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Spiritual Medicines And Corrections

This is a significant page on our site. Views expressed here are purely our own. Some of the content addressed in this section may offend or bring questions to some people? We ask you to perhaps think of a perfect world where everything is just right all the time for there is no ambiguity where everyone simply “gets it” We find people who cannot grasp what we have written here are perhaps not up to speed to understand nor accept it. This may be the beginning of you growing to that page within yourself. We are all at one with everything, this is the big picture. Try to think of humanity in general as it is enjoys confinement and control. Then watch the movie Avatar and take in how the animated life forms are in tune with their world. This is what we are saying here. Now look at the Doctor and how they attempt to correct or “Cure” a complaint by going against the natural progression of the body and of life. We are intuitive spiritual life forms that posses infinite possibilities at any one time within our minds, this is our free spirit and so must factor into all matters relating to our health. Resplendency is when we are simply perfect just the way we are meant to be without control the same as all other life forms here.

When we free ourselves from control and confinement is when we truly soar, this is a state of mind. We must try to maintain this freedom for when it leaves us due to the incessant controls is when we shut down our free spirit and is when Dis-ease really takes hold. Out spiritual connection and side to us is closely linked to our Emotional self then to our Physical self. All three make us the unique individual we truly are.

Example of serious illness linked to Emotional imprisonment.

I met a person of above average standing within himself, he is in his 50’s. This is significant, he is well educated also and has a fine heart which is a necessity. This man has Bone Cancer, he takes good care of himself and has the affordability to eat well, and have creature comforts which he has in abundance. He is not obviously overly stressed and is easy to talk with so not obviously emotionally encumbered. I had no idea he was seriously ill. I was talking with him for him to tell me what he had, I was in shock actually, for he reads exactly what I have said about him here. A very attractive woman walked past and I said wow to him, he replied with yes I have had my eye on her prior. This man has a wife, she is on his exact same page only as is mostly the way she is more than he, she is challenged in my view. I could not be with her in any capacity, even to sit with her makes me cringe and when she speaks her voice has me want to run for the hills. I have nothing against her, I don’t even know her, this is simply what I get from the energetic person she is and my intuitive feel for her. The same as what I got from her husband. They have beautiful young children, the man loves his children clearly evident, I felt this very strong coming from him and rightly so. I ask the question: How does a man who has so much have arguably a definite death sentence in his body effecting his very structure.  This is so close to who he is, his structure. The man has higher taste similar to myself with respect to woman for I thought the woman who walked past as exquisite. I bet my last dollar the reason why this very cool guy has this condition is from the erosion and subsequent failure of his marriage to date. His relationship with his wife would be the very structure to his life also, he most definitely would like life to be different and knows not how to achieve that end. He is in between a rock and a hard place.  If I get the chance I would like to sort that for the entire family is suffering.  His wife will be feeling disjointed the children will feel the lack of love although the parents may put on a happy appearance face, truthfully there isn’t one. When a man is in love he does not look at another for he is satisfied and gladly is where he is.

Note regarding Karma and life’s journey.

Some of us have a Karmic journey some would say all of us have this going on.  As far as we understand it is near on impossible to alter your Karmic journey apart from to leave here. Some of us have a specific purpose for being here that is most significant and ultimately life changing for many on this planet. The very reasoning why these specific individuals have been selected to be on earth is to effect and fulfill their Karmic programming and function. At best we can only assist them with it, and that in itself can be very reassuring. Whatever it is they are meant to do here there will be glory from their participation, for love and commitment is always rewarded. We ourselves have a most significant Karmic journey. It began the day we were born.

