Over the years there have been many true life experiences of at times miraculous transformations from persons with all manner of conditions presented to us. Most people today have compounding health issues. We see miracles happen on a regular basis; this tells us we use successful healing modalities. I would not have bothered investing my time into Energetic Medicine if it could not make a difference, nor would the world renown Professor who trained me have done so either. 

The testimonials we are sharing here are but only a few, it is clear to us almost everyone has a story worth telling of their recovery back from the misery they have endured.

We are now placing specific testimonials relating to the complaint. An example of this is the Gut Balancing the Beginning. New Testimonials are located at the bottom of this page. Emotional pages the same applies in the Spiritual pages.  Should you have any questions please feel free to ask.


We have had some amazing results from this, one woman told me she was on the loo for a week, better out than in I say, another stated she didn’t seem to eat as much as she used to, probably because she was actually getting more from the foods she did eat. An unexpected saving, another who purchased a Card Therapy which has a life span of around 10 years told she stated she felt amazingly well and never better. That was wonderful news. The very first Card we sold to a woman in Pukekohe who told us of eating less, feeling alive, and she looked fabulous much better than she did prior. This sort of response is typical in most cases I do not recognise the person even after only 4 weeks. This is transformational and when I see people who have been on our products they beam particular so when they do the entire Gut and Detox Programmes and follow the nutrition recommendations and dietary changes.

I met a young man of 7 he could not sit still his head all over the place he could not sit still nor face me for more than a moment. His mother was a part time practitioner; she had no idea what to do for her son. She refused to follow mainstream medicine as she told me they only treat symptoms and not the cause. This young man had a bad temper and was in a bit of a mess. Aspartame was one major culprit (artificial sweeteners) with his health challenges; he had Leaky Guy Irritable Bowel Syndrome also. We performed non invasive testing on him and made natural energetic medications for him to correct what we found. We cleaned up his digestive system, removed toxicity from his system and introduced him to a supportive diet for his condition, in no time at all he was a new boy, it was astounding to see how quickly he progressed, his mothers face said it all, some things are priceless. His condition was abated within an hour from a continual variable delivered homeopathic medium, although it took his body around a month for it to fully repair itself.

This is miraculous, it removes the mercury component from your black fillings. This is factual we have retested many to find they have no mercury that we could detect in their system/body. We have tested people before and after to find Mercury no longer present in their bodies. It comes with a guarantee to do the job or a refund given provided of course you have not destroyed the energy within the bottle. We have not had to refund anyone thus far.

This is a so called incurable pathology. We have had many come to walk away for they want a pill to sort it, like yeah right that way of thinking must go. Genetics plays a role with this pathology as with all pathologies, your life style is next. This is a degenerative inflammatory condition. We have found there is no quick fix, we must undo what has been done, introduce the corrective healing environment for as long as is necessary for and until the body has self healed. If anyone thinks they can cheat this process good luck with that. We have had patients who had Arthritic knees and hips to have their bodies repair them naturally much to the delight of all who participated. The body repairs itself when we create and sustain this corrective healing environment, this complaint is no different although it means a change of diet and a few other things rest assured it is doable.

We had one patient who came to us she was in her mid sixties, she had broken a bone in her leg. Her body had not been able to repair and grow bone for in excess of a year, her specialist informed her it didn’t look like her body was up to it. We had her apply our Soft Tissue Repair Cream, while having a carrot juice and placing slight load through the brake twice daily. She grew 20mm of bone in less than 3 months healing her complaint much to the surprise of her specialist. We all love these stories.

This could take up to 100 pages the remarkable stories we have had come back to us. I met one particular woman at a market she told me she had tried everything for over 20years and spent many thousands of dollars and was of the opinion there is no such cure, she was miserable, her doctor had no answer for her. She purchased our little programme, I asked her to come see me 2 weeks later and when she did I did not recognise her for she looked amazing. She thanked me from the bottom of her heart, when this happens it is difficult to stop the tears, and that happens often. Why suffer when you do not have to. Another story of a woman and her husband around 50, he was a sceptic and she was an athlete who could push herself to the very end that was the will in her, I read that. I invited them both to come see me for a check, two days after being on both Worms and the Candida Programmes. There was a phone call, the sceptical husband went first for 40minutes telling me how he had no appetite where prior he was a glutton, he now slept well when before he seldom did, she was next, she thanked me ever so much, it was all so lovely. Miracles do happen although there should never be the need for them with Candida it is so simple to never have it out of balance.

