Centring Emotions

Centring Emotions

Centring Emotions is simply our most beautiful Remedy.

This very special remedy comes in drop form is to be taken twice daily and takes about 2 months to complete. What it does is it removes the burden from failed and past relationships the pain and the hurt, they are released as unresolved emotions (Anger is typical) to be followed by tears. The body is returning to itself with the heart to rule. There becomes a growing inside of you this is your true value and how you see yourself in the bigger picture of life. As you return to centre daily you find you are not wanting other than to be close to yourself and be with those you hold dearest such as children and family.

When complete you will hold yourself in the highest light knowing your true value and will not settle for anything less than what you truly deserve. This is a general over view of what the remedy does. I have personally done it, it is specific to the individual who it has been intended for as such is non transferrable. It is instrumental in bringing relationships together as it heals the fractured persona within bringing those of a kindred spirit together. Should you have chosen a mate not on the same page as you, you may find you will separate for like must be with like.

In most cases there is only the need to do the remedy once although everyone is different and things change, so maybe with another failed relationship there will be the need to redo and re centre yourself.When we allow ourselves to unite with another we feel it is simply right and for whatever the reason this union is faltering it is a great idea to purchase this remedy for you both, yes you require one each. Look to guidance from counselling or other means to learn how to manage your feelings. We strongly advocate everyone to be centred within themselves, not to be needy of another and to treat everyone how they would like to be treated. This remedy will not teach you how to manage a relationship, books, counsellors and those who have learned how to can teach you. This remedy has been designed to bring you to centre within yourself repairing any and all fracturing from your true self. Fracturing can be manifested in the physical as illness, so maybe should you present with an illness it might simply leave soon after you have completed the remedy course. We strongly advocate everyone to at least do one of these to cleanse themselves from past hurt and to reunite their heart as Emperor of their bodies. When this is complete the mind rules everything is done in heart which really means the heart being the centre truly ruling. Life becomes perfect according to Chinese Mythology when the heart rules. I have found this remedy to be wonderful bringing inner peace to myself and a feeling of belonging to the greater world out there which is completely nothing to do with humanity which in my view as it is, is the big problem. .

Life will change for you for the better, smooth and easy as you find who you truly are, embrace and enjoy getting to know your innerself.

Disclaimer: By law we are not permitted to make any claims, the wording in this document merely represents our intent, we do not heal you, we simply assist you to the following progression: True healing comes only from the complete and sincere support to the transportative processes of the individual seeking care.(you have to want it)

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