Test 2018

General Health Tests (The ABC’s of Health)

Exceptional Health Ltd Specialising in Bio-energetic Medicine

Feb.. 2018 update

Gut Disrupters, Flukes, Toxins

Toxins, Minerals. Serious Viruses

Minerals Cont. Flukes

Digestion  Diabetic Viruses

1  Absorption (Items 57 to 64 incl.)

23 Pneumonia

45  Selenium

56 Diabetic Viruses (Lethal)

2  Artificial Sweeteners (Toxic)

24 Radiation

46  Zinc

57 Liver                 Yin Wood

3  Candida (I.B.S)

25 Rickettsia Viruses

47  Blood Flukes

58   Gall Bladder Yang Wood

4 Flukes All current signatures

26 Ring Worm

48 Encephalitis (Brain inflammation)

59   Stomach       Yang  Earth

5  Bad Fungi 1800 signatures

27 Warts & Verruca  Viruses  Lethal

49  General Flukes

60  Spleen              Yin  Earth

6 Parasites ..1650 signatures

28  Scabies

50  Intestinal Flukes

61   Colon             Yang  Metal

7  Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea  STI’s

29  Staph & Strep. Viruses

51  Kidney Flukes

62   Lung                 Yin  Metal

8 Impositions Neg. Spiritual Entities

30 Viruses causing “Old Age” Lethal

52  Liver Flukes

63   Bowel Flora Balance

9   Arsenic

31  Mercury

53  Lung Flukes

64   Liver Enzyme Balance

10 Cadmium

32  Heavy Metals

54  Lymph Flukes

65   Hormone Balance  (F)

11  Cannabis

33 B 12

55  Pancreatic Flukes

66  Thyroid Balance

12  Chronic fatigue virus

34 Calcium

13  Dioxin

35 Calcium Metabolism

 Note: if you are tested and found to have

14  E-Coli

36  Co Q10

Gut Disruptors your health may never

15  Fluoride (Sodium, bad one) *

37 Collagen

improve while they remain.

16  Food Poisoning (Salmonella)

38 Copper

17  Lead Poisoning

39 Iodine

Note: Lethal on here means just that. They

18  Menincoccos Virus

40 Iron

are to be seen as Potentially Lethal. And

 Must be removed urgently they are

19  Roundup

41 Magnesium

In our view must be removed ASAP.

 Imminently Highly Dangerous.  They

20  Pathogenic Organisms (Lethal)

42  Manganese

They cause Catastrophic Harm to be “Life Threatening”.


 prevent recovery from Dis-ease

And can be fatal. 

21 Petrol or Diesel

43 Phosphorus

22 Poison Ivy

44 Potassium

Phone Derek: 022-319-2540

* Calcium Fluoride is the good Fluoride

Gut Health:   Good   Not good

Toxicity:      High        Low

Mineral Insufficiency:  High   Low

Digestive Imbalances

Gut, Diet & Toxins (General Health) in check is the perfect platform from which to deliver outstanding health and correction of all Dis-ease Imbalances found within this test are easily corrected by us. This is what we do. To have The very Best Health of your life begins here. Note: Stored Negative Emotions define us and can be the cause of our Dis-ease we can die from them and suffer our entire life. We sort these.

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