Every person dreams, dreams aids us to soar and to think of what could be and what can be, and if only? They are a vital and integral component of being a human being and of being free spirited. This is what the wording means to be free in spirit is to dream. It has been said to follow your dreams…for you can always surpass them? ?When you put them out there they are noted and recognised. How many times do our dreams come to fruition? Where would we be if it were not for this magical ability we all have to be able to dream? The dream organ is the Pineal Gland located at the base of the skull. It is our spiritual connection to everything in the entire universe. This then means we are all spiritual beings. There are some out there who struggle with this, you do not have to take our word for it, having read this means you are aware of it and that will do. A seed has been sewn in your mind for it to grow? Our spirit is our true life energy, it is the core of who we are. It is appropriate when discussing the deceased referring to them as in spirit. This is them at home, sometimes however they can retain a connection here to those they love. Some of us can feel this presence. Then there is the sad spirit which cannot find its way home or ones that want to stay here to cause harm and chaos. When we encounter these we release their hold in this life and send them home. This is something we feel very strongly about. We clear land and buildings and people who have been possessed by aberrant life forms (poltergeists). We test for these in people, we have a medicine which will never permit them to be an open channel for the life forms of another time to enter them again. Feel free to look at our Superimpositions Remedy and its attached PDF file. Every person we have tested thus far have been in need of this remedy, we have mentioned more on this subject further down this page . Our spirit is eternal. We are of the thinking we are here to Love one another and to engage in all that is resplendent. To live a life free of unnecessary controlling influences. It is our view the energy of the planet has stagnated and in turmoil clearly evident with the so called Gaye movement. Then there are the transgender persons. We have political correctness which to us removes the feeling and the love. Life is becoming robotic and about numbers and money? We feel there are far to many rules and controls which degrade and restrict our free spirit. This is one major factor relating to us contracting Dis-ease. We feel we are here along with others to effect change to bring the energy of the planet back on track. We will see where this leads us over time for Rome was not built in one day.

Karma is a word used to describe what comes your way when you do good and bad. All actions have consequences, with good ones you are in credit, bad ones and the credit is removed for you to be possibly dealt with. This is a law of the universe. Some of us have the ability to direct this law enforcement onto others who behave in an inappropriate or otherwise detrimental way to the way of the peaceful world. We are saying here, be good to yourself and to others, mirror behavior and the spoken word, see if you are okay with then. If so then use them, if not change it until you are.

Note regarding our Spiritual Medicines:

We have the ability to place into all our preparations an Angel which has within it decision making capabilities which far out perform the dedicated functional parameters and performance of the medicine. The Angel content will make decisions on its own to better improve the individual who is suffering. We do not make excuses nor do we feel the need to explain this ability other than to say: The simple fact we have this capability means we are meant to have it and to use it where ever we see fit for the greater good of all.  Here is the wording we have used, it is located within our programmes section in our shop on here:

Special Notice:  All our medicines now contain a higher self living life force within them. This is an active living entity present which initiates in the user their higher self alignment. This has the effect of users looking after themselves far better and can be seen as like a big brother guiding them to better manage their health.

This is without any ones expressed permission or their refusal. This is so those who are adverse to being assisted naturally to greater health their negativity will have no bearing on the success of the healing potential of the medicine provided. Drug addicts, children, religious people all who have an adverse reaction to becoming balanced naturally, this will be removed and have no effect on their healing exchanges nor on the performance of the medicine supplied. Negativity needs to be eliminated as does ignorance of a better simpler way forward. Our Commitment on our front page of this site is how this world needs to be, this means all here will conform to that criteria before too long. This we see as the New Order of Humanity.

Spiritual Medicines in this section of our website contain specific Spiritual Energy at their core. They are simply beautiful, peaceful and harmonious. We have found they do exactly what is written on their label and accompanying document if applicable. Spiritual medicines can be made for all conditions there are laws governing them such as if you do not genuinely deserve the healing correction you certainly will not receive it. Your Karmic bank must be in credit. Animals have no problem for they do not lie, cheat or do anything other than be themselves. People on the other hand inflict the most severe atrocities on one another. There acts can be shameful to say the least, such actions are not acceptable to us. We do not wish to go into the negative rather we would like to assist all with their healing exchange. We will do our very best for all. To bear in mind true healing comes from the complete and sincere support to the processes involved in making the healing corrections. In other words you must want this so must the healer wish for you to genuinely have it.
Almost everyone presents with Spiritual tag on’s these are aberrant life energies from other worlds. We generally check for these when asked to do so. We test for them in our general tests only if asked or if we feel there is significant cause for us to test the individual for they present concerns to us in this area. Poltergeists will not want you to improve rather for them to stay in charge of you corrupting your every action. What is more most do not feel they are carrying them for they know no different. How they are is how you have always been, this is their normal. Rest assured once removed they will never ever return and life is then freer for the individual to move forward.

Should you have a pet which cannot be healed feel free to ask for our help and we will do what we can, same with those you love also.

