The importance of Family

The Importance of Family

Information contained upon this page is purely our own views and thoughts. However many are shared similarly by others. We are open to your positive suggestions as mentioned at the bottom of all our pages on this website. Note:  Heart colours are Green and Pink that is why we have adopted to use them throughout our website for they further enhance the significance (healing potential) of our wording. Our intent of this wording combined with these colours is for them to go to the Heart of all who read them to make a positive and lasting difference.

From where we site there is “Nothing more valuable nor important than family”. The meeting of two soul mates who have to be on the same page for their encounter to be ideal is where family begins. When two come together who are “perfect” (this is a Heart Energy attraction which is unmistakable )for one another this is when “Life glows” for them both. We are lost without the other as if cogs in a wheel unable to be totally complete for we cannot be self sufficient and harmonious within ourselves without the other to complete us. The less baggage you have when two meet the less baggage they will both have, this is like attracting like. If they are not on the same page a disconnection and disharmony grows. People are flexible and can make things work for they are able to sacrifice their values to be with another whom they Love? We see this as not ideal, too many settle for less than their equal. The product of two soul mates is their child, when this happens this raises the “Heart vibration of the planet”. Two who adore one another and bring their own unique life form which is the product of their Love and devotion and respect for one another cannot but bring a “Higher light” here to this planet. When two who are soulmates collide the result is like a super nova effect. “It is truly the greatest Love experience possible”. This is a perfect world scenario yet it does happen in this messed up world we live in. The more of us who have this going on brings with it a higher light vibration to where they live. It can be seen and felt, I see it, and I feel it. When there is a cell of many such as a complete family who genuinely care about one other more than a number and the wealth of $$$. there the combined energies is remarkable and an attraction to be close or become a part of becomes apparent. Money and status is really nothing in the real scheme of things. You cannot eat it, it will not shelter you directly and it does not buy you happiness only a higher financial state of where you are at. When the “Heart and Kidney Shenare disjointed is when there is ugly living within a body, this is sickness. Shen is to have Heart, the entire body must have Heart Shen, the Kidneys are love organs and are responsible for governing the “Heart (love center)”.

Our commitment on our front page pretty much states how we feel about life and how to live it here. When we meet those who posses this and live true to themselves and when there is a family of them is when tears run down my face for there is no more beautiful a sight for me. When we meet those who are truly at peace within themselves is when they are truly beautiful. The more years they have been here tells us they are a success within themselves, for this world is constantly trying to erode that self worth with its endless incessant controlling influences.

Of late we have seen on television Friends is one very special programme where 6 people love one another as friends. Another is Blue Bloods where the dynamic of a family of four generations at the dinner table weekly to be that as a complete family sharing and learning from one another for us to see this is wondrous. Do we all want to have this going on?

The world we live in has a way to go such that everything is free and to be in synchronicity as presented in the movie Avatar. For that is how we would like this world to be. It was the highest box office movie of all time at its release which tells us we are not along in wanting life to be on that page.

This page will continue to grow as more comes to our plate to place here. Family is everything. I live alone, just me. I was born into a family of misfits only I have always felt pedigree. My Dad was the rock who kept it all together. When he died it fell apart. Before I am done on this earth I want to see family everywhere that will be my greatest achievement, no more control, no more ugly. Mirror everything that we do and say and if that is not acceptable then do not deliver it to another.