We have a cannabis sign which promotes the removal of Cannabis from the body within 4 hours, It is a highly popular sign; it stops many people in their tracks. This should not be the case this is why I thought it worth a mention.
This is natures wonder Herb, yet it can cost you your job which is shameful. It is also illegal another mistake we feel, alcohol is far worse in our opinion, yet that is legal and ok to consume although we do not. There is a lot of ugly which comes from those people who do not control themselves which makes alcohol ugly along with any narcotic. The removal programme does the job in as little as four hours provided your body’s systems are able to shift it. Should you present with sufficient Flukes or Cancer do not expect the body to be able to remove it. We ask all to follow the instructions on the handout document which comes with it. It is all pretty simple it has performed extremely well over many years. We have had people buy it religiously every week for they have been tested weekly for them to pass the testing procedures. Those who play with fire inevitably are burnt something to consider perhaps.

To us this is not really a complaint as such same with Chemical Poisoning for we have the Gut balancing programmes and our Detox which assist the body to correct these and has done so many times over. To be persistent and to follow instructions and report what is happening so we know where you are at is of utmost importance. Chronic fatigue we have found to comprise of a relatively simple correctable set of imbalances but one which must be sustained should the recipient truly want to rebuild and have a strong constitution and remain free from fatigue. Follow our instruction without deviation.

I have met Dentists who seem to think they are a god unto themselves….. they most certainly are not. I met a woman at an event she was in agony, had been to a dentist for two weeks spent an enormous amount of money, she had one very serious mouth infection, had been on antibiotics the entire two weeks yet she was still suffering. Within 20 minutes there was a new woman in front of me, the agony had been removed the infection gone too, she bought the Dental Remedy Programme told me from the very first drop she felt immediately different, she had treatment as well with a few devices. Another young woman in Taupo came to me with toothache, had it for 5 weeks that is shameful to endure tooth pain for so long, one drop was all she had, corrected on the spot, I was as surprised as she was at how immediate the drop corrected the problem.
This is nothing short of miraculous; it does not correct every dental problem, designed for root fillings, infections, cracked teeth etc.
Should you have a child or children who have been taken from you your body loves them, as such there are times when it cries out for it feels their energy on this earth and reflects this as the most sever toothache. I have had this so have others I have assisted with it, you may well need to come see us to sort this out or call for we can sort this over the phone. This must sound ridiculous to some people reading it, there is more going on in this world than what meets the eye that I assure you.

This is our new Detox. This is rather special for this medicine has been designed to remove every carcinogen present in the body within 1 hour. We ask for you to repeat the process a second time to reinforce the effect. The instructions are with it. It has been designed to clear one organ system every 5 minutes without causing any negative body reactions or undesired side effects such as alarm reactions. We have tested persons who have undertaken this programme with the results of the test to show all carcinogens tested to be gone with the organ systems returned to balance one by one as you progress through the programme. It is gender specific Results from all who have done it say they feel amazing and alive. Those who come for a recheck are found to be carcinogen free and they had not experienced any residual effects of detoxification bar the odd skin eruption and feeling slightly sleepy on occasion. One young lady told us of how amazing she felt the very next day, this is what we want to hear about, it makes this all so worth while.

this was our flag ship programme only because it was the first I guess and it has performed miracles time and again acclaimed to have saved lives according to some who have used it. It has been replaced with our immediate 2 hour Detox with no side effects which is mentioned later. There are a few amazing tales to tell. I met a man at Miranda Holiday Park who was in his 80’s and could barely walk he had a walking stick, he looked ready for his grave. He purchased the product, around 6 months later I was in Wellington at a show, I heard a voice calling Derek…Derek you saved my life. A man ran up to me and hugged me thanking me profusely. I asked “who are you?” for I did not recognise him, he told me, I could not believe my eyes he looked younger than 60 when he was infact 81.
The most amazing of all stories of this programme was the man who called me to say I had been recommended to him for he claimed he had chronic fatigue. I invited him to come over, what I saw as I open my door was a zombie look alike same as the movie without any makeup. I thought he to be a walking corpse, I could not believe this man was alive. It took 2 and a half hours of therapy to deliver the exact same treatment as this preparation, bar the cardiovascular section to it. All the while this fellow was becoming cheekier by the minute. He even told me I talked too much which usually means there is energeticness happening. I could not believe the transformation within this man he was indeed a handsome fellow not a walking corpse that had been dead for a month. He thanked me and thanked me telling me he had never felt more alive in his life. I was speechless, I was totally unprepared for what I had just witnessed…. it was a miracle. The professor who trained me takes great pleasure in taking people from hospice and giving them their lives back for a while at lesst. There was one such woman over the North shore I rung her to talk to the Professor, she sounded so delightful on the phone. I went over there to see him. The woman I spoke with opened the door and oh my what a shock did I see, a walking corpse. She did die she had 6 cancers, the world lost an angel that day she was that lovely.

