Spiritual Impositions

Spiritual Impositions

Spiritual Impositions, also known by other names such as Poltergeists, Aberrant Life Forces  Energies or Alien Life Forms and so forth. They all come from outside us. It is our belief they come when the heart is broken and low. They come into your personality and take over you. They make you do abnormal things exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviours, never are they good, they are always ugly as such must be sent back to their place of origin or simply dissipated.

Every person may be infected by them, for those persons who exhibit ugly behaviours it is almost a certainty they will be taken over by these demons from another place.
Our remedy removes them with only one drop. Should the recipient be an

open channel for these negative energetic life forms this channel or portal will be closed to never again open nor will the host ever be able to be invaded again.

There are no negative Spiritual Energetic forms that can escape the removal process.

This remedy has been delivered to us from home (heaven) this is where we all come from, here  to have a life in a physical form simply to experience the divinity of loving one another in the most profound and positive way, simplistically so.

Should anyone have an adverse reaction to this remedy it will mean you are now finding yourself being clear which is a great thing, if troubled feel free to contact us.

This remedy is for your lineage only as such will be ineffective for any other.

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