My Story

Derek’s story:

What is the meaning of life? I have my answer at the conclusion of my story.  As life is continuous so is this section of our website.

It is interesting to reflect back to see where I have been on my journey to where I am now. We are always challenged and directed and influenced throughout our lives. This story is about my progression mostly from sickness which has come and mostly gone, to be now November 2017 finally leaving as my body wants to reclaim itself. It feels almost as if there is a new me who is so far different from the young man I was at 13 and the man I was even a month ago. I have had my astrology done from a prominent individual highly skilled in this subject. She has informed me I am a bulldozer that is my strength to my conviction and personality and that I now am in my Pluto years, with that comes immense power and constant change and growth, which I see as evolving. I take from this my life is never going to be dull, I do try to see more than what is straight in front of me (the bulldozer relates to straight up no messing around “The Capricorn me”).

I used to see myself as perfect from when I was around 13 years of age. I had prefect teeth, never had a broken bone and no scars, a mirror was my best friend. I had great genes an awesome physique (I trained my body) and was handsome. Carlie Simon put out a song entitled “Your so Vane. I was dumbfounded that song was all about me. In truth it is about Narcissistic men. “Narcissism” I had no idea what that word meant only I was conditioning myself to become one. Where did I get that from was my question? The answer is from my environment. When I was in my early 20’s I could easily have become a psychopath and able to justify any behavior. My dad died when I was 13, he was my entire world. Everyone thought highly of him, people loved him as did I and then one day he was gone and I turned to my mother who was not on the page, nor was my older brother 7 years senior. So, I brought myself up, I had no role model and no real measure to define right and wrong.

I have been predominately self employed there again I answered to basically no one bar myself. I have always made policy and just went for what ever I thought was right and of course what I wanted. I wanted to be like my dad and thought that an impossible feat, only these day I feel I have out grown that thinking. We come here pretty much a clean slate and are molded and conditioned into what we become mostly from our environment. As a child we have little option but to grow how we grow, it is only when we mature is when we see we have choices particularly so with our behaviors in particular incorrect programing.

I was born in Glasgow Scotland, my parents were worker ants. Scotland was hard with violence and aggression a constant. “Do it to them before they do it to you”. That was one of my mothers conditioning (programming) towards me, another “trust no one”, and “tell no one your business”. This makes for unsociable behaviors, I was not even 6 years of age. My parents wanted a better life for us hence we emigrated to NZ .

My fathers death was the most catastrophic event in my life, he died when I was 13 and even today tears fill my eyes. Part of me died that day, there was no one I loved more than he, he was my everything. I don’t really know how I survived that other than I have.

I feared broken bones, I never understood that and still do not although I no longer fear them. At school broken arms were common place with boys. No way for me, then at the age of 28 I had a broken leg. So far that has been my only broken bone. I have had my heart broken innumerable times and have put it back together better than before. This is why I have a Relationships Emotions and Us on here, for these are significant and life altering and we need a positive influence to bring us to a higher place of consciousness. This enables us to become more as individuals with less grief and baggage. From my leg break I developed all manner of problems spanning many years. Back problems were the first. I went to the chiropractor then an osteopath, oh my what a waste of time they turned out to be. A real life experienced education was about to commence. This is the class room of life I have been participating in as we all are. This has led me to what I do now, my suffering has forced me to find an acceptable solution for what appears out there in most places is lacking in returning correction for illness. The chiropractor did nothing to assist me to correct the route cause, the osteopath the same. Treating symptoms does nothing long term. I would have to see them everyday for the remainder of my life for I had a leg shortening as a result of the brake and the way it was set and had healed. I have on here mentioned about Structures of the body in the information page, have a read it is highly informative. Orthotics are not an acceptable solution either for leg length differentials

To correct the leg shortening the body must be reprogrammed to allow for the differences now present and not to hold onto what was. It was my reluctance of accepting changes pertaining to Structures of my body which has prevented my body to self correct to a great extent. I didn’t know this back then, who understands this today? Very few I would think. I was rigid in my expectations and my thinking for I new no different. I had neck problems, knee problems, spinal problems all due to this break.