The Quantum Effect or Unattended Therapies

This is a very special and unique aspect to our healing ability and to our clinic. The Quantum Effect is known as Subspace Therapy or Unattended Therapies. This can be a treatment solely by using the power of the Mind to transmit Heart Energy to another individual. Some of us are highly sensitive to these energies and can feel when this is being done.

We have devices which are able to send/transmit healing energies to people all over the globe without the need to be physically connected to the unit or present. We generally ask for a sample of DNA which can be one hair along with the individual’s name.
We then on send corrective energies to them to assist with healing on all plains of existence: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual including the correction of Miasms, Ancestral Negative Energies and Superimpositions if applicable. Personalities change when we partake in these therapies it is wonderful to see this transformation, although we normally only hear of the changes made as we rarely do not see or meet with the recipient.
We have specific fees for this work which are generally paid for when the individual has been corrected. If they do not make payment or advise of the success of the healing the condition will return only more aggressive, bad Karma we presume?

Note: Crystals are able to hold and carry energies for specific individuals and to on-send this energy to them where ever they are located. This energy will be continually delivered to the person until it has been successfully uploaded into their Spirit. Typical crystals which are willing to perform this are Rose and all Green crystals. This is because they are supportive of Heart energy. In our Heart is where our Spirit lives. We have great success and positive outcomes  from this work. Fees for it start at $100:00.

Removal of undesired Energetic Life forms from Individuals.

We are growing with each passing day, with this comes more and greater abilities. We see who you are, this is the Heart in you. We also see the black or the oppression which people carry. And we see those who are not meant to be here, those who are this way will be removed for their ugly is not for this world. We say ugly for this is what they totally are all the way through inclusive in this is their entire lineage which is everything from them. For whatever reason we meet we want to assist you to be at peace with the world. Just the other day we met a boy of 8 who carried with him such horrific negative ancestral energy to the point if felt like it was entitled to take over his life with attitude. We pointed this fact out to his mother, who had asked for us to assist other members of her family to clear their inherent negative spiritual entities which they carried. We will update further on this. We love this work, we are over poltergeists taking over the life of another, we send them back to where they came from with instruction they will never be able to return.

Here are two true life Subspace healings: we were contacted by a woman who had sprained her wrist rather seriously from heavy lifting, we sent her a treatment which more or less was our Soft Tissue Repair Cream to hear back in minutes she could feel the exchange as it began. Within 4 hours she asked us to cease as she felt wonderful with the wrist like new. Another woman who had the severe Flu like symptoms for two weeks with no let up in sight asked for assistance. She was treated Subspace for around 10hours to let us know at 1am she was a new girl with the problem completely gone. It is difficult to stop the smile at times upon our faces when we hear of such fabulous results; this is why we do what we do.
If you have a condition you would like assistance with feel free to contact us.

Spiritual Corrections

This is very much where our business is heading these days July 2107 on wards. All of our Remedies have our heart energy contained within them. We absolutely care for what we do. It is this energy which brings more life to our remedies. There is no regular medicine on earth which can performs as our Gut Balancer does and we have others. We have people come to us for emotional concerns, we interface with them to clear their core beliefs to reinstate a corrective way forward. To assist with this transformation we employ the healing energy of the Heart. This energy has no boundaries and is the finest energy of them all. We have people come to us who have family members and close friends suffering from all manner of life experiences not going in their preferred direction. We interface with these individuals mostly from holding their wrist and deliver supportive energies to those they care and love. Every person thus far we have done this for has informed us of a success outcome. these are not isolated incidents, we have had this occur many times and it is growing.



We have had many, we will begin with the woman I met yesterday July 2017. It is her time to move from Tauranga heading to Cambridge. I tuned into where she was going and oh my the ugly I received. It was there while we were talking, she asked me what was wrong? I told her she has to place four Amythist crystals one into the ground on each of the corners of the property. They would clear the ugly there and protect her family from ugly which lives in her community. Only like minded people would come to her, and she will do well. I installed the energy into her which she would give to the crystals. Once I had done this the energy was peaceful where she was heading. The more ugly which comes to her home the stronger the crystals become. I do not need to hear from her only i will for she will tell me. I know she is going to a safe place for her and her family. I would not have it any other way.  She had a clearing too of buying into negative programming and conditioning in her life, she looked so much lighter at the end of our session, nice.