We have specific testing models for both types of diabetes. As with all pathologies the General Health must be brought back to balance. This is Absorption, Toxicity gone and the introduction to a complimentary diet which brings and supports great health. We have numerous stories of patients who have overcome type 2 Diabetes. As always we begin with firstly with assisting the body to return General Health to the individual. One woman came to us who was a sufferer she had this complaint in excess of 20years. From following our instructions this woman was diagnosed by her G.P. within one month to no longer be Diabetic (it actually took 2 weeks). The difference in the woman was immediately noticeable. This woman was on the average adult wage, she spent around 2K with us she clearly did not put the cost ahead of her health and the result in our view and hers was worth the investment, our health is indeed priceless.

This is a shameful condition as are all imbalances for women, particularly so when it is in the reproductive system. Endo as it is called brings with it extreme agony my wife had it, she had suffered for over 20years, we corrected it in less than one month using diet alone, she never had a another siesure. I had a girl friend who was very special to me, she awoke at 2am in agony. By my bedside I have a hospital in the name of an ADK4000 Colour Therapy Device. The healing colour for all complaints for a woman’s reproductive system is Pink or Magenta delivered at 528Hertz which is the DNA frequency.
I immediately began treatment, within 2 minutes the agony had stopped although she felt a tightness in her ovaries. She had been a sufferer in excess of 20years also. The next day I made the Remedy for this complaint and have used it many times, it has not let us down thus far. It is simply incorrect for a person to continually suffer from this especially so when there is no need to.

We have assisted people who have been going blind back to great vision, this is highly rewarding for the other players out there who have all the worlds resources at their disposal who simply give lenses, or offer laser treatments and or eye surgery at times to the detriment of the patient. In our view one needs to ask the question as to why is your eye sight diminishing? Coffee brings poor vision all on its own, Fluke damage to the liver will do it too, make an appointment and let us see what we can do to assist your failing eye sight. We feel the body has been engineered to last a life time our eyes are inclusive of that.

We have mentioned on the Basics page a review of our Eye Problems Medium. We have very extensive non invasive testing for the assistance to the correction of eye sight problems. General Health must be established and maintained ongoing, Turmeric, M.S.M. and pretty much all our super supplements along with a truly nutritious diet without caffeine carcinogen is endorsed. There is an awful lot we can do, simply do not take impossible as an out. If you truly want great vision make contact, we are excited as you are to see you see better.

Consequences from Having Deadly Flukes Rampant in the body

Fluke Parasites: attack your mind, shamefully so, they affect your very reasoning affecting who you are diminishing brain function. They prevent the Kidney from healing bone and soft tissue, liver function too adding to blotchy skin and jaundice (yellowing of the eyes), They add to the degeneration of one’s eyes sight from their attack to the hosts Liver. In fact the symptoms for Flukes are as varied as Candida, they add to impotence if not one serious cause, similarly they can add to infertility in women, they must be removed it is as simple as that and monitored. We have successfully removed Flukes from one individual who had them for 13 years. He mentioned to us he was always itchy, this is a real sign they are alive in the host. He was fortunate to still be here, he saw many professionals for no one to correctly diagnose him. Within a short period of time he looked significantly different and thanked us. They prematurely age the host making them look many years their senior while looking at times dreadful in appearance. We consider the best course of action is to remove them daily no amount of Flukes are a safe amount to have in the body and are a constant in our lives.

Sooner or later Flukes cause such damage the body simply cannot retain life…it is then that we die this is how serious these are! We have been privy to information which state “The death was explainable”, oh really. This doesn’t have to be the case, simply take the remedy every day without fail as we do.