I was in construction from the age of 19 and was extremely physical both at work and in the gym which I frequented my entire adult life from the age of 15  onwards and I continue to train and work my body. I placed my faith into the system of general mainstream medicine for I new nothing of alternate. Alternate simply was not there, even today in many cases it remains not there. I had no idea of side effects from medications being potentially as severe as the initial complaint, and recently on 20/20 I heard of the system stating their medication kill as many as they save, if “save” is a correct word to use. Prolonged use of their medications causes cell death (this means people die), and they do not tell us. How can they justify not informing their patients of the implications of these so called medicines? This is not acceptable.

Being in construction saw me frequent with cuts thankfully nothing more serious came my way. It took three times as long for cuts on my body to heal as that of others, I wondered why? I have had many courses of antibiotics unbeknown to me were the immediate and long term effects these have on the constitution of the body. I.B.S. comes immediately, this is Candida out of balance and has the body wide open to every Dis-ease. Through malnourished and a continually weakened constitution.

My constitution was so low I presented with chronic Athletes foot which is bad Fungi for nearly 8 years. I would head to the G.P. for him to sort it for it is their job. After all they are the doctors, his response was he had never seen any Fungal attack as severe as mine. He had no answer for me, he would say they had to isolate the Fungi. I asked why don’t you? as he took a swab and never contacted me regarding it. It got to the extreme, I went to the G.P. for him to state “If the Fungi (which had eaten a hole between my toes) gets to the bone of my foot we will have to amputate”. That was the last straw for me, I  left there without paying for the visit and set about finding answers.

At the beginning on here I admitted I was vane, tell you what I was angry, more like an uncontrollable rage came over me, that G.P. was lucky. Fists used to be my resolution to situations such as these after all I am from Scotland. I never met such a soft touch population as New Zealanders, until I came here with tell tales being everywhere , with so many mummies boys. Different culture I guess?  Even today this has me shake my head. I do not understand how Mainstream Medicine can do what they do knowing they are responsible for people’s deaths and justify what they do as an acceptable practice?

We hold G.P’s in the highest light, they are people of extreme influence, we give this power to them, when to be blunt they do not deserve it in my view. This is an example of the lacking of their healing modality and in their abilities to perform simple tasks of doctoring. They cannot for one deliver General Health according to my writings on here and that is basically the fundamental necessity for the self-correction of all illness and for obtaining great health. We see this as the very beginning. If the G.P. was honest with me to say there is nothing we can do for we have no answer for what you have, I could have accepted that.

I must state over the years I have attended many counseling sessions, have been active in men’s support groups, from 1979 through to 2012. To tame the wild Scots man or at least to give myself options so as to see consequences for my actions prior to having to face the music? I felt this a most desired asset to have for my life journey ahead. As far as Fungal growth is concerned we have a solution for this, it is relatively simple: Stop putting in the foods which contain yeast (the cause) and minimise sugars, return Gut Balance and remove Carcinogens this will establish a good measure of General Health, and address stress if applicable. From there over time the body is now in the position to restore the constitution. Stress is a major player in all health issues, I cleared this Fungal complaint myself. Interesting, I used to have one loaf of bread per day, drunk beer, I used it as a relaxant at the end of the day and I ate cheese. Alcohol consumption is an acceptable past time for grown ups according to society. Well it isn’t in my book.  All support yeast (Fungi) in the body, the G.P. never told me to remove these from my diet as if he didn’t know, my guess is he didn’t, yet he should have for he is the Doctor.

When my second wife left the Fungi returned (stress related trigger), I lost 15kgs also and thought I was going to die everyday for at least 6 months. My children are the only reason how I survived that. I see my children as my greatest ever asset growing forward into the future. They are my true love. My lovely wife (second one) began to pick on my children, they were not hers, she had Endometriosis as such she had no children. I corrected that for her within one month for she never had a repeat attack. She had that complaint for 26years.

I found a replacement G.P. I liked him he had a good heart only I have little regard for what he practices. From the break came osteoarthritis in almost my entire body. This according to my G.P. and the specialist I went to. How come is my question? There is a lot more going on than what the G.P. tells you. This for me at 36 years of age, lots of antibiotics over many years is what I consider to be the root cause to my problematic health issues. Titanium replacements were offered, no way would I have them butcher me to place anything artificial into my body.

I set about learning to correct what I had myself which took me away from construction simply because I could no longer do it. I loved it for it had everything I thought? These days I see way too much ugly in that industry, it is a minefield one has to be of strong emotionally to be a survivor in that industry.

