The Spiritual Connection

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The Spiritual Connection

Please note: writings here reflect our points of view only. This is how we have interpreted our own spiritual connection and growth within our world. We are simply sharing this with you and where we see things going both in respect to our healing business and the direction we feel the world perhaps needs to be heading?

The Spiritual Connection is the connection every energy on the earth has to every other energy on the earth and beyond into the universe. It can be described as how we all intuitively feel or where we are at, at any given moment in time with our environment. This is in constant change as our environment is in constant change. And is the total interaction with all with all. Everything we come into contact with no matter how small or large we have a connection with it as it has with us. Everything is simply energy it has a vibration and a frequency. We can communicate with it if we can interface/reach/read its frequency. There is so much more to everything than what we see from our eyes. When we have the capability to see more than what simply appears this is us growing as a spiritual being. This grows and unfolds when we tune into our intuitive self allowing us to become open to transitional spiritual dimensions (energy fields) that are present everywhere. We all possess the capability to embrace all that is here all we do is tune into it is all. This connection in our view is best described as The Spiritual Connection where everything is simply more than what our eyes show us, it is a feeling a knowing and a belonging to all. This awareness of Spiritual Energy comes into our higher self from outside of us via our third eye Chakra (Pineal Gland this is our spiritual portal). We have found to accelerate this process we have to be at peace and still, open ourselves up to feeling and belonging to the free world. Certainly not to buy into humanity with all its chaotic restrictions and demands confining us into a box of control. Venture outside of the box. We all are energy this energy is called our spirit and never dies it transforms. We have been given a physical form into this world through birthing; death is when we leave here to return home. We are here to embrace and enjoyed the positive experiences gathered. We feel this is for us to love one another not to slave and work as a dog, be manipulated or to suffer or any of the other ugly we are constantly being subjected to. We need fill our lives with pluses and negate the negatives, live at one with the environment take care of it and to look out for and after one another. This leads on to family which is the most important of all. When we look into family we are all one enormous family only as things are this family is broken and dysfunctional “The Walking Wounded”. Where is the free love?  Most of the world is broken to a degree or another, we seem to be lost in our selves. Lost from our true identity where we are from and what the real purpose for being here is all about. We can learn a great deal from observing the bird for that is a simplistic life form. We would like to see this world become simpler and at peace with itself nurturing and loving for us to communicate better and together to be totally free. All alien life forms not meant to be here need to leave ,similarly all ugly must stop, the initiators of ugly who defy change can leave also. This world is for the beautiful in heart according to us. Every person I have met who is beautiful in heart is gorgeous on the outside, have a read on here our Beauty Therapy and Age Reversal Page.

Our Spiritual Connection is the most exciting aspect to our business and to our lives, it enables us to become multidimensional across the board particularly so with respect to our healing remedies and our therapies and treatment programmes. This impact can be clearly seen on those we help improving their standing by improving their total health immediately. Total health encompasses everything about us as individuals, Physical, Emotional and our Spiritual health when all are in balance (homeostasis) we are good to go.
As we grow spiritually our connection is becoming significantly more (heightened). We prefer to be as far removed as possible from the regimentation of humanity with all its confinement. From walking this road we are seeing life in a different yet higher light. We have been given a special gift we best described it as the gift of receiving and delivering pure unadulterated love (positive energies). One of the most wondrous aspects to this gift is the ability to install corrective positive energies (as we see them) into our preparations we promote for the benefit of all. Transformational corrective energies are able to be delivered from a simple touch or to visualise their upload into an item or an organism of which people are complex organisms. This is truly amazing, our greatest reward is when we bear witness to these uploads and transformations, this is where we see the fruits of our labours and delivers to us our greatest fulfillment. When you return feedback letting us know how we have assisted you to better health this is what we are referring to.

We have spent years studying learning and growing to be in a position to make a difference, all this effort is now being rewarded. We are seeing it more and more. We have had many examples of broken people come to us this is constantly growing for we are proactively putting out for more to come. The complexity of what is required to facilitate correction is becoming more involved as more come forth this is reassuring our efforts are not going unnoticed.  People are becoming aware The Doctor just does not cut the mustard. To correct an illness you must first address all aspects to the individual which make them human beings. These is their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual selves, if you do not address all three good luck in correcting the problem. 

We have some special spiritual corrections we are going to share with you. When we do this work we are delivering heart energy to the individual. The results pretty much speak for themselves. This is the most beautiful work of all….. as we see it take hold and activate.

The following are some spiritual healings we have successfully delivered and have born witness to their upload and the difference they have made for the individuals:


The following occurrences are not fictitious.