We have not questioned a G.P. about Flukes. We are curious re their response.


Here are some of the Problems/Symptoms Bad Fungi delivers to us.

Bad Fungi: Symptoms of this are very similar to those of Candida yet they are not. Fungal infections on skin or nails, Athletes foot, Toenail fungus, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhea, Bad breath, Dry mouth, Joint pain, Numbness, Hair loss, Headaches, PMS, Heartburn, Burning eyes, Lack of impulse control, Hyperactivity, Poor concentration, Brain fog, ADD, ADHD, Autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis or multiple sclerosis, Mood swings, Anxiety, Depression, Strong cravings for sugar or refined carbohydrates, Eczema or psoriasis, Hives, Seasonal allergies or itchy ears, Urinary tract infections, Vaginal or rectal itching.  Our Programme removes up to 1800 differing signature of Fungi if present immediately within 5 seconds. It is accelerated by sipping water (as does all our preparations) after taking the Remedy for water immediately energies the Body Electric.


We have had great success with this; I met a man in his 70’s at Miranda. I said hello to him he was about two meters away. He didn’t look up, I guessed he had a hearing problem. I asked again for him to say he was mostly deaf. I offered him a special hearing card therapy medium which he took, I asked him to wear it for 4 hours for that was when I would be leaving, he took the card medium. I asked for payment if he wanted the card, he came over with payment, as he walked away I said to him, so do you hear any better he was some 7 meters away while walking away with his back towards me, he replied  “absolutely” he then turned around and smiled at me. It brought a smile to my face also. It doesn’t work for everyone who suffers from insufficient hearing but it did for this man. We have experienced others who have taken our Gut Balancing Preparation and those who have Heart and Cardiovascular disorders. When we assist with these complaints their hearing has improved significantly.

In our Basics page there is an article regarding our own hearing problems we have been experiencing of late and the transformation that has taken place from wearing our own specific hearing medium. Everything has a different sound now, we actually get more from listening to our music for we hear what we used to once again. Make an appointment for us to assist you with your hearing troubles it can be so life changing.

It is alarming to hear what mainstream medicine says about this complaint, we have heard of a G.P. informing his patient when presented with this particular complaint there is no cure for it and that you may well become sterile etc.
It appears to us Mainstream medicine may simply have no answer for it as such in our view they should simply say so, not to initiate fear into their patients through their own inability to provide a successful outcome to a complaint.
Every item foreign to the body can be removed this is a fundamental of Homeopathy. Herpes is a virus which comes more so when the recipient is run down with a low constitution this comes from lifestyle choices and a great deal of ignorance combining with alcoholism, smoking drugs and other outside influences. We have had many come to us who have suffered from this, it generally takes a few days to leave initially, flare ups are common for the body is run down that is why those who acquire it get it, their constitution is low. It takes time to build a strong constitution once you have this condition corrected and maintain the processes of self care we ask of you, if adhered to this complaint will seldom reappear. It can take months General Health as we have mentioned on this site must be maintained for the recipient to remain clear. The medicine we have has removed it on the day in almost all cases it is the recipient who fails to follow the self care instructions which has it reappear.

We have found it is seldom necessary for grown men to take this preparation as for teenage men we most certainly recommend it. They need to take this until they are no longer emotionally all over the place, with mood swings combining anger outbursts and other disruptive behaviours. These symptoms are not solely linked to hormonal imbalances this we have to check.
Women however are a totally different story. If they have a poor diet combined with poor absorption they may well be plagued with this their entire life and all those who are in their circle of friends especially their immediate family will suffer along with them. This doesn’t have to be the case we have seen transformation in front of our very eyes within minutes with this. Rabid dog syndrome I call it gone and your daughter returned to you. This works for women of all ages.
We see our children as our greatest investment into our future, it is our absolute duty as parents to care for them, guide them, to always be there for them. When they fall to pick them up and love them all the while. You will not be disappointed having one of these Card Therapies in your medicine cabinet it comes in drop form too with one drop being sufficient for one day, our daughters are most certainly worth it. In no time at all it assists the body bringing balance to this area.