The beginning and an the introduction to Energetic Medicine was now underway. I began with purchasing the finest twin gear juice extractor I could find and read many books on the subject. I met Alastair, he is the genius who was like a father figure to me. He trained me in the use of devices in particular Bio-feedback and associated complimentary healing equipment. He is one of the very best, if not the best in this field. Cancers are his daily cup of tea. I believe we meet who we are meant to meet when we are meant to meet them. Ten years I was in constant contact with the Grand Master, thousands of emails and visits to his clinic for onsite learning, every tool he made and he has over 100 patents I pretty much purchased. He had me buy a Mora for in his words they are the very best next to our Bio-feedback Device. On this device he mapped out in every programme when the energies repeated, noted the times, made a device which would indicate to us when it was delivering therapy and supplied this information with the tool when you purchased it.

There are many practitioners out there who have these devices, they are highly problematic and are affected by spiritual and other delicate energies. I seldom use mine these days for I have made vials of the entire matrix on the device and used these to make a medicine for what ever the individual requires to correct what they present. There are times when correction must be done hands on for it is beyond the scope of the device. I have found this is when the Heart of the practitioner is brought into the field of the healing environment. This is when miracles truly happen.

As far as Arthritic complaints go I have assisted many to overcome their complaint within a few months noticeable from the first day.  It has taken me almost 20 years to sort myself, for there is no standard which tells you how to proceed, this I found myself from my teachings.  Karmic destiny in my view has played a significant role also for I am a healer and life changer.

My Conclusion thus far: They (mainstream medicine) delivered my health challenges, they had me pay for them to make me sick when I had gone to them for help. They have lied to me as they do to everyone for they with hold information that would have had me be a non participant. At 36 I went to the G.P. for that is where one goes when not feeling overly well. Over the years I had been on various antibiotics mostly for infections. The first things these drugs do is wipe out your immunity. When you have I.B.S. the body is not able to absorb nutrients well, nature too has its own means to degenerate us which is a constant and unavoidable for they are all in the food chain. I pushed myself to the limit everyday for that is what athletes and hard working people do, I worked like a horse to the extreme and I loved it. The effects of this with my body being unable to repair itself gave me a Degenerative Structural condition throughout my entire body. For this my quack prescribed Vultarin an anti inflammatory which I took every day for 7 years and additional antibiotics as needed. Vultarin took the pain away but at what cost? I was in the Gym at 42, pain was becoming more with the Vultarin not being as effective and my Kidneys hurt everyday. My quack would say we need to get you off that medication but would not go further as to why? No alarm bells went off in my head for I believed I was in the most capable hands. While in the Gym a guy said to me why is your skin looking grey? My body failed to heal a simple cut, it took ages (Kidney dysfunction is why). Off I went to the quack for some home truth time. He told me the side effects of this medication was reducing the functional ability of my Kidneys and Liver. I researched to find out what that meant exactly. Simply put my body was dying. At 43 I ceased all pharmacological interventions and stopped drinking alcohol, I never really liked it, it was just something adults to become more social and a relaxant, in reality it is a serious carcinogen which erodes the Liver and alters the Brain. Women who are heavy drinkers die many years before their time. Seldom did anything meaningful come while on the turps. Stopping the medications brought intense continual pain along with that I could barely walk. For years it was a living nightmare every step was pain and I could barely sleep. I really do not know how I have survived that. It has taken 13 years for my Kidneys to come on line.

My urine was always clear, my legs were ever so heavy from the Lymph system being over loaded with fluid backing up the Kidneys. When the Kidneys give up they place their burden on the Fire signs of the body of which there are four: Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine and the Endocrine system (all of our glands) which is inclusive of the reproductive system. I developed high blood pressure from this there is the feeling of always being fatigued with no energy and diminished Brain function and other side effects. The Brain shuts down with pain as does the body. In general poor life expectancy with a Stroke or a Heart attack imminent at any time. All this from the quacks poison. I saw my quack for my drivers license renewal at 55 for him to show some concern and wanting me to take medication which he said would have no side effects at all, for it to reduce my blood pressure. I took it once and binned it for it did have a side effect, it gave me anxiety accelerated lung function from heart palpitations. I do not check blood pressures, the fatigue I attributed to the ever constant growing and uploading of Spiritual Enlightenment which comes in at any time. I have a modality entitled Programmed Sequential Therapies (P.S.T.) in there all fire signs are delivered perfect for want of a purer explanation. I imprinted into a card medium everything I reacted to for the Heart, Pericardium, Endocrine and Small Intestine and would sleep on it every night. My blood pressure was corrected from the first night. The cause however is ongoing. I have muscles which have become like steel while they supported a structurally deficient pelvis. Even today I am releasing the cords of steel the muscles have become with it progressing forward, thank goodness. This has caused the Kidney to give up for it has been trying for 20 plus years 24/7 to correct it. When the kidney gives up the burden is then placed upon the Heart. It can’t and if not corrected or something is not done is when we die.

