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Test Results: Please read your Test sheet in particular our Note regarding Potentially Lethal. If you have not been Tested for these you owe it to yourself to have this done.

Cancer Note: All toxins presented here have the potential to mutate our DNA this is one sure way Cancers are formed. At the very least they are mutating our DNA bringing Dis-ease to us. This is why it is of immediate importance to have them removed as soon as possible and to maintain that level of protection ongoing. Self-Care on our website in the Beginning pages explains this in detail.
The result of our Testing shows every individual we have tested in the past 5 years none pass our simple testing. There are no hidden agendas in these tests. Most people have a practitioner who they see for their specific health issues. Absorption is the balance to the organ systems indicated in Magenta and are essential for Great Health. Artificial Sweeteners are lethal and that is the nuts and bolts of it, they do not leave the system without a release agent and are attributed to causing catastrophic harm to our delicate system. No one is exempt, nothing, absolutely nothing artificial going into our system is the correct measure. Candida which is I.B.S when it is out of balance is delivered by the Doctors medications and Artificial Sweeteners and is the worst gut invader of them all. The entire population suffers from this Plague; it has the body wide open to every illness. Before Artificial Sweeteners and antibiotics this was a rare event. Check out our hand out: I.B.S thePlague”. We are not exaggerating how serious this is. Flukes, they eat our body organs, a common sign is itching and they like every item we are discussing here is in the food chain and water supply. There is no simple way to avoid being invaded; they are killing us that is the short of it. Bad Fungi: This is like a living mould of stagnation in the body with it comes illness straight up. Parasites: We meet people who take delight in telling us we have to have these, they must to be kidding. Parasite means to live from the host to the detriment of the host. From our perspective none is the satisfactory measure.
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, we test for these when asked and most do not even know they are carrying them. Gonorrhoea is now antibiotic resistant and termed a superbug. Well we sort it on the day, spotting is a sign women have it. Remember this: We didn’t give either to you, if you have either be advises to be rid of them. Impositions: We have not met any person we have tested who does not have these present; they come when the Heart is broken. We remove them for life, one off treatment.
Pathogenic Organisms: If you have these you have serious Chronic Fatigue and you are in big trouble. They are Dis-ease causing micro-organisms that are Potentially Lethal, people can die from these deliver. Viruses causing immobility: These are the support to all inflammatory complaints/stiffness. They deplete life and are attributed to premature aging with a supportive miserable outlook on life due to incessant pain. They deplete Kidney /Brain Function promoting Hyper-Tension. Liquid Stool is an indicator you have these. People are open to Stroke or Heart attack? have no energy and simply suffer everyday. Diabetic Viruses: This is Diabetes pretty much and most we test have them. Diabetes is the 7th major cause of Death in N.Z. we correct/remove these Viruses within a few days.
As stated at the top of this page: All Carcinogens have Cancer causing potential for they Mutate our DNA. We are not here to scare anyone. We got sick from the G.P’s medicines. They were slowly killing us. It has taken a little over 20 years to almost sort that. The G.P. did not offer to explain the severity of taking their poisons; rather they poison us and hope for the best it seems? Effects from taking our preparations. More life and Vitality. Sure that can be seem questionable for some, have a read of My Story on my website, and look at me know, make up your own mind. The Doctor fails to Doctor up these days. Make an appointment with me to help you:


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