This is also known as Graves Dis-ease, where the body is on full throttle same with the Brain, these poor unfortunate individuals just cannot stop, they seldom sleep for longer than an hour or so, they make for good robots but unfortunately they die early from being burnt out. Their Thyroid gland is in over active mode, Coffee (carcinogen) in particular accelerates this as it accelerates the entire Endocrine System (Glands, the reproductive system is in this system). I had a couple in their mid forty’s come to see me about Candida, They appeared healthy enough, although it was winter and he wore shorts and a tee shirt unlike myself I was dressed for winter. They both sat close to me, the heat coming from the man had me remove my jersey he was a metre away. I immediately had him hold onto a Card Therapy for Grave’s Dis-ease and commenced talking with his wife for she was first to be tested. No sooner had I begun testing his wife say 5 minutes when he made a comment he felt cold. He presented with ADHD also, all Gut inhibitors as did his wife, she had Endometriosis which we assisted correction on the day. His condition was corrected for him with the aid of the Card over the following month as was his wife’s complaints.

Feb. 2018: We were contacted by a woman who had this complaint for a few years. She told us she kept putting it off then one day she made contact and came to see us. She had been to the G.P. who gave her some medication which did nothing at all for the symptoms she had. This woman was mid 55’s, although she looked more like 35, she was lovely all the way through. For this complaint we have a schedule of organ systems which we test to see which are out of balance. We then administer therapy which contains the required balance to these organ systems and we see what comes from it as a body response? We gave this person the card medium for her to wear which contained these corrective supportive energies for her complaint. We then began to test her for Gut inhibitors along with pathogens and Carcinogens, Diabetic Viruses and Viruses that cause immobility and basically old age syndrome. She had them all. While testing she mentioned how amazing she was feeling like lighter within herself and freer as if a burden had been removed. At the beginning of the appointment she came mentioned about a relationship which had ended years prior. This is most significant, we did not ask her about anything she simply opened herself and spoke of it. I tuned into to her, she was holding onto the emotion, she told me she had let it go, but it was there so clearly she hadn’t. I removed it from her. This condition manifests from Stagnant Liver and Endocrinial Chi. Where the patient had has such catastrophic loss of Heart (love) that their body cannot reset itself back to normal. All corrected within minutes and she feels incredible which is wonderful news. We never get enough of hearing success stories like this. You do not have to suffer another day.

This is underactive Thyroid where there is cold in the body mostly felt by women in particular in their extremities hands and feet. We men know of this for our women rest their freezing feet on us in bed much to our surprise. We had the fortune to meet a woman in her 70’s who presented with multiple conditions as most people do. This was the worst case I had seen, the cold was up to her shoulders and above her knees. She looked under siege visually troubled within herself, yet her husband was of beautiful heart. This woman had skin cancer also, the ugly some of us carry is most certainly depleting us. I had her hold onto a Card Therapy for the condition and set about testing her for our general health check.
I was talking to them both for over half an hour, she informed me she felt warm inside as her face began to have a glow about it which was very encouraging. I placed my hand on her hand to find it was considerably warmer than it had been prior to therapy being delivered from the Card.  This happens often so for me it is not as a surprise as it used to be, yet I am always in awe at immediate results, how quickly things can change it is simply wonderful. The woman’s husband had tears running down his face, it takes my breath away to see such love they had been married in excess of 50 years.

we have had the good fortune of meeting persons who were in need of these procedures. I met a fellow at a market who said spirit had guided him to me.  I took that to be rather complimentary.
I asked what was going on with him other than his boisterous nature and attitude which I took to be as that of a teenager, much like my own, or perhaps it was a mirror. This man was 65 at the time he was told he was in need of a knee replacement by his G.P. We assisted him to correct this it took about 4 months.

This is brought about from a Tik typically a condition of Australia, we have assisted a few to overcome this complaint over there sent from here and permitted to enter the country much to the surprise of the postal service here who told me it would not be allowed into Australia. It is ridiculous politics messing with people’s health.

This is a combination of all our Gut inhibitors including the polish to the Gut our Absorption Remedy. This is our flag ship for this is where we start to unravel every illness in every person we see. Spiritual content: This preparation loves the individual it has been intended for. We have been advised should anyone present with a cancer in the organs listed on the test sheet this preparation will have a most significant impact upon that condition. We ask for you to let us know of the outcome. 1 x Drop per day is all that you take. Every person at Wanderlust 2017 who purchased was tested 2 minutes after taking the drop to be in balance. One woman was rather manic became at peace in less than an hour, she went on to purchase the Detox, what a transformation she became gentler her personality smoother, her voice softer, more colour in her face she looked far lighter when asked how she felt her reply:”I feel on top of the world” She looked more youthful that was only an hour into it, she was 37. Life extension is here for all who wish to venture down that wonderful path we can take you there work with us have some Faith.