The doctor” look at what they have done to me, you would have no idea the amount of suffering and pain I have gone through over the past 30years. It has totally consumed my life as has finding solutions and the means necessary to overcome what the system gave me. They get away with it and are not held accountable, their medicine is more like a slow death sentence. One complaint delivered another it was overwhelming for me to learn to sort it. I went to all manner of therapists, what a joke. None had the knowledge to help with the complexity of what was going on and what came from one complaint then delivering another. There were times when I wanted to give up, to find a place to die that is how difficult things have been. I can with all honesty say I have been to the end, almost, I know what it is like to live in a black hole for years. I have been on my own bar the voices in my head.

Over the years I have contracted all manner of symptoms for a variety of serious pathologies such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Osteoarthritis, Vein and Circulatory Problems in particular Hyper-Tension, a form of Heart Dis-ease. including Sciatica to the point I felt I was going to die. This from prolonged Osteo-Skeletal imbalances and deficient Kidneys due to vultarin being administered daily for 9 years. When the kidneys are unable to cope they deliver their burden to the Heart. Once this happens High blood pressure is the result with a Stroke or Heart attack imminent, this is pretty much inevitable. From taking Vultarin for many years my Kidneys were dying. When I saw my urine began to show signs of colour (2016), this gave me hope, I realised my Kidneys were coming right, and that I might actually beet these conditions. My Liver was fine, skin pigmentation is a sure sign the Liver is on the way out, a red nose also. I do not have poor eye sight which is yet another indicator for the eyes mirror the condition of the Liver and vice versa. To get my Lymph on track I bought a trampoline and used it daily, it did not take long before I could not walk. This was from fluid retention, finally the Kidneys began working, it was like crash starting the car. With the aid of my Specific Water Element Programme and crash starting the Kidneys things began to happen. All the while I was using my modality and have always been on enhancements to return balance. It has taken over 2 years for me to feel alive from when my Kidney began showing signs of improvement, this has been progressive. Bone is relatively simple to strengthen and to regrow. It has been a delicate and intricate navigation to self correct what I have been troubled with. Many times it has been two steps forward to find that is not working to the go down another road mapping a way through the maize with how I felt being my indicator of the correct direction. I would not be here today if I did not have Energetic Medicine  that is a certainty. It has saved my life along with my total persistence. Viruses that cause and support immobility that directly affect the Kidneys must be removed, they have been the latest significant road block in the healing processes. Now things are working far more effectively.

Mainstream Medicine has contributed significantly to all my Health challenges.

For those of you who have read this thus far, understand I have been a victim to the ignorance and lack of care displayed by the system almost all hold in a high light. For myself I expected more, Transparency for me would have been well received. I was a Builder, every job had things requiring attention I taught my young men we deal with solutions there are no problems only solutions, the same applies here. I would have sought an alternate way forward long before my demise. There are some things they are good for like immediate life threatening situations. They need to be held accountable and to be honest with the dangers of their products as mentioned: Transparency. I cannot stress enough everyone of you who comes here. You all need to take your own health seriously, have your health care provider have you pass our General Health testing, and after a week or so be tested again to see if it is being maintained. If they cannot maintain it you need to go see someone who can. We have a way froward for this on here, as it is the very beginning to establish recovery from every ailment and progressive for the delivery of true “Life Extension“.