The very first person I saw which had me thinking there is more than what is immediately in front of us. I met a woman in Wanganui who asked if I could assist her to put weight on. I asked what was her story, what has happened to you? She told me of a loveless marriage and of a controlling husband she finally kicked him to the kerb after 20 years of torment or so it seemed. Note: we realise there are always two sides to a story, how she was affected is all we were concerned about not about who was right or wrong. It was almost one year on and yet she remained under his influence/control. How would a Doctor sort that I wonder?  I saw an invisible steel rope around her neck. It was energy nothing more but look what it was doing to her. I removed it. Within minutes the woman’s face showed the result of what I had done. Words are difficult to find when we see such life altering progressions. The woman was then able to function and her smile returned like a bright light in her eyes. Nothing comes close to what I get when I do these types of transformations and healings.

At Pahia (Bay of Islands) one Easter at a four day spiritual event which was always amazingly, cool with neat people in such a peaceful and wonderful location. A cruise ship came in we had local people and tourists from Australia predominantly. I was talking with a woman who had Asthma, in came from spirit 7 minutes. i was told by spirit she had Asthma that was why she laboured to breath while conversing.  I informed the woman in 7 minutes your Asthma which you have had (for 20 years) will be gone. She looked at me strangely as you would for she hadn’t told me she had it. We continued talking and then her voice changed, she no longer laboured to breathe. She fell silent and just looked at me, in shock to what had just occurred?  I smiled and left her to it. Her Asthma has never returned as far as I am aware. Another woman over that weekend had the same pathology corrected although she was a local person, this time the energy was delivered via Energetic Medicine contained within a remedy.

Tauranga Spring Homeshow 2015: This is a wondrous event, everytime we attend we are always blown away from what comes our way. Three days of meeting special people. There was this very special woman who was a stall holder from Chch down there on the mainland. She told me of her mother who had some serious confusion in her mindset and her sister who was pretty much a lost cause and her husband had something going on with him to from memory. I held her hand and tuned into those she held ever so dear one by one and initiated repair and correction to their troubles. This woman is an angel, I felt it the moment I met her, she has such a beautiful heart. While attending the go-Green event in Chch this year she came over to me and told me what I had done. you Derek have corrected my entire family. About all I could say was thank you for letting me know that is the best news. I would so like to meet her again, I do not have her name either which is disappointing. I do not have the word to describe how I feel, there just isn’t any. I am reminded of the words in a song written by Clannad the Irish Band who gave us the Robin Hood song: Finding wisdom while upon the trail of tears. This is how my life has been, other words in the same song of so much love. When we have this going on is when our Heart overflow and tears indicate it is full and we just cannot stop.

2010: While attending an event in Tauranga for Jades Promotions who are not good people. Although David who ran their Taupo event is a beautiful man. This was 2010. A man came to me he was in his late 50’s and said to me….you are beautiful, can I give you a hug? Another of a woman with her daughter came to me and she was a Queen, her daughter an angel. The daughter was 23 ish. Queens  are the mothers of angels, there is more to it that that for they have to be pure within themselves. The mother asked if she could sit with me and hold my hand. The daughter said to me you gave a friend of mine one drop of your Dental remedy the year previous and the toothache she had for 5 weeks left her immediately in one second. The mother said you are beautiful Derek. I felt privileged to be in their presence. There was more happening that weekend, my daughter came to me at the end of the first day. Dad …you don’t have to cry dad. My Kim is so beautiful there Heart is her is more, i see the angel she is for certain, my response, when your Heart is overflowing with love Kim it just comes out the overflow. Just being myself earned this from every person there. I had forgotten how wondrous and special people on earth can be.

April 2017: A woman rang she was 57, her mother had died a month prior, she found a business card of mine in a book belonging to her mother. This woman was struggling for her loss was very real, she was devastated. She was a broken soul, we can die from such pain and loss. Within minutes I had administered change over the phone from her being the victim. Her mother came in as I was talking with the daughter, she was there present smiling at her and at me. There are no words I can find to say how I felt to see and feel and to be a part of that exchange. It is truly beautiful, this is when I do the finest work for this is when there is a unique and ever so special love which I emit to restore and mend the loss of love within oneself. The woman contacted me the following week what a difference her energy was on the phone. she thanked me yet again, there is no simply way to define how you feel when you make such an enormous difference in a person’s life for you know you have saved them it is ever so humbling.

2017: My patient last year who was the doormat to her husband and her family in particular the ugly which was in her mother like a leach draining the very life from her. To return her to her own magnificence was a joy I thought almost impossible. I was not going to give up on her as long as she didn’t. When I see within an individual such turmoil I have a wanting to make myself known to make the difference no matter what it is as if I am sent to correct the problem.
This modality is growing within me as I grow. I prefer the one to one for I get to read the person or persons visually and gauge the install (upload) to witness them grow in front of me as they transform.