A man came to see me, his girl friend of 82 brought him he was 76 at the time. I looked at him and hello there was no one home in his head, he could not speak and he drooled. He had been a pilot, what a sad state to see a man obviously with an immaculate mind to be like a vegetable. His girlfriend had to be there for he could not possibly follow the procedures necessary to help him. I saw him 8 weeks later, this time he was coherent, we had conversation. When he first came I felt from him he simply wanted to die, life was too hard, I most definitely understood, he had been informed there is no way back. Within another month he bought a super charged car he was like a teenager of 14 when we spoke again, this is what I got from him, youthful and energetic. It was wonderful to see, miracles can happen as they often do.

Although this is strictly a Detox remedy we do not sell it often as it is removed with the aid of our One Hour Detox Programme. We have had reports of feeling immediately relieved as if an enormous burden had been removed. This is exactly the case, suffering from these and having them removed is akin to having a huge burden released. There was a man in Manawatu who was always ill; he went to his G.P. every week for a different prescription of antibiotics. He was miserable, we tested him for Pathogens he took it and had an immediate result.
His wife called us to ask “what had we done to her husband”? In the past he would get home from work and head to the couch to sleep, that had all changed he was now alive.

This affects woman also just so you know they can carry the inflammatory precursors attributed to inflammation of the Prostate. We have had many men come, sadly no women.
We had one man come of around 50 he presented with every item in the prostate test out of balance. They are very basic and simple to correct with the aid of the appropriate remedies. We accessed his subconscious mind asking did he get on with his mother to find he did not. If negative resentments are not released towards the opposite gender the condition will never heal. We released his negative burden towards her, on a follow up session we retested to find every item had been cleared. The man looked amazingly well and seemed happy within himself, his wife came along commented how different he was, and a nicer man for what we had assisted him with. This was wonderful news for us to hear. We have had many men concerned with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) they have carried maybe due to promiscuity this is a difficult area at times to deliver such news, yet it has to be done. We do not ask as to how you contracted them or of others who may well be infected, just because you may well have it doesn’t mean you will infect another we have seen this also. We want to clear you such that you pass our tests, then you will be clear and in balance, for this is where in our view point you need to be.

We have had great success with this condition, almost 100% success. When a patient presents with a sinus issue we must also look to address the Colon (large intestine) for they are both metal elements in the body, they are brother and sister organ pairing (Yin,Yang). The colon is a Yang while the Lung is a Yin. Sinus is about breathing and so falls in the lung meridian territory. We have had many people come to have their snoring gone from the very first night, one lady in Tauranga was  astounded so was one in Browns Bay, she was an African lady.
She swore black and Blue there was no way my plastic Card would possibly correct her husband’s snoring. I have one by my bed in case I am awakened at night, tears come from the voices that frequent my mind. The sinus Card within minutes assists me to breathe normally. A past girl friend while sleeping her breathing was loud and labouring, I placed a card into her P.J’s to hear her breathing become that of a whisper within minutes which meant her body was no longer struggling to breathe giving her a far superior sleep, I thought that to be rather special and nice.  


Here are some of the Major Side Effects Parasites bring to our table.

General Parasites: bring bad behaviours, insatiable appetite, moodiness and other negative emotions with varying degrees of depression including manic and feelings of worthlessness etc. They are a precursor to Brain fatigue, lethargy and fatigue overall and generally make life miserable. When combined with Pathogenic Organisms (Dis-ease causing germs) they contribute to around 70% of all illness. On frequent occasions I have had those tell me a certain amount of parasites are a good thing in the body. I don’t know where people get their information from, that is preposterous, it’s like saying cancer is a good thing in moderation. That will be the next ridiculous thing people will be saying, absolutely no way! Parasite means to live from the host to the detriment of the host. Parasites consume the very life force from us. We take this remedy every day just to be certain.  We have not found a more cost effective nor superior remedy than this one which lasts the distance (for years). This is instant also which makes for an immediate result. Intestinal parasites can be a most significant problem with children in particular babies who place everything into their mouths for the taste test and as such we feel it needs to be taken daily. It will not affect your baby or toddler other than to help.

