like who are you little man? I smiled at her and said hello beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl here did you know that? She was 50ish, you cannot hide from me, I see who you are, she burst into tears and we set about sorting that for her. She had the biggest bark also totally intimidating yet when I confronted her with her broken heart of love unreceived she stopped and the water works began. This was a totally moving experience for me as it most definitely was for her also.

At this event there was a very attractive young woman of 31 who seemed lost. I called to her and she sat down, I held her hand and she told me with tears running down her face of an ectopic pregnancy a year prior, and that she desperately wanted children and had only one working fallopian tube. She informed me she had another ectopic pregnancy. This time I burst into tears and put an end to that such that this would never befall her again in her life, I have a way with me. She has since had children.

We carry whatever we carry for whatever purpose, some people like being the miserable assholes they are for that is why they behave the way they do. They alienate their entire world as if it is against them when that is seldom the case. If we are to really look at everyone and classify them in their highest self as an angel. Angels are the most beautiful and peaceful people anywhere. If this is what we truly are and what an individual presents with which falls far short of that is what we have to assist them to see, we have to teach them how to find their way back to their true selves. In the process they learn how to remain at peace within and to truly value and love themselves as we all must. This is what we do here.

We have met people who have told us they are going to die this very minute and call for help, within seconds we have that thought leave placing into their psyche a new road which brings them to a higher place. We then have them come see us to manage a new way forward for their life and supply them with suggested homework for them to engage in. This is their support to their newly found emotional stability, if maintained should see them remain free of stored dark thoughts.

We met a woman early 2018 who was in a love hate relationship for 15 years with a guy. It was an on off relationship. She had a delicate soul he was just a man, both deserved a better way forward. They were totally incompatible at that time. She was the weaker of the two and would give in to herself and into him. Within a week she was over him, within two weeks it was as if he had never been in her life. People tell us we have to mourn, as if living in emotional jail is not punishment enough? I think they both had suffered way too much, sadly he never came for help, he carries his failures with this relationship into his next. Please get this: Like attracts like, if you are a mess you are attracting the same in the other, for there to be compatibility like has to be with the same otherwise there is no attraction.

Fees: Whatever you carry feel free to make an appointment to establish a corrective way forward. Fees begin at $100:00 for singular minor items which can be done over the phone. Our base fee is $200:00 for this you come and circle emotions on our emotional chart that relate directly to how you are feeling or see yourself on the day (there are around 300). We ask you to bring with you your list of the emotions that are crippling you or those you wish to be free of. Once we have offered correction for the list you circled we go through your list mirroring what has knocked you around and still hold onto and reverse the thinking processes which has had you continue hold onto them unresolved. We do some Spiritual & Emotional Enlightenment centring you into your ”higher-self” and locking this into your psyche for the remainder of your life. The following appointment which can be the next day we go over the list you circled, any emotion you react to this time around we investigate further, for they are ones you are holding onto, the same applies to your list of emotional burdens you brought. Depending upon what you come to see us about determines how many times we need to see you ….. until you are emotionally free is how many. Derek 022-319-2540.