2017: While attending the Go Green event in Auckland 2017 I met one woman who was an angel, I read it correctly and her friend who admired her so liking to be around her where ever she went. This young woman was effortless to be around, it was magical, to be able to see such an energy is an absolute wonder and to know intuitively how special she is. I gave her a very special deal for it is not every day an angel comes to visit.

April 2017: I met a woman at the Vegan Event in Auckland who had like a loose wire in her head, it caused her to be like a cat chasing its tail with almost every aspect of her life suffering from it. Auto immune conditions are caused this way. She took ages to process thoughts and struggled with trust and other emotions. She had difficulty navigating life as if she could not trust her judgement as if everyone was out to do her wrong, what a mess was she. People had to qualify themselves to meet her stringent criteria to be in her life, even then they had to continually prove themselves, what a nightmare for her and those who were close to her. This is what I saw in her instantly. I have not been given the opportunity to correct her broken wiring as I see it. If I get the chance to perform the interface with her, all corrective energies have been loaded into a simple touch. When I see her again it will be delivered, all I will need is to see it upload. This is best shown on the face as it becomes lighter instantly with the burden then leaving signifying the upload being taken into the body, and the transformation commences.

2015: I met a patient  she was referred to me for what I thought was a simple test which we perform for Gut, Nutrition and Carcinogen imbalances. Only this woman came for relationship issues. Why did she always choose the wrong men was her question? When she arrived I took one look at her and oh my goodness. This is what came in spiritually: not a bad bone in her body, she is nothing to infinite all in a split second meaning the most dynamic personality. And if she loves you she will never leave unless you bring harm to her and treat her inappropriately. She is full of passion for life with never a dull moment while she is around; I called her miss sparkly for in her eyes she carries the light. If you lagged behind she would stop and assist you. Such a rare find was she, the only flaw I saw is she could walk away from love without looking back which I did not understand and still don’t. She had been going out with a man for 5 years yet she lived her life separate to his? They both had different ideas on togetherness I guess. I never saw him but removed her constant which had her being attracted to men who were narcissistic in nature. These were wealthy men as she put it to me once: I cannot do poor, my reply to her was: The wealthiest people are the ones who have the most love in their hearts and therefore their lives. Her relationship with this man had not run its course as relationships need to, until she has had enough or he changed to accommodate her loving side their relationship would not cement correctly and be in my view dysfunctional. Many people accept less than what they can truly have for many reasons. I personally choose not to.  

2016 : I had a woman contact me who could not study on her PhD she was in her 60’s a nurse and wanted to grow more in her line of work. She called me for she could not rid her mind of the family selling a special piece of land for family members were buried there. We released the burden she carried of the emotional attachment and placed this into herself, in her mind such that no one could ever remove that care she carried towards her family ever again for they are always within her. This took 5 minutes, she called to thank me for she could get on with her studies effortlessly this was within half an hour. This same woman of 68 was rather attractive yet she carried no desire to be with a man. Her husband had been a controlling manipulating man, he had died years before yet his steel grip on her from the other side remained. When I tuned into her I got it. I removed that hold he had on her and saw her lovely face for the first time as she became lighter. Wow is not enough to describe what I got from that encounter.

Another of a woman her son carried a programming from his past life which caused him to be dysfunctional in this life, I saw it and removed it immediately for her son to be one in this life that was very cool. He looked at peace within himself his mother thanked me for she saw it too. This proves the ugly can remain and come after us even after we die, we have seen this many times.

2016: Then there was yet another who was a diabetic she had bought into it from being subservient more or less a doormat to everyone who she held in a higher light than herself (she was told these persons are important and what they say is how it is and you are less than them) such that she could not smile like she was restrained. She believed this was all she could be. She had no self esteem so I changed all that. The woman stayed around at the event long enough for me to see the new person she was becoming. I saw this in her and just had to remove her burden, she had invested a great deal on getting herself healthier, I wasn’t going to allow her to not be whole. For the first time  in many years when she smiled it came from the correct place with no ugly blocking it. This time it showed in her eyes.
One of my favorite was this very special woman who was in hiding within herself, she walked quickly from me although not quick enough. She had a business in Auckland.  She didn’t like herself all from buying into what others had said to her over years, she saw herself as more or less worthless. She had taken on the negative brainwashing which is everywhere allowing others words to burden her. She smoked as well, was overweight from poor self image. I removed the negative programming which she had adopted and installed within her: absolute respect for herself among other things. I brought her back to her magnificent self what a true jewel is she. She has an enormous heart and with that a special energy, she is so beautiful. When I saw her other day wow was all I could say for she is …she had stopped smoking also. I did inform that would be a by product of my install for how does one read the wording on the packet which states: these cigarettes kill the organism. To then use them is beyond me, if you love yourself you cannot do it pure and simple. I struggle at times finding the words when I see these transformations.
When I revisited her It was like she had been missing me, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek I saw in her eyes wow like I love you Derek.
I could be around her effortlessly every day for she is a Queen, they are the mother to angels, that is how magnificent she is.