At one with nature teaches you the meaning of life and what it is really about: To be peaceful and serene at one with the world as it presents in nature. To obtain this you may need to live with it as I do. Most of us love the secure feeling of the sound of rain on the roof at night, and to hear the comfort of waves crashing safely knowing you are not in their path. The sweet smell of fresh air and the sound of the birds as they sing every morning and evening. The warmth of the sun on our bodies with a gentle breeze blowing through our hair. Having creature comforts yet in the bush surrounded by life which asks nothing from us is pretty tough to beat. The only rules which should be followed are natures ones which we gracefully accept: Treat others how you would have them treat you, be mindful of the effects of your spoken word and to leave your place of stay at least as good as you found it. Take care of the environment for when it dies we do also. In other words mirror everything we are and do, when you do this balance is the result. December 2017 for the past few months I have been progressively feeling better than I have felt like in my early 20’s. Diabetic Viruses having been the last thing to go simply because I did not know I had them, when they left wow happened. Massive clarity in Brain function, Kidneys are happier for I do not drink as much water for the Pancreas can now metabolise sugars effectively without placing that need on the kidneys to flush sugars out. That is why people drink more water than what the body truly requires at least until these Viruses which attack our Pancreas are removed. A whole lot of healing comes once achieved.

March 2018: Over the past few months I have been asking myself what have I missed? What am I carrying for I should be on the mend more so than ever, yet I retain a degree of immobility. I began testing for viruses which sustain and promote immobility within the body. The question came to me why hadn’t I thought of this 10 years ago? I suspect it is Karmic for I would be on tools again loving the rush of what I used to do. We have these Viruses mentioned in our Pharmacy on here. Every person I test has them so far to date about 40 people in a month. I have wondered how it is we become old this has been a burning question of late also? Old is to feel worn out and to ache as if our body is unable to comply with  the demands of physical activity, for it pains the individual to do so. These Viruses termed Viruses causing Immobility in our shop are one major culprit. They seem to go unnoticed yet they are: one significant determining rapid degenerating and age promoting viral complaint that erodes the entire body including ones mind. If you head to the Pharmacy and read the document I have written about them, they are without question immediately serious and potentially life threatening. Should you think you have them come for a drive and let’s at least rule them out. One of the major conditions I was diagnosed with was Chronic Osteoarthritis throughout my body. I believe I was misdiagnosed of sorts, sure I had this only the cause was from these Viruses, combined with Degenerative Osteoarthritis caused from insufficient nutrition. The fact I worked three times as hard as a normal person played a significant role too and at the age of 36 which is far too young for such a degenerative complaint. This was me in the prime of my life, Osteo-arthritic conditions come towards the end of life, hmmm….how come I had them was my question? I have treated a few with Osteoarthritis with the condition self correcting in a month or less, but not with respect to myself which indicates I had not found the cause. These Viruses I had have been with me for near on my entire life. Verruca and wartsalso papilloma Viruses known as simply HPV Viruses which stands for Human Papillloma Viruses. They are both Cancer precursors and DNA mutagens.  Addd to their effect, these all must be removed from the system and when they are life can return. It has for me thus far. Simply put they destroy life and are significantly contributing to the total degeneration of the entire body including with this is our happy and positive outlook on living….. our emotional self. The G.P. I saw who originally diagnosed me mentioned there is absolutely no way my body will be able to replace the defective and damaged tissue, it is beyond the body’s ability to do so. The only option is for joint replacement. I was 36 when he told me this, in the prime of my life. That almost crippled me to hear his words, he did not have an answer is what he should have said.  Arthritis is the term for inflammation in the body and comes with other wording to indicate where it is located and or the so called point of origin according to the Doctor. I find them questionable.  Osteo-arthritis merely means inflammatory bone complaints. If appears to me so called “specialists” are over whelmed by their ability to diagnose when they really need to able to offer a corrective way forward which eliminates the imbalance.T “itis” is indicative there is a battle field occurring in this area. To return balance from where we see it we must rewind the journey of the pathology. These are the steps in your lifestyle which has had you present where you are now. We remove the precursors which permit and sustain this battle field from continuing. Whatever it takes. I am on the mend, it is time for the reclamation of movement. This has begun, fingers crossed I will good as new before too long? I had a reading many years ago, the reader told me I have a complete recovery and what is more……. I do it all myself.

Karmic Destiny: Thought to write about this and how it has thus far impacted upon my life. In my favourite bar at 19 on a Wednesday mid winter having a beer for it was my only time off to hear my favourite band. At 8 pm they started and the first song they played this particular evening was Planet Claire by the B52’s. They sounded so close to the original artist. In came a voice: you will be into natural Health when you are in your 40’s. Sure enough I was and now am full on into it. And, you will have a cash business and have lots of people come to see you. Lessons come to me Karmicly also, at times it’s as if my life is not really mine for I am here with specific purpose. I do not seek out readings from Clairvoyants. I prefer to follow my Heart and all will be revealed as my life journey unfolds, above all I am always true to myself. Teachings come also weather I want to experience them or not the following incident is one of those I would rather not have had to endure.

