Our suggestions going forward

Our suggestions going forward

We suggest the following way forward for all. This is what we do when we meet those who are on deaths door. Every subject must pass the ABC’s of health: All Gut inhibitors gone, an above average diet being introduced with all carcinogens being removed. Once this has been accomplished and achieved we need to test at 4 monthly intervals? to see how the patient/individual is progressing unless something serious comes up this should suffice.

When the ABC’s of health are working correctly carcinogenic invasion becomes increasingly more difficult for the constitution of the individual is self supporting, we have found it actively grows in strength defending the body from would be invaders. Having said this the role emotions play in our health can have the most dire consequences a broken heart for example can have this all fall over, we can die from catastrophic emotional disruption (loss) similar to a serious invasive carcinogen or cancer.

To help you to understand this we are all passionate emotional beings, we need to embrace all that brings us joy and satisfaction in our lives and to remove every ugly which causes us to feel unwanted and unloved, this means our work place environment can and does play a significant role in our wellbeing. Life is not all about money it is about balance joy happiness in everything that we are involved in. When you truly have this working well for you, you have the best Life Extension possible on your doorstep.

Heads up on what is going on with all your staff…….

you included:

We have not met any individual in the thousands we have tested in the past 4 and a half years who pass our Gut test. This is more than alarming for it means the entire population is suffering with their G.P. not making a positive difference in correcting it. Every illness comes from the Gut being under siege, menstrual problems, PMS mood swings particularly so with an infestation of parasites and more….

When we meet an individual for the first time we test them for Gut health, this is for Candida, Aspartame, Fluke Parasites, Bad Fungi and general Parasites. Almost every person to date has failed testing on all of these even though their G.P. has given them a perfect bill of health. Feel free to check on our website in detail what having these living in you do, Flukes will kill you, Candida means you have Leaky gut and Irritable bowel syndrome which sets the stage for every illness to take hold, Parasites are living inside you, some say to us a certain number of parasites are a good thing? Yeah right, the word alone means to live from the host to the detriment of the host, so work their thinking out. Fungi clogs up the system bringing stagnation and poor health, moodiness and more.

Our Gut test is the very beginning to  improving your health every one must pass it, we then go onto nutrient deficiencies such as Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Iodine even and more. These come from our diet with the body either receiving these minerals or not. Even with the very best diet should the Gut be under siege from the Gut inhibitors mentioned  we have found the recipient/patient to be insufficient in minerals even though they may take them daily. This means parasites are being well fed, Candida the blocker is doing its job to as is Fungi and Fluke termites. Interesting when we clear Gut inhibitors all this changes on the very day, Gut inhibitors can be removed within the hour we have seen this countless times with a vibrancy to the patient growing with each day.

Our next test is for carcinogens or what is immediately attacking the body and mind, toxicity in the system is what it is otherwise known as. With the Gut not in balance, there will be nutrient deficiencies which in turn bring toxicity to become rampant. Arsenic is one highly serious toxin, Heavy Metals also, Aspartame (artificial sweeteners) another, Polymyalgia is from Aspartame poisoning, there is a hoard of ailments associated with this neuro toxin, yes it depletes the brain stem delivers Candida out of balance immediately. Roundup to carries with is Agent Orange, should your neighbour spray it and it falls upon your car door and you open the door you are now infected. Moto -neuron disease is caused by petrochemical poisoning combined with a poor constitution, it is fatal, yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

Almost everyone today has a poor constitution from all of the above going on in them. We have an immediate answer for this. We have a Gut inhibitors Remedy which corrects the Gut almost immediately, we have a Detox which takes one hour and removes every poison in the system without the body going into shock. To support this all a person does is improve the quality of the food they place into their body. We can take you there, our Absorption handout document on our website contain the beginning of what must be done.

When are walking on this path with your Gut in balance Carcinogens gone with a better than average diet you are on your way to having the best health of your life and true Life Extension. It costs less than an average habit and look at what you get……… immense health, youthfulness, energeticness, and lippy and you will live longer.