Christchurch 2016 at the Go- Green event: At this event a woman came with her daughter, I asked the woman what is up with your daughter for I saw an invisible umbilical cord from home to here like a corridor whereby she could return at will and live life in both dimensions. Immediately the woman’s mind went into turmoil she could not find the beginning of the sentence to reply to me. I repeated the question and received the same result. I asked the young woman of 21 if I could hold her hand? She replied with a yes. She was ever so peaceful and lovely almost simple yet intelligent, her mother had her on all manner of G.P. medications all to no effect. The mother informed me her daughter would not take the prescriptions, this made me smile inside for to sedate is not a solution ever. Like mindless barbarians is mainstream medicine at times.  I saw the invisible chord which she never let go of from home. It made her dysfunctional in this world for she would go home then come back at will. She had a choice to come here into this world and because she didn’t like how it is here she never let the door close. It made me smile actually, but it was not her right to have that door remain open, she is here so this is her new home. It was like magic to see her change, all memory of the connection removed and her behaviors associated with it gone too. Every link in her total being to home she held onto was severed and replaced with the belonging to this world. It was pretty special to be able to achieve this, we cannot allow our children to suffer ….yet we are all children.

June 2017: A man came to me with an auto immune condition: This is similar to a cat chasing it’s tail. It doesn’t stop until? When questioned the man I found he had been messed with as a young boy and had carried this feeling of worthlessness and insufficiency for almost of his life. I installed the necessary changes in his core belief system to see at his followup appointment what has altered. I will advise further, I have been told I have done enough and his condition has gone along with how he felt about himself. We wait to see?

Being able to see what I see then to adjust it to where I feel it needs to be for the recipient to have a better chance at life is rather special. it is like delivering a miracle then to see that miracle take effect which is more again. There have been ever so many transformations as I call them over the years only they are becoming more frequent along with that the impossible now is seemingly possible. This is my greatest work which I absolutely love to do almost as if when I don’t get to do it I feel cheated ☺.

December 2017: while speaking with a woman at Waihi Beach who had two children, she was in her mid thirties. She told me she had recently ended a relationship with a man that made it his priority to bring her grief as much as he possibly could. She was telling me her story for i asked how she was, i got not from her but from the situation while tuning into it. never will I permit parents to use children as battering rams to one another. I removed from them both the need and the desire to continue conflict. I removed all the thinking behind it like the very roots and placed their children as their combined priority.  February 2018 I received confirmation this has in fact occurred. The innocents here are their greatest love, that is their children and to bash them around so that both could hurt the other is a game which never ends well. tit for tat I will not have a bar of it. A wonderful result thus far.

January 2018: A woman from Perth Australia, her life so closed, she contacted me about health issues she carried such as Asthma, Cold feet, and other complaints. Her most serious problem was her confinement, she saw life and how she lived it as a person under control as the system inflicts upon us all if we allow it. She is married so what i did to her i had to do for her husband otherwise they would separate, for like attracts like is why. She allowed the negative of humanity to continuously seat itself into her psyche. The incessant dictation of you must do this and behave a particular way, had for her made as if nothing at all. She always did as she was instructed, her life clearly governed and ruled by others she held in authority. Well no more, she has a mirror and a shield which the bollox of life cannot seat into her, she now see’s the glass as always half full as opposed to half empty. She now has a life and clearly see’s her choices. Her health issues all gone also. There is little wonder we embrace delivering this to a person, we never know how electric they are going to be, full of surprises, full of life. It is an absolute joy to be witness this transformation. We feel blessed to be able to do it.

Special note: for those who ask who gives me the right to do this work? My reply is this: because I can do it means I am meant to do it, this is but only a very small introduction to what I am going to do here. Humanity as it is, is going to change for I want that of Avatar here. Whoever thought of that movie is on a page similar to myself, it was the biggest grossing movie of all time which clearly shows more than me would like to live in a world totally beautiful at one complete within itself with no ugly, harmonious.

I have specific fees for this work, it begins at $100:00 generally although if it is combined with a medicine we work out a deal. Children who suffer I struggle to allow that, our children are the greatest love from two soul mates growing forward into the future they are the new highest light yet and the most precious life forms. There is a disconnect with it all for seldom does the parent love the offspring less, it is frequent the offspring over time has no regard for their parent. It needs to be a reciprocated love in our view the parent needs to parent better this would entail more quality engagements in time spent. Love is not to throw money at it one has to participate and become involved in their children’s lives, be their champion, be their hero and you don’t have to go to war to effect this. How many of us as parents have ever had this going on? Very few I would say, this means we can and in my view we must and it must be consistent and fun for all.

No matter what you are struggling with if you would like assistance to put it where it really needs to be then make contact and we can go from there.

Derek 022-319-2540