February 2018: I fell of a ladder 18inches from the ground, in 30years as a tradie I never fell of anything? This was at 10am while working on my trailer. I landed heavily and vertically or so it seemed at the time, I landed on my knee, immediately what came to mind was no break? I was sure it was going to break, then came your bone i.e. skeletal structure has now fully repaired itself these the voices in my head.  I had a sigh of relief for I had wondered where I was at with this. And there was a deep cut on my shin. I picked myself up thinking that would have been amusing to watch. I set about cleaning and tidying up the wound, I could not reach it, I had to use my 300mm long tongs to help with that. Over the course of the following week infection set in despite having tried everything at my disposal to correct it with no sustainable effect. I had to go to the hospital, I was frightened gangrene would set in and I would lose my leg, I was not prepared to go through that. I went to 4 Doctors in all and saw 7 nurses who were responsible for cleaning the wound. It took that many before it was cleaned properly the first time with no noticeable infection after seeing them. I went on 4 courses of antibiotics over the following months to my annoyance, but I thought I had little choice, infection kills it is that simple. I could feel the Antibiotic invade my system. One of them I refused to take it was too harsh. All the while I was on my Gut Balancer which made all the difference, no I.B.S and only a slight eye sight differential which indicated it was slightly affecting my Liver. With the harsh antibiotic I had to take the Gut preparation every time I took it, for it was that strong. After two application I decided I am not doing it, that drug was just too harsh, the effect was immediate when I took the gut balancer with the harshness being taken away, I stopped the drug regardless. This was an education as has this entire affair, it pleased me for it states our gut Preparation will negate negative side effects from medicines, this proved it for me in this instance. Three month of this I went through, the Antibiotics are more or less not as beneficial if the wound has not been cleaned, the same applies to our natural ways. Cleaning and dressing the wound was left to nurses with about half of them actually performing their tasks correctly. Most of the time my wound was infected and I was more or less powerless to do anything about it. This was only a cut, one Doctor said to me I have an ulcer as if he was being clever, to then say it will take many months to heal. And it will be a slow  progression. Despite the lack of correct care I had sufficient traction for the wound to fully repair in 100days. Over 70 of these it was infection. I had over 50 dressing changes made by experienced nurses, I did my own also. I was told to stay off it, and that due to the lack of circulation at the location it could take many months before it was healed. My instructions were to keep it elevated and dry. In the early days it was rather inflamed I was following their instruction, on the third day I went for a walk and the inflammation reduced, the following days as I walked the inflammation reduced to become unnoticeable. The only real problem I had was that of infection and dealing with the inadequacies of the care given. I had not had an Antibiotic for 20years. My reasoning for waiting a week before heading to the G.P. was, I had to come to terms with what was about to happen and prepare myself for any eventuality. I met doctors who I read as puppets, I met nurses who were more like angels. I met one Doctor who had in him the same fire as the actor Russel Crow. I met others of lesser character. The nurses were the ones who stood out. My experience hopefully never again. If infection could have been ruled out my wound would have healed in two weeks or less, not the 4 months it took. I have learned a great deal from this experience, it was lovely to see the Heart of those who genuinely cared, even the doctors who are ruled and submissive who had little back bone as I say, were respectful. In the end I was grateful for in the old days I would have lost my leg at the least. Silver has to be kept in the dark and when it is it has greater effect. A wound must be thoroughly cleaned daily, the results for the infection is a creamy puss type substance this is dead tissue, if not removed will further infect. Keeping it dry is important as is to use sterile items for cleaning. Silver takes 2 minutes to kill germs, and must be used out of direct sunlight. Our silver is grey and does the job very well , It did the job once I followed what I have written here. Wounds are not our specialty this has been a rather instant learning experience in many ways, and one I will never forget.