Note: One drop from our Remedy Programme and a sip of water immediately kills over 1650 varying signature of Parasite. The effect is immediate. I know for I have recent experienced this unfortunately, being cranky, eating like a horse etc. I smiled to myself after feeling the change, derrrrr.

Non Specific Treatments and Testimonials:

There are times when we just have to write about people we meet and their stories which need to be heard.

This is one such story: December 2017. While at Ray’s Rest a doc freedom camp there was this man walking in the heat of the day with 4 layers on, the temperature outside was close to 30 degrees. I thought he must want to loose weight having a sauna while freedom camping and I just let that go. People do strange things? The man came over to me and asked if my advertising on the side of my van was for show? Mobile Clinic means exactly that I informed him, I then asked are you trying to loose weight to which he replied no. I am always cold and have been this way for 50 years, he went on to say he was in his 70’s. He told me he had been to all manner of doctors and specialists and they could nothing for him and he would not take drugs. I invited him in and told him we will see where you are at and offer a way forward. He accepted and this is what we found: He told me had Myalgia’s, the cause of that is Aspartame i informed him. He had been to the doctor only a few days prior. I tested him for my standard test to find he was Toxic to have Dioxin, Arsenic, Pathogenic Organisms, Mercury and Lead poising, his Gut was shot also and he had Diabetic Viruses. I let him know his quack wasn’t doing him any favors, look at this crap you have going on in you. I began testing his four fire signs which are: Heart, Endocrine system, Pericardium and the Small Intestine to find all of them out of kilter. I had him place his foot on a medium which carries within it correction for Hyperthyroidism which is cold in the body. We chatted for 20 minutes while he was connected to that medium upon retesting his body electric now showed his fire signs were in balance. He informed me he felt a tingling sensation when he connected with the medium. This man looked years younger than his actual age, he was a simple man with a good Heart and in him i saw roots back to the American  Indians. He left with the corrections for General Health, Diabetic Viruses, and Hyper-Thyroidism. I will be making contact in a week to gauge where he is at and will continue this blog.

December 2017: We had a lady come to us who had lost her husband many years ago. She struggled to walk, she new she carried with her the loss of her husband and that was what was preventing her from growing forward in her life journey. We tuned into her to install the Highest light and for her to deeply love and respect herself above all other bar non. We removed the loss of her husband and rerouted her emotional such that there was no longer a loss as if the memory was completely positive with no stagnation retained within her body. We corrected Heart and Kidney Shen, and released all stored hurt held in her Kidneys. She mentioned neck pain and headaches. We removed these also. We will be in touch with this lady over the next few weeks to see how she is progressing. We so love engaging in this type of healing for results are always staggering.

December 2017: Dementia related Illness along with not wanting to face the world for the man wants to stay a little boy. The world as it currently presents for him is too harsh, how he coped with it was to be as the little boy. This story is wonderful, there was a boy (man) and he had a girl (woman). She had a lovely Heart but she carried the COW in her, demanding, ruthless, selfish and it’s all about me, and strong with it. Life gave this to her, she had been molded to become this ugly person with the Angel Heart hiding inside. The boy could have been my bet friend that is how special he is, why is he with her was my question? Some men attract their mothers, and their mothers were battle axes, for it all they know. No way would I allow that to continue, not for this boy and this girl. If she were in a paddock of cows she would be the queen of them all. I removed that from her not with the aid of a medicine from a command sent into her body to rewire and remove all the ugly which had brought her to become the cow. After a week she looked radiant, no cow at all, and she commented saying she felt it leave, she now glows. The man was like a little boy only he spoke unintelligible going from one subject to another randomly and what he spoke about was meaningless dribble. After 4 months and a few visits there is now this most beautiful man who has left the boy behind. He has grown to be a rock within himself, the Dementia gone to. This is our most proud accomplishment todate, there is two jewels to be added to this world. This couple are in the mid 60’s. I saw them just the other evening, I could look at them all day and never tire for when the Heart and Kidney Shen unite in two such as soulmates they shine like the brightest light in the sky. This is what I see in them together and separately, there is nothing more other than their children being the same.

There are many more stories of wonderful news of healing we have listed only a few. Miracles do happen, they happen every day, feel free to onsend your story to us from the interactions you have had from us and our products. We thank you in anticipation.