Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents

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Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents

Jan. 2019 update

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This is our standard document which covers ALL Weaponised Germ Warfare Agents unless otherwise stated. We are deeply troubled there are people on this earth who have been instructed to make Germ Warfare Agents to be used on us the unsuspecting public. As if they have not used enough carcinogens to keep us all sickly such as: Artificial Sweeteners, Antibiotics, Amalgam fillings, Synthetic products being placed into our food chain, Sodium Laurel sulphate, Sodium Fluoride in our drinking water and all the others. They haven’t made them to kill outright, but to incapacitate us to be always in need of medical interventions, this completely sicken us to our core. There is a time coming very soon whereby every individual responsible for any kind of dark morbid act deliberately orchestrated to reduce the health of others for their own gain or simply to do so for they can will be dealt with severely.

We are covering All Bio-films, Lyme’s Dis-ease, Mycobacterium Bovis and T.B., Mycoplasma Fermentans specific and ALL Mycoplasma and Nano-Bacteria Germ Warfare Agents here.
If you have been tested and found to have any of these pathogenic bacterium’s in your system you must act quickly. If you do not present with an obvious illness from being infected it is only a matter of time before they become active. Once active your health falls away almost instantly depending upon which pathogen or pathogens you carry. You can die in a matter of days that is how quickly they can take your life, more so with more years behind you. Catastrophic stress to your system results in the body unable to find a balanced way forward which meets the progressive nature of some of these pathogens in particular Fermentans. We consider Fermentans to be a death sentence. We have had these in our body that is how we know how serious and aggressive they can be.
Many ailments owe their origin to these Modified Warfare Agents such as: Arthritis, Diabetes, M.S. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Moto-Neuron Dis-ease), Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, A highly serious type of Chron’s Dis-ease that will not self repair, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and others. Every person who presents with illness must be tested for these to be clear, at least to rule them out. If these are the cause once removed the body is now in the position to begin to self heal.
We have a great deal of information on our website in the Germ Warfare Section all you do is hover over this name, two documents become available. We ask you to have an open mind while you read them both. We were flabbergasted and in disbelief for we have come to the realisation we are a sufferer from these very pathogens. They have been instrumental in seriously altered my life for over 30 years, with the Doctor totally on the wrong page.

Our Natural Medicine: comes in drop form, you are to follow the instructions on the label. Once completed your body will be free from that particular Pathogenic Agent for life. Your system has now establishing an immunity specific to that Agent. We have installed into the preparation instruction to the entire body such that should this Weaponised Agent become introduced it is passed immediately through. NO Cell is able to uptake that Specific Agent.
Note: This preparation is not transferable it is only effective for the individual is has been made for. The loading stage mentioned refers to loading the body to a point of saturation with supportive am/pm applications sustaining this ongoing. This is to ensure these pathogens are removed from your system. Bovis has been diagnosed in cows in recent times, how did they become infected is our question? These are neither normal nor average Pathogens, they have unpredictable characteristics not typically found in nature. They have been man created and engineered to remain in the body for as long as possible causing extreme harm. With this in mind we ask you make your appointment with us to work through where the body is at with respect to invasion.
From here we work a way forward for self healing. We have found the body is unable to self correct to the point prior to invasion occurring without assistance. This comes under Genetic Reinstatement of all tissue being affected. Many people present with Diabetes as a result of these Agents, this is Kidney Insufficiency. You may have more than one of these Agents present in your system as we did, we had three. All were supportive of Diabetes and Structural Deficiencies to the point of crippling me where I could barely walk they had mutated my structure to that point. Currently I am undergoing repairs of this damage. We have a way forward to treat for all Bone, Structural and Kidney Insufficiencies. We have to test you for your exact requirement with these and place these corrective therapies into a continuous variable delivering medium of suitability for you. The perfect medium is Crystal, only Heart Crystals are capable of sustained delivery of this energy.
Nutritional support begins with applying magnesium salts in liquid form topically twice daily to affected areas and to consume bananas daily. Green ones possess less sugars, it is the natural potassium you seek. You are to consume complete foods, fresh vegetable juices too are recommended and most beneficial. The avoidance of fatty, sodium rich processed food is advised. The body heals in its own time, provided we are supportive of sustaining this healing environment. Once achieved this should affect a quick and speedy recovery. Carcinogen and Pathogenic Agents must be out and remain out.
It goes without saying to pass our General Health Test sheet is an absolute prerequisite. We have additional Testing discs that you must be cleared of which go into great detail what is inhibiting the system. Your health is about to undergo a revolution, when complete you will be like the new kid on the block.

Symptoms of attack: Hot feet, thin to very watery saliva, excessive urinating, heart rate drastically increases and becomes loud as blood pressure elevates, fatigue comes always being tired. It progresses on from these to more serious symptoms, if left untreated: there is a very high likelihood of Death. We had an attack recently, we isolated it to find it was Bovis which we got from beef in a soup. From this we now do not consume any beef, as Bovis was found in cattle those cattle were slaughtered, twice to our knowledge we have had this occur. These symptoms are indicative of the Kidney being under siege, when they are they dump their load onto the Endocrine and Vascular System which is the Heart and Pericardium. This is reflective of a chronic Diabetic Condition.
If you currently suffer from stiffness and joint immobility, this can be from years of having T.B. untreated in your system along with HPV Viruses, Nano-bacteria and SV40 A and B. All are Cancer precursors. Structural and Bone Insufficiencies are common, this is also termed Arthritis which is a very broad diagnosis. We have a way forward for this also. These Pathogens once active present to the body illnesses that the individual is pre-proposed to at the time of their activation. This is explained in greater detail in our Germ Warfare documents on our website.
This is a huge deal Germ Warfare should never be something we have to consider for health. People who do such things: do not deserve the right to be here ……….. according to me.
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