Healing Exchanges the clearing out: During the course of my healing progression there has come many healing exchanges. As they come and go a clarity of who I am is coming through and further refining me, I term this: “The growing”. With this comes abilities that are growing also to the point I am able to read more in people. I see the Heart in everyone, this is the truth of who a person is. Women in particular are frightening especially to me, seldom if ever have I seen a man who carries within him a power or presence that comes close to matching that of any woman. They are the “Love” absolutely, for we all come from them. The average woman has more going on in her than any man. The more beautiful she is on the inside the more she looks it outwardly. To be inwardly beautiful is to live in Heart, Heart is Love. They have a way with them that men have no answer for such that they are capable of completely taking over. Not that that is a bad thing for they are the “Love” as I have stated. Where ever I go I see this in everyone, I see such resplendence in people, it takes my breath away, I meet angels who bring tears to my eyes for they are the most beautiful of all. Children are closer to this for they have not been regimented by humanitarian controls as I label it. The odd time I meet women who exhibits this completeness in their 40’s plus, a wow comes to me, like a magnet that is the attraction “Like attracting Like“. To be angelic at age means the individual must walk a very specific journey not to be overwhelmed by the chaos that is everywhere. Men too can be angelic, I have seen them and met with them on occasion. When I do I feel blessed. Life now is becoming far more interesting for me…..

Aging the slowing down of it: I feel like  I am in my 20’s, and when I asked a close friend about this he made comment “You Derek exhibit youthful energeticness of that of a youngish man in his mid twenties. A girl friend told me, us Capricorns never age as the years go by we become younger, I’ll take that. People I have told do not believe I am the years I am, as the years go bye this will become more obvious particularly so now for one major cause to my degenerative health has finally been found and removed. I have been actively testing people for these to find everyone tested thus far carries these specific viruses. Let me inform all, these are soul destroying fully degenerative across the board, every body system do they reduce particularly short term memory, along with emotional negativity which is the erosion of our very psyche. This is important: for a few years everyday I rolled on a wooden ball ,it is akin to a deep tissue massage. I had such stiffness it was at times unbearable. Rolling on the ball although painful gave me some comfort. I had knotted muscles of steel which I could not break down. These Viruses I have mentioned now gone, about 6 weeks after I rolled on the ball to find there are NO chords of steel muscles. The Kidneys repair these, it appears these Viruses had significantly impaired Kidney Function, things are looking up. Read the document it pretty well sums how devastating these are. My next course of action is to make a specific set of vials for every known Virus, Parasite, Mold, Bacterium, Pathogen, Grippe etc and to include these in a test I am going to label Aging:  Specific outside influences living within us. I am so looking forward to completing this.

My Daily Routine: it begins with 4minutes per colour of colour therapy at 528Hz into my eyes. The eyes are the windows to the body and soul. The colours are Blue, Green, and Magenta, Magenta is then placed onto the naval for this delivers this energy into my source which is my Base Chakra, my driving force. This is followed by my specific Energetic Enhancements: My Water Element Programme, Gut Balancer, Programmed Sequential Therapies(PST) for Age Reversal, Eye drops one into either eye. I have my exemplary diet with the odd discrepancy of poor food choices simply because I like to on occasion, I like cake and cream. I train almost every day, this brings the mind and body together, a walk for 30minutes and some weights with upside down crunches and a back stretch. This is highly significant: At bed time I sleep on a medium which contains P.S.T for the entire circulatory system including the Heart. This has me feel like I am being polished, breathing becomes easier infact the entire body relaxes and begins to run silky smooth as if polishing is occurring (it is). This medium initiates repairs to the entire circulatory system, prior to bed I take M.S.M and Silver Ultra. Continually engaging in these processes is having the effect of youthfulness across the board. I offer this to everyone who wished to do the same. An appointment is necessary to discuss this with you and to answer any of your questions. I will be placing the Medium in Programmes for “The Circulatory System”. It likewise falls under Anti-aging.

May 2018: I feel this is a major turning point, I have Hypertension a form of Heart Dis-ease, this brought upon from kidney problems as mentioned earlier. For a few years now I have noticed when I walk a pain directly behind the big toe on that major round piece of bony flesh. This is indicative of a Heart  problem according to Reflexology.  I must stress this condition silently creeps up on you, I should have been more vigil to have taken evasive actions earlier like years ago. My excuse life has been happening with me not overly concerned about it. Well the good news is I am full on 100% active in resolving this. Specific Illness – A way Forward under Hypertension it is explained in detail how we proceed. As I am working through this there is coming more energy yet again and clarity of thought, with this determination and lots more almost as if the core of my being is being aligned and growing. I test at times daily for Energetic Enhancements for Nephro-Urology this is Kidney function.  We must always treat the cause then to radiate outwards treating consequences to make life easier while the big stuff is working through. Colour therapy is used also for this is the delivery of specific Energy like a food into the body, it is essential to use this modality. Charging the Body Electric with colour therapy daily. Next comes Hypertension and Arteriosclerosis, Vascular Headaches and the Chromosome 12-P-3P . Arteriosclerosis is the friction in the arteries and veins including with this is plaque. All these add to increasing the work done by the Heart therefore increasing blood pressure. Diet is instrumental in reducing this, a bland diet of predominately raw food is necessary until, until Hypertension has been overcome. At night I have felt if I close my eyes to sleep I could not breath, breathing was becoming that difficult, it has been scary lately. Exercise too is most important to keep the Heart rate up for half an hour daily. This assists with flushing out of plaque and it supports good General Health for the body is working and active. Sodium must not be added, foods containing large quantities of sodium must be avoided along with all fatty foods. No meat at all bar fresh Salmon, avocado is fine too. If I fail to correct / overcome this my life will end. To recap, All this nightmare I have had to endure not to mention source a corrective way forward owes it’s origin to the system of medicine out there.  The best years of my life have been spent navigating my ill health given to me by the Doctor. They have no way forward other than a box in the ground. I am optimistic and we see.

October 2018: I have survived the winter and grown a great deal from the ordeal. I have a question: Why do I have to experience the dark side of things for me to work a way through them, things termed as illnesses? Over this winter I have had full blown Diabetes. I have vials for both types which can make an enormous difference as does colour therapy in treating the condition. Although it all depends upon establishing the causative agents responsible.

Diabetes is really a name for Kidney insufficiency due to specific causative agents. When we establish which ones and remove them the condition clears immediately, however we must remain diligent with proper care. Over the winter of 2018 I have been actively researching Germ Warfare  along with Weaponised Biological Agents. My goodness it is frightening what I have uncovered. Head to the new folder on the front page its all in there. My Diabetes owes its origin to: Mycobacterium Bovis (Tuberculosis) and Mycoplasma Fermentans one I new about from a vaccine from when I was nine years of age. I did not think it could or would be taking my life from me? The other I have simply no idea how that came to be in me, Fermentans is a death sentence.  Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis, hot feet all come from the Kidney being under siege. It dumps it’s problems onto the body’s four fire signs. From feeling like I’m going to die every night to now sleeping very well I have survived, but am not out of the woods as yet. Navigating this was one living hell for I did not know what the cause was, nor did I know there were such things as mentioned above, and certainly I did not believe the system out there is active is delivering extreme illnesses to us the public. My diet had to be so strict, butter was fine in moderation, organic coconut oil seems to not affect me negatively at all. Sweet things are okay now but were not over winter, not even a piece of an apple or a carrot juice. My desert and brain food of 1 x banana mashed with a handful of walnuts and 3 tablespoons of organic Blue Berries would send my heart rate through the roof, such that holy i might die here?  Upon investigation I suffered from acute Renal Failure and Uremia this is where the Kidney cannot remove and filter impurities within the blood. If that is not corrected quickly you die pretty much, that is what a dialysis machine does. Bed times were the beginning of the horror movie which i lived for 6months, I barely slept. my kidneys could barely oxygenate my blood enough for me and breathing was difficult. It has been simply horrific for me. I am now over that enormous huge hurdle and looking forward to improving health. I have:  A way forward for many illnesses delivered from Weaponised Germ Warfare agents being used upon us.

December 2018: I have survived, who ever is responsible for making these pathogens will pay the highest price. that I guarantee. As for the Doctor being on our side, like children with absolutely no clue. Why have they been given such a title when they just don’t help at all is beyond me? Brainwashing I call it, here at the beach I had to see a G.P. and informed him of my: Specific illness pages on here and that I have way forward for these illnesses for him to say I was making it up, he did not believe me, what a Dick. Oh well….. For those of you who read my story make the appointment its runs at $20:00 at a market or $50:00 per half hour, could save your life for I suspect everyone has been infected with these agents. If they become active it is my strong belief you are in serious trouble with the end of your life in your face. I have been there, the only reason why I did not expire was I have equipment which has made all the difference for without it I would not be writing this.

Cool bananas and have a very neat day…:)

D. McT..


More will be